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Elements App Download: Hello friends, on this post we are going to tell you about India’s social media app, you will be happy to know that under self-reliant India, the first social media app of Make in India has been launched, it has been named Elyments. Already the Government of India had banned 59 Chinese apps, after that this app has been launched under the self-reliant India campaign, so read the Elyments App Full Review carefully and download it as it is an indigenous app.

WhatsApp and Facebook have a large number of users in India, in this app you will get to use all the features found in WhatsApp and Facebook, Elyments App is designed keeping in mind the Indian audience, so the app is available for WhatsApp and Facebook in other countries. Give or not give competition to Facebook, but it will definitely give competition to them in India.

What is Elements App?

Elyments is a social media app launched under Make in India, this app has been launched by the President of India M. Vaikaiah Naidu and is now available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store platforms. Elyments is an all-out social media app that competes with Facebook in terms of features and features, as the app incorporates the features of various social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

ELiment was launched on 5th July, 2020 on the occasion of “Gurupoornima”. Now you have come to know that what is eliment, elyments app which country ie eliment is the app of which country. Let us now know how to download elyments app, how to use elyments app features and elyments app, keep reading the post for Elyments App Full Review.

How to Download Elements App?

It is very easy to download Elyments, you can download it from both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store platforms, in the search bar you have to search for Elyments, then you will see Elyments – Social Media Simplified, as you see in the above screenshot. You have to download it only. You can download it from the official website of Elyments https://www.elyments.com/ for both Android and iOS platforms.

Download here for Android

elements app details

Currently the size of the elyments app is 90 MB and Elyments has got a rating of 4.4 on Play Storer whereas it has been downloaded by 1,000,000+ people in a very short time, by looking at its ratings and downloads you can find out that Elyments in a very short time. Has become a popular app.

elements app features

Talking about the elyments app features, it positions itself as a super-app. Because in this you get almost all the facilities. Available in more than 8 Indian languages ​​Elyments – Social Media Simplified, integrates features of popular social media platforms for chatting and making free audio/video calls. This super-app enables users to connect with friends, send messages to them, interact with each other’s content via feeds, and even video call with friends.

The popular social networking app also comes with a feed search option in which you can follow celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. The notification bar has been replaced by alerts that let you track friend requests and activities. Like like, comment on your post. You can also use filters while clicking photos

Apps on its platform will also have public profiles that users can follow or subscribe to. The report states that the Elyments app will include options regional voice commands to make it accessible to all.

Combining the features of top social networking sites, Element also has the option to take photos and apply multiple filters. The app also has options to use AR characters while creating posts with innovative elements.

Is the Elements App really secure?

Yes, Elyments App is absolutely secure, with special attention given to the privacy of the user, the app developers really care about the information security of the users the most. The Art of Living Foundation has taken the help of more than 1,000 IT staff to build the app, it is being told that the user’s data will be hosted on Indian servers, without the permission of the user, no one’s data will be shared with others. Will be done.

Features of Elements App

  • Elyments is India’s first social media app, developed under Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • Elyments is created by App Developer, Sumeru Software Solutions, Bangalore based IT Firm.
  • Backed by Art of Living and developed by over thousand IT experts.
  • The main focus is on the privacy of the user, as the data is hosted on Indian servers and without the permission of the user, his data will not be shared.
  • It is available in 8 Indian languages.
  • It is available to download from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
  • Elyments has so far 1,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store.
  • Elements rating: 4.4
  • ECommerce platform Features and Elements Pay

Why Download Elements App?

As an Indian citizen, you must download Elyments, because to make the self-reliant campaign successful, it is very important that we use and promote our local product, as the Prime Minister has told us many times. Vocal for local. Which will give a new impetus to the Make in India campaign.

Secondly, the Elyments app has been included on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, all these features are included, the company says that more features will be added to it in the coming time, so if you have not downloaded it yet, then the above You can download from the given link.

