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What is URL – What is URL in Hindi

What is URL - What is URL in Hindi

URL is also known as internet address or web address. The full form of URL is Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is a form of URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​and is the standardized registration unit for addressing documents accessible on the Internet and Intranet. An example of a URL is https://www.Facebook.com. Which is the URL of the official website of Facebook

URL full form

Uniform Resource Locator

parts of the URL

A URL consists of the following parts –

  • http:// or https://
  • www.
  • Domain Name
  • /Jargon/U/
  • url.htm

http:// or https://

http means hyper text transfer protocol. This lets the browser know what protocol it is going to use to access the information in the domain

There is an https protocol for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and it states that the information given over HTTP is encrypted and secure. http or https is followed by a colon ( : ) and two forward slashes ( // ). which separate the protocol from the rest of the URL. http:// or https:// protocols are covered under SSL


After http:// or https:// protocol, comes WWW i.e. World Wide Web and is used to separate content

There is no special need for this part of the URL, sometimes WWW is also omitted in the URL. For example, typing “http://facebook.com” will take you to the Facebook website. This part of the address can also be substituted for an important subpage known as a subdomain.

Domain Name

After WWW, “Facebook.com” is the domain name of the website as in the example above. The end part of the domain is known as the domain suffix or TLD. It is used to identify the type or location of the website

For example – .com stands for commercial, .org for an organization and .co.uk for United Kingdom. Click here to know what is a domain name?


“Jargon” and “U” are the directories where the web page is located on the server. The file to be found on the server will be in the /public_html/jargon/u directory. As with most servers, the public_html directory is the default directory that contains HTML files.


url.htm is the actual web page on the domain you are visiting and .htm is the file extension of the web page which indicates that the file is an HTML file. Other common file extensions on the Internet include .html, .php, .asp, .cgi, .xml, .jpg, and .gif. Each of these file extensions serves a different function.

how to open url

You can open the URL by clicking on any type of hyperlink. If any URL is in printed material i.e. in email or magazine then if there is no hyperlink then you can open page by typing URL in browser search bar. If the URL is in an e-mail, it can be copied and opened in the search bar

What characters are allowed in URLs?

Only alphanumeric characters in the URL string and !, $, -, _, +, *, ‘, ( ), Can be characters. Any other characters that are required in the URL are encoded. For your information, let me tell you that space is never used in the URL.

Are IP Address and URL Same?

The answer is no, an IP address is a unique number that is signed to each device on the network. On the World Wide Web, a domain name is assigned a unique IP address.

when typed. For example, facebook.com DNS converts the domain name into an IP address that routers use to find the web server.

A domain name is used instead of an IP address because it is easier for humans to remember. For example, facebook. com is easy to remember

in short

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Very few people will know about Telnet, which is used for network. It is mandatory for computer and networking students to know about it. In this article basic information about Telnet is given.

What is Telnet? (Telnet in Hindi)

The full form of Telnet is, Terminal Networkor telecommunications network,

It is a network protocol used to access remote computers over the Internet. It provides two-way interactive communication between computers on the Internet and on a local network (LAN). It works on the client/server principle.

Telnet is a command-line interface (CLI) where text-based communication can be done. It does not support graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

The computer that initiates the connection is known as the local computer. The computer which is being connected i.e. which accepts the connection is known as remote computer.

When a connection is established between the local and remote computers. Whatever is being done on the remote computer during Telnet operation will also be displayed by the local computer.

Telnet access

  • Telnet can be used for a variety of activities on the server, such as editing files, running programs, and checking email, etc.
  • Telnet is typically used by terminal emulation programs that allow you to log in to a remote host.
  • Some servers do remote connections using Telnet to access public data.
  • If there is any problem inside the big network, then you can solve that problem through remote access without going physically.
  • TELNET is also used by other protocols such as FTP.

Security in Telnet

Telnet is not a secure protocol and is unencrypted. By monitoring users’ connections, anyone can access the person’s username, password and other personal information. In telnet typed in plane-text which can be easily achieved.

Over time, Telnet usage declined and SSH (Secure Shell) usage increased. Its use has decreased due to security deficiencies. Telnet lacks authentication policies and data encryption.

