Refurbished Meaning in Hindi – How to buy refurbished mobile.

Do you know what is Refurbished Mobile or Meaning In Hindi What is? So let us tell you that, a refurbished mobile is not like a normal second hand phone. These are the phones which are returned by the customer after purchase due to some fault and which are then repaired by the company and sent to the market for resell with some discount.

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Today Refurbished 4G Mobiles are being sold by big companies. You can also buy Refurbished iPhone and Refurbished Laptops from these companies. Amazon, Ebay, Snapdeal company is also providing Refurbished Mobiles in India. If your keyboard is not working then you can also buy refurbished keyboard from these companies at low cost.

But before buying such Refurbished products, it is important to know whether it is beneficial or harmful for you, so today we will talk about it and Refurbished Ka Matlab Kya Hai (Meaning of Refurbished in Hindi) its complete information. gives you. So let us now know what is Refurbished Ka Hindi Meaning and how you can use it.

Meaning in Hindi

Meaning In Hindi

Refurbished phone means or Refurbished mobile meaning is “made like new by repairing”.

If there is any defect in the phone, then the customer gives it back to the company, after that the mobile is repaired again by the company, it is checked and the mobile is completely repaired and sends them back for sale. This is called Refurbished Phones.

Because of this, Refurbished Phones are also cheaper than other mobiles, but they should be bought carefully, otherwise you may also suffer its loss. Refurbished Keypad Phones are also returned to the company, which you can buy if you want to buy.

Refurbished Mobiles Warranty

Before selling Refurbished Mobiles, they are thoroughly tested and warranty is also given to these mobiles. Mainly 6 months warranty is given to Refurbished Mobiles.

If you are searching for Refurbished Meaning in Marathi, then let us tell you that the meaning of Refurbished in Marathi is “refurbished”.

Precautions While Buying Refurbished Mobiles

If you are buying Refurbished Mobiles then you should keep some things in mind.

  • Before buying a refurbished mobile, you should check which company it belongs to. Buy Refurbished Phones from a good company only.
  • Refurbished mobiles are provided with warranty only and are thoroughly tested and repaired. So make sure whether the accessories have been given with it or not.
  • Buy only after checking its return policy, terms and condition, warranty period and complete details of Refurbished Mobiles.
  • Be sure to check the software in the mobile, whether there is any third party app already installed.
  • Look at the launch date of the phone, do not buy an old phone.

Refurbished Grading

When Refurbished Phones are ready for sale, they are also graded by the company.

  • A Grade Phone – This grade includes those phones which are exactly like new phones. The quality of these phones is very good.
  • B Grade Phone – These Refurbished Mobiles are also like some new phones but they are less scratchy and slightly damaged.
  • C Grade Phone – By looking at the phones of this grade, it can be easily ascertained that they have been used before, this phone can also be slightly damaged.
  • D Grade Phone – The phones coming in Grade D are more used which look completely second hand.

Where to Buy Refurbished Mobiles

Friends, you can easily buy refurbished mobile in India, you have two ways to buy or get restored mobile phone-

  • factory or store There are official factory stores in some cities that provide Refurbished Mobiles. However, for this you have to find where in your city its factory or store is. We understand that this method is a bit difficult and where you will have to struggle a lot to find the right mobile.
  • online stores – This is the second option to get refurbished mobile online, almost all online e-commerce stores provide all the important information of their product to their users so that they can understand the device properly and decide whether it is a phone or a product. better for them.

We are further giving you the names of top websites from where you can easily get open box or refurbished mobile in India.

  1. Amazon
  2. Snapdeal
  3. Flipkart
  4. 2GUD
  5. Greendust
  6. Overcart
  7. Yaantra
  8. QuickrBazaar

Refurbished Mobiles Ke Fayde

If you buy Refurbished Phones, then you also get some benefits from it which are given below.

  • Refurbished Mobiles Under 5000 can also be bought for Rs. Its best advantage is that it is available at a low price.
  • One can buy the same phone as a brand new mobile at a lower price.
  • Like new phones, warranty is given on these mobiles too.

Refurbished Mobiles Ke Nuksan

Before buying refurbished phones, it is important to know about its disadvantages. The disadvantages of refurbished phones are mentioned below.

  • If you are buying Refurbished Phones then there is no guarantee that you will also get other tools like charger, headphones etc.
  • Sometimes it happens that this phone gets damaged again.
  • It does not come in the original packaging. These are given in a simple box only.


So friends, now you must have understood what is Refurbished Mobile Meaning in Hindi and what are the benefits of buying a refurbished phone. Now whenever you buy Refurbished Mobiles, you will find it easy to buy them. In this way you will be able to buy the phone of your choice at a low price. Keeping the above mentioned precautions in mind, you should buy refurbished products. Friends, also tell your friends about this post ‘Refurbished Mobiles Meaning in Hindi’ and if you like the post, then definitely share it, thank you!

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