So now you know Indian social media What is Elements? How does this work? What is its privacy policy? What are its features and what are the features in it, you must have understood the Elyments App Full Review very well, this is an indigenous app, so make your friends aware to promote it more, because from today every Indian has to be a local. To become vocal.

Hello Friends, Although you have already told everyone how to download your name ringtone, but making your work easier, I have brought another post for all of you, with the help of which you all can download your name ringtone. You can do it quite easily.

Yes, today I am going to tell you all the names of the app through which you can download apne naam ki ringtone ko very easily.

Many people want to keep their name ringtone in their mobile. In such a situation, this post is going to be very helpful for all those people.

if girlfriend calls Girlfriend called Is. if dad calls Papa’s phone came There are many such ringtones that you can download through these apps.

name ringtone download hindi

It would be really funny if you had your name ringtone on your phone and people were surprised to hear it.

Actually many people were asking in the comment how they can download their name ringtone very easily… so this post is going to be helpful for all of them.

It is very easy to make ringtone of your name. If you follow the below mentioned trick. Because in this detail post you are being given all the information that you will need to make your name ringtone.

some people who like to have naam ringtone

Your phone is ringing ( Your name ) Ji > ( Naam Ringtone )
Your phone is ringing…..> ( Name Ringtones )
PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE…..> ( Name Ringtones )
Please answer the phone…..> ( Name Ringtones )
pick up the phone….. > ( Name Ringtones ) And so on !

Now many name ringtones you can download directly in the old way, but if your ringtone is not available there then this app can be useful for you.
name ringtone maker apps You can create Hindi ringtone by yourself

Well there are many on google play store my name ringtone app Available but in this post I am listing those apps which are best and very easy for your use through which you can create and download your name ringtone without any problem.

Download your name ringtone maker app for free

Download My Name RingTone Maker

This is a great one to make your name ringtone which you can use by downloading it from play store. By this you can not only make naam ringtone but you can also use mp3 cutter, that is, you can cut any mp3 song and make ringtone.

It also has a very good rating on the Play Store, which is a sign of its being the best and it has been downloaded by more than 10 lakh people.

That is, you can use my name ringtone make to make your name ringtone, which you can download from the link below.

Download My Name Ringtone Maker & Flash Alerts

The My Name Ringtone Maker app is also a great one, due to which it has been added to the list. You can also make apne naam ki ringtone quite easily using this. All you have to do is install this app and then write your name in the text box and play it and save it.

In this also you have the facility of mp3 cutter which you can use to cut ringtone. It has a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store which is an indication of its goodness. Along with this, more than 10 lakh people have also downloaded it.

You can also download it for free from play store whose direct link is given below….

Download Name Ringtone Maker.

As its name suggests, you can use it as Name Ringtone Maker. Like the above app, you can also make your name ringtone through this but it works on text to speech which converts text into speech which does not have the facility to add background music due to which it sounds very simple. Is.

Still you can use it because its rating is very good on play store and more than 1 lakh people have downloaded it.

You can directly download this app from the link given below.

In this way you can easily download your name ringtone in your mobile.
With this easy Hindi trick, you can make your name ringtone very easily.
You can make your name ringtone with this easy trick and also tell your friends.

So friends, in this way we told you how you can make your name ringtone and then download it.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends, Sharing Button is at the bottom of the post.

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App Lock Setting: How to Lock App in Smartphone?

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Tata Neu App: Only one app of Tata, will do the work of more than 10 apps, will be able to do everything from payment to shopping

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Farmers all over the world have got the status of being Annadata. Because they grow grains very hard and then we make and eat different things from that grain. But farmers have to face many problems in doing farming. Like insects get in the crop, which crop should be sown in which season, which medicines should be sprayed. There is an app for such problems (Best App for Farmers) that will give you answers to your questions in minutes. The name of this app is Krishi Network App.

What is Krishi Network App? (What is Krishi Network App?)