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India is known as a famous country all over the world where people of different caste, culture and religion live and being an Indian we need to have general information related to our country. do you know India Ka Full Form What is? This is a question that can be asked by anyone. If you also want to know what is Full Form Of India, then today’s post is only for you.

list of subjects

The country of India is known by different names such as Bharat, India and Hindustan. These three names are such names of the country of India which are considered quite popular. But apart from this, there are many other names of the country of India, so today I will tell you by what names the country of India is known and also what is India Ka Full Form Kya Hai and India Ka Full Form In English? I will give detailed information about this.

India Ka Full Form

India Ka Full Form Kya Hai

In reality India does not have an abbreviation. So it has no full form or full name. Although India has an official name: The Republic of India; Republic of India, India is a South Asian country in the continent of Asia. It is the seventh largest country in the world by area and the second largest country in the world by population.

But many such Full Forms of India have been created by people on the Internet, which are slowly becoming popular on the Internet very fast. Below we have given you India Ka Full Form In English which is as follows –

I Independent
N Nation
D Declared
I In
A August
I Independent
N Nation
D Democratic
I Intelligent
A Area

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India Ka Full Form In Hindi

India is a complete name in itself. It is not an acronym so it has no full form. India means India is known by various names such as Bharat and Hindustan.

India is the most populous country in the world which comes second in terms of population. On the other hand, if we look at the area, then India is the seventh largest famous country in the world, where a total of 28 states and 8 union territories are located.

Here we have learned that India Ka Full Form Kya Hoga or otherwise what is India Ki Full Form. Let us now go ahead and know some more things related to the country of India.

What is the full name of India (India Full Name)

The official full name of India is “Republic of India”, which is called “Republic of India” in Hindi language. The name India is derived from the word Indus and the word Indus is derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu. Indus is the name of a river in India which is considered very famous and this Indus river is also known as Indus Valley.

Do you know how and by whom the name India was given to India? There is a story behind this which is considered very popular. Let us know about this story in detail.

Once upon a time, the British came to know that the Indus Valley was to be known as the Indus Valley, which in Latin means India. After knowing this, the British started calling India as India. Gradually, with the passage of time, the name India became very famous during the British rule and in the country and abroad, after which India came to be called as India.

By what names is India known?

India is a country which does not have one name but it has different names. It is known as India in English and Bharat and Hindustan in Hindi. Below we have told you in detail about the other names by which India is known.

  • Jambudweep – The literal meaning of the name Jambudweep is “Land of Jambu Trees”. This is such a primitive name that is mostly seen in the religious texts of different religions, whether it is Hinduism, Jainism or Buddhism.
  • Aryavarta – Aryavarta is a well-known name of India which means the land of the Aryans. It is believed that the country of India was like an abode for the Aryans, due to which the country of India was named Aryavarta.
  • Tenjiku – The name Tenjiku is a Japanese name given to India.
  • Cheonchuk – The name Cheonchuck is a Korean language name which is one of the names given to the country of India.
  • Wutianzhu – The country of India is called Wutianzhu in China. The literal meaning of this name is “five India”.
  • Indo – India is also known as Indo which is a Japanese name.
  • golden bird- Sone ki Chidiya is one of the most popular names given by freedom fighters to the country of India.

So you have seen that India is called not only by the name of India or Hindustan, but also by different names. So here we have known in detail the names by which India is known with the help of Bharat India Ki Full Form (What Is The Full Form Of India). Let us now go ahead and know some interesting facts related to the country of India.

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Some interesting facts related to the country of India

India or Bharat is a country which has progressed a lot in today’s time on the path of progress, so it is less to write or say anything about this country. Today we have learned many things about the country of India such as What Is The Full Form Of India. Below I have told you some interesting facts related to the country of India, which are as follows.

  • India is a country that sells software to 70 percent of the countries.
  • Plastic surgery was first invented in India.
  • India has a large number of post offices located in the country.
  • Shirt buttons were first invented in India.
  • India is a country where chess was first discovered.
  • Shampoo was invented in India.
  • The number of monkeys in India is 5 crore.
  • India is the only country where holidays are given by the government in most of the festivals.
  • India has the largest number of mosques in the country.
  • India has been banned to catch dolphins in the country.


