How to Learn Spoken English in Hindi

How to learn Spoken English (English bolna kaise sikhe) in Hindi

English has emerged as a global language at this time. It has now become a language that can be spoken anywhere in the world. Knowing English has become very essential today to keep pace with the changes of the global level. Also, it is worth noting that English is being used very extensively in our country as well. Now even for working in the smallest companies or for getting any formality done in any government office, English is needed. Also speaking English is sure to have a positive effect on your personality. English has gradually become the criterion under which it is ascertained that how educated a person is. Therefore, if you are less educated but speak English well, then you will be considered well educated. Because of this speaking English has become an essential condition nowadays.

English cannot be learned with a magic wand. For this we need to make some special changes in our daily routine. We read many types of advertisements, learn English in just 30 days, come speaking Hindi and go speak English. It is very nice to read all these tag lines and also give peace to the heart that we too will be able to speak English easily. But it is a matter of thinking that English is a language which can neither be taught in a pinch nor is it so difficult that it can never be learned.

Learn English Speaking

How to Learn English Speaking in hindi

Here are some easy ways by which you can learn to speak English easily.

Recognize the difficulties of learning English:

First of all you need to accept the difficulties you face while speaking English. In fact, until you accept your weaknesses, you will not be able to solve them. So start focusing on your difficulties related to this language, where you have the most trouble. There are many such words in the English language, while speaking, you just have to keep in mind a slight change. For example, the spelling of read is read and red is written for red. Care has to be taken while pronouncing these two. Also, in the same way you need to note that the plural of mouse is mice but the plural of house is houses. Therefore, there are many exceptions like examples in English, to understand which it is very important to read English.

Read English Regularly:

If you want to speak fluent English, then for its practice you need to study English regularly. If you have time, spend at least half an hour daily with English books. With this you will have a lot of words which you will be able to use while speaking English. While studying English, many words will come in front of you whose pronunciation will be difficult, but with regular practice, you will start to understand the pronunciation etc.

Remember important phrases:

When speaking English you need to know specific phrases to make your sentences effective. So you can remember good phrases with the help of good books. Note that you do not have to memorize the entire sentence. You have to keep in mind only and only special phrases, which are used in different sentences as they are.

Don’t put too much emphasis on grammar:

The practice of grammar is very important for English, but only at the time of practice. When you are speaking English, there is no need to pay much attention to grammar. You should be completely confident while speaking English in front of anyone and there is no need to panic if there is any grammatical mistake while speaking English. You can, however, rectify your mistakes while practicing.

Don’t hesitate to learn

Today almost everyone speaks English. So you can learn English speaking skills from your books and from people other than your teacher. You should not have any hesitation in this. You can also improve your English with the help of English movies that you give in your TV. Note that there are many such channels, which give English movies with subtitles. This subtitle is also very effective in learning English.

Don’t translate your words while speaking English:

It has also been seen many times that many people first think of what they say in their mother tongue and after that they translate it into English, this process takes a lot of time and sometimes due to lack of proper words for translation. Hesitation has to be faced. Therefore, while speaking English, you should speak English only by using your own English dictation. With this, you will be able to easily keep your point in English.

Practice pronunciation:

It is not enough just to read and listen to English, because in the end you have to speak English. Therefore, the correct pronunciation of the words which you are reading or listening is also necessary. You have to repeat English words continuously during practice to get the pronunciation correct. You will see that there are many such words, which have different spellings, but they are pronounced differently. For example, k is not pronounced in knife. While saying this, it is called only knife but while writing knife is written. There are other examples which need attention.

Do English speaking exercises in front of the mirror:

You can use a mirror to practice speaking English. This is a very effective method, which almost every English learner does. Standing in front of the mirror of your room, keep speaking English on your favorite topic continuously for 2 to 3 minutes. While speaking English at this time, pay special attention to your body language and facial expressions. so that you can correct your mistakes. This will also increase your confidence a lot.

Practice Tongue Twister:

There are many such tongue twisters, practicing which can make your pronunciation very clear. A tongue twister is usually a sentence or phrase made up of a combination of similar words. For example, you can practice clearing your tongue by continuously saying ‘Drew Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead’, ‘upper roler lower roler’ etc.

Listen to English songs and practice humming along:

Keep listening to it continuously by keeping some English songs in your mobile. You can easily get the lyrics of the song you are listening to on the internet. While listening to the song, take out its lyrics and hum along with the song. This will bring a lot of accuracy in your pronunciation and will increase your confidence in English. so it ways to boost confidence It’s good.

Record your conversation and listen again:

This is also an effective process for practice. Record the English you are saying during your conversation or practice with your mobile phone’s recorder. These days recorder is also available in almost all mobiles. So by listening to your recording, you will be able to guess where your pronunciation is wrong and where you have made grammatical mistakes. In this way, you will be able to improve your English speaking by correcting your mistake.

Read English newspaper daily:

There are many such English newspapers like Indian Express, Hindu, Statesman etc which you can read daily. In these newspapers, the English language is written in a very restrained way, so that the common people can easily understand. Therefore, you can increase your English vocabulary by reading any one of these newspapers daily. With this, you will also get to know the news of the country and the world and your English will also get better. essay on importance of newspaper Read here.

Read aloud while practicing:

At the time of practice, English is required to be read aloud, so that at least you can hear your pronunciation. In fact, many people have this habit at the time of practice that they study English in their own mind. Due to this their pronunciation is not practiced and there is a lot of difficulty while speaking English.

Read only the right books:

Note that there are many types of books in the market, which are sold in the name of ‘Learn to speak English’, but many such books are of no use. Therefore, whenever you want to buy a book related to English, then buy books from good publications and high-class authors only. In these books, things related to grammar and pronunciation are given, with the help of which you can greatly increase your English knowledge. Apart from grammar related books, you can also read English literature.

In this way, you can learn to speak English very easily in a few days by following the above instructions, but for this you have to work patiently and practice continuously. With continuous practice and study, you will have a better English vocabulary, which will make you confident and you will be able to speak English successfully.

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