Krishi Network is one such app which has been specially designed to help the farmers. On Krishi Network app, farmers can find solutions to their problems within a few minutes. There are many experienced farmers on this who share their experiences. This app has been created by Ashish Mishra, a student of IIT Kharagpur. This is an agriculture based network on which you can find solutions to your problems.

Online solution of agricultural problems (Benefit of Krishi Network App)

On this app, farmers can find solutions to agriculture-based problems within a few minutes. Like which crop is to be planted? Which seed is good for which crop? Which medicine should be sprayed? How often should irrigation be done? You can find answers to all such questions online here. All you have to do is enter your query on the app and after that the experienced farmers will answer your question. So far more than 30 lakh farmers have joined on this. Also, there are more than 8000 experienced farmers who answered.

Features of Krishi Network

You get to see many types of features on the Krishi Network app.
1) On this you can get information about the diseases of the crop.
2) On this app you can get weather related information.
3) Can get new information related to crops and plants.
4) You can know on this what is the price of food grains in the nearby market.
5) Can learn new techniques of modern agriculture.
6) Information about all government schemes related to farmers can be found.

Pankaj Tripathi invested (Best App for Farmers)

This app has been prepared for the farmers and seeing its work, a lot of people have invested in it so that further work can be done in it faster. Pankaj Tripathi is a main investor in this app. Along with this, Pankaj Tripathi is also the brand ambassador of this app. You can use this app in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Marathi. Soon other languages ​​will also be included in this.

Make the shop digital with Paynearby, 25+ services will be available on a single app

Every shop in the street will become e-Dukaan new app launched

iMobile Pay: Along with UPI Payments, this app will also provide Banking Service

If you are a farmer and do farming then you must keep Krishi Network app in your smartphone. It will give you answers to all your farming related questions within a few minutes.

Made In India Elyments App is equipped with amazing features

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are you too How to earn money from Bhim App Want to know? If yes then today’s article can be very important for you. The development of technology has brought a revolution in India. And it is due to technology that it is slowly becoming completely digital as online services are adopting various sectors.

It has become easier to work due to this, a lot of time is saved, today there are many such Website and App have been made which Provides online service through which you can buy goods, movie booking, room booking, money transactions etc. In today’s post, we will tell about a similar service that works for online transactions.

bhim app se paise kaise kamaye

As you know, there are many apps and websites to transfer money online. This website and app makes your work easy. Today we will tell you about a similar app whose name is Bhim App, today through this article we will tell you What is Bhim app and how to earn money from it Will give detailed information about it.

What is BHIM App?

BHIM It is a payment app based on a UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Its full name is Bharat Interface for Money. This is a government-run app which was launched by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

doctor on 14 april Bhimrao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary On the occasion of this app was launched. Through which people were able to do online transactions by installing it on their smartphone. Any trader or vegetable seller can easily use this app.

For this, first you have to download BHIM App from any App Store, after that you have to enter your Bank Account Details using Mobile Number. When your bank accounts are added, after that you can easily do any kind of online transaction like Money transfer, Mobile recharge, online ticket booking, room booking etc. can.

After signing up in BHIM App, you get a VPA (Virtual Payment Address). This VPA can be based on your mobile number or your email ID. If you want to receive payment from any other person then your bank details will not be required for this.

That person can only pay you through your VPA. Instead if you want to make payment to any other person then you can also transfer money through that person’s VPA or his bank details (Account Number, IFSC code).

This app has been designed in such a way that people can easily transact their money with it and it does not require any kind of technical knowledge.

How to send money through BHIM app?

Now let’s understand how you can send money from BHIM App.

Step 1: To send money from BHIM App, first you have to signup. Follow the steps given below to signup in BHIM app.

1. First of all App Store Or download the BHIM App from the link given below.

2. After that install it in your mobile and open it.

3. After that select a language and click on Proceed button.

4. After that you have to choose the SIM card present in your phone whose number is registered with your bank account. The app will send you an SMS for verification, which will verify the BHIM App.