India is a country where the praise of culture and brotherhood is seen everywhere. So because of this, in today’s post, we have learned important things about a great country like India, such as What Is Full Form Of India, this is a question that troubles everyone. Hope you have got the answer of all your questions now.

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FAQ’s on India Ka Full Form

  • What is the full form of India?

India does not have any official abbreviation so it has no full form.

  • By what names is India called?

India is called by different names like Hindustan, Bharat, Bharatvarsha, Hind, Indica and Sone ki Chidiya etc.

  • What is the full name of India?

The official or official name of India is “Republic of India”. Which is called “Republic of India” in Hindi.

What is IMDB Rating, what is the full form of IMDB?

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a well known cricket tournament match. It is most popular among cricket-lovers. Players from many other countries including India also participate in this. Each team of IPL represents a different state of India. If you do not know what is IPL then in this article we will give you IPL in Hindi (IPL in Hindi) is going to provide every small and big information related to it.

The most interesting and special thing about IPL is that the players are selected through auction. The highest bid is made for the best player in each team. When cricket legends represent the states, then the curiosity for the team of their state increases among the spectators.

During the IPL tournament, the team which registers consecutive wins or whose score card is highest, only then can reach the final. The winning team in the IPL final is declared the winner and a good amount is given as a reward.

If you do not know IPL Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai, or want to know more about IPL then this post is for you. In this we have given you what is IPL, full form of IPL, how many teams are there in IPL, what are the rules and prizes of IPL, etc. IPL Ke Bare Mein Jankari.

What is IPL

What is IPL

IPL The Indian Premier League is a Twenty20 cricket league played in India, played every year from March to May, by teams representing different cities of India to achieve the IPL trophy. Is. It is administered by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Mumbai Indians have achieved the maximum number of wins in the IPL and are followed by Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders, known as KKR, at number three. Not only the players of India, but players from other countries also participate in the IPL.

The players of IPL cricket teams are selected through auction. Cricket team owners include the best players in their team by bidding as much as possible. IPL matches are broadcast live on TV. This gives a profit of thousands of crores and also helps in strengthening the economy of India.

New players are also included in the IPL by the BCCI. In this, players performing well are included in the Indian team.

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IPL Full Form In Hindi

IPL Ka Full Form or Full Name “Indian Premier League” It happens. IPL in HindiIndian Premier League‘ either ‘Indian Head Association‘ is called. The first T20 match of IPL in India was organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India in 2008. The first season of IPL started on 18 April 2008, in which 8 teams participated.

With this, here you got information about IPL, IPL Kya Hota Hai and IPL full form etc. (About IPL In Hindi). Hope that now you have understood that, what is the meaning of IPL (Indian Premier League Meaning In Hindi) or IPL Meaning In Hindi. Let us now know about how IPL started in India.

IPL starts

IPL was started in India in the year 2008. Here the first IPL was held from 18 April 2008 to 1 June 2008. A total of 59 matches were played in this. Eight teams participated in the first IPL match or in IPL 1. Every year the number of IPL teams keeps on increasing or decreasing. In today’s time there are 10 cricket teams for IPL. The founder of IPL is Mr. Lalit Modi. He is credited with starting the IPL in India.

IPL rules

  • IPL cricket team players can be selected or acquired in 5 ways. Auctions are organized every year for the selection of players.
  • There are 16 players in each team, out of which 4 players are foreigners. Apart from this, there is also a physiotherapist and a coach. The foreign players are finally selected.
  • Every IPL cricket team has to include at least one new player.
  • BCCI can change many rules of IPL. This time the BCCI is considering to introduce the ‘Power Player’ rule in the IPL. According to this rule, a player can be changed by a team at any time in the match after the fall of the wicket or after the end of the over. The final decision to bring this rule can be taken in the IPL Governing Council meeting.
  • After the Power Player rule is implemented, teams will have to choose 15 players instead of the last-11 players, so that players can be changed if needed.

