Know In Brief The Right Way To Do Gym

In today’s time, people have become very conscious about their health because as we can see that diseases are increasing very much in the country, so it is very important to take care of health in such a situation. I like to go to gym, but there is a way to do everything or we can say that there is a process behind it. Many people do not do gym properly, due to which they do not get the effects in their body as they expect.

Basically in this article we are going to know what are the correct rules for doing gym and what is the process behind it, then to know this, definitely read the article till the end.

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Weight Training Exercise Gym Tips Weight Training Tips

  • First of all, decide how much time you can devote to daily workouts, which is not less than 40 minutes and not more than 1.30 minutes.
  • It is better to eat something 15 minutes before coming to the gym. Not too much like biscuits with tea, or fruit, juice, etc. Doing weight training on an empty stomach does not give correct and effective results. There is a concept that exercise should be done on an empty stomach, but this rule is for yoga and pranayama, it is necessary to have enough energy for workouts in the gym. Secondly, doing the gym on an empty stomach can also lead to acidity.
  • Warm up: This is very important but it is foolish to give more time to warm up than necessary. Cardio is a great option for a warm up.
  • It is very important to get your position correct while doing gym.
  • Make sure to take two to three sets of any exercise and increase the weight per set according to your ability. Keep the rotation 20 se 25, even after that you are doing it very easily then take the next time by increasing the weight. Girls can also gain weight by increasing, there is no problem in that.
  • Learn all the exercises correctly in the workout first. Work out with a trainer for a few days.
  • In the workout, take 1 minute of rest in between exercises per exercise, this will bring your heart beat back to normal in the next exercise. This also makes exercise good.
  • Weight training three days a week and cardio three days is considered very good, it also leads to body toning and also increases stamina.
  • Divide the days of weight training into upper workout, lower workout and shoulder workout, and do abs exercises on cardio days. By making a chart in this way, doing systematic workouts will keep your mind engaged and you will also get good results.
  • Do a little warm up in the beginning and stretching in the end, this will keep the body flexible. But don’t spend too much time on both of these.
  • Taking sips of water during the workout does not reduce water loss and keeps you energetic.
  • Cardio increases stamina, don’t overdo it too much because running too much can lead to knee pain in the future.
  • Concentrate while working out This increases concentration and also prevents accidents.

Some important questions which are frequently asked are:

How much weight will I lose in how much time?

This is a very stupid question which many times a trainer has to answer to please his trainee but in reality this question cannot be answered. It all depends on your hard work and even more on your body type. It is also not correct to predict this because if it does not happen, the trainee can also go into depression. Weight loss is such a work that due to not getting the result, there is a feeling of despair in a person very quickly, which gives very wrong results. It is very important to have a positive mindset to lose weight.

Will I get fat or become fat as soon as I quit exercising?

You keep one thing in mind. There is no balance in your body, that’s why you are gaining weight, either there is a hormonal problem, thyroid, or a decrease in metabolism, due to which you are becoming fat, this deficiency or excess is never removed from the body. The only thing that can be maintained is exercise, which if you skip it will worsen the maintenance and you will start getting fat back. This does not mean that you should not exercise, because if there is a deficiency, it is wise to admit it and treat it. Doing regular workouts makes the body healthy, there is no harm in it.

Girls can also do weight exercises.

This is a totally wrong thing. Girls can do all weight exercises according to their stamina. Many people say that by doing this girls become muscles and their fragility ends. It is absolutely wrong that heavy muscles are formed in girls, there are no such hormones, girls who develop their muscles, they have to take medical help for this, in which hormones are transferred in their body. So to think that girls can’t do heavy weight training is totally wrong.

There is a difference between weight loss and inches loss:

The important task of gym training or weight training is to reduce inches, in which BMI (Body Metabolic Index) is reduced, whatever BMI is right according to your height and age, it is calculated and weight training is taken accordingly. are |

Weight training generally consists of body toning which makes the body stronger and firmer and this is why in weight training the inches are less and the weight either remains the same or sometimes even increases which is not disappointing. That doesn’t mean you’re getting fat. If you are losing inches and there is no weight loss, it means that your body is getting stronger, your body is working according to the weight training and giving you better results.

Sleep is beneficial in weight training

When we work on the muscles, the muscles get tired, there is a kind of pain in it, which indicates which part of the body you worked for in today’s program. Even when we work out, we feel energy from the body and when we sleep, our muscles are relaxed, it is recovered, even then the body uses its fat as energy to relax, due to which fat loss That’s why it is necessary for those doing weight training to get good sleep of 7 to 9 hours which proves beneficial for them. Failure to do so leads to weight gain and the body becomes tired and weak.

Eating protein is beneficial in weight training.

In weight training, we especially work on the muscles / muscles and the main food of the muscles is protein, if the muscles get protein to recover then they are in the right shape ie toned and strong and if the carbs are available So fat starts accumulating in the body. In this way it is said that by eating protein, the body’s fat is burnt or reduced.

Another reason is that proteins are digested slowly and give energy to the body for a long time. To reduce inches, it is beneficial to eat protein with protein, that is, by taking protein in food along with extra protein, inches are lost. If someone wants to be fat, then he can take carbs with extra protein, then he can become fat quickly.

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Names of some important exercises

lower body exercises

1 squat It works on the big muscles of the body, so it has an effect on the whole body but especially for thighs / thighs.
2 lunges This Are Also Thigh Thighs Workout
3 leg extension thighs up muscles
4 leg curl Thais
5 leg press lower body

upper body hand exercise

1 biceps Exercises to be done on the muscles of the front part above the elbows of the hands
2 triceps Exercises done on the muscles of the back part above the elbows of the hands
3 four arm Lower elbow exercises
4 china up upper body machine exercise
5 push ups upper body body weight exercises
6 chairdips Triceps Hand Body Weight Exercise
7 hammer hand exercises

shoulder exercises

1 shoulder press
2 dumbells front raise
3 one arm
4 Dumbbell Lateral Raise (Side)
5 up right barbell row

There are many exercises that are done during gym weight training, which should be learned and done properly. Have faith in your trainer and ask questions but from the point of view of learning and knowing, not from the point of view of testing the qualification of the trainer. The method of all the trainers is different, but the purpose of all is the same, in which their trainee is benefited, so always trust your trainer.

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