How To Find Your Lookalike Online

As we know that there are many people of the same face in the world, but do you know how you can find your lookalike, then maybe it can be a little difficult for you, but if I say that you are your lookalike. If humans can find with the help of Google, will you believe?

In today’s time, we have become very much dependent on Google, they have become like a god for us, so if you want to find yourself like a person, then it can be absolutely possible through Google, the way we are going through this blog know through.

How to find your lookalike?

There are two ways to find your lookalike, in this post we are telling you two ways, by using any one method you can know who is your lookalike, not only this you can also find out, where is your lookalike Is .

How to find your lookalike from

Twinstrangers.Net There is a website by which you can find out your lookalike, after visiting this website you will have to register, after registering you have to upload the photo, if you want, you can also upload your photo from computer or laptop. And if you want, you can also give a link to your photo from the social site here. Like Facebook, after uploading you will have to choose some options in it, like eyes. face like this.

After selecting the option, you will be shown the faces similar to the photo you have uploaded, apart from this you will also be told how much this picture is similar to your face.

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How to Find Your Lookalike in Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser is used by everyone, so I will tell you about how to find your lookalike through Google Chrome browser, you can find your lookalike very easily through Google Chrome, just for this Google Chrome in your computer. Browser must be installed.

To find out your lookalike from Google Chrome browser, you will have to upload your photo, after uploading you will be shown similar faces, if you are a blogger then you will also be shown below your lookalike Blog, have commented on the website, so let’s know how to find your lookalike through Google Chrome browser.

To find your lookalike, you follow my below steps

step 1. First of all, open Google Chrome browser i.e. in your computer or laptop.


Step 2. now top side Images Click on Help View Screen Shot.

camera icon par click

Step 3. Now cameras Click on its icon.

  Upload an image

Step 4. Paste Image URL By clicking here, you can paste the link of your photo from your social site by clicking here, Upload an image Upload the photo you want to look like from your computer or laptop by clicking on it.

Step 5. If you want to upload photos from your computer or laptop then click on Upload an image then Choose File Click on it and select the photo from your computer or mobile.

As soon as you select your photo, you will be shown a photo of your lookalike, if you are a blogger, then you will be shown below your photo, on which website you have commented.

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