What is Global Warming? | What is Global Warming?

Changes in radiation or heat balance are taking place due to globally respectable activities which are causing problems for the world in the form of global warming and the resulting global environmental changes. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere close to the Earth’s surface in the Solar System, which changes global climate patterns. Global warming is usually the result of an increase in heat generated by an increase in greenhouse gases emitted by human activities.

What is Greenhouse?

The greenhouse is like a building made of glass walls. Plants in these greenhouses are grown in areas with cold climates or in cold countries. Despite low outdoor temperatures, greenhouse temperatures continue to rise.

What is the working process of Greenhouse?

Visible light can pass through short wave endurance or greenhouse gases. Infrared light cannot pass through long-wave long glass greenhouse gases and back again.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Some of the solar radiation coming from the Sun is changed by the Earth and the atmosphere. Some of the radiation is absorbed by the Earth’s surface and heats it. Infrared radiation is released by the earth and some infrared radiation enters the atmosphere. Some greenhouse gases are absorbed by the atmosphere and released again in all directions. This heats up the Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere.

How is the earth like a greenhouse?

Prithvi is the Indian function of a green planet. The Earth’s greenhouse, which is found in the Earth’s lower atmosphere, is wrapped in the Earth like a blanket and acts like the glass of the greenhouse. That is, it allows shorter wavelengths of solar radiation to come in but absorbs longer wavelengths of radiation returning from Earth. This adjustment transmits heat waves from the Earth’s surface to the surface out of space. This causes the Earth’s cover to shrink slightly, keeping the Earth warm and habitable. Therefore, a natural greenhouse keeps the earth’s surface warm and provides a certain temperature.

What is the natural greenhouse effect?

Nature is responsible for the greenhouse effect caused by naturally occurring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This process makes the Earth’s surface warm and habitable. The natural greenhouse effect keeps the Earth warm at a mean temperature of 15 °C. In the absence of greenhouse gases, the Earth’s average temperature could drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius. The emissions of man-made clean household gases upset the natural balance and increase the temperature. As the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases, there will be more infrared radiation, which will increase the greenhouse effect.

What are the disadvantages of Green House Effect?

  • In the summer season, the heat will increase and natural disaster will increase. Cyclone will be normal.
  • There will be disturbance in the water balance on the earth.
  • Life and ecosystems may be disrupted.
  • Due to the influence of seasonal patterns, there is a risk of irregular rainfall in many parts of the world.
  • Increasing greenhouse effect can harm human life and the world economy.
  • A two to three percent increase in temperature could reduce global production.

What are Greenhouse Gases?

Greenhouse gas refers to those gases in the atmosphere that are both natural and man-made. It absorbs and releases infrared radiation. Water vapor and CO2 are found in abundance in the atmosphere such as those found in the atmosphere and absorb more and more of the infrared radiation in an area. The other main greenhouse gases are CH4 (methane), N2O (nitrous oxide) and CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).

water vapour

Water vapor is the most variable and uneven distribution component in the atmosphere. Its volume varies at different altitudes. The amount of water vapor decreases with height. Apart from this, it also decreases on moving from low latitudes to high latitudes. The water vapor reduces the amount of sunlight on the ground by consuming some part of the sunset. It absorbs the Earth’s radiation and produces a greenhouse effect such as CO2. Humans are not directly responsible for water vapor emissions because they do not emit the amount of water vapor that causes significant changes in atmospheric concentration. However, an increase in the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is also caused by CO2 and other greenhouse gases, increasing the evaporation rate of plants. Also, like CO2, water vapor cannot remain constant in the air, as it changes through the water cycle in the form of waterlogging and precipitation and condensation.

Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide gas accounts for 60% of global warming. It is a primary greenhouse gas emitted by honorable works. Carbon dioxide is naturally present in the atmosphere as part of the Earth’s carbon cycle (the natural flow of carbon between the atmosphere, oceans, soil, flora and fauna). It is the main heat absorber viz. Any change in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can change the temperature of the atmosphere.


