How to get online farmer registration? Information about farmer registration from Samagra ID 2022

As we all know that the farmer is the food provider of our country, when the farmer does agriculture, only then every citizen of the country gets food. Farmers are a very important section in a country like India where dependence on agriculture is high. To develop the farmer means to develop the country. The development of agriculture will happen when there will be maximum economic benefits from farming, there will be technical development of agriculture. Maximum resources will be made available to the farmers at the lowest price. Fair prices for their crops will be made available to them.

So that they can have surplus left. In order to provide the farmers fair price for their crops, to give the benefit of any scheme which has been started for the farmers, to transfer the subsidy directly to the farmer’s account, farmer registration is done.

So let’s see in this article how farmer registration is done? How can you do farmer registration from your mobile phone through internet sitting at home online? What do you need to do to register for Kharif crop? What do you need to do to register for Rabi crops? You will get all this information in this article.

What is Farmer Registration?

Farmer registration means getting the farmers registered for the direct benefits of the scheme run by the government, getting the subsidy directly transferred to their account, getting them registered so that they can get the fair price for their crops, farmers It is called registration.

How to remove farmer registration? Kisan Panjiyan Kaise Nikale

  • First of all go to Chrome browser of your phone.
  • After that search e Uparjan in the search box of Chrome browser or click on this link –
  • By clicking on this link you will be taken to that website.
  • Now after this you will see an interface like the one given below.
  • Click on you Kharif 2021-22 farmer information.

how to remove farmer registration

  • In this, you have to choose your district, and enter the farmer code, mobile number, and overall number.
  • After this you have to fill the word shown in the picture, that means captcha has to be filled.
  • And after that click on Farmer Search.
  • Now you have to click on “Click to Print Registration Slip” to remove the registration.
  • In this you can also see purchase center, SMS information.
  • In this you can also get the information of purchase and payment.

How to get farmer’s registered information?

  • After this you have to click on the farmer’s registered information.

how to remove farmer registration

  • After that an interface will appear like the one shown above.
  • In which you have to fill the Kisan Code, Mobile Number, or Samagra Number, and Captcha.
  • After this you have to enter caL.
  • After that click on Farmer Search.
  • If your process is not completed, then you can do it again by clicking on New.
  • If you want to get information of Kharif crop 2020-2021 farmer then you have to click on Kharif crop 2020-2021.

how to remove farmer registration

  • After that you will see an interface like the one shown above.
  • In which you will get name of farmer, name of farmer’s father or husband, overall ID, mobile number, farmer’s tehsil, farmer’s district, farmer’s village, farmer’s registration center, name of the bank with which the farmer has an account, branch of the bank Name of the farmer, account number of the farmer, IFSC code of the bank of the farmer, after this you have to enter the application or registration code.
  • In this, you can get the information of the registered area according to the crop.
  • In this you will be able to see the procurement center, which is for paddy and the procurement center is for jowar or bajra.

download e earning app

MP – e Uparjan Kisan Application has also been launched by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Which you can download from here.

To download it, you have to enter your overall ID and mobile number. After that click on get download link. By which you will get a link by clicking on which you can download this app.


  • If you want to get information about Rabi crops then you have to click on Rabi 2019-2020 farmer information.

image1 1

  • As you see above interface, in this you can see by farmer code, by mobile number.
  • If you want to see gram, masoori, or mustard in Rabi crops, then you can see it.
  • Or if you want to see wheat in Rabi crops, you can still see it here.
  • For this, you have to fill the captcha shown in the picture, if you are not able to fill it correctly, then you can click on the replacement and take another captcha.
  • Now the interface you see in the above interface will appear.
  • In which you will see farmer ID, farmer’s name, farmer’s mobile number, farmer’s husband or father’s name, farmer’s district, farmer’s tehsil, farmer’s village, the name of the bank in which the farmer has an account, that Bank branch name, farmer’s number, bank account number, registration center have to be filled.


When you read this article from beginning to end, you got this information today, what is farmer registration? How to remove farmer registration? What is the process by which you can do online farmer registration sitting at home? For this you do not need the help of e-mitra or other technical know-how. It would probably be an exaggeration to put into words how important the peasantry is to our country. Now everyone will remember the slogan of Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan, this slogan tells what is the importance of a soldier and a farmer in our country.

Hope you liked the article if yes! So share it as much as possible with your friends, and to read other such articles on other important topics, to get information about them, definitely visit our website again, and if you think this article I have encountered any kind of error, and we should rectify that error, then you can give your opinion in the comment box, we will welcome your opinion, and we will try to improve our article by adopting the suggestions suggested by you. do our best. Thanks for reading the article!


How to check farmer registration?

You can do farmer registration through SMS. For this, type in the message box – “Farmer GOV REG , , , ” (only first 3 characters of state, district and block name are required) ) and then send it to 51969 or 7738299899.

What are the important schemes being run by the Government of India for the development of farmers?

>Farmer Tractor Scheme
>Kisan Mitra Scheme
>Kisan Udaan Scheme
>Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme
>Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme
>Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme
>Soil Health Card Scheme
>Rashtriya Gokul Mission
>National Horticulture Mission etc.

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