How to learn Spoken English (English bolna kaise sikhe) in Hindi

English has emerged as a global language at this time. It has now become a language that can be spoken anywhere in the world. Knowing English has become very essential today to keep pace with the changes of the global level. Also, it is worth noting that English is being used very extensively in our country as well. Now even for working in the smallest companies or for getting any formality done in any government office, English is needed. Also speaking English is sure to have a positive effect on your personality. English has gradually become the criterion under which it is ascertained that how educated a person is. Therefore, if you are less educated but speak English well, then you will be considered well educated. Because of this speaking English has become an essential condition nowadays.

English cannot be learned with a magic wand. For this we need to make some special changes in our daily routine. We read many types of advertisements, learn English in just 30 days, come speaking Hindi and go speak English. It is very nice to read all these tag lines and also give peace to the heart that we too will be able to speak English easily. But it is a matter of thinking that English is a language which can neither be taught in a pinch nor is it so difficult that it can never be learned.

Learn English Speaking

How to Learn English Speaking in hindi

Here are some easy ways by which you can learn to speak English easily.

Recognize the difficulties of learning English:

First of all you need to accept the difficulties you face while speaking English. In fact, until you accept your weaknesses, you will not be able to solve them. So start focusing on your difficulties related to this language, where you have the most trouble. There are many such words in the English language, while speaking, you just have to keep in mind a slight change. For example, the spelling of read is read and red is written for red. Care has to be taken while pronouncing these two. Also, in the same way you need to note that the plural of mouse is mice but the plural of house is houses. Therefore, there are many exceptions like examples in English, to understand which it is very important to read English.

Read English Regularly:

If you want to speak fluent English, then for its practice you need to study English regularly. If you have time, spend at least half an hour daily with English books. With this you will have a lot of words which you will be able to use while speaking English. While studying English, many words will come in front of you whose pronunciation will be difficult, but with regular practice, you will start to understand the pronunciation etc.

Remember important phrases:

When speaking English you need to know specific phrases to make your sentences effective. So you can remember good phrases with the help of good books. Note that you do not have to memorize the entire sentence. You have to keep in mind only and only special phrases, which are used in different sentences as they are.

Don’t put too much emphasis on grammar:

The practice of grammar is very important for English, but only at the time of practice. When you are speaking English, there is no need to pay much attention to grammar. You should be completely confident while speaking English in front of anyone and there is no need to panic if there is any grammatical mistake while speaking English. You can, however, rectify your mistakes while practicing.

Don’t hesitate to learn

Today almost everyone speaks English. So you can learn English speaking skills from your books and from people other than your teacher. You should not have any hesitation in this. You can also improve your English with the help of English movies that you give in your TV. Note that there are many such channels, which give English movies with subtitles. This subtitle is also very effective in learning English.

Don’t translate your words while speaking English:

It has also been seen many times that many people first think of what they say in their mother tongue and after that they translate it into English, this process takes a lot of time and sometimes due to lack of proper words for translation. Hesitation has to be faced. Therefore, while speaking English, you should speak English only by using your own English dictation. With this, you will be able to easily keep your point in English.

Practice pronunciation:

It is not enough just to read and listen to English, because in the end you have to speak English. Therefore, the correct pronunciation of the words which you are reading or listening is also necessary. You have to repeat English words continuously during practice to get the pronunciation correct. You will see that there are many such words, which have different spellings, but they are pronounced differently. For example, k is not pronounced in knife. While saying this, it is called only knife but while writing knife is written. There are other examples which need attention.

Do English speaking exercises in front of the mirror:

You can use a mirror to practice speaking English. This is a very effective method, which almost every English learner does. Standing in front of the mirror of your room, keep speaking English on your favorite topic continuously for 2 to 3 minutes. While speaking English at this time, pay special attention to your body language and facial expressions. so that you can correct your mistakes. This will also increase your confidence a lot.

Practice Tongue Twister:

There are many such tongue twisters, practicing which can make your pronunciation very clear. A tongue twister is usually a sentence or phrase made up of a combination of similar words. For example, you can practice clearing your tongue by continuously saying ‘Drew Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead’, ‘upper roler lower roler’ etc.

