How to Unban FREE FIRE ID 2022’s New Trick

Today in this post we will know How to Unban FREE FIRE ID New Trick Free Fire Game of 2022 has become very popular in India and the number of people playing it is also increasing day by day. You must also know about this game’s competitor PUBG, which was banned by the government, although the company of PubG changed its name to launch it in India. After which you have to create an account.

How to Unban FREE FIRE ID

With this account, you can log in and play your natural game on any device, however many people use wrong methods to win the game, if any wrong activity is found in your ID then your ID can be banned And till now the ID of many people has also been banned.

Free Fire ID Unban Kaise Kare If you also used to play free fire a lot and now your old ID has been banned, then there is no need to panic, today we are going to solve this problem of your free fire account ban. The article has come. If your ID is banned for any reason, the information mentioned in this article will make your Ban Id 100% Unban.

How To Unban Free Fire ID

So friends, in order to get your free fire id unbanned, we have researched and extracted some information, which will unban the id of all of you, now we will explain you complete information through steps, so don’t miss a single step, let’s know.

1. Open the Free Fire Help Center

To get your Free F Id Unbanned, first of all you have to open it on your browser. free fire help center Search by writing. After searching greena free fire in front of you Account Ban You will get the option, you have to click on it.

How to Unban FREE FIRE ID

2. Sign in with your ID

After clicking on Account Ban, you will reach the official website of garena, where you will have to click on the top corner. Sign In You will have to click on Sign In and login, if possible, you have to login with the same ID, which is your free fire Id.

How to Unban Free Fire ID

3. Submit Request

After signing in you will see your name in the corner, you have to click on it and then you Submit A Request An option will appear on which you have to click.

How to Unban Free Fire ID

4. Select your country like India

When you click on Submit A Request, then in front of you Country The option to select will come, there you have to select the country for which the free fire id was created for which the Id has been banned for you.

How to Unban Free Fire ID

5. Enter UID

When you select a country, then you have to enter the UID of your banned free fire account.

How to Unban FREE FIRE ID

6. Select the option of Game Concerns

under him Type A Request then you have to click on Game Concerns option to be selected.

How to Unban Free Fire ID

7. Now Select Technical Issue

under him select the type of problem You will see the option of technical issue Have to select.

How to Unban Free Fire ID

8. Put Tick Mark

After that you will have to put a tick mark here to proceed further, without this your request will not be submitted.

How to Unban Free Fire ID

9. Write Your Problem

under you description You will get the box in which you have to write your problem like an application by writing Sir or your free fire id for whatever reason has been banned.

How to Unban FREE FIRE ID

10. Accept the policy by putting tick mark

A box will be found below that, by clicking on which you have to put a tick mark in it, meaning you have to accept the policy.

How to Unban FREE FIRE ID

11. Attach a screenshot of your problem in the ed file

under you Add file or drop file here By clicking on it, you will get the option of what problem you are facing while logging in to your free fire id which is banned. screen shot To take and to put. and then finally Submit You have to do it so that the request to get your free fire account unbanned will reach Garena.

How to Unban FREE FIRE ID

12. Check your request after a day or two

After a day or two of submitting the request, you will have to come to this site right here. My request I have to check if you did not use any hack in free fire nor did any tampering with the game then your account will be Unban and it will be known here.

How to Unban FREE FIRE ID

Why is Free Fire ID Banned?

If your id has been banned or there is none, then you should know under what circumstances your id can be banned. You should avoid using hack in the game and should not do any kind of tampering in the game.

If you do this then your account can be banned forever and then whatever you do, your account will not be unbanned. If your account is banned from hacking, then no YouTuber will be able to save you, if someone tells you that they will get your account unbanned. So you should stay away from such people also and we should not trust such people at all.

Garena Free Fire

if you don’t know that What is free fire, when and how did it start? So let me tell you that free fire is a battle royale game that you can use on both iPhone and Android and many people play it in PC as well.

In today’s time this game has become so popular, that in this game pubg, bgmi, pubg new state It has overtaken all these in both downloads and popularity. Free fire has now disappeared from the play store, but before its disappearance, free fire had more than 1 billion downloads on the play store and its rating was also very good.

Free Fire is a game from China

Often a question arises in everyone’s mind that Kya free fire chinese game hai So while answering this question, let me tell you that this game Garena The company was made which is a Singapore company and this game was made in South Korea.

Actually in 2017 there was a lot of demand for battle royale games. Forrest Lee Which is south korea The idea of ​​making this game came in his mind, 30 September 2017 This game was started on

Today, Garena company earns billions of money, along with many gamers also earn crores of rupees by live streaming and playing this game on YouTube.

Talking about YouTube, Ajju Bhai, which has a channel named Total Gaming, currently has 31.5 Million Subscribers on this channel, the name of this channel comes at number one in the history of free fire.

So if you wanted to know How To Unban Free Fire ID New trick of 2022 is free fire chinese game hai and when and how it started So you must have got this information well in this article. If you have liked the information and you think that it can be useful for you, then spread it to as many people as possible so that others can also benefit from it.

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