In today’s time, many payment gateways have become available, with the help of which you can make online payment and at the same time, google has also launched its online payment system, which is named google pay which is very much used in today’s time. being done

It is very easy to create an account in google pay but you may have to face some problem in the beginning, keeping all these things in mind, we have told in this article how you can easily create an account in google pay. 

How to download Google Pay?

To download google pay in your android mobile play store Open the if you iphone if the user is App Store Go to

  • Now Search Bar In Google Pay Search Do it.
  • in result install get button, Click on it.
  • After doing this, Google Pay will start installing on your mobile.

After installing Google Pay, you must first create an account to transact money from it.

How to Create Google Pay Account?

Requirements to create an account on Google Pay,

  • One bank account
  • Bank In Registered mobile number
  • and an ATM, Must have debit card.

If you have these three things, So by following the steps given below, you can create a new account in it. Create can do.

  • Our mobile In Google Pay app open Do it.
  • now your one Language select do, In which you will use Google Pay.
  • Then you have to enter the mobile number which is registered with your bank
  • then in the end Next To click on the button.

  • now your gmail id show will be, you gmail id Can change also.
  • After that Accept & Continue Proceed by clicking on the button.
  • Now OTP will come on your number, And automatically your number will be verified.

Now you will be asked to set your screen lock or Google PIN for security. So you can select any option.

In this way, after setting the security lock or security pin, your Google account will be created. now it’s turn google pay To link your account with.

How to link bank account in google pay?

Now in the home screen of Google Pay app, you have to right side I will see your profile on it Tap do, here now send money There you will get the option of tap Do it.

Now you can choose from the bank list given here. Bank Select and Required Permissions To allow Do it Now with your bank account,Also your mobile number will be found on the screen below Continue Click on the button to proceed.

then your number Verify will be done and Link to get you done Continue To click on the button. By doing this your bank account will be linked.

How to add atm card in google pay?

  • someone from google pay payment To get your ATM card details Enter Do it.
  • then given on the screen Start Click on the button.
  • Now check your ATM card’s last 6 Enter the number then the expiry date of the ATM card and month Insert.
  • And then you will see an option at the end Create A pin Click on it.
  • So now an OTP will come on your number, first that OTP Enter have to do, after that you get a UPI PIN must be set.
  • 4 You will be able to use this digit PIN for transactions on Google Pay.

Now we have set up our Google Pay account, Now money can be transferred to anyone’s account from here, Anyone can pay the bill.

How to transfer money from Google Pay?

Open Google Pay app on your mobile. Now to transfer money to anyone’s bank account New payment Click on the button.

Now all the users on your mobile use Google Pay, all of them Contacts will appear on the screen. If you want to send money to someone by phone number, then select the option of phone number given on the screen.

Now enter the number of the person in whose account you want to send money from here. Now on that person’s number Tap Do it. Click below to send money Pay Click on the button.

Now enter the amount you want to transfer and Click on the icon.

then given below Proceed to Pay Click on the button. just wait a few seconds, payment Proceed As soon as it happens, the money will be transferred to the other person’s account in a few seconds.

So in this way you have bank account, This money will be transferred to another person’s account from that account that was linked to Google Pay. So did you see how easy and how much Secure Sending payment to anyone’s account with Google Pay.

Now pay your electricity bill in this way, gas water or mobile recharge, DTH recharge can be done using Google Pay for any facility. You get all the options on the home screen of Google Pay.

So friends, in this article, we told how you can create an account in google pay and I hope it must have been helpful for you. The biggest advantage of google pay is that you do not need kyc in it, only in a few minutes Your account is created.

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