If there is a problem in farming, then the solution will be found on this app in minutes

Farmers all over the world have got the status of being Annadata. Because they grow grains very hard and then we make and eat different things from that grain. But farmers have to face many problems in doing farming. Like insects get in the crop, which crop should be sown in which season, which medicines should be sprayed. There is an app for such problems (Best App for Farmers) that will give you answers to your questions in minutes. The name of this app is Krishi Network App.

What is Krishi Network App? (What is Krishi Network App?)

Krishi Network is one such app which has been specially designed to help the farmers. On Krishi Network app, farmers can find solutions to their problems within a few minutes. There are many experienced farmers on this who share their experiences. This app has been created by Ashish Mishra, a student of IIT Kharagpur. This is an agriculture based network on which you can find solutions to your problems.

Online solution of agricultural problems (Benefit of Krishi Network App)

On this app, farmers can find solutions to agriculture-based problems within a few minutes. Like which crop is to be planted? Which seed is good for which crop? Which medicine should be sprayed? How often should irrigation be done? You can find answers to all such questions online here. All you have to do is enter your query on the app and after that the experienced farmers will answer your question. So far more than 30 lakh farmers have joined on this. Also, there are more than 8000 experienced farmers who answered.

Features of Krishi Network

You get to see many types of features on the Krishi Network app.
1) On this you can get information about the diseases of the crop.
2) On this app you can get weather related information.
3) Can get new information related to crops and plants.
4) You can know on this what is the price of food grains in the nearby market.
5) Can learn new techniques of modern agriculture.
6) Information about all government schemes related to farmers can be found.

Pankaj Tripathi invested (Best App for Farmers)

This app has been prepared for the farmers and seeing its work, a lot of people have invested in it so that further work can be done in it faster. Pankaj Tripathi is a main investor in this app. Along with this, Pankaj Tripathi is also the brand ambassador of this app. You can use this app in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Marathi. Soon other languages ​​will also be included in this.

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If you are a farmer and do farming then you must keep Krishi Network app in your smartphone. It will give you answers to all your farming related questions within a few minutes.

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