How to identify genuine and counterfeit notes. How to differentiate between fake and real note In Hindi

How to differentiate or identify between fake and real note in Hindi

The trend of fake notes here is very old, people are easily cheated in the real and fake notes in the markets. Year In 2016 when the government suddenly decided to change the note It was taken, then for some time it seemed that now we have got rid of the problem of fake notes, but in no time again these fake notes made their place in the market. And now your little carelessness can put you in harm’s way. To avoid this loss, you must have the correct identification of these notes.

How to identify genuine and counterfeit notes

First of all, we are introducing you to the color and size of the notes going on in us, so that you do not have any risk in them.

5 and 10 notes

The color of the 5K note that we have here is green, while its size is 117*63 mm. The color of the 10K note we have here is orange, while its size is 137 * 63 mm. A new note of 10 is also available in the market, whose size is slightly smaller than the first note while its color is chocolatey brown.

spot fake and real note

20 and 50 notes

The color of the 20 note that we have here is red-orange and its size is 147 * 63 mm. While we have two types of 50 notes in existence, one which is already running one which has just been brought in the market by RBI. The color of the old 50 note going in our place is purple while its size is 147 * 73 mm.

100 and 200 notes

The size of 100 notes available with us is 157 * 73 mm and the color is blue, while the size of 200 notes that came in the market just a few years ago is 146 * 66 mm and the color is orange.

500 and 2000 notes

500 and 1000 notes available here have been discontinued, whereas new 500 and 2000 notes are available in the market instead. The color of the new 500 note available here is stone gray and its size is 150*63 mm. Whereas the size of the new 2000 note available in the market is 166 * 66 mm and its color is magenda.

To identify the correctness of the notes available in the market, apart from their size and color, you have to take care of the following things, so that you do not face any kind of loss.

Security thread color

You will hardly know, that the notes available in the market, in which the thread is put by RBI, in which India and RBI are written. And on twisting the note, the color of this thread also changes from blue to green.

Marking of currency at a particular place when seen in light –

If you see the new notes of 500 and 2000 in the light, then the currency is written in horizontal words on the side of the opposite hand, which gives you a special identity of it.

When the note is kept at an angle of 45 degrees, the writing of the numerals appears –

If you look carefully at the new note available in the market, then a dark box appears below and to the left of Gandhi’s photo. When we tilt the note up to 45 degrees, the currency of the note 500 or 2000 appears in this box.

Bleed lines in note

In the new notes available in the market, some special lines have been marked on both and the white border. Which gives them a special identity.

Identification for visually impaired persons

The new notes available in the market have been specially designed keeping in mind the visually impaired persons. The identification marks available in these notes such as the picture of Gandhiji, both the available bleed lines and the Ashoka Pillar are rough, which can be recognized by a visually impaired person by touching it. And at the same time, the currency which has been marked on the right side in these notes is also rough, which these people can know by touching.

Gandhiji’s picture on the white part –

There is some empty space in every note available in the market, when you see this note in the light, then the picture of Gandhiji is clearly visible on this empty space. And in the fake note, this picture is either not clear or there is something strange, so that you can identify the real and fake note.

Signature and year of Governor to be written-

The Governor’s signature and the year of its printing are written in a special place in each note, which gives it a special identity.

In this way, you can avoid losses by taking care of these few things. Because if you make a slight mistake and you get a fake note from somewhere, then it becomes difficult for you to run it in the market and on giving it to the bank, the bank employees tear it in front of you and the loss is only yours. only occurs. Therefore, to avoid harm, you have to take care of these things by being self-aware and also stop the circulation of fake notes available in the market, with your little vigilance, both you and the country’s benefit is possible.

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