If we all watch a movie and we like any natural scene while watching the movie, then we take its screenshot from our android phone. In this we do not have to make any effort because it is a simple process but the question is arising in your mind if I am a user of Jio phone then how do I take Screenshot in Jio Phone? [4 आसान तरीक़े 2022]

How to take Screenshot in Jio Phone? [4 आसान तरीक़े 2022]

Is there any medium for this, if there is a medium, it is difficult or easy. To take a screenshot in Jio phone, you may have to struggle a bit because Jio phone does not have all the features that are available in an Android phone, it has limited features.

Using the same, you have to take screenshot in your phone, so let’s know what is its process. First of all know what is a screenshot?

What is Screenshot? Why do we need screenshots?

Screenshot refers to an image captured with a digital screen through which we can see a picture in a digital image. Let us understand the necessity of this.

(1) When we have to give any proof, we take a screenshot of it. Like we chatted with someone on whatsapp. After chatting, that person should not blackmail us. For this we take screenshot in our mobile phone. Because if in future he blackmails then I can show him the screenshot with truth.

(2) When we give an assessment test and pass this test, we keep sending the screenshot of the concentration we get to the company. In which the job we applied for you.

(3) Screenshot saves us from many troubles like we talked to a girl on messenger, to blackmail that girl, edit the chat on messenger and do not blackmail it by creating a fake message, for this we can blackmail our messaged message. Let’s take a screenshot. For the future that he does not blackmail us.

How to take Screenshot in Jio Phone?

How to take screenshot in Jio phone with the help of Google Assistant?

You all must have heard the name of Google Assistant. And you must be using it day by day. Because its use becomes excessive because when we want to search something in Google, we do not type and search directly through Google Assistant by speaking.

But do you know? You can also take screenshot in Jio phone with the help of Google Assistant. You will be surprised to know but this thing is hundred percent true. You can take screenshot in Jio phone with the help of Jio Google Assistant. You just have to follow the procedure I tell you.

When you follow that procedure you can easily take screenshot in Jio phone with the help of Google Assistant. That too any screen shot. Let us know how to take screenshot in Jio phone with the help of Google Assistant? What is his process? What is the problem with that? What is the solution to that problem?

How to Use Google Assistant to Take Screenshots in Jio Phone!

  • First of all, you have to unlock your mobile by locking it.
  • After that, the navigation button in the mobile, keep pressing it in the middle for a long time.
  • Then after that when your Google Assistant is open then you say OK Google Take a screenshot
  • Then your screenshot will go to the gallery, you can go to the gallery and open the folder of your screenshot and see the screenshot you have taken. You won’t have any problem with it. This is the quickest as well as the easiest solution through which you can take a screenshot.

If this process doesn’t work. So there is one more thing you can do in such a situation. That is the task, after opening your browser, you have to open Google. When Google is open, you will see that there will be a voice typing feature next to Google’s search bar, by clicking on that voice, say Take a Screenshot, Google will immediately activate Google Assistant and take a screenshot.

So this is also a solution, after taking a screenshot in this, the thing to note is that whatever screenshot you take, you can save it in your gallery by clicking on save. Otherwise the screenshot will not appear in your gallery then you will not be able to see the screenshot in your gallery. Therefore, to take a screenshot in the gallery, you must save the screenshot.

How to Take Screenshot in Jio Phone Using Volume Down and Power Button?

Before this, you must have opened the switch off of your mobile by using the volume down button and power button or you must have restarted your mobile. But have you ever thought? By using this button you can also take screenshot in your mobile phone.

Although it is not that Jio phone is a phone with a keypad, that’s why a one-button system is provided for screenshots, but the thing to keep in mind is that in Samsung Galaxy too, to take a screenshot, by using the volume down button and power button simultaneously. Only you can take a screenshot, it is also used in Samsung Galaxy phones.

It is not a difficult process as it is a common process used in life. You won’t have any problem with this. Provided that the thing to pay attention to is to listen carefully to what is told to you and apply it in your life.

What is the process to use volume down button and power button to take screenshot in Jio phone?

  • If your phone is locked, you unlock it first. In this you do not need to turn on internet data
  • For any video or photo you want to take screenshot, you have to keep one thing in mind that the video you want to take screenshot of, first pause that video in Jio phone. After that you press the Volume Down button and the Power button together, as you press together.
  • Your screenshot will be taken by your jio phone, you have to follow the same process with your photos too. You have to note that the Volume Down button and the Power button must be pressed simultaneously. If there will be some lag in the order of pressing them then you will not be able to take the screenshot then you will start having problems.
  • The problem will be that your mobile may not be switched off because the power button is pressed to start the power off process. That’s why you should keep in mind that before adopting this process, you should practice a couple of times, only after that you take a screenshot of a video or photo, one feature is that it does not require internet data.

How to take screenshot using Shrinktheweb website?

Shrinktheweb is the most used website for taking screenshot in Jio phone. Because most of the users use this website. Because in this you do not have any problem, nor do you have to turn the power button on or off. All you need is the data in it, nothing more. This is the most suitable website.

This website is also used in Android phones because neither much ad comes on it nor is it a spam website that you click on one link, get redirected to another link, this is the most suitable website.

A recent survey shows that the usage of this website has increased the most since 2018, since Jio Phone was launched in the market. Because the users of Jio keep taking screenshots day by day through this website. You can easily take screenshots through it. Let us know how to take screenshot through this website? What is its process?

What is the process to access shrinktheweb website through Jio phone?

  • First of all you turn on your internet data
  • After that you open your browser. After opening, type Shrinktheweb.com in Google’s search box
  • You copy the URL of any photo you want to take a screenshot of, after copying you paste it in its address bar in the shrinktheweb website.
  • After that then you have to click on the capture button. After that your Jio phone will take screenshot from this website. After taking a screenshot, save it. After saving, open the gallery of your Jio phone.
  • In that you open the folder of screenshots. Then you can easily see the screenshot taken.

If your Shrink the Wave website doesn’t work. So no problem, let me tell you another website through which you can easily take screenshots that too without any hassle.

How to take screenshot using Online Screenshot Taker?

Online Screenshot Taker is not a website. Rather it is a one stop solution. In this, you have to open your browser and search for Screenshot Taker online. After that you will get the link of many website through which you can easily take screenshot of your pic.

So let’s know how to use this one stop solution online screen shot taker? What is its process? What are the challenges in this?

Process to use Online Screenshot Taker in Jio Phone

  • First of all you turn on internet data.
  • After that open your browser then you have to search google.com website.
  • Then after that you have to search online screenshot taker in it.
  • When you search online screen shot taker, then you will get the website of screenshot.net and screenshot.guru as well as onlinescreenshot.com, you can select any one of them and open it. After that the pic of which you have copied YuvaRal.
  • Paste the same url in the address bar of that website. As soon as you paste, after pasting, click on the capture button, after that your jio phone will take a screenshot of that pic.

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