You all must have heard about LIC. LIC is the largest life insurance company in India. Whose sentence is that with life and even after life. Earlier, to check the policy of LIC, you had to go to its office. How many documents had to be carried there, if there was any problem in them, you had to go back to the headquarters.

That’s why LIC launched its website for the convenience of its users, in which you get all types of information related to LIC in your phone very easily, you just need to have an active internet connection. Where you can also check your policy. And whatever other services are provided by LIC. You can see that here, so in this post we will also tell you about some services, and how to check your policy? We will tell you this in detail in this post so that you can understand in easy language, and check your policy, so let’s start.

How to check LIC policy?

To check LIC policy, follow the steps given below –

  • First of all you have to visit the official website of LIC. on to go.
  • When you click on this link, you will see an interface like the one given below.

how to check policy

  • After this you have to click on the second number point which is Login to Customer Portal as seen in the above interface.

how to check policy

  • In this interface you have to click on New User Registration.
  • When you click on it you will see an interface like the one below.

how to check policy

  • As you can see in the above interface, to register here you have to enter your policy number, and installment premium without text, your date of birth, your gender, your mobile number, your valid email id, your PAN The card number and your passport number are to be entered.

Policy Check

  • After entering so much information, you will be asked for some permissions, so you have to take that permission, and as you can see. That you have to click on Proceed, if all the information filled by you is correct then your registration will be completed here.
  • When you have completed all this process. Then a page of the policy will open in front of you. In which a page with all the registered policies will open in front of you with the policy nomination date, premium amount, and bonus. You can check the status of your policy by clicking on the customer policy number.
  • In this interface, when you click on Quick Service, you get information about the services offered by LIC to its users. As you can see in the interface below.


  • As you can see here you get the facility of premium calculator here.
  • Here you get the facility of a doctor.
  • You can pay your installation directly.
  • From here you can buy direct new policy.


  • When you click on Know Our Products, you will see a lot of plans in it. Like you would be seeing in the interface shown above. And understanding them, examples of some of these plans we try to explain to you from the interface given below.


  • For example, if you click on Health Plan, then you will get to see LIC Arogya Rakshak and LIC Cancer cover plan by LIC.

Policy Check Care

  • If you click on Micro Plan, then you will see plans like Jeevan Mangal and Micro Bachat through LIC here.
  • Many more plans are provided to you by LIC here, you can see them, and if you want to take them, then you can also take them here.

More LIC Policy

  • A mobile app of its own has also been launched by LIC. You can download it from play store. And here whatever policy has been taken out by LIC. You can check it here. And whatever features you get on LIC’s website, you get all those features through this app.

How to check policy through SMS?

  • To send SMS, open the message box of your mobile
  • In the message box, type ASKLIC XXXXXXXX STAT
  • send to “9222492224” or “56767877”
  • You will get live status of LIC policy through instant message and you will get error message if your mobile number is not registered.

What did you learn from this post?

When you read this post from beginning to end, how did you check policy in LIC? How can he check online from his phone? Get complete information about We have tried to give you more information related to LIC in this post. In this post, we have given you the answers to the important questions related to LIC, and what other services are provided to you by LIC, we have also tried our best to tell in this post.

Hope you liked the post, if yes! So share it as much as possible with your friends, so that they can also know about it. And do visit our website again to read our posts on similar topics. And if you think this post needs any correction. So you must give us your opinion in the comment box, we will welcome your opinion. And we will try our best to improve our post. Thanks!

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What is the full name of LIC?

The full name of LIC is Life Insurance Corporation of India.

What is the full name of LIC in Hindi?

The full name of LIC in Hindi is Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Which is the largest life insurance company in India?

LIC is the largest life insurance company in India.

When was LIC established?

LIC was established on 1st September 1956.

Where is the head quarter of LIC?

The headquarter of LIC is in Mumbai.

Who is the present Chairman of LIC?

The present Chairman of LIC is MR Kumar.

Which are the products of LIC?

life insurance
health insurance
investment Management
mutual fund

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