Rank Your Blog Easily By Doing Such Keyword Research

If you want to be successful in your blogging journey, then it is very important for you to have a good keyword research as we know that the most important thing in blogging is the organic traffic, the more organic traffic is in your blog, the more You earn and in the long term also you get the same work.

Although keyword research is a time taking process, but in this article, we are going to tell you about a very easy way to do keyword research, by applying which you can rank your blog well, then to know read this article till the end.

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Keyword Research क्या है?

Keyword research is a process by which you find popular search terms that people type in a search engine like Google, and include them in your content so that your content appears at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

We have to understand first what is Keyword? Keyword is a word, phrase or short sentence through which we search about a particular topic on the search engine.

Note: We can call all those words and phrases as “keywords” when a large amount of searches are being done on those words in a month.

Ex: If I search in Google “Best Blogger in India” or just “SEO” then both of these are one keyword, because people search on them. Similarly, there are millions of other keywords, which people search daily with the help of Google or other search engines. Some of them are popular keywords that people search more and some are less searched.

Keyword research is a process through which we find such profitable keywords, about which more people are searching and how much competition is there on those keywords.

Note: Through a proper keyword, we can get maximum organic traffic from the search engine.

You will find many such keywords on which there is traffic of millions of crores, but keyword research is done so that we can find such keywords on which it is easy to rank them in search engines along with good traffic.

If you type a word in Google search, then automatically many popular keywords related to that keyword will be shown in front of you, on which a lot of traffic comes and you can also select keywords for your blog.


Keyword research Mainly done because of 4 reasons.

  • Find Keyword Search Volume (Monthly Organic Traffic)
  • Check Competition
  • Find Profitable Keywords (CPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Search Volume

The main reason for keyword research is that we find keywords that people are searching for and a lot of traffic is coming on them. Because the more traffic comes to your blog, you can earn money accordingly.

But if you are using such keywords which are getting only 20 or 50 visitors per month, then you will not get much benefit even if your blog ranks first on its keyword.

Traffic = Money ($)

The ultimate goal of a blog is to earn money and to earn money you need maximum traffic. Therefore, in keyword research, you should choose such keywords whose search volume is high.

Keyword Competition

All blogs or websites want to bring traffic to their post / page, so the higher the demand for the keyword, the more sites will use it in their blog. There are many authority sites in these, which is impossible for a new blogger to beat in the ranking. Therefore, whenever you choose keywords for your post, always choose less competitive keywords.

Only 8 to 10 results are shown on the first page of Google and out of them, the highest traffic comes on the first 3 posts. If you use keywords with high competition, then your post will not rank in Google, due to which organic traffic will also not come.

You are always the best for a new blogger low Or medium competition keyword Write a post targeting it.

Find Profitable Keywords

AdSense is the main source to earn money from blog. The ads shown by Adsense in your blog works on the CPC model. How much money you will get for clicking on ads, depends on how much advertisers bid on a particular keyword. So choose a keyword that is profitable and whose CPC is good.

Ex: Suppose the CPC of one keyword is 0.01, but monthly searches are 1000 and the CPC of another keyword is 0.5 but its search volume is low. Here you can earn more money on the second keyword despite less traffic than on the first keyword.

You can always earn more money not only with high volume keyword but also with low volume and high CPCkeyword.

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We rank our post in the search engine through SEO. Search engines like Google work under an algorithm, that is, if we can explain to that algorithm what our post is about and on which keywords to rank, then the rank of your post will improve.

Keyword Research is an art, You can’t learn it in 1 or 2 days. With experience, you will get better at it. No matter how good your article is, if it does not have good keywords, then it will not be able to reach its target audience.

Backlinko founder of Brain Dean Is said “Without keywords, there’s no such thing as SEO.

SEO of a post works only when you give it the right keyword. SEO for an article is like music without music.

Keyword Research कैसे करे?

Generally keyword research is a time consuming process and it does not have any one particular method. There are many such tools available in the internet right now, with the help of which bloggers do keyword research. Some of them are free but you have to pay for most of the tools.

If you do not have money to invest then Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest are the best. best free keyword research tool Is. Most bloggers use it only and if you have money then SEMrush And Ahrefs Right now is the best tool for keyword research.

What can you do with these keyword research tools?

  • You can find related keywords according to your niche.
  • You can analyze the competition of keywords in the search engine.
  • You can know how many monthly searches happen on the particular keyword.
  • Competitors can analyze on which keyword they are ranking.
  • You can select the best long tail keyword for your post.

In keyword research, we have to find such keywords on which traffic is good, there is less competition in them and no authority site is ranking above that keyword.

If you have basic on-page optimization techniques If it comes, you can optimize SEO by using these keywords in your blog post.

Keyword Research Benefits

First of all keyword is the identity of your post, search engine and users know what your article is about.

With keyword research, you can target particular traffic, that is why if you are doing affiliate marketing or digital marketing, then the conversion rate of traffic is high.

Keyword research helps us to find such topics in which we can come up after leaving behind thousands of websites.

With this, you already know on which keyword you have to rank and who is your competitor. By analyzing them, you can rank your article better in the search engine.

With keyword research, you get to know about different types of keywords so that you also get new post ideas for your blog.


Research matters a lot in any business, but even more important is the content, if you have done keyword research well but you have not put good content, then your hard work will not be successful, for that you will have to write better content only then you will have long term benefit.

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