It is very important for new bloggers to know about backlinks, such as backlink what and for your blog backlink kaise banaye. For complete information about backlinks, you read this post.

Search Engine Optimization Backlinks are an important part of this, especially to rank your post on the top in the search engine. But there are many myths in the mind of most bloggers about backlinks, today I am going to clear all those doubts.


Do you know Backlinks can spoil your reputation and blacklist your website in Google search!

Yes, your site will benefit or it will suffer from backlinks, it depends on what kind of backlinks you create. There are many factors that make the difference between a good backlink and a bad backlink. but before what is backlink You have to understand this.

Backlinks Kya Hai – What is Backlink in Hindi

Backlink is a link that goes from other website to your website. Meaning if another website gives a link to your website, then you get Backlink.

Backlinks to “inbound links” or “incoming linksAlso called.

“Backlink” named so, because the site creates a link that points back to you.

If you give a link to any blogpost of mine (OyePandeyji.com) on your blog, then whenever a visitor will come to my blog by clicking on that link, then I will get a backlink from your site.

When a blog links to your article, it is a Link Juice passes. This link juice helps to rank your article on the search engine and also improves your domain authority.

You can see in the image below, Website A, B, C, D Feather Your Website The link is because of which Your website is getting 4 backlinks.

backlinks in hindi
Website A, B, C, D contains a link to Your Website

Earlier backlink was the most important factor to rank your article in the search engine. The more backlinks your post will rank higher in Google. To rank their blog at the top, people used to make full backlinks. Some people had made it their business!

That is, earlier the quality of backlinks did not matter. People used to use black hat SEO and spammy websites, but now after the new update in Google algorithm, how is the quality of the backlink also has to be paid attention to. Otherwise your blog may also be penalized in Google search.

Note: Now it is important to have backlinks from quality sites and if your blog is about traveling, then the backlink created for it should be from traveling and its related site.

Now let us talk about the importance of backlink, why it is beneficial for SEO of your blog.

Importance of Backlinks

Whenever you create a backlink, search engines consider those links as “votes” for your website. That is, search engines think that your content is genuine, valuable, credible and useful.

So the more votes you have, the higher your site will rank in Google and other search engines. Before you create backlink Keyword Research And On-Page SEO It should come only then it will be more effective. Let us now know about the benefits of this.

1. Improve Search Ranking

The main purpose of creating backlinks is to get search engine ranking. Mainly, most of the traffic on the blog comes from the search engine itself, so the backlink is only on your blog. organic ranking Of or otherwise, it is the main source of bringing traffic.

If the backlink is of high quality, relevant to the niche, the correct keyword has been used in the anchor text, and has a dofollow, then Google will improve the ranking of the post on that keyword.

2. Referral Traffic

The traffic that comes to your blog not from the search engine but through your link from another blog is called referral traffic. The link of your blog post / page on the website with more visitors also increases the traffic.

Generally referral traffic is related to the targeted niche and its bounce rate is also low. This makes people trust your blog and helps to build a brand on the particular niche.

3. Fast Indexing

Especially on a new blog, the post is not indexed quickly, in this backlink helps the search engine bots to index your post by crawling it and your post is quickly discovered in Google. It has been seen that blogs that have more backlinks, their posts get indexed on Google in a few seconds and some posts on new blogs also take 10-15 days to get indexed.

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Types of Backlinks

There are 2 types of backlinksOne is Dofollow backlink and the other is Nofollow backlink.

Which backlink should you create and on which type of backlink you will get more benefit, for this you need to know about these two.

1: DoFollow Backlink

By default, whatever link you give to another website in a blog post is a dofollow backlink. Dofollow link is followed by Google as well as all search engines and users.

Note: Do not compare it with your internal link. When we link from one page to another within the same domain, it is called Internal Link is called.

When the site owner provides you with a dofollow link, it will be on your site. link juice passes. Creating quality backlinks can give you a high rank in the search engine and it also increases your domain authority.

When creating backlink anchor text Use, it means that you link to a website or webpage through a particular keyword.

DoFollow Link Structure: Keyword

Suppose, you are giving backlink on one of my posts, which is here anchor text is used”on-page optimization techniques“.

Looking at the screenshot, it looks like a normal link, but in the backend, the link is something like this.

on-page optimization technique

2: NoFollow Backlink

The main difference between Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks is that dofollow links are followed by both search engines and humans. But nofollow link To search engine not follow (Not crawl by search engine) does Only humans can follow it.

Nofollow link from one site to another link does not pass juice, so it is not useful for the ranking of your post. But you can get referral traffic from it.

NoFollow Link Structure: Keyword Here only one nofollow attribute (rel=”nofollow”) has been used.

Nofollow link is not beneficial then why do people use such link?
This link can save your website from penalty. If you are giving dofollow link to spammy website, then your site can be harmed by it too.

Therefore, you have to keep a balance between ‘Nofollow’ and ‘Dofollow’ links, both of which are important.

