How to Hide Birthday from Facebook? (Hide FB birth day, year)

The interface of Facebook always changes a little bit for the convenience of the people. New updates come and go. In this article we will know how you can hide Birthday from your Facebook.

There can be a few reasons why people change their date of birth or hide it on Facebook. The first is confidentiality, since the exact date of your birthday there is a possibility of you being deceived.

The second is that some people do not like to tell their date of birth, year, especially girls. The third reason is, children below 8 years of age give false information about age while opening their account. So that it is an adult account.

How to Hide Birthday from Facebook?

Whether you use FB in computer (PC) or in your mobile. By following the simple steps mentioned here, you can easily hide the date of birth from your friend or other people.

1. First of all login to your Facebook accout and click on “Profile Image” in the upper right corner.

2. After this your profile will be open, from where you will get Edit Profile Or About To click on the menu.

Facebook Edit Profile

3. By clicking on Edit Profile, scroll down to the box that will appear. Edit Your About Info Click on

4. To the left About inside the menu Contact and basic info Click on

Facebook Basic Info

5. here you Basic info The section will be available where you will be able to edit gender, birth date, birth year, language, religion and political view.

Fb Birth date and Year Privacy

6. To hide the birth date and birth year, click on the privacy icon of both shown in the screenshot.

7. Now a pop up of Select Audience will open in front of you, where you will get only me To click on the radio button.

FB se birthday hide kare

Note: Many people like to show only their birth date, not the year, they just make the privacy of the birth year only me.

Now you have successfully hidden your date of birth on Facebook and changed its privacy.

Hiding or changing your date of birth on Facebook is a simple process. But with the changing interface, many people find it difficult. I hope you have liked the process described to hide birthday on Facebook.

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