If you also want to know how to view instagram private account New trick of 2022 So stay connected with this article till the end, here we will tell you 4 ways to see private account. You will hardly find these 4 methods anywhere on the internet, if you want to understand them in detail, then follow the article till the end and read the given information properly and implement, we guarantee that you will find any of the 4 By adopting one method, you will be able to see the private account on Instagram.

First let us know why people want to see private account on Instagram or why do you want to see private account on Instagram Friends, many times people want to talk to a person whose account is private or want to see his story and post but if If his account is private then it becomes a hindrance.

That’s why you have to follow to send a message to the account but many people also want to see the story and post but do not follow the account, I will tell the way in the next article but if you only want to talk then this It is very easy, I have explained it to you in the next article.

Sometimes girls’ accounts are private and boys want to see their posts and stories, so their question is how to see private Instagram accounts. If an account is private, then the screen opens in front of you as shown in the screenshot below, here you can see how many more people the person is following.

Or how many followers he has, who your friends are following him, you can also see this detail and just below there is an option of follow and below that is the symbol of private account About to see this type of private account We are going to discuss in this article.

how to view instagram private account

Here we will tell you four main ways to see a private Instagram account, friends, let’s start the article and see which are these 4 ways.

1. By following through with Fake Account

Friends, the first and most powerful way is that whatever account you want to see, you follow that account with a fake account. Friends, there are many people who want to see the posts and stories given in the account, but they do not want to follow that account with their personal ID or do not want that the person whose account is private should know. that they followed you.

That’s why they want that only posts and stories start appearing, do not follow the account, the most powerful way is to create a fake account and follow the person from his account when the request is accepted from the fake account, then you will become a fake account. With this, you will be able to see the stories reel and post easily.

Friends, while creating a fake account, you have to keep in mind that if the victim in front is a boy, then you will have to create a fake account in the name of a girl, so that the request is accepted as soon as possible and if the opposite is a girl, then you will get the name of the girl. Only fake account has to be created.

how to view instagram private account

Many times the accounts of the organizations are also private like there is a medical institution which does not want everyone else to forcefully message it, they only want to take the message from the followers and do not accept the request of other people so if you follow them request Even if you do, your request will not be accepted.

Therefore, whatever fake account you are creating, keep it in their category so that they feel that the person in front needs the account, so they will accept your follow request as soon as possible.

2. By contacting followers

The best way to see posts and stories from a private account is also to see whoever is already following your friend’s account. You can take the information of the post through them, as shown below, you will be told in the private account which of your friends are following the private account.

Friends, which has been marked here, here you can see that the name of all your friends who are following that account will be found, your friend request has been accepted that’s why all of them remain the followers of the account.

how to view instagram private account

If any of your personal partner’s name is written in this follower list then you can get the Victim’s ID information from his account because once the follow request is accepted, the stories post and reel everything can be seen if your friend’s request If accepted, then the Victim’s ID will open in his ID like a normal account.

There will not be any kind of private account symbol, all the posts, all the reels and the story will open like a normal account. So you can request one of your partner to let you run his ID or you will be able to see private account from his mobile also.

If your request is not being accepted, you can message one of your friends with the help of ID and request the victim to accept your follow request.

3. By sending a DM

DM means direct message, you cannot send a direct message to a private account, but if ever a conversation has started, then you will be able to send a message to the victim by removing the history in your message.

If you haven’t done any conversation before then you can’t send direct message but if he has replied to any of your story before or you are able to reply in any way I mean to say if conversation has started If so, you go to the message box and search for that person’s name and there you will get the option to send a direct message and you will be able to talk to that person through a message.

If your purpose was to chat with a private account then you will be able to chat in this way but if you want to follow him and see all his details then you can request to follow him via direct message if your request is acceptable If so, your request will be accepted and you will become a follower of the account.

Friends, many times it also happens that the person in front whose account is private is following us and sees our stories, at such a time you should put a story which he will be obliged to reply and if he has followed your story. If you reply then your conversation has started as if you will be able to chat with him.

4. Comment on posts with hashtags

If you know that someone whose account is private uses a particular hashtag and if you follow that hashtag you will be able to see that person’s post. If you want to find out what hashtags he is using then you see his category if medical is in line then follow medical haystacks which are most used.

You will be able to easily see all the posts put by the hashtag by going to the hashtag, if a person puts a haystack, then each hashtag has a different account, you can see how many people have put that hashtag by going to that hashtag. And in which post it is placed, that post will be visible in front of you, of course, his account is private.

When you see the post you can comment on the post and request to accept the request in the comment also and if your purpose was to see the post only then you can also view the post through Haystack but if you want to access that account If you want to see the story too, many times the story is visible even after clicking on the user’s icon in the post shown in the hashtag.

But if you want, comment and wait for the reply of the comment or you can also comment from the fake account, here you can also take the help of the fake account. If you comment from a fake account, then the comment will be replied quickly because you will create a fake account of the same category that the account user is looking for, like if there is a boy then you can create a fake account of the girl and comment on the post, then reply Chances of coming are more than normal and in reply you can say about accepting follow request.

But friends, you do not have to use these methods wrongly, if you want to convey your point to someone, then only use these methods for wrong things like never use these methods to harass anyone. If you do this repeatedly and your account is repeatedly reported, then you can also be banned from Instagram.

If you get banned once Instagram, then you will never be able to run Instagram and Facebook again, your ID will be banned as well as your mobile will also be banned, then the account will not be opened again on that mobile too.

Here we have told you how to view instagram private account New Trick of 2022 Here I have covered complete information about viewing private account’s posts and stories and tell you four ways by which you can easily see photos and posts of anyone on Instagram. I hope you have understood these 4 methods correctly. Friends, how did you like this article, if you liked the information, then do not forget to share it with your personal companions, it may be that this article can also benefit any of your friends.

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