5. After verification, the BHIM app asks for a four-digit PIN, enter a four-digit PIN here. This PIN will be asked to you while logging into the App.

Step 2: Set BHIM UPI PIN

After signing up, you need to enter the details related to your bank. After this you need to create a PIN. This PIN will be asked from you while doing the transaction. For this follow the steps given below.

1. Add Bank Account Click on There you will see a list of banks. Choose your bank from that. After that this app will collect your account information from your bank. Whatever accounts are linked to your mobile number in that bank will be shown in front of you. Select an account from it.

2. Now you will be asked to enter the last 6 digits of your Debit Card and the expiry date of the debit card.

3. After that you will be asked a UPI PIN. Enter a UPI PIN here. This PIN will be asked from you while doing the transaction.

[su_panel background=”#ffbcba” color=”#000000″]Please do not share your UPI-PIN with anyone. BHIM does not store your UPI-PIN anywhere. Customer care will also never ask for it.[/su_panel]

Step 3: Send money using BHIM App

Follow the steps given below to send money through BHIM app.

1. On the home screen, the app has three options. Send Money, Request Money and Scan. Click on the SEND icon to send money.

2. Enter the mobile number or Virtual Payment Address (VPA) of the person you want to send money to. (Click on three dot menu in right top corner, if you want to send money directly to bank account using IFSC code)

3. Enter the amount and finally, enter the UPI PIN. You will be able to make the payment successfully.

How to earn money from BHIM app?

As I have already told Bhim app is a kind of Money Transaction App. To make digital transactions more attractive, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched a cashback scheme for customers and merchants using the Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) App.

With the new plans, customers will get a cashback of up to Rs 750 per month, while merchants can get a cashback of up to Rs 1000 every month. So let us now find out about various ways by which you can earn money using BHIM App.

1. Get a Welcome Gift of ₹ 51 on First Transaction from BHIM App

Although the cashback service is valid for both new and existing users, users using the BHIM App will get a cashback of Rs.51 on completing their first transaction as a welcome gift. For this, the user has to link his bank account and complete the first transaction. Cashback can also be availed by sending a minimum of ₹1 to get the cashback amount.

2. Earn Money From Bhim App Referral Program

Giving this information, the Prime Minister said that if you can win cash back using the app, you will get ₹ 10 and the person you refer will get ₹ 25 for every transaction, this ₹ 25 is for three transactions only but It should have a balance of more than ₹ 50. Follow the steps given below to refer Bhim App to a friend.

1. Open the BHIM App.

2. Top Menu located on the homepage Click on the icon.

3. Click on Refer a friend.

4. Click on Invite.

5. After that you can make your referral Will be able to share the link.

6. As soon as he downloads and installs the Bhim app through your link, then you will get ₹ 10 for it, if you install 20 people, then you will get the benefit of ₹ 200 in a day.

7. In this way you can also earn money through Bhim app.

3. Get Cashback up to Rs.500 with BHIM App

Cashback up to Rs.500 BHIM app will give Rs.25 cashback for every unique transaction done through VPA/UPI ID, account number or mobile number. Minimum transaction value should be Rs.100. Users can earn maximum cashback of Rs 500 per month.

In addition to the cashback per transaction, there will be cashback based on the monthly transaction volume done by the users. If BHIM App users do 25 or more transactions but less than 50 per month, they will get Rs 100 cashback. For transactions above 50 and less than 100, Rs 200 will be provided as cashback. Those who do more than 100 transactions monthly will get Rs 250 cashback.

What did you learn today?

I hope you like my article What is BHIM App? Must have liked it. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about how to earn money from Bhim App, so that they can be seen on any other sites or websites. There is no need to search in the context of that article in the internet.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

If you like this post How to earn money from Bhim app in hindi If you liked or got to learn something, then please share this post on Social Networks such as Share on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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