Listen to English songs and practice humming along:

Keep listening to it continuously by keeping some English songs in your mobile. You can easily get the lyrics of the song you are listening to on the internet. While listening to the song, take out its lyrics and hum along with the song. This will bring a lot of accuracy in your pronunciation and will increase your confidence in English. so it ways to boost confidence It’s good.

Record your conversation and listen again:

This is also an effective process for practice. Record the English you are saying during your conversation or practice with your mobile phone’s recorder. These days recorder is also available in almost all mobiles. So by listening to your recording, you will be able to guess where your pronunciation is wrong and where you have made grammatical mistakes. In this way, you will be able to improve your English speaking by correcting your mistake.

Read English newspaper daily:

There are many such English newspapers like Indian Express, Hindu, Statesman etc which you can read daily. In these newspapers, the English language is written in a very restrained way, so that the common people can easily understand. Therefore, you can increase your English vocabulary by reading any one of these newspapers daily. With this, you will also get to know the news of the country and the world and your English will also get better. essay on importance of newspaper Read here.

Read aloud while practicing:

At the time of practice, English is required to be read aloud, so that at least you can hear your pronunciation. In fact, many people have this habit at the time of practice that they study English in their own mind. Due to this their pronunciation is not practiced and there is a lot of difficulty while speaking English.

Read only the right books:

Note that there are many types of books in the market, which are sold in the name of ‘Learn to speak English’, but many such books are of no use. Therefore, whenever you want to buy a book related to English, then buy books from good publications and high-class authors only. In these books, things related to grammar and pronunciation are given, with the help of which you can greatly increase your English knowledge. Apart from grammar related books, you can also read English literature.

In this way, you can learn to speak English very easily in a few days by following the above instructions, but for this you have to work patiently and practice continuously. With continuous practice and study, you will have a better English vocabulary, which will make you confident and you will be able to speak English successfully.

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The presence of Months, Weeks and Days in the calendar is very important in the life of all of us. If today both of these were not in the calendar, then we would have neither the news of day nor of night. Just like we use Seconds and Minutes to measure time, in the same way we use Months and Weeks to measure days. Months Name In Hindi It is important for everyone to be aware of what it is.

Hindi Mein Mahinon Ke Naam This is such a topic that children are started teaching from small classes, but despite this, there are many children who do not know about what Months In Hindi is. Remembering the names of the months is not only necessary for children, it is a subject that is important for everyone from children to elders.

So in today’s blog, we will know in detail about Months Name in Hindi and English and with this we will also know what are the names of these months according to Hindu Calendar.

Months Name in Hindi

Months Name In Hindi

As we all know that there are total 12 months (12 months) in a year. The first month of the year is January and the last month is December and all these months have different days such as there are 28 or 29 days in a month and on the other hand there are 30 or 31 days in a month.

  • January – January
  • February – February
  • March
  • April – April
  • May – May
  • June – June
  • July – July
  • August – August
  • September – September
  • October – October
  • November – November
  • December – December

Months Name In Hindi And English

In the table below, we have given you the names of the total 12 months in Hindi (12 Months Name In Hindi) and English, and along with this we have also provided information about the total number of days in these months. Which is something like this.

serial number Month Name In English Month Name In Hindi Days
1. January January 31 days
2. February February 28/29
3. March march 31
4. April april 30
5. May May 31
6. June june 30
7. July july 31
8. August august 31
9. September September 30
10 October october 31
11. November november 30
12. December december 31

So here we have learned the names of the English months (month names) along with Hindi Mahinon Ke Naam according to the English calendar. Let us now go ahead and know what are the names of months in Hindi according to the Hindu calendar.

English Months Name in Hindi Chart

Names of 12 Hindi months according to Hindu calendar

Hindi calendar also has only 12 months according to English calendar, but the time period of these two calendars is quite different. In the table given below, you can see that in the Hindi calendar, the month starts with the month of Chaitra, while on the other hand the months of March and April are going on in the English calendar at that time.

If the time period of the Hindi calendar and the English calendar were the same, then when the month of Chaitra was going on in the Hindi calendar, it would have been the month of January in the English calendar. This is the reason why it is very difficult for children to understand Hindi calendar in present time because children do not have knowledge about Hindi Mahino Ke Naam.