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IPL 2022 Overview

IPL 2022 Date 26 March 2022 – 29 May 2022
Host IPL India
Administrator BCCI
Country India
Match Format T20 (20 Overs)
Teams 10
Total Matches 74
Venue Mumbai

IPL Teams 2022

Team full team name
Chennai Super Kings CSK
Delhi Capitals DC
Punjab Kings PK
Kolkata Knight Riders KKR
Mumbai Indians MI
Rajasthan Royals RR
Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB
Sunrisers Hyderabad SRH
Gujarat Titans GT
Lucknow Super Giants LSG

Now we tell you some important IPL Details in Hindi. First of all know what is IPL Ka Itihas.

History of IPL

Initially the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and International Cricket Council (ICC) did not accept the Indian Cricket League (ICL). But later again, the IPL was announced by the Board of Control for Cricket In India on 13 September 2007, with the first match played in New Delhi in April 2008. Till now its 14 seasons have been played.

In the year 2008, the first tournament of IPL was organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Between 2008 and 2012, DLF sponsored the IPL. After this, in 2013, Pepsi Company took the sponsorship of IPL by paying $ 72 million. Then in 2015, IPL was sponsored by the Chinese Vivo company for two years. TATA will sponsor it in IPL 2022 this year.

If we talk about IPL Auction Process, then in IPL auction, every Team Owners bid for 18-25 players for themselves. Each player has its own Base Price fixed. It is mandatory to have 4 foreign players in every team.

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Rewards in IPL

This time the cost of IPL has been cut by BCCI as compared to the year 2019. Under this, the prize money of the winning, runner-up and qualifier teams has been halved. Now the IPL champion team will be given a prize money of 10 crores instead of 20 crores. Whereas the runner-up team was earlier given a reward of Rs 12 crore 50 lakh, now its prize money has been increased to 6 crore 25 lakh.

4 crore 37 lakh 50 thousand rupees will now be given to both the losing teams in the qualifiers. Along with this, 1 crore will be paid by the Board of Control for Cricket in India and the franchise to the state where the IPL will be hosted, 50 lakh will have to be given to the BCCI and 50 lakh to the franchise.


So friends, this was the information about IPL in Hindi. Hopefully by reading this post you must have understood IPL Match Kya Hota Hai, IPL Ka Kya Matlab Hota Hai or IPL Kise Kahate Hain and now if someone asks you what is the meaning of IPL? So you will be able to tell him the meaning of IPL in Hindi.

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  • Who is the founder of IPL?

Shri Lalit Modi ji is the founder of IPL. The credit for the introduction of IPL in India goes to him.

  • When will IPL 2022 start?

IPL 2022 will start in Mumbai from 26 March 2022. Its last match will be played on 29 May 2022.

  • Who is the king of IPL?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is called the king of IPL. He is also called the father of IPL because of his brilliant performance in IPL games.

  • Who is the sponsor of IPL 2022?

Indian company ‘TATA’ is sponsoring IPL 2022.

RSS i.e. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is a Hindu nationalist organization whose principles are rooted in Hindutva. The main objective of this organization is to maintain the values ​​of India’s culture, heritage and ideas and to propagate the ideology of Hindutva among the people to strengthen the Hindu community. Along with this, this organization teaches people to be aware of the greatness and heritage of India and engages in social services silently not only during disasters but also during normalcy. It is very popular among the people by the name of RSS. In this article you What is RSS And the detailed information of RSS Full Form in Hindi is being provided.

list of subjects

What is RSS

Full form of RSSRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh” It happens. rss full form in hindiRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh” it happens. It is a non-governmental Hindu national organization, which was named on 17 April 1926, in which it was named ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’.

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RSS is India’s right-wing, Hindu nationalist, paramilitary, volunteer organization that is widely considered to be the parent organization of India’s ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party. RSS is the world’s largest voluntary organization, its main objective is to make India a world power and ultimate glory. The formation of this Sangh is to give Hindu rites to the lost sanskars and their children and it helps people of all religions in a big way when natural calamities come.

Friends, now you know that what is the meaning of RSS in Hindi or RSS. Let us now tell you in detail about when it was established in RSS Ka Itihas, and who founded RSS etc.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was established on the day of Vijay Dashami on 27 September 1925 from the branch of 4 people “Dr. Keshavrao Baliram Hedgewar”. The festival of Vijay Dashami is celebrated with great gaiety by this association. This union has spread and is known today as the world’s largest union. RSS Sangh is working in more than 80 countries of the world and has more than 56 thousand 569 daily branches. Presently the headquarter of RSS is in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

In 1975, after 50 years of the establishment of the Sangh, a state of emergency was declared in the entire country, at that time all the officers and workers of the Sangh were banned from uniting. As soon as the Emergency was lifted, this Sangh joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and a coalition government was formed at the center under the representation of “Morarji Desai”.

