How to keep kids away from mobile?

How to Keep Your Child Away from Mobile (Smartphone) in hindi

In today’s modern era, smartphones have revolutionized the world of communication. In today’s time, instant messaging, internet and million apps have engulfed the whole world. The most affected young generation segment of the population is falling prey to smartphone addiction. Today’s children who are growing slowly, they are not becoming teenagers, they are all screenagers. As children are growing, their screen time is increasing, which is very dangerous for our younger generation. Excessive smartphone use can cause physical and mental problems for children. Today we will know through this article that what are the ways to get rid of smartphone addiction in children?

how to keep child away from mobile in hindi

Why do children watch mobile phones?

Some experts believe that a 6-month-old newborn is attracted to seeing different types of pictures and colors. This is the reason, that children’s attraction towards mobile phones goes on increasing. The light that comes out of the mobile phone, and the pictures shown in it in different ways, attract all the children towards them. While using the sounds that come out of mobile phones, the curiosity of children increases to know about them, understand and touch them. This is the reason, that children start getting excited to see and operate mobile phones.

Disadvantages of children using smartphones?

The use of smartphones in children can also cause many problems. Some of which we are going to share with you.

1, Nervous disorder problem in children

As we all know, children are at risk of many serious health disorders due to the radiation emitted from mobile phones. Including nerve problems. Although there can be many serious problems in nerve disorder, but in general it can cause loss of ability to walk, speak, breathe, swallow anything and learn, which is very dangerous for the future of children. .

2. The problem of physiological addiction in children

You can call this problem the tendency to be on any type of physical object. In simple words, you can say addiction towards anything. During a young age, children get very attached to smartphones due to their hands, due to which they become addicted to it. It becomes a condition that they do not even take care of eating, drinking and sleeping. We call this problem physiological addiction.

3. behavioral problem

If your kids are busy playing games on smart phones instead of going outside, then they may have behavior problem. This problem becomes more in those children, children who play with their peers. So encourage children to play physically.

4. Mood changes of children moment by moment –

The problem of mood swings has become common in today’s children, due to this problem, they become happy in a moment, then become irritable and sad in the second moment. Children are at high risk of developing mood swings due to excessive smartphone use.

5, Having a learning disability problem

Due to more technology, the way of studying among children has changed. Now-a-days children resort to mobile phones or calculators to solve even the toughest math problems, which is much easier than doing multiplication on rough paper like us and you. This is the reason why the memory of children is decreasing. Get all the information through internet with just one click. So that they do not need to remember anything. This is the biggest reason why children forgot to study in normal ways and they are forced to use calculator even for simple calculations. The advantage of reading manually is that your mind becomes sharper. Due to which the memory power increases.

6. Cancer risk due to use of mobile phone

A study related to the problems caused by children’s smartphone use found that the radiation emitted from smartphones can also cause life-threatening diseases like cancer. Along with this, the risk of getting brain tumor also increases.

7. Insomnia problem in children

Children play games, watch cartoons through smartphones. Seeing new things, they keep seeing all this by staying awake all night. Due to which the interest towards smartphones in children starts increasing. Due to which they start having problem in getting up early in the morning. Due to the continuity of this habit, the risk of getting a disease like insomnia in children becomes excessive.

8. Wearing glasses in the eyes at an early age in children

Due to the high interest in smartphones, children stay in front of the smartphone screen for a long time. Due to which the light emitted affects their eyes. Due to which they get eye problems at an early age, and the child soon has to use glasses.

9. Having headache problem-

Using a smartphone for a long time can cause headaches in children.

10. The problem of living in an imaginary world in children

Social sites through smartphones are one of the reasons why children spend more and more time on social sites with their virtual friends, avoiding your eyes. Don’t like to make real friends. They are lost in this imaginary world, and they do not have any meaning with the real world. Which affects them in such a way that they start lagging behind in studies and other things. Which can prove to be very dangerous for the future of the children.

How to divert children’s attention from smartphone? (How to Get Rid of Mobile Addiction for Child)

Often parents want to wean their children away from smartphone addiction, but how? Below we have described some ways in which you will be able to keep your kids away from the smartphone.
1. To remove your child from the addiction of smartphone, join him in a sports club, so that the child will take interest in sports, as well as the health and body of the child will remain strong.
2. In today’s time it is very difficult to snatch the smartphone from the children but you should fix the time for them to use the smartphone. You spend quality time sitting with your children and tell them about new things, talk to them and if possible play physical games with them for some time.
3. Minimize the use of children’s phones and try to talk with them.
4. If you like it, then encourage the children to cooperate with them in the household chores according to their ability. With this, children will learn to be self-reliant and get some practical and social knowledge in their spare time instead of using smartphones.
5. If possible, explain to the children with love that the use of smartphones is very harmful for them. Encourage children to do things like dance, music and painting according to their interest, by doing this they will develop in a better way.
6. Attract children towards nature, this will increase the interest of children towards nature and they will also get a chance to know about their culture.

Benefits of smartphones for kids

In many ways, the use of smartphones becomes necessary for children. Due to which their safety and learning, understanding and studies are also helped. Let us know, some advantages of using a smartphone.

1, Can talk to anyone in need –

With the help of a smartphone, you can easily call and talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and ask for help. Even if you are in any trouble, you can also inform your guardian about it. You can keep yourself safe.

2. You can keep your data safe

In earlier times, it was very difficult to carry any type of data anywhere. But inside the smartphone, you can keep any type of your data safe, and can easily take it anywhere. Children can use any type of data related to their studies by securing them anytime, anywhere.

3. To collect more evidence as a security –

If you want to keep your child safe, then before going anywhere, you can give your child by turning on the GPS in the smartphone. With which you can continuously track the location of the child, and keep it safe. In case of any kind of accident, the child can collect the evidence of the accident through the camera of his smartphone, and keep himself safe.

4. Its use for studies

Through the smartphone, the student child can save his biggest book, and can use it anywhere when needed. The child can download many books according to him and read it when he gets time, the book downloaded online is called eBook. Which can be used to read anywhere easily through a smartphone.

5. Freedom to know and understand things around the world sitting at home

Through the smartphone, the child can get any type of information in whatever language he wants. For this he does not need to go out of the house. You can get all kinds of information sitting at your home. Due to which the time of the child will also be saved. To get any kind of information sitting at home, it is necessary to have a smartphone and internet.

6. Anjani Toyworld YouTube Channel –

If good content is seen in mobile then it is beneficial. A channel related to children is very much discussed on YouTube nowadays, whose name is Anjani Toyworld YouTube Channel. In this channel only content related to children is shown, in which there are many types of challenges and games. Due to which children also get to learn something new. You can show this type of channel to the children, where they get to see and learn something new creative.

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