Below we have given you the complete list of 12 month name in Hindi.

serial number Hindi Months Name Months Days
1. Chaitra March April 30/31 days
2. Vaishakh April May 31 days
3. Jyeth (Jyaistha) may June 31 days
4. Asadha June July 31 days
5. Shravana July August 31 days
6. Bhadrapada August September 31 days
7. Ashwin Sept-October 30 day
8. Kartik October-November 30 day
9. Margshirsh November-December 30 day
10. Pausa December-January 30 day
11. Magha January-February 30 day
12. Phalguna February-March 30 day

How many days are there in the month of February?

February is such a month of the year in which there are a total of 28 or 29 days, but many people do not know the reason behind it, why there are 28 or 29 days in the month of February itself. So let’s go ahead and know what is the reason behind this.

According to the old Roman calendar, there were only 10 months in a year, which included a total of 304 days. According to this calendar, the month starts from March and ends with the month of December. But then after some time 2 more months were added to it, which we now know as January and February. After including these months in the calendar, there were a total of 12 months in a year.

After the arrival of January and February in the old Roman calendar, the festivals were not able to come at the right time, after which some changes were made in this calendar. During this change, 2 days of the month of February were reduced from the calendar. Now there are total 365 days in 1 year.

As we all know that it takes 365 days and 6 hours for the Earth to revolve around the Sun, but there are total 365 days in the year, after which 6 hours are left every year, after which these 6 hours is adjusted after every four years. This is the reason that there are 28 or 29 days in the month of February.

Hindi Months Name With Season

A total of 6 seasons are found all over the world in a year and these seasons are known by different names. In the table given below, we have given you information about the names of these 6 seasons found in a year and along with this we have told which season is found in which month.

names of seasons season in hindu month season in english month
Spring Season Chaitra to Vaishakh March April
Summer Season Jyeth to Ashadh April-June
Rainy Season Ashadh to Sawan June-August
Autumn Season Ashwin from Bhadrapada August-October
Hemant Ritu (Pre-Winter Season) Kartik to Paush October-December
Winter Season Magh to Falgun December-February

Hindi month names and festivals celebrated in that month

Below we have given you the names of 12 months in Hindi and the list of festivals celebrated in those 12 months which are as follows-

1. Festivals celebrated in the month of January

  • Republic Day
  • Lohri
  • Pongal
  • solstice
  • Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti

2. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of February

  • Vasant Panchami

3. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of March

  • Holika Dahan
  • Holi
  • mahashivratri

4. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of April

  • Gudi festival
  • Hanuman Jayanti
  • good Friday
  • Mahavir Jayanti
  • Ram Navami

5. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of May

  • Buddha Jayanti
  • Guru Purnima
  • crutches
  • Shankaracharya Jayanti

6. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of June

  • Chariot Festival
  • Teej
  • world yoga day

7. Days Celebrated in the Month of July

  • Guru Purnima

8. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of August

  • nag panchami
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Independence Day
  • Janmashtami
  • Ganesh Chaturthi

9. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of September

  • Anant Chaturdashi
  • Sharad Navratri

10. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of October

  • Gandhi Jayanti
  • Durga Puja Ashtami
  • Dussehra
  • karva chauth
  • Dhanteras

11. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of November

12. Festivals Celebrated in the Month of December


Through today’s article, we have given you information about Mahino Ke Naam. In which we have given you information about what is 12 Month Name in Hindi and along with this, what is the name of these months according to the Hindu calendar. Hope you liked this information given by us.

If you like this information given by us, then definitely share it with your friends on social media, so that more and more people can get information about Months of the year. Along with this, if you have any suggestion related to this post, then definitely tell us by commenting in the comment section below.

Months Name In Hindi (FAQ)

  • How many seconds are there in a year?

There are total 31,53,6000 seconds in a year.

  • How many days are there in January?

There are total 31 days in January.

  • How many weeks are there in a year?

There are total 52 weeks in 1 year.

  • Which is the first month of the year according to the Hindu calendar?

Chaitra is the first month of the year according to the Hindu calendar.

  • What are the names of months in Hindi?

The names of the months in Hindi are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, October, November and December.