After 1975, its political importance gradually increased and it leaned in the form of a political party like Bharatiya Janata Party. Initially the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh refused to accept the national flag of India. The Sangh, in its mouthpiece, in the editorial of “Organizer” dated July 17, 1947, titled “National Flag”, had demanded that the “saffron flag” be accepted as the national flag.

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There is no formal membership of any kind to join RSS. RSS has been running Bal Bharati and Balgokul programs from the very beginning to inculcate its ideas and patriotism among the children below the age of 18 years.

If you want to join this Sangh or want to work in it, then for this you can become a part of it by participating in the daily, weekly or monthly activities of the Sangh. You will find its branch at every region, department, district, province and center. All levels of Sangh Mandali meeting are held in RSS Sangh. And in which the workers do exercises, sports, Surya Namaskar, Samta (parade), songs, hymns etc.

To join Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), you can join or get its membership by visiting its official website www.rss.org and filling your personal information in the form.

According to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, there is no benefit to any person in the RSS because RSS is not a for-profit organization in which a person is involved for his personal gain. Only those people can participate in this, who want to get the benefit of service to the society and the nation.

If you join RSS today then it is beneficial for our country and Hindu society. There is nothing beneficial for you in this, although by joining it, your thoughts will develop more towards the culture of India.

  • By this you will forget caste discrimination.
  • You will learn how to help people in natural disasters.
  • You will be proud of your great culture and history.
  • Your role model will go from being a Bollywood celebrity to a freedom fighter.
  • If you are visiting RSS shakha everyday then you will meet new people everyday.
  • Doing daily exercise in RSS will keep your body healthy.
  • The feeling of nationalism and patriotism awakens in you.

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The RSS shakha does not work in a room, but in an open field or an open yard, for 1 hour a day. It also includes various types of activities such as exercise, parade, Surya Namaskar, prayer and song etc. The branches in RSS are as follows:

  • Prabhat branch (morning branch).
  • Evening branch (evening branch).
  • Night branch (night branch).
  • Milan (a branch held once or twice a week).
  • Sangh-mandali (branch to be held once or twice in a month).


So friends, this was RSS Ke Bare Mein Jankari which you must have liked. Millions of youth and individuals in India make their important contribution by joining this association. In this union, any member who joins with his full will is called ‘Volunteer’. The popularity of RSS Sangh is such that its presence can be felt in every region of India.

Hope you have found the information given in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh In Hindi useful. If your answer is yes, then share it with other people as well, so that they too can contribute to the cause of the nation.

If you are unaware that VISA Full Form And what is VISA Meaning in Hindi, then let us tell you that if you want to go from one country to another, then you need a visa for this. But do you have complete information about what is VISA Kya Hota Hai and Full Form of Visa, if not.. then today we are going to tell you visa information through this post of ours.

A visa is a temporary official permission granted to live, travel or work in another country. If you explain in simple language, Visa is a document that allows a person to go to or enter another country.

list of subjects

Talking about VISA Full Form in Hindi, VISA Ka Full Form is “Visitors International Stay Admission”. Visa becomes mandatory for traveling abroad. If we go to another country without VISA then it will be considered illegal and the government of that country can declare you as an intruder.

That’s why VISA is so important, that some things about it like- what is a visa or what is a visa? VISA Kaisa Hota Hai This complete information is very important for you to know. For complete information related to VISA in Hindi, please read this post Visa Kya Hai from beginning to end.

What is VISA

A visa is a temporary official permission granted to live, travel or work in another country. Your visa is issued by the government of the country you want to visit. This can be in the form of a document or an official stamp on your passport. The purpose of issuing a visa is to obtain permission to enter a foreign country.

There are some countries in the world where you do not need VISA to go, this is due to mutual treaty and good friendship between two countries. In this situation, the two nations do away with the visa requirement to enter each other’s citizens and give them exemption. For example, citizens of India and Nepal can visit each other’s countries without a visa. So let’s know in more detail about Visa Kise Kahate Hain and What is The Full Form of Visa.

