how to take backup of whatsapp in hindi new way

let’s know today how to take backup of whatsapp If you also want that your WhatsApp Chat is always safe even after changing mobile, then you should back it up from time to time. So that later you can easily recover your WhatsApp chats when you need them. WhatsApp gives you three options to take backup, you can take backup every day, week, month, as you also know that WhatsApp is the most used messenger app in the world.

how to take backup of whatsapp

In which millions of messages are sent every day, because it is very easy to use, so most people use WhatsApp to talk to their friends. From the beginning till now, very good features have been added to WhatsApp, in which the feature of backup is proving to be very useful, in such a situation you should know WhatsApp Ka Backup Kaise Kare in Hindi because even after changing the mobile, you still have the chat data present in your old mobile. You can restore in new mobile.

how to take backup of whatsapp

The way to take a backup of WhatsApp is very easy, you can understand it at once, if you are taking a backup of WhatsApp for the first time, then for this you will need your Gmail ID present in your mobile. Once the Gmail ID is linked, your backup will automatically be saved in your Gmail ID, so let’s know how to do this.

1. To back up WhatsApp, first open this app.

2. Now go to the setting by clicking on the menu icon given on the right side.

how to take backup of whatsapp

3. As soon as you open the setting, you will get many options, you click on the option of Chat.

4. Here you will get the option of chat backup at the bottom, click on it.

how to take backup of whatsapp

5. After this the page of WhatsApp Chat Backup will open in which you have to make the following settings.

  • Back Up To Google Drive First of all, you have to select the time of backup in it, it is already set to Never, which you can set to Only When I Tap Back Up, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Daily, Weekly and Monthly are automatic, for example if you have selected Monthly then your WhatsApp Backup will be saved in your Google account every month.
  • By clicking on Google Account, you have to select the Gmail ID on which you want to take WhatsApp Backup. If you have more than one Gmail ID in your phone, then all you will get in this option, you have to select one of them.
  • BackUp Over In this you get two options WiFi Only and WiFi or Cellular If you choose the first option WiFi Only, then whenever your mobile is connected to any WiFi then only after that WhatsApp Backup will be taken. Whereas in the second option, apart from WiFi, you can also take backup from the internet connection of the mobile.
  • Include Videos You can keep this option turned on if you want the videos in your chats to be protected as well.

After making this setting, you click on the green button of Back Up given at the top, after which the process of your WhatsApp backup will start. This may take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, all your messages will be saved in your Gmail ID.

Benefits of backing up WhatsApp

If you backup your WhatsApp and then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp from your phone, then all old and new messages, chats, photos, videos are all back from your backup. But if you do not take a backup and then uninstall WhatsApp, then all your WhatsApp data is also deleted along with it.

So now you know that how to backup whatsapp If you want all your WhatsApp chats to be safe, then you must back it up. Although there are many apps in the Google Play Store for this, but they sometimes do not work due to being a third party, in such a situation you should always resort to the official backup process and you must have come to know in this post how easy it is.

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