Animals Name in Hindi and English

If you study in school, you must have been asked that Name animals in Hindi and in English (Animals Name in Hindi and English) So maybe you have even told the names of 10 animals in Hindi. But do you know the names of all the animals. If not then you don’t need to worry.

Because you are going to get 100 animal names in Hindi and English in this article. which you can easily remember. Whenever you are asked the names of 10, 20, 30, or 40 animals in school, you can tell. Apart from this, you have also been told the names of domestic animals (Domestic Animals Name in Hindi and English) in this article. So let’s first know, 10 animal names with photos in Hindi and English –

Animals Name in Hindi and English With Photo

1. Lion (Lion)

Animals Name in Hindi and English

The lion is the king of the jungle, which is called a lion, it is one of the species of the Panthera family of big cats. The second largest cat in this lineage is the tiger. A male lion weighs more than about 250 kg. At present, lions are found in the forests of Asia, Sub-Saharan, and Africa. The number of lions is decreasing day by day, out of which some remaining lions are present in Northwest India. Let us tell you, the function of a male lion is to protect the family, while a female lion hunts. The running speed of a lion is 50 kilometers per hour.

2. Leopard

Animals Name in Hindi and English

Cheetah is a carnivorous animal, which is related to the cat family. It is popular for its amazing agility and speed. It is the only animal in this species whose claws are never closed. Due to which its grip remains weak compared to other animals. Due to weak grip, it is unable to climb the tree, however due to its agility, it climbs on some low branches or branches of the tree. The cheetah is the fastest animal among the land animals. Which catches the speed of up to 103 kilometers in just 3 seconds. Which is more than a super car.

3. Elephant

Animals Name in Hindi and English With Photo 01
Elephant is the largest animal living on land. Apart from this, it is the largest mammal living on land. Elephant is an animal of Elephantidae family and Proboscidea family. Currently, only two species exist in the Elephantidae family, which includes Elephas and Loxodonta. The third species in this was the mammoth, which is now extinct. The gestation period of an elephant is 22 months, which is the longest among all land animals. Elephant baby weighs about 104 kg at birth. Its lifespan is around 50 to 70 years. According to some research, the maximum age of elephant has been recorded at 82 years.

4. Unicorn

Animals Name in Hindi and English With Photo 05

The unicorn is the second largest mammal after the elephant. Whose weight is about 2 to 2.5 tons. According to scientists, such an estimate unicorn has been present on our earth for the last 50 million years. A total of 5 species of rhinoceros are found, out of which 3 species are present in Asia, and 2 species are present in Africa. Whose names are as follows – Indian rhinoceros, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, Javan rhinoceros, and Sumatran rhinoceros. Let us tell you, the white unicorn present in these species is found in Africa, but its color is light brown. Most of the rhinos in India are found in Kaziranga National Park in Assam. Apart from this, Indian rhinoceros is also found in many countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Burma etc. A rhinoceros has a horn, which is a bunch of rhinoceros hair, which is very strong. It comes back when the horn is broken.

5. Deer

Animals Name in Hindi and English With Photo 06

Deer is a mammal. Which is found in all countries of the world except India, (except Antarctica and Australia) it usually prefers to live in grasslands. Deer’s eyes are very beautiful. The horns of the deer are very beautiful. The horns are only of male deer, these horns are very strong. There are round spots of light brown color on the body of the deer. Deer can see more with its eyes than other animals, deer can see up to 300 degrees with its eyes. Deer are pure herbivores, which eat grass and small plants as food.

6. Horse

Animals Name in Hindi and English With Photo 04

Horse is a pet animal, which is more loyal than other animals. The horse was the first animal to be domesticated. Horses have been used as a means of transport since ancient times. There are many breeds of horse, the best of which is considered to be the Arabian. Apart from Arabian, African, and Asian horses are also excellent. A horse can see up to 360 degrees with its eyes, but a horse is unable to focus on anything like humans. A male horse’s jaw is larger than its brain, a male horse has 40 teeth, and a female horse has 36 teeth. Horse is a herbivorous animal, which eats only grass, gram and grains.