VISA Ka Full Form

The full form of VISA is – “Visitors International Stay Admission

visa information in hindi

You all must have understood what visa is called, now next we will tell you about VISA Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai and how many types of visas are there.

Visa is a kind of permission letter for people coming from another country, which allows you to live in another country by the government. Generally it is like a stamp on your passport which shows permission.

The number of days you can stay in another country and what you can do there depends on your visa. Getting a visa to any other country is not easy, because there are different types of visas. While taking a visa, one of its reasons has to be told to the government.

Visas are mainly of two types –

  1. Non-Immigrant VISA: If a person wants to go abroad for a limited time, then a non-immigrant visa i.e. Non-Immigrant VISA has to be taken.
  2. Immigrant VISAIf the person wants to go to another country and settle there, then migrant visa ie Immigrant VISA will have to be taken.

Apart from this, there are 8 types of visas under these two categories.

  • Transit VISA
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business VISA
  • On Arrival VISA
  • Student VISA
  • Marriage VISA
  • Immigrant VISA
  • Medical Visa

Transit VISA: The duration of this visa is a maximum of five days, it is issued when a person has to travel through a third country.

Tourist Visa: This visa is given to travel abroad.

Business VISA: This visa is issued for business people who are going abroad for some business.

Arrival VISA: This visa is issued immediately before entering another country, but you must already have a visa.

Student VISA: This visa is issued for the students going abroad for higher studies or studies abroad.

Marriage VISA: This visa is issued for a certain period of time, like if an Indian person wants to marry a girl from a foreign country, then he can call her to his country India, but for this, the girl has to go to the Indian Embassy in her country. You have to apply for marriage visa.

Immigrant VISA: This visa is given in that case, when a person wants to settle in another country, but this visa can be issued only if you are sure that that country is ready to give immigration.

Common VISA: Generally, a visa allows access to only the country that issued it. But there are some visas that allow to go to more than one country, such a visa is called Common VISA.


So friends, today you got VISA Meaning in Hindi, Visa Full Form and complete information related to Visa through this post of ours. How did you like this information given by us, tell us in the comment box and also tell when you are getting your VISA made. Do share this post with your friends on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp.

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If you are a student, then you must have filled up the form here and there to get a job or for some other reason, this wastes a lot of your time and also spends a lot of money. Will be due to travelling. If you people want to be free from all these things, then you can fill up the online form, so that you will be able to fill any form sitting at home and at the same time you will also save a lot of money.

In today’s article, we will tell you that how you can fill up the form online sitting at home and one thing, if you have never filled up the online form, then after reading this article, you will be at home. You will be able to fill up the online form sitting. Not only this, let us also tell you that at the time of filling the form, it is important for you to keep in mind the things.

If you people have never done online “form fill up” and you want to fill online form then this article is only for you people. Because in today’s article we will tell you people that you guys can do any online form. How can I fill the form without any problem? (Online Form Kaise Bhare?) If you guys will follow our given method step by step well then you people will be able to fill it easily without any problem.

Why should I fill the online form?

The question “why fill online form” must be coming in the mind of most of you. So I tell you guys why you guys should fill the online form. Reason for filling the online form-

1. Friends, suppose that you are getting the form far away from your home, then if you go there and fill that form, then you will cost a lot, but if you fill the same form online. Then you will be able to fill it sitting at home and this will save you a lot of money.

2. Whenever you people go to fill the offline form, then you get to see a lot of crowd there, but if you people fill the same form online sitting at home, then you people do not get to see any crowd. And this also saves you a lot of time.

What are the things to be kept in mind while filling the online form?

Have you never filled up the online form and you do not know what things have to be kept in mind while filling-up the online form. Let me tell you what things you should keep in mind while filling up the form-

1. (Trusted site) – Before filling the online form, one thing you have to keep in mind is that the site from which you are filling the form is trusted or not. There are also many such websites which are not trusted.

Now you people will say that how do we understand that that side is trusted or not, then friends if you guys can see that the site comes with https tab this site is trusted if the site comes with only http then you guys will understand that This site is not trusted. And one thing friends, whenever you people are filling the form for any government job, then you people will fill that form only from any government website, do not go from any other website.

