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What is Red Data Book?

IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) has been on a global scale for the past 50 years in collaboration with the Global Species Program and the Species Survival Commission. exposes and promotes their protection. The publication of the Red Data Book was started in order to delineate the status of castes and the measures needed to protect them. The IUCN, in conjunction with the Global Species Program and Species Survival Totals, provides unbiased and science-based information on the threatened status of global biodiversity. Plants, fungi and animals are assessed/marked on the IUCN Red List. These are the factors that hold the genetic diversity of plants, fungi and animals and keep the ecosystem functioning.

Red Data Book

Red Data Book

IUCN classification

The species are placed in a total of nine categories according to their status on the IUCN Red List.
This assessment is done on the basis of decline in the number of species, their position in the geographical area.
The categories prescribed by the IUCN are as follows:

1. extinct

Species of which no members are alive and their numbers have been completely eliminated in all habitats of the world and it will be known with confidence or that the species has completely disappeared is called extinct species. Over a period of time it is estimated whether a species of a species is alive on it, if they do not get the presence of time at that time, they are placed in the extinct category.

2. Extinct in the Wild

Species in which all species have lost their lineage and many species are kept in zoos or other artificial habitats apart from their natural habitat.

3. Critically Endangered

When species are at serious risk of extinction from forests, they are classified as critically endangered, if a population reduction of more than 90% is recorded in 10 years, they are classified as critically endangered. is kept in. If the population of Hindi species is less than 250 and there is a reduction of 25% in 3 years, then they are classified as critically endangered. If there are only 50 or less mature members, it is classified as critically endangered. A critically endangered species is a category very close to extinction. Species in this range have a 50% chance of extinction.

4. Endangered

Such species are in danger of extinction from the forests. If a population reduction of 70% is observed or recorded in 10 years, the species is classified as endangered. Only 250 slept with the lowest mature member count. Under this category 20% of species are expected to become extinct in 20 years. If the population of the species is less than 2500 and there is a decrease of 20% within 5 years, it is placed in this category. Organisms that fall under this category are at high risk of extinction.

5. Weak

Species that are likely to be endangered by forests. A decrease of more than 50% in the number of species has been recorded in 10 years. The species has a population of less than 10,000 and is declining by 10% within 10 years. Only 6 if 1000 or less mature members are placed in this category. There is a risk of extinction in this category.

6. Near Danger

The species is likely to be threatened in the near future.

7. Least Worry

Species in this category are at very low risk. This species is found in a wide area. Species in this category are not threatened in the future.

8. Lack of Data

Due to the paucity of data about the species, its conservation status and crisis cannot be predicted. The species threatened with extinction cannot be clicked due to lack of sufficient data, directly or indirectly. India is unable to estimate the wide area and sufficient number of species.

9. Not rated

The species’ protected status has not been assessed on the IUCN’s conservation criteria.

How to Download Xender, Transfer Data to Desktop?

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what is a virtual data room in hindi

What Is a Virtual Data Room in Hindi | What is a Virtual Data Room?

Virtual Data Room Also known as Deal Room. If you want to keep your documents etc. files in a safe place, then this is one of the most secure online storage for document storage. It is commonly used in the Diligence Process to share company’s documentation and reviews.

How Virtual Data Room Works

Virtual Data Rooms have changed very rapidly inside Physical Data Rooms. Which is used to Disclose and Share Documents. Virtual data room is a better and ideal option than physical data room to increase globalization in business and reduce cost.

Also the virtual data room is easily accessible, and it is also accessible in availability. Apart from this, it is also more secure than the Physical Data Room. In today’s time, security related incidents and concerns regarding online storage are increasing. Because of which Virtual Data Room (VDR) Providers are making their database even more secure and trusted. Like Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s), Auditing Operations, and some other businesses can use virtual data rooms.

Virtual Data Room What is the use of Virtual Data Rooms

VDR is commonly used for Mergers and Acquisitions. These repositories provide space for due diligence after finalizing the deal. These business transactions involve a lot of documents, most of which are confidential, contain sensitive information of the customer and the company. For this it is very important to have the need of a Secure Storage. Using VDR is the most secure way to do Documents Review and Documents Exchange.

To do any one big or small building or to produce a product, all the businesses have to work together with each other. To maintain the relationship in these business relations, there is a need for continuous transmission of data.

VDRs provide storage for these contracts, and make all documents readily available to maintain business relations. For example: Let’s say you get a map made by an engineer for a building, and later some changes have to be made to that map, so it is easily accessible to all the contractors and other people involved in this project.

Auditing accounts is a common practice for all businesses. But this process is a big problem, as it involves talking to all the employees. Also, the offices of some companies are far away, or they are different from the place where the work is going on. Thus, using virtual data rooms provides a centralized point of view for all, including all accountants, lawyers and other interested parties. Due to which the errors are reduced, and time is also saved. Also, the level and authority of access varies according to the type of audit.

If you want to check jio balance data then there are many ways for that but in this blog we are going to talk about the number dialing method that you can take information about your balance by just typing some numbers.

how to check jio balance data

Here we are going to tell you two such numbers from which you can know your Jio net balance plan, data, validity, you will not need to go to My Jio app to know the balance and data, in this way you can save your time. You can also save the data being spent in running the app and the battery of the mobile.

So all you have to do is to open the dialer page of your mobile and dial 1299 there, after a few seconds after dialing this number, the phone will be disconnected but after that a message will come in your mobile in which your plan, current data, expiry date etc. The details will tell you that this message will be from the Jio company, there is no charge for dialing this number. In this way you can check the balance and data of Jio from this number.

how to check jio balance data

In the first trick, you have to dial the number to know the net balance of Jio, but in the second trick, you have to send a message to know the balance and net data of Jio SIM, then first you have to go to the message box of your mobile. And there you have to write BAL and send it to 199. After this, a message will come from Jio in which your balance will be told, similarly if you want to know all the details of the plan, then you have to send it by writing MYPLAN in the message box, after which you will get complete details of your plan.

After knowing the number given above, now you must have known that without My Jio app how to check jio balance data So if you are a Jio user, then these numbers will be very useful for you, earlier you had to open the My Jio app for balance, but now you can find the balance data of Jio without My Jio app.