Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to find jio sim number?

Friends, many times such a problem goes that we all forget our jio number. Mostly it happens when we go to bank or post office or any office for any other work, there we are asked for our mobile number and we forget our mobile number. In today’s post, we will know about Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to find jio sim number?

Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale?  How to find jio sim number?

Because in today’s era, we all use two sims in our smartphone, out of which the number of one sim is mostly remembered if not one, so today in this article we will know how to get our mobile number in an instant, what are the mediums. could? And will you also know what is needed? To get Jio sim number.

Look, forgetting numbers is a natural process. It happens to every human being. You just have to read this article carefully. And don’t miss a single line. Because by doing this, you may miss out on that process and be unable to get your mobile number, so you will read this article carefully, let’s start. This article is called Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to find jio sim number?

Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale?

1. Call 1299 to get your Jio SIM number!

Friends, if you want to remove your jio number, then for this you can use a disconnect number which is 1299. When you call 1299 the call gets disconnected immediately after that a message comes on your mobile.

Your number will come in that message and when is your data going to end and how much is your plan left for how many days. How much you have to recharge, everything is described very well in it. So you can get your problem resolved immediately by calling this 1299. This is a quick solution.

2. How to find out your Jio SIM number by talking to customer care?

If you don’t get any response from 1299. You get tired and tired. Now you think that we have no option then to get the number, then wait there is another solution. By talking to customer care. You can easily know your number by calling the customer care number 18 0 0 8 8 99 999.

For this, you have to take some precautions. When you have to call the customer care, then you should call very carefully, do not use abusive words while talking to the customer care. You just talk about work.

you ask him hello mam/ hello sir i have forgotten my number can you help me they have some mechanism to remind me my number they will provide you which will solve your problem just ask them Talk about work, otherwise your problem will not be solved.

3. Find Your Jio Number With Jio App!

If your work does not work even after talking to Jio customer care, then there is another solution for this, just what you have to do to remove the number of Jio SIM.

  1. For this, first of all install My Jio App from Play Store. After that you login to that app through your email id.
  2. After logging in, that app will verify your device.
  3. After verifying the Jio number will appear on your home screen.

And at the same time, how much data you have consumed, how much data you have left and when your data pack will end will also be visible. And what is your recharge period? You will see that too. See, so many of your problems will be solved through one app. That’s why you install my jio app, the problem is one but the solution is many.

4. Know Your Jio Number With Jio Call App!

If your work is not done by using My Jio app, then you can use Jio call app. For this first you have to install jio call app from play store.

After that you have to login through your email id, after login you will see above that there are 3 lines in vertical format, just click on the same 3dot line. When you click, you will see the option of Settings, just click on the option of that setting, you will see your number.

Using this, you can easily know your number on WhatsApp, it is necessary to have internet connection in your mobile phone only then or the app will respond otherwise it will not get any response.

5. USSD Code Se Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale?

If you are not able to know your number using Jio calling app, then friends there is no mistake, there is another option, let us know what is the USD code of Jio?


You can easily know your mobile number by using one of the codes given above mentioned option. There will be no problem whether your mobile phone is multimedia or smartphone because this option is for both multimedia and smartphone it is the best option.

The only condition for this is that the balance in your mobile should not be in minus otherwise you will not be able to know your mobile number by using usd code. Therefore, to deal with this problem, it is very important to have recharge in your mobile.

See, sometimes it happens that the USSD code gives an error. As a result of which you are not able to know your mobile number. Also since the USD code changes every year, this year is something else then next year is something else that’s why you can get your number by reading my words carefully.

6. How to know Jio SIM number from phone setting?

To know the number of Jio SIM from the phone setting, all you have to do is open your settings. After that the option of Sim card & Mobile Network has to be selected. In it the number of both your sim one sim 2 will be shown, so that you will be able to easily know the number of your jio sim.

This option is the best and cheapest, even if your sim is in minus, it will work, just you should know the technology, you can use your technique to know your jio number.

7. How to know Jio SIM number from Facebook?

Many of you people who use smartphones must be running Facebook Facebook can help you to know your Jio SIM number, just what you have to do for this? You have to login to Facebook, then search bar i have to write jio care

After that you follow that page by clicking on the option of Jio Care. After following, you describe your problems well in it, after describing your problem, a notification will come on your Facebook within 24 hours.

Just for this you need to have network in your mobile. So that your Facebook login can be done and you can open the option of Facebook Jio Care.

8. How To Remove Jio Number From Twitter?

Suppose you are not able to get your Jio number through Facebook page or USSD code, then there is another option called Twitter. You must be wondering how to get your number from Twitter? For this, you install the Twitter App from the Play Store, then create your account on Twitter, after that search Jio Care in the search bar and follow that page.

And write down what is your problem. Like sir i have forgotten my number please help me to get my number then after doing this either within 1 hour or maximum 24 hours your questions will be answered by taking your answer seriously.

Which will solve your problem but there is a long term solution.

9. How to know Jio number from Instagram?

In today’s era Instagram is run by everyone, there will not be any person who does not run Instagram. Through Instagram, you make your video and send it to millions of people, you definitely get benefit from it. Along with this, you can also know your number through this.

For this you make it true by entering jio care in instagram, after which you will get the desired result because by clicking on the page of jio care you can know your number. For this, you write about your problem in that page, after that you wait for 2 hours. After waiting you will see that or you will get the solution of your problem in the form of notification.

You click on that notification. And use it and you will get the number. If you do not already run Instagram, then you can go to the Play Store and install Instagram.

After this, login with Facebook or with the ID you have created. After login, you search by typing Jio care in the search icon. After that you follow the page of Jio Care from that result. Write your problems and your problem will be solved.

10. How to Remove Jio Number from Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a professional website or app. Through which people get employment, in such a word, LinkedIn is a job website. There are profiles of big people on it such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sundar Pichai and Elon Musk, the jobs that come out of the company are directly posted on LinkedIn. Now let’s know how you can remove your number through LinkedIn.

For this, first you create a LinkedIn account. After that, you will search by entering Jio Care from the search bar of LinkedIn, then you will get many pages, out of that page you have to follow the Reliance Jio page. After following you have to describe your problem in detail. After that your problem will be solved.

But creating an account on LinkedIn is very complicated because there is a lot of document verification on it, only after that you can create an account otherwise not, but if you create an account on LinkedIn then you will get a lot of benefit from it.

11. How To Know Your Jio Number From Nearby Jio Store?

You can also go to Jio’s Near Buy store to know your Jio number. This question must be arising in your mind that how to find Jio store near by your home? You do not have to do anything for this, all you have to do is that You have to open chrome browser, write jio store near me in it, after that you will see many nearby stores.

According to you, you go to that store which is comfortable for you, after that you tell the operator of the Jio store that I have a problem, I have forgotten my number, please help me by adopting which options I can give my Jio number I can know

He will immediately tell you the solution of your problem so that your problem will be resolved quickly. So friends, hope that now you must have got complete information related to removing the number of Jio, and you must have come to know that Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to know jio sim number?

Hope you got Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to know jio sim number? Would have liked this post, and found it helpful.

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