2. (Carefully Fill Up) – While filling up the online form, one more thing you have to keep in mind that what you are writing in the form is correct or not, if you do any mistake while filling up the form. If you do then you will not be able to improve it later. Whenever you people fill up a form, then after seeing it properly and understanding it properly, fill it up.

What is the requirement to fill online form?

You must have understood that what things should be taken care of at the time of filling up the online form, now we talk about which things will be needed at the time of filling up the online form. So friends, the things that you will need at the time of filling the online form are-

1. Mobile/pc – The most important thing to fill the online form is that you people need to have an Android mobile or computer so that you can fill the form online from any website.

2. Internet Connections – You people will use mobile and computer to fill the online form, but it is necessary to have internet in it because the form you will fill, you will have to fill it online, for this it is very important to have internet.

3. Current phone number & Email Id – And one thing which is very important is that when you people will fill the online form then you people will have to give your reason phone number and email id there. Because on that number and on the email id itself, you will be sent the information of your exam date or anything else there.

4. Document – While filling the online form, you people need a lot of documents such as-



1. Class 10 And 12 Marksheet
2. Graduation Certificate
3. Or Other Certificates

5. Signature – If you people think that there is no need for you to sign at the time of filling up the online form, then you are wrong. When you fill a form online, you will still have to sign it. To sign here, you people have to sign at one place and after taking a photo of it, you people will have to upload it on that website.

Computer Se Online Form Kaise Bhare?

1. To fill the online form, you people have to first open your computer.

2. After the computer is turned on, you people will have to enable the internet connection.

3. After that you have to open the browser software on your computer. After opening the browser in the computer, you people have to open a website.

The website from which you will fill the online form. And one more thing friends, when you will fill any form online, then you will have to check whether that website is original or not, that is, if it is not an official site, then I would suggest you to people online form form from that website. Do not apply for

4. After going to the website, you will have to register there on the website with your current email id or with your mobile number. You people will have to get an account made from your email id or from your mobile on that website so that you can apply for the form from that website.

5. After registering with your mobile number or email id, you will get to see a form on that website, you will have to fill that form properly.

6. The first option you will get to see at the time of filling up the online form is the name. By clicking on the option of friends name, you will have to give your full name.

7. After giving your name, your address and your qualification on the online form, you will be asked your Aadhar card number there, you will have to give your Aadhar card number, only Aadhar card number is not yours. You will also have to give the photos of the document there.

8. After giving you whatever will be asked from you people on the online form. You will get to see an option there. By taking a photo, you will have to upload your own photo as well as you. People will also have to upload your signature photo there.

9. If you people have filled-up that form well then you will have to submit that form, but before submitting friends, you people will have to fill the money of that form there. You can give money from your bank account or from your paytm wallet or even UPI. Will be done.

10. When you people will make payment by filling the online form, then you will get to see a registration number. You can also printout the registration number that you people will get to see.

Now you must have understood that how to fill the online form after all, if you people face any problem in filling the online form then you guys can tell us your question on the comment section.

Mobile Se Online Form Kaise Bhare?

Friends, I hope you guys have understood that how to fill online form using computer. Now let’s talk about how we fill the online form using mobile. Just as it is easy to fill the form using an online computer, in the same way it is very easy to fill the form using mobile too, so let’s know how we can fill the form online using mobile.

If you people go out and fill the form from any cyber cafe then you can be charged more money there from ₹ 50 to ₹ 100. And if you do the same process from your mobile sitting at home, then you will not have to pay a single extra penny. And one thing friends, you should have an Android mobile so that you can fill the online form. So let’s know how to fill up the online form from mobile-

1. First of all you people have to download Chrome browser in your mobile and if it is already there then you guys open that browser.

2. After opening the Chrome browser on mobile, you will get to see 3 dots above there. After that you people will have to click on 3dot, after clicking you people will get to see an option there by doing desktop mode. You guys have to enable that option. Now most of you will say that why enable desktop mode, then friends, you will have to enable this option to see the website like a computer.