7. Bear

Animals Name in Hindi and English With Photo

Bear is also known as bear, its scientific name is Ursidae. Bear is a mammalian animal of the carnivorous group. The bear is found in all parts of the world, with a total of eight known species. Which is found in the continents of Europe, Asia, North America and South America. All bear species are similar in appearance, having thick legs and arms, and large body, long nose, thick hair all over the body, and strong nails. Generally, the six species of bear are omnivores, which eat both meat and vegetation, of which the polar bear eats meat and fish, and the big panda, eats only bamboo leaves. Bears make their homes in caves and large pits in the ground.

8. Sheep

Animal Name in Hindi

Sheep have been living among humans since time immemorial. Man has been rearing sheep since ancient times. Sheep are used for wool, meat, and ghee. Ayurvedic medicines are made from sheep’s ghee. Which is very beneficial in some diseases. Also, sheep graze on such grasses, which are unfit for agriculture. Lambs are called lambs.

9. Giraffe

Animals Name in Hindi and English With Photo

Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world, which is found in the jungles of Africa. Giraffe is a herbivorous animal. Which eats its food by chewing it. Its scientific name is Giraffa camelopardelis, so named because the sika mouth is like that of a camel, and the skin has a leopard-like color. The giraffe is usually 5 to 6 meters high, with the male giraffe weighing 1200 kg and the female up to 730 kg. The giraffe is able to lift 1000 thousand kg of its body weight due to the mechanical stress of its legs and bones.

10. Camel

Animals Name in Hindi and English With Photo

Camel is an animal found in the desert, which belongs to Camulus genus. Usually a humpbacked camel is mostly seen. A camel with one hump is Arabian, apart from this there is also a camel with two humps, which is called Bactrian camel. The Arabian camel lives in the dry deserts of Western Asia, while the Bactrian camel lives in Central and East Asia, the Bactrian camel is native to Central and East Asia as well. You must have been asked a question at some time or the other, that what is called the ship of the desert? The ship of the desert is called a camel. A camel can walk in the hot desert regions for 21 days without drinking water. It is used to carry goods and rides in the desert.

100 Animals Name in Hindi and English | animal names in hindi and english

serial number animal names in hindi animal names in english
1 Elephant Elephant
2 Fox Fox
3 jackal Jackal
4 Deer Dear
5 Wolf Wolf
6 reindeer reindeer
7 emu emu
8 oryx oryx
9 armadillo armadillo
10 walrus Walrus
11 hippopotamus Hippopotamus
12 Hippopotamus Rhino
13 Cow Cow
14 Bull Ox
15 Buffalo Buffalo
16 platypus Platypus
17 puma / puma / cougar Puma / Cougar
18 Pigeon Pigeon
19 jelly fish jellyfish
20 Horse Horse
21 donkey Donkey
22 Cat Cat
23 Mice Rat
24 Rabbit Rabbit
25 Dog Dog
26 She goat Goat
27 pigs Pig
28 sheep Sheep
29 Bear Bear
30 Crocodile Crocodile
31 Mongoose Weasel
32 Mole rat Moles
33 Porcupine Porcupine
34 hyena Hyena
35 mule Mule
36 Tortoise Tortoise
37 Snake Snake
38 Tiger Tiger
39 Polar Bear Polar Bear
40 Spider Spider
41 Scorpion Scorpion
42 fish Fish
43 crab Crab
44 Shrimp Shrimp
45 wild cat wildcat
46 raccoon Raccoon
47 beaver Beaver
48 pangolin pangolin
49 prickly rat hedgehog
50 koala koala
51 Chameleon chameleon
52 snail snail
53 llama llama
54 Duck Duck
55 chicken Chicken
56 turkey Turkey
57 Eagle Eagle
58 Vulture Vulture
59 hyena Hyena
60 Jackal jackal
61 Lizard Lizard
62 ant Ant
63 honey bee Honey Bee
64 Owl Owl
65 Huntsman Kite (Dragon Fly) dragonfly
66 wild buffalo bison
67 Peacock Peacock
68 alligator Alligator
69 grasshopper Grasshopper
70 Crow Crow
71 Swan swan
72 Nightingale Cuckoo
73 sparrow Sparrow
74 insects Worms
75 Frog Frog
76 Mosquito Mosquito
77 ostrich Ostrich
78 the Penguin Penguin
79 Parrot Parrot
80 Octopus Octopus
81 Possum Possum
82 seal Seal
83 cobra cobra
84 Bull Bull
85 Lion Lion
86 Leopard Cheetah
87 Leopard Leopard
88 monkey Monkey
89 saiga Saiga
90 lynx Lynx
91 tapir Tapir
92 quail Quail
93 giraffe Giraffe
94 Blue cow Nilgai
95 Camel camel
96 fossa fossa
97 Neelkanth kingfisher
98 baboon baboon
99 cockroach Cockroach
100 sifaka sifaka

