To know how to turn off comments on Facebook posts, here you have to follow some simple instructions.

Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform, with billions of users from all over the world. That’s why it’s not just positive people here. It is also full of people who post hateful and negative comments about each other.

Whatever you share online, others can see it, that’s why anyone can comment on it. This has given rise to trolling, criticism and negativity on Facebook. That’s why you have to learn how to take control of your privacy and content.

Note: Unfortunately, there are no settings available to disable or turn off comments on Facebook. But you can stop post comment activity by limiting people.

1. For this, first login or open your Facebook account.

2. Here you will find an inverted arrow in the top right, clicking on it will open a drop down menu. in that Settings & Privacy Click on

FB comments off kaise kare

3. again inside the drop down menu Settings Click on it and now the page which will open there Public posts Click on

Hide comments Facebook

4. Public posts Inside you will find options for different types of privacy settings. To block comments Public posts comments in front of Edit Click on the button.

Public Post Comment

5. To stop any comments activity by limiting the audience Friends of Friends or Friends Select the. Which will be Public by default.

comments off kaise kare

Now only your friends on Facebook or friends of those friends will be able to comment on your post.

Similarly to ban comments from your profile picture and profile information, Public profile info in front of Edit click the button and Friends of Friends Or Friends Select the.

To restrict or limit comments on any of your Facebook posts, tap the three dots (3 dots) in the top right corner of that post and Who can comment on your post? Click on option..

who comment on post

As you can see in the screenshot below, an opp up like this will open in front of you where who can comment on your post like Friends Or Profile and Pages you mention He can select

fb post comments off

Mention Peoples, Pages or groups in a post?

To mention a person:

  • Type the name of the person in which the first letter is capital.
  • Select a name from the list that appears.

To mention a page or group:

  • Type “@” and then type the name of the page or group.
  • Select a name from the list that appears.

These are the most up-to-date procedures for turning off or on Facebook post comments in 2021. For your privacy, the social media platform has recently launched this update. I hope you liked the process described to disable or turn off comments on Facebook Post.

Friends, if you want to comment on images on facebook posts and you are looking for best, stylish Facebook Comments In Hindi then today in this post we will share with you 999+ Facebook Comments In Hindi | FB Comments Hindi 2022!

Are all of you also looking for Facebook comments list, then today I have brought an article related to facebook comment for you, which will remove all the problems related to your facebook comment.

In today’s time all people must be using Facebook and children and children have an account on Facebook today. Sometimes our friend makes a comment on our photo, which we like very much like stylish text, color etc. Because we are unable to do so. But I will give complete information about it to all of you through this article.

See, although all the people will know well about how to comment on Facebook, but there are some of our brothers and sisters who do not know. That’s why we have shown below how we comment.

1. First of all login to that account from whichever Facebook account you want to comment.
2. Now facebook timeline show is happening in front of you. Now click on any photo or post you want to comment on.
3. Now as soon as you click on the photo, you will see the option of comment in the footer below. there Ok by writing your comment.

So friends, all of you can comment on any photo or post like this.

We and our team have brought some comments list for you, from which if you comment on someone’s photo, then you will have a very good impression on the people and people will be more attracted like you.

So, through this article, I will give you a facebook comment list for both boys and girls so that you do not have to google on any other blog. So now we all start by not lengthening the article.

It is good that you have left what you have made yourself,
I had forgotten that there are more people who love me !!

Do not consider me a stone like this time
I am the same wax that used to melt from your tears.

If you call yourself the destination, I will stop…
Otherwise I am a faithful traveler, I will pass away like this…!!!

Today there will be happiness on both the moons,
But my moon will be the answer…!!!🤘😊

Those extinguished eyes are illuminated on the threshold of the house
Don’t stop me, I have to go back home…..!!

This online love is also very annoying sir….
At the slightest displeasure, they close each other’s eyes.

drink he often kills
she will be thirsty for him without a drop
She will be a worshiper again on Karva Chauth.

the good sighs
When we step into the gathering

Close your eyelids and think about me, right?
I will meet somewhere in the moisture of my heart….!!

“How much will it cost, O hired killers,
I want love head pen !! ,

Let it be the spectacle of my life today
I too have played applause a lot in the fair.

People leave at the slightest thing and leave.
Why do you love when you can’t handle it?

The rest of your life, take life from you Rob,
The day when weeping in the soil from mourning,

If you want to make a place, then make it in someone’s blessings.
Claims that God Himself will bring you together

How many expenses have you covered
all my money
fulfiller of all childhood wishes
oh angel was awesome

We even without hijabs have played the principles of the screen in love
I have bowed my eyes every time Mehboob passed by

I am tired of fatigue, I do not understand this till now,
What has I brought up from your city?

Waited for the hurt of someone’s feet,
On the gloomy mound of this gloomy block

An innocent account of someone who loved you
Then we lived the punishment of the account every moment

Dil aaye desperate’s style is ae bayan hai or else
Who is there in Sukra who is not in complaint?

You have looked softly
Hair has come in the mirror of the heart.

It takes ages to give an expression to the feelings
Time doesn’t make a poet because of heart break

The one who used to be my pride in love,
In the love of some tax, he became proud.

If you open your mouth, then you will get the answer.
How many times have I robbed then give the account

Can you do this kind of work for me?
Can you take care of yourself a little?

Time when you turn your eyes.
The dog also surrounds the lion.

Instructing the murderer to kill
Will kill first then give him the money
I have the knowledge of Chargari’s Chargari
merge but first hurt

Grandpa used to say
love the most
love no one

We got this benefit of Hina in their hands
That night we kept removing the swirls from his face.

He was counting my million mistakes
Don’t know why he didn’t take the name of love.

* Take a look at me and remove a hundred flaws in me,
Still I am happy, he looked at me carefully*

Being beautiful is not a matter of age,
The one who would have filled the color Shah Jahan again would not have been a crown, a crown!

*Sanam I have seen your path every time*
*Even if you bring pain whenever you come*

Our effect is like talismans,
Whoever hugs him gets blessed.

Invent a new way to kill me.
I will die by taking hiccups, he remembers me so much…

If you all want to make your own comments stylish like color, text bold, etc. on someone’s photo, then definitely read the steps below.

Change Background Text Color

Enter Your Text.

Copy the code I have given to you above and write your comment instead of enter your text and paste it on whose photo you comment on.

With this, whatever comment you have made, the background color of your text will change. If you want to comment in more colors then use the Facebook magic code below.

Light pink
Dark pink
Redish pink
Light purple
Dark Blue
Sky Blue
Light Blue<
Dark Purple
Mehandi Green
Steel Gray
Light Brown

Change Text Color

If all of you want to change the color of the text of any comment, then use this code.

Enter Your Text

This code will change the color of your comment text. If you want more such codes, then the code I have given above. Changed bg in them and wrote Fg.

If you all want to comment on someone’s photo in bold text, then copy the code given below.

Enter Your text

After copying, instead of enter your text, write your comment and comment on someone’s photo. And your comment will become bold.

Below are some more codes, you must see them too.

underline – enter your text
tiny – Enter Your text
large text – Enter your text

So friends, in this way you can impress any of your comment in a stylish way. By which Your friend will be attracted towards you.

I hope you all have liked this article and you must have learned how to make stylish comments. And you must have got complete information about Best, Stylish Facebook Comments In Hindi.

Hope you like 999+ Facebook Comments In Hindi | FB Comments Hindi 2022! Would have liked this post, and found it helpful.

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