3. Now you people have to open the website on which you will fill your form.

4. After opening the website to fill the form, you will get to see an option above there by doing Aadhaar number, you will have to give the number of your Aadhar card there. If a photo copy of the card is asked, then you guys will also upload a photo copy there.

5. Not only this, friends, there you will get to see more options, such as your name, your phone number, your email id, all this will be asked there, you will have to give it there.

6. After giving whatever detail will be asked from you there, you will get to see an option by documenting there. There you will have to upload a photo copy of your Aadhar card, pan card, birth certificate, qualification certificate on the website.

7. After submitting all the documents and forms, there you will get to see an option.

8. You will have to click on the submit option, then you will be asked for payment there, that is, the money to fill that form. There you will have to fill the money of that form, then your form will be submitted.

It is expected that now you must have got the complete information related to filling the online form, and you must have come to know that in any computer and mobile Se Online Form Kaise Bhare? Step-by-Step Guide 2022!

Hope you like Online Form Kaise Bhare? Step-by-Step Guide 2022! Would have liked this post, and found it helpful.

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During the coming of the new Farmer Law, they say that they are not able to take advantage of the schemes, so in this blog we are going to know about MSP, what are the benefits they can get through MSP.

MSP Full Form

The full form of MSP is Minimum Support Price.

Meaning of MSP

MSP (Minimum Support Price) which is called “Minimum Support Price” in Hindi.

What is? MSP is a way to fix a fixed price and according to this method the government has to buy any crop at a fixed price and this scheme is very beneficial for a farmer because he never gets less than the fixed price.

Today, MSP is fixed in 22–23 types of crops in India and each crop has its own MSP value. MSP is levied only for cereal crops.

History of MSP

MSP was first started by the British in 1942 at the time of World War II. Then there was acute food shortage in the whole world, so MSP was started to reduce the food crop.

At that time the first food department was started and after 1947 independence that food department became a ministry which was called food ministry. Then India was facing acute food shortage.

When 1960 started all over the world, its effect was shown on India also. When the agricultural revolution started all over the world, its effect was shown in India as well.

Then India also wanted to specialize in food and finally MSP was started in 1966-1967.

The first MSP was placed over wheat at a price of Rs 54 per quintal.

Who determines the MSP?

On the basis of the recommendation of the Commission of Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP), which is also called the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices in Hindi, the central government determines the price of MSP on selected crops. The government has entrusted the work of fixing the price of MSP to the CACP.

How to decide MSP?

In 2004, the Swaminathan Commission for Agricultural Reforms was formed. In that commission, Dr. MS Swaminathan used to tell the sources of fixing the MSP.

According to his formula, the value of MSP should be at least 50% more than the average production cost of cereals.

And when Modi government came in 2014, he took inspiration from Swaminathan Commission’s formula to fix MSP and fixed one and a half times (1.5) value of production cost as MSP.

The pricing of MSP is done by taking into account a comprehensive view of the overall structure of the economy along with some of the following factors.

  • how much did i produce
  • Variation in value of crop produced
  • Consistency in cost of production and market price of the crop produced
  • What will be the effect on the market price of the crop after 3-6 months
  • demand and supply of crops
  • impact on the livelihood of the population
  • inter-caste price of crops
  • Equality between farmers’ cost of production and prices received

What is the advantage of MSP?

  • The biggest advantage of MSP is that farmers get a fixed price even if the price of that grain has fallen in the market. If the consumption of any grain is more in the market, then the farmer can get profit by selling it in the market, but if the consumption in the market is less, then he can sell his grain at 1.5 times the profit fixed in the MSP. MSP always acts as a security.
  • With the help of this MSP, the government also uses the work to increase the production of the crop being produced. The government announces a good MSP price incentive on those crops which are being produced so that maximum production of those crops can be done.
  • When farmers will get maximum benefit due to MSP, they will be encouraged to use state-of-the-art equipments for agricultural work which will increase their production even more.


  1. What is the full form of MSP?

    Full Form of MSP (Minimum Support Price) Full Form of MSP Minimum Support Price Is

  2. When was MSP introduced?

    MSP launch 1966 This tradition started in me is going on till today.


In this blog, we have learned how you can take advantage of MSP, hope you have got all the clarity about it, but if you have any question related to this, then you can ask on the comment section.