Jaishankar Prasad Biography

Jaishankar Prasad ji is considered one of the great poets and writers of Hindi language, by whom many types of stories, poems, plays, novels and essays have been written. Who does not like to read Hindi poems and stories. There will be many of you who are interested in Hindi literature. If so, then you must have heard the name of Jaishankar Prasad ji. In today’s post you Jaishankar Prasad Biography given in brief.

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Jaishankar Prasad Ka Jivan Parichay and the poems or stories written by him are a subject that you are taught from primary school to college. In this post, we have tried to explain Jaishankar Prasad’s Jivan Parichay and the famous compositions written by him in a very easy way, so read this post from beginning to end.

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Jaishankar Prasad Ji Biography

Jaishankar Prasad was a great writer, poet and playwright. his birth 30 January 1889 was born in a well-known family named “Sanghuni Sahu” of Varanasi (Kashi). Jaishankar Prasad was like a shining star, who brought a change in the world by writing poems and writings from his pen. The themes of almost all the stories and plays written by him were social, historical and mythological.

Family – Jaishankar Prasad’s father’s name was Babu Devaki Prasad and mother’s name was Munni Devi. His father was a tobacco merchant, due to which his family was known as “Sanghuni Sahu”. Jay Shankar Prasad had to face many problems in his young age, because when he was 12 years old, his father died and shortly after his mother also died, after which all the responsibility of the family was taken by his elders. Came on my brother.

After the death of both the parents, Jaishankar Prasad’s elder brother got him enrolled in a school called “Kaviz”. But due to the death of his parents, he did not feel like studying at all, due to which he studied only till the eighth standard. Jaishankar Prasad was very interested in reading and writing subjects like Hindi, Sanskrit, Persian and Urdu, so he completed his further studies in these subjects from home and finally he finally met us all as a great poet.

death – In the year 1936, the great writer Jaishankar Prasad was surrounded by the disease of TB (Tuberculosis), after which he was suffering from this disease. 15 November 1937 That morning he breathed his last and said goodbye to the world.

So here we learned about Jay Shankar Prasad Ka Jivan Parichay. Let us now go ahead and know about his compositions as well as Jai Shankar Prasad Ka Jeevan Parichay for class 10th.

Literary Introduction of Jaishankar Prasad

Yug Pravakaran litterateur Jaishankar Prasad ji started writing poems at a young age after the passing of his parents and as time passed he became interested in it. Chhayavadi poet Jaishankar Prasad was known as a great writer and philosopher, because along with poems, he also paid great attention to philosophical content.

Various works have been written by Jaishankar Prasad, such as poetry, story, drama and novel etc. Out of all these, the main theme of his poetry is ‘love and beauty’, while on the other hand the famous composition written by him “KamayaniOn which he was also honored with the ‘Manglaprasad Award’ award.

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Compositions of Jaishankar Prasad

Various works have been written by the skilled poet and playwright Jaishankar Prasad, which are associated with history and culture. Below you have been given Jaishankar Prasad Ki Rachna and along with it it has also been told which works were published in which year.

poetry or poems

name of poetry publication
Kamayani 1936 AD
tears 1925 AD
Wave 1933 AD
love traveler 1909 AD
portrait 1918 AD
Spring 1918 AD
Kanan Kusum 1918 AD
Importance of Maharana Published in 1914 AD and then its independent publication in 1928 AD


story name publication
Shadow 1912 AD
echo 1926 AD
sky lamp 1929 AD
Storm 1931 AD
network 1936 AD


name of the play publication
gentleman 1911 AD
Kalyani Result 1912 AD
Karunalaya 1913 AD
atonement 1914 AD
Rajyashree 1920 AD
Visakh 1921 AD
ajatshatru 1922 AD
wish 1924 AD
Janamejaya’s Naagyagya 1926 AD
Skandagupta Vikramaditya 1928 AD
a sip 1929 to 1930 AD
Chandra Gupta 1931 AD
Dhruva Swamini 1933 AD
agnimitra 1944 AD


novel names publication
Skeleton 1929 AD
Butterfly 1934 AD
iravati incomplete

Language style of Jaishankar Prasad

Jaishankar Prasad started his compositions in easy and simple Brajbhasha, but gradually he started using Khari dialect in further compositions and stories, because over time he started liking this language style. In the language of Jaishankar Prasad, there is a lot of use of all kinds of words like Tatsam, Tadbhava, Deshjaj, Videshja and he has written his compositions in very simple language so that anyone can read and understand it easily.

Jaishankar Prasad Biography Class 10

Jaishankar Prasad Biography – Jaishankar Prasad, the famous poet of the Chhayavadi era, was born on 30 January 1889 in a Vaish family of Kashi. His father’s name was Babu Devaki Prasad and mother’s name was Munni Devi. Jaishankar Prasad’s father was a tobacco trader, due to which his entire family was famous in Kashi as “Sanghuni Sahu”. Jaishankar Prasad had to face a lot of difficulties in his childhood as his father died at the age of 11 and a few years later his mother also died prematurely.

After the death of the parents, Jaishankar Prasad’s elder brother took care of him and then shortly after his elder brother also died, after which Jaishankar Prasad became very upset and all the responsibility of the house fell on him. So Jaishankar Prasad’s education stopped midway. Due to which he completed his studies in Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu and Persian subjects at home, because he was very interested in reading and writing all these subjects.

Jaishankar Prasad’s marriage Prasad ji was married in the year 1918 to Vanshshini Devi, but soon after his wife suffered from tuberculosis, due to which his wife died. Then after 1 year, his second marriage took place in the year 1919 with Saraswati Devi, but she was also suffering from tuberculosis, due to which his wife Saraswati Devi also passed away.

After this Jaishankar Prasad decided that he would not marry now but he was being forced to marry by his sister-in-law, due to which his third marriage was done to Kamala Devi and in the end Jaishankar Prasad ji was suffering from tuberculosis. Due to which he died on the morning of 15 November 1937.

Major compositions – Many compositions have been written by Prasad ji, which are given below-

  • Poetry – Tears, Waterfall, Kamayani etc.
  • Drama – Ajan Enemy, Chandragupta, Kalyani Parinay etc.
  • Novel – Butterfly, Skeleton, Iravati etc.
  • Story – Shadow, storm, thunder, etc.

place in literature The great poet Jaishankar Prasad ji is considered to be the originator of Chhayavad because he has given new shapes to Hindi literature.


Jaishankar Prasad ji was one of the eminent poets of the Hindi literary world. Who has introduced people to his past through many types of plays and stories written by him. I hope that you have got to learn and know a lot through this writing. So today, through this article, we have given you information in simple language about Jai Shankar Prasad Biography in Hindi and which are the compositions of Jaishankar Prasad.

Hope you liked the information given by us Jai Shankar Prasad Ka Jeevan Parichay can share.

Jaishankar Prasad Biography (FAQ)

  • When and where was Jaishankar Prasad born?

Jaishankar Prasad was born on 30 January 1889 in Varanasi.

  • When did Jaishankar Prasad die?

Jaishankar Prasad died on 15 November 1937.

  • What was the name of Jaishankar Prasad’s mother?

Jaishankar Prasad’s mother’s name was Munni Devi.

  • Which is the famous poem of Jaishankar Prasad?

The famous poem of Jaishankar Prasad is Kamayani.

  • What is the name of Jaishankar Prasad’s wife?

Jaishankar Prasad’s wife’s name was Kamala Devi.

  • Which is the first poem of Jaishankar Prasad?

Chitradhar was the first poem of Jaishankar Prasad.

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