Blog Par Quality Backlink Kaise Banaye

Creating backlinks for a new blog has always been a difficult task. It is even worse for bloggers who have limited SEO knowledge. To get the most out of the search engine, you quality backlink Making it is very important. One high quality backlink is equal to thousands of low quality backlinks.

Here I have told about some basic method through which you can create backlink.

1) Write Quality Content:

First of all, the question should come in your mind that why would a blogger link to your website or blog?

Blogs will give you links only if your blog has a brand, people are getting any benefit from your website, you are succeeding in influencing or inspiring people or writing high quality content. This is the best way to get natural backlink.

Therefore, do proper research and write an article with your personal example so that you can get backlink from other website as a reference.

2) Comment on another blog:

The easiest way to get backlinks is to comment on another blog related to the niche of your blog. Although through this you nofollow link But through commenting, you can make good relations with other bloggers and attract readers of other blogs.

Note: Comment does not only mean that you make such kind of comment nice article, good information in other blogs. Your comment should be of 3-4 lines and in it you can talk about that post or give any suggestion, so that you can attract other readers as well.

3) Start Guest Blogging:

high quality dofollow backlink The best way to get water is to start a guest post. Guest post means that you publish your post on some popular blog. Not all blogs allow guest blogging, for this you should first write good posts, only then other blogs will publish your post.

From a PR blog Guest Post The backlink you get through this, you cannot get it with any other method.

4) Directory Submission:

Dofollow backlink is another easy way to water web directory submission. Web directory is called those high PR websites that list many blogs / websites in different categories according to their content.

5) Join Forum:

Another way to create a backlink is to join the question answer forum and answer people’s questions there, as well as submit a link to your blog post related to that question.

You can join forums like Quora, AskHindi. In this you will get Nofollow backlink but in some forum you also get Dofollow backlink. Apart from the backlink, the traffic that will come to your blog through this will be the genuine reader that will fall on your post and will be associated with you for a long time.

I hope you have given the information in the post What is Backlinks This How it is beneficial for SEO And you How to Create Quality Backlink, would be helpful.

Still, if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask in the comment below.

Virat and Anushka wedding. Virat aur Anushka ki Shadi Photo (Date) | Virat and Anushka Wedding (Pics and Date)

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and well-known actress Anushka Sharma have tied the knot with each other, taking forward their love story. Both of them got married in Italy in the presence of their family and some close friends. Although it was already being said that these two are going to get married soon, but no one expected that both of them would get married this year.

Seven rounds in Italy

Captain of the Indian team on the morning of 8 December 2017 Virat Kohli My girlfriend Anushka Sharma had left for Italy with In Italy, he had booked Borgo Finociato Resort for his wedding from December 9 to December 12. This resort is located in the city of Siena, Italy. All the programs related to their marriage were organized in this resort and on December 11, both of them took seven rounds here. Not only this, this resort is included in the list of the most expensive resort in the world.

Tweet information

Virat and Anushka gave everyone the news of their marriage by tweeting and told that they are now Virushka forever. This news was given by tweeting by Virat Kohli himself on the morning of December 11, 8.51 am. In which his love for Anushka was seen. Not only this, after tweeting, everyone is busy congratulating these two. And the news of their marriage was being shown on every news channel from social media.

Virat Anushka Wedding Pics (Virushka) [Phere and Varmala]

Virat Anushka (Virushka) Wedding Here

Virat Anushka (Virushka) Wedding Varmala

Where will be the wedding ceremony of Virat Anushka (Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma reception)

Both Virat and Anushka together have arranged to have two parties in India, the date of which has been kept in Delhi on 21st December followed by Mumbai on 26th December, which has been given by a speaker and a person close to both of them. Significantly, Virat is a resident of Delhi and Anushka is related to Mumbai.

How did Virat and Anushka meet?

The two met during a shampoo ad in 2013. Since then the closeness between these two started increasing. Then for the first time these two were seen together during a football match. Since then Virat’s fans started calling Anushka as sister-in-law. After this, they were continuously seen together in many shows, award distribution ceremonies and many advertisements.

Controversy about Virat Anushka (Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli controversies)

Both of them had confessed their relationship when both of them were seen walking hand in hand together in New Zealand in 2004. During the last World Cup, when Virat Kohli’s batting started getting less runs, the audience blamed Anushka for that. After which Virat Kohli took Anushka’s side on this small thought. Due to which the relationship between them started appearing stronger. After this Virat went to meet Anushka several times during the shooting of films. Similarly, Anushka was seen many times shouting for Virat on the cricket ground.

What is the post marriage plan

At present, both of them have not told any plan after marriage. Because both are very busy with their respective work right now. After this Virat is going to South Africa where he has to play 3 Tests, 6 ODIs, and 2 T20 matches. This is almost a 3-month plan for Kohli. On the other hand Anushka bollywood actor shahrukh khan is shooting a film with Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan It is also going to come with the name of Sui Dhaaga. At the same time, next year Anushka will be busy promoting her next film ‘Pari’. . However, both of them have bought their new house in Worli Mumbai where they will live together in their dream world.

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