Also read this information

Domestic Animals Name in Hindi and English | pet names in hindi and english

serial number pet names in hindi pet names in english
1 Cow Cow
2 sheep Sheep
3 Camel camel
4 Dog Dog
5 Buffalo Buffalo
6 Horse Horse
7 Monkey Monkey
8 Tortoise Tortoise
9 She goat Got
10 mule Mule
11 Mice Rat
12 donkey Donkey
13 Bull Ox
14 Cat Cat
15 Elephant Elephant
16 Rabbit Rabbit
17 Bull Bull
18 chicken Chicken
19 llama Llama
20 duck Duck
21 pigs Pig
22 yak Yak

Name 10 wild animals

  1. Lion
  2. Cheetah
  3. Deer
  4. Elephant
  5. Wolf
  6. Jackal
  7. Fox
  8. Tiger
  9. Bear
  10. Leopard

Note – Wild and domesticated in this article Animal Names in Hindi and English (Animals Name in Hindi and English) have been told. If you are a student, then this article is very important for you. In this article, you can write 10 20 50 or 100 animal names in Hindi and English according to you. Along with this, you can also remember the spelling of the names of all the animals. If you liked this article, then definitely share this article with any one of your friends, thank you.

how to learn to speak english how to improve speaking english How to learn and improve Speaking english easily tips in hindi

English is recognized as a global language. And when another language has made a place in your life since childhood, it becomes a little difficult to understand a different language. But in recent times, understanding and expression of English has become a necessity. For this reason it becomes very important to learn and understand it, for this writing, speaking and listening are the only ways in which English can be improved, In such a situation, if you follow some simple tips in everyday life, then English can be easily improved.

How to learn and improve Speaking english easily tips in hindi

improve my English Tips

Make a study-plan

If you learn English for any reason, then the learning process will stop after a limit. That’s why it is better to learn it like a child, so that you are not limited to any one area of ​​the language like speaking or writing. So make a long-term goal and start working on it. If you face any problem, then do not hesitate to take the advice of experts. Instead of finishing it in one go, it would be better to repeat it again and again. No matter what you are doing, you can create English words and sentences in your mind, this will improve your English a lot.

Spend most of his time in an English speaking, listening environment. This will make you comfortable with English. Make a study plan to learn English and include your family and friends in your learning plan. In fact, to learn English, it can be started with only 4 core skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Prepare some notes for self

You can also make some notes for yourself while learning English, for which keep a notebook with you. Use it to write sentences, or if someone gets to learn the word, they can also write it immediately. Listening to a lesson everyday, it would be good to memorize the words and make some lines using them to correct the vocabulary. If you start making sentences by catching words, then you start getting a good hold on the English language.

Read the English grammar

To learn English, first try to understand this language. For this, read grammar books, and start understanding the words. When a child learns a language, he first listens and then speaks. If you want, you can do the same for English. Listen to English stories for some time, or stay among English speaking people. And start understanding by listening to them.

With grammar, you will start to understand how to make sentences, and once the words and their associations start to take hold, then you will start learning to arrange them in order.

If you want, you can also join a class for a few days to learn grammar, all your basics will start clearing there.

Read the English books

If you stop having problems in reading once, then you can also read a novel or an inspirational book or newspaper written in a simple language of a good writer. Initially, you can focus only on reading to understand the meaning, but later you will start understanding the use and composition of words. Start learning the root word, whenever you learn a new word, try to make other words or sentences related to it.

