how to make 3g phone 4g Steps How to make 3G phone to 4G in hindi

How to make 3G phone to 4G Steps How to make 3G phone to 4G in hindi

The increasing trend and convenience of 4G phones have made people obsessed with 4G. But it is impossible for everyone to buy a 4G phone. The problem is that 3G phones are not compatible with 4G. But don’t be discouraged, you can convert your phone to 4G with the help of some easy methods. Technically it is possible. By converting 3G phone to 4G, you can use any service provider’s SIM in your 3G SIM. We will tell you some such ways by which you can easily get 4G network from this service.

How to make 3G phone to 4G Steps How to make 3G phone to 4G in hindi

3G phone to 4G

Essential Aspect

  • Your mobile must have Android 4 KitKat or above
  • The processor in your mobile must be Mediatek chipset.
  • If your last SIM is Jio, then get it activated through e-KYC from Reliance Customer Service.

Method – 1 (Process – 1)

  • First of all you download the shortcut master lite or engineering mode from google store. If for any reason you are not able to download Shortcut Master Lite then click “.apk file Download file. For any type of Jio SIM, it is necessary to install the above app, otherwise the phone conversion will not be possible. ,
  • Now you open the app and click on the menu button and then after it opens, click on the app explorer, after that search for service menu or engineering mode.
  • Once the engineering mode menu option or service appears in LTE mode, click and save it.
  • If it is not working properly, select the menu and then dial *#2263# and click on the option.
  • The pop up will appear in front of you in a while, after that enter 0000 in it.
  • Select UE Settings from the pop-up and select Settings-Protocol-NAS-Network-Control-Band Selection LTE Band 40.
  • Then power off the phone, then insert the activated Jio 4G SIM and wait.
  • In a short time, LTE network will be visible on your phone.

Method – 2 (Process – 2)

Some mobile or service provider may not support the above method. First of all it is important for you to know which chipset is in your Android phone. Now we are telling you a very easy and simple trick, so that you can convert any 3G to 4G. For this you do not even need to install any device or software. This trick is also called network register method. With this you can get 4G signal on 3G mobile. It may take 3 to 5 minutes.

  • First of all you insert 4G sim in sim slot
  • Now open mobile setting
  • click on mobile network
  • Select 4G SIM Slot
  • Now you do the manual search yourself, it takes some time.
  • You will see the network of 4G SIM. click to register
  • It will be successfully registered on your mobile, if it doesn’t then wait for sometime.
  • Now you will see 4G sign in mobile.
  • This method may not support all mobiles.

Method – 3 (Process – 3)

If your device has Mediatek chipset processor then with following methods you can use 4g sim in 3g mobile.

  • Download MTK Engineering Mode App on your Mediatek Android device.
  • Install it and open it. Then click on MTK Settings
  • This will take you into engineering mode.
  • Now scroll down and click on “Network Selecting/Preferred Network” option
  • You will see many types of networks, choose 4G from them.
  • Now enter your 4G sim and restart the phone
  • 4G signal will appear in your handset.

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