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Name is a word that identifies a person. Every parent wants their child’s name to be unique, for which they start researching before birth. Many times, in the desire to have a unique name, a name is given which does not have any meaning or meaning. There will be many of you who have Naam Ka Matlab Wouldn’t even know.

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People of different religions live all over the world, according to which their names are kept. According to the beliefs of Hinduism, the child is first named after which he is given a cute name and each name has a different meaning, which is kept under the zodiac during birth.

But many people do not know the meaning of their own name, so today you are going to get all the information related to it like, what is the meaning of the name (What Is The Meaning Of My Name), how to know the meaning of your name. . So let’s know, how can you know that your Naam Ka Matlab Kya Hai.

Naam Ka Matlab

How To Know Naam Ka Matlab

A name is an indicative word of a person which is given for identification. If you also want to know what is the meaning of your name, then for this we have told you about 2 such apps, with the help of which you can easily know what is the meaning of my name, but For this you have to follow these steps.

step 1. First of all open “Google Play Store” on your mobile.

Step 2. After this download and install “Apne Name Ka Meaning Jane: My Name Meaning” App from Play Store.

Step 3. After this you will be asked for some permissions by the app, “Allow” it.

Step 4. Now a “Homepage” will open in front of you, click on the option of “Start”.

Step 5. Now on the next screen you will see the option of “Enter Your Name”. Here you have to enter the name below which you want to know the meaning.

For example, like you entered “Neha”.

Step 6. After entering the name, you have to go to the option of “Find Meaning” as soon as you click on it Neha Naam Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai will come in front of you.

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How to know name meaning from Android App

1. First of all open ‘Google Play Store’ in your mobile and search ‘Indian Baby Names With Meaning In Hindi And English’ in it.

2. After the app is installed, ‘Open’ it.

3. Now you will see Alphabets from A to Z on the next screen, click on the alphabet from which you want to search.

For example – If you want to search the name Ghazal, then this name starts with ‘G’ then you click on ‘G’.

4. As soon as you click on ‘G’, you will see many names starting with this ‘Alphabet’.

5. After this you will see the option of ‘Search’ above, where you can know the meaning of your name in Hindi.

Meaning of Popular Naam (Hindi List)

Neha Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Neha
Meaning – loving, rain, dewdrop, naughty

Anjali Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Anjali
Meaning – Gift with both hands, a beautiful gift

Aman Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Aman
Meaning – peace, spread, security, trust

Rahul Naam Ka Matlab

Name – A male name
Meaning – Competent, Efficient, Conqueror of all kinds of suffering, Son of Buddha

Riya Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Riya
Meaning – Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful, Singer, Great, Gem

Priyanka Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Priyanka
Meaning – Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful, Singer, Great, Gem

Ayush Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Aayush
Meaning – man, long life, blessings, age, life span

Khushi Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Happiness
Meaning – Smile, Happiness, Delight (Celebrity Name)

Aditya Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Aditya
Meaning – Surya, Lord Surya, Perfection, Protection, Mother of the gods, Nav, Lord Surya

Priya Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Beloved
Meaning – love, sweet

Aryan Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Aryan
Meaning – Ancient, Indra, Speedy, Warrior, Of ​​Aryan race, Brilliant, Active,

Ayan Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Ayan
Meaning – God’s gift, Time, Age, Way, God’s blessing

Amit Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Amit
Meaning – Infinite, Incomparable Lord, Indestructible, Great, Boundless

Aarav Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Aarav
Meaning – King of Knowledge, Peace-loving, Hearable, One who hears

Anaya Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Ananya
Meaning – Goddess Parvati, Incomparable, Different from attractive, Good, Beautiful star, Infinite

Shivani Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Shivani
Meaning – Durga, Parvati, Goddess Durga, Wife of Lord Shiva

Sonu Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Sonu
Meaning – Sleep

Anshika Naam Ka Matlab

Name – anshika
Meaning – minute, particle, beautiful, scintillating, delightful

Ankit Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Ankit
Meaning – Famous, Distinguished, Conquered, Marked, Inscribed

Shivam Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Shivam
Meaning – Lord Shiva, Lucky, Auspicious, Elegant, Prosperous, Astral

Manish Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Manish
Meaning – Lord of the mind, Pride, Deep thinker, Joyful disposition, Soul

Anushka Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Anushka
Meaning – a word of love, grace, kindness, gleam

Puja Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Prayer
Meaning – Pagan, Divine, Ritual, Prayer, Worship, Spiritual Offering

Shreya Naam Ka Matlab

Name – Shreya
Meaning – Goddess Lakshmi, Alok, Shrestha, A musical raga, A dignity Power, Talent, Power, Beauty

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This article was about what is the meaning of my name, in which we told you how to know the meaning of your name as well as the meaning of some popular names. So you have seen how easy we can know with the meaning of our name and also the meaning of other people’s name.

So how did you like our information about the meaning of my name? Do tell us by commenting in the comment box below and do not forget to share it with your friends, so that they can also know the meaning of your name. If you have any question related to this post, then definitely ask us, our team will definitely help you. Similarly, to get other information, stay connected on Hindi help, thank you.

Naam Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai (FAQ)

  • How to know your name meaning in Hindi?

To know the meaning of your name in Hindi, search your name + Name Meaning In Hindi on Google. For example, if your name is Mohit, then you will search Mohit + Name Meaning In Hindi, then you will get the meaning of your name in front of you.

  • What does the name Meera mean?

Meera name meanings is Boundary, Ocean, Lord Krishna, Poetry, Ocean.

  • What does the name Suman mean?

Meaning of Suman is a flower, Beautiful, Fame, Thoughtful, Very attractive.

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