Learn by hearing and watching

In fact, the more you listen to English, the more you will understand it. In the beginning it is possible that you may not understand anything, but with continuous practice, you can make your grip on English in a short time, because English is considered to be the easiest language in the world. For this, you start watching English programs on TV or YouTube.

Watch more DVD or any recorded video than TV which you can rewind, apart from this, watch as much subtitled movie as possible, and try to understand by listening with it.

Join English Speaking Course

If you can already read and write in English but only have problems with speaking and listening, then for this also you can go to a separate class, where speaking English is taught. There you will get the right direction and you will be able to improve your English quickly.

Practice reading aloud ( Read the newspaper and magazines with high volume)

If English is a completely new language for you, then you need to start as a child to learn English. For example, if you understand grammar and then sit down to read a book, then you have to read it aloud. By doing this you will be able to correct spelling and pronunciation, and this will also build self-confidence. You can also read aloud a newspaper or any magazine.

Practice in Writing

You can also start writing a book by reading it. For this it would be good to start with small stories. After reading any story, if you sit down to write it immediately, then many ideas will come in your mind to show your creativity in this new language. It is possible that you are short of words. For this, if you practice daily, then soon some keywords of the related story will be fixed in your mind, and there will be no shortage of words. Apart from this, the problem that will come is that of making your sentences, for this, if you have learned a little grammar, then you will be able to write easily. But if you don’t have enough understanding of grammar then don’t worry because when you read the story then some words, story line got stuck in your mind, now you can understand it in your own language, in English You have understood that too. In such a situation, you can write that story by doing something wrong and doing something right. Only mistakes made by this will give you a chance to improve.

Communicate in English only

The other problem that comes in learning English right now is to establish communication. For this, it is necessary to have more self-confidence than grammar, word formation or combination of sentences. Because many times, despite having a good understanding of writing and reading English, a person has to lag behind in life only due to lack of self-confidence. For this, it is very important to keep this thing in mind that it is only a language, if something goes wrong while speaking it, then there will be no misfortune. Unless this kind of thinking is developed, speaking English will not be easy. And other problems that come with it will also start making their place in life, so no matter how talented a person is, he will miss good opportunities. So to include English in the dialogue, first of all start talking in English to the people around you with whom you are comfortable. Then whether those people also know English or not, if you start speaking English in your everyday life, then you will see that you are not hesitating while speaking English in unknown and new place.

Think in English only

Before speaking English, you think something in your traditional language, then if you translate it into English, then stop doing it from now on. Because on doing this, sometimes some such lines are made which are not correct. Also, it takes a lot of time to think about all this, so leaving this method, you should adopt a new method. It is better to first compose words and sentences in English than to fit anything in your mind.

Take the help of Social Media and Smart Phone (Use Smartphone and Social Media Platform)

Speaking English is not a difficult task in the age of social media. If you want, you can improve English by making social media the basis. Along with writing, you will also get a good platform for expression.

You can also take the help of smartphone to record your voice first, and then listen to it. With this you will understand your mistakes, and the fear that is there will also go away. The phone will improve your spelling as well as pronunciation.

Daily Learn a new word

If the passion for learning English goes on its head, then you can make a habit of learning a new word every day and in this way you can also improve your vocabulary in English. There are some traditional ways in which English can be improved like watching English movies, communicating in English with friends and also using English in arguments.

Practice in free time

When you are not doing anything, you can also try to communicate with yourself in English, for this you can stand in front of the mirror and speak English. This will increase your self-confidence along with speaking English. will also increase.

Develop your fluency in English

Yes! To speak English it is necessary that you pay attention to fluency, and forget grammar. This will require a little practice with self-confidence and this method will make your path very easy, although if you feel any kind of shame in this, then you can also observe people who speak English for some time, And you will understand that there is no need of Grammar to speak English.

Develop your English vocabulary

To make your English effective, you can use some special words, while writing, you will get synonyms of many words which will make your writing effective. But while speaking, you will have to use some tongue twister for this, so that your English will become effective on its own. You can use internet for this.

Accept the mistakes

Do not be afraid of mistakes, continue to speak English with confidence. People can correct your mistake. And if someone does this, then accept it with pleasure, do not make it a matter of arrogance.

Remember that you cannot learn English just by reading and writing, unless English is included in your life, you cannot learn English.

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