Methane gas contributes 20% to global warming. It is present much less in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. But its importance is greater because this mission is 20 to 30 times more efficient than carbon dioxide in absorbing infrared rays emitted by Earth. Methane is the product of incomplete decomposition and under anoxic conditions methane is produced by bacteria. Methane is emitted from wetlands with freshwater because methane is produced due to the decomposition of oxygen under the influence of organic matter. Termites digest cellulose and produce methane in the same sequence. Methane is produced as a result of anoxic action by Methanogen bacteria in flood affected paddy fields and Kutch areas. Methane gas is also produced by grazing animals such as cows, bulls and sheep. Coal mining and mining for oil and natural gas are other sources of methane emissions.

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Nitrous oxide is naturally present in the atmosphere as part of the Earth’s nitrogen cycle. Or 6% of the gas is responsible for global heating. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas.

fluorinated gases

They contribute 14% to global warming. They are emitted into the atmosphere by replacing this ozone-depleting material and by many industrial processes such as the manufacture of aluminum and semiconductors. Most fluorinated gases have a greater global heat capacity than other greenhouse gases. Fluorinated gases are the most potent and long-lived type of greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. There are mainly three types of fluorinated gas –

1. HFC- Hydrofluorocarbons

Ozone of hydrofluorocarbons was introduced as a replacement for dissolved gases such as CFCs and HCFCs. Although ozone does not dissolve with this gas, it is a strong greenhouse gas and has an important role in climate change. Because it increases global warming. It is regulated by the Kyoto Protocol and not the Montreal Protocol. HFCs have a long atmospheric life span and high global heat capacity. It is used in cold refrigerators, aerosol propellants, solvents and fire fighting equipment.

2. PFC- Perfluorocarbon

These components are honed products of various industrial processes associated with aluminum production and manufacturing of semi-conductors. PFCs also have a longer environmental life and higher global heat capacity on the HFC side.

3. SF6- Sulfur Hexafluoride

SF6 is used in the manufacturing of semiconductors in magnesium processes. Also, it is a detection gas used for leak detection. SF6 is used in power distribution equipment which also includes circuit breakers. SF6 has a global heat capacity of 22800 which makes it a strong greenhouse gas according to the IPCC.

Other factors affecting global warming

black carbon

Black is not an organic gas but a solid particle or aerosol commonly known as soot, which is a constituent of particulate matter and is produced by the reduction of fossil fuels, biofuels and biomass. Or the light-absorbing material that contributes to global warming. It has the ability to heat the air directly. At the same time, it reduces the albedo of the earth by accumulating on ice and snow which makes the earth warmer. It freezes on snow and ice, darkening them and melting them. Black carbon is directly emitted into the atmosphere in the form of fine particles. Black carbon can absorb a million times more heat than CO2. Black carbon affects the climate by-

  • By absorbing direct sunlight.
  • Reduce reflection from snow and ice deposits.
  • hitting the clouds.

Regionally, black carbon disrupts monsoon rains in clouds and accelerates the melting of Hindukush Himalayan glaciers, etc. Due to its temperature and melting effect, sensitive areas like Arctic and Himalayan regions remain vulnerable.
Black carbon produces atmospheric brown clouds and changes precipitation patterns and intensity. Black carbon has a short atmospheric life span. It can remain in the environment for only a few days to weeks. As a result, black carbon emissions are reduced and their effect ends within 30 days.

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Global Warming Ke Karan: Today in this article we will talk Global warming About (Global Warming in Hindi). Global warming has become the biggest problem of the world today, that is why it is important for us to know that what is global warming?

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After reading this article till the end, what is global warming to you? What are the Causes of Global Warming? How to Prevent Global Warming? You will get answers to all such questions. Therefore, definitely read this article Global Warming in Hindi Essay till the end and understand Global Warming in Hindi Essay in detail.

What is Global Warming? (Global Warming Kya Hai in Hindi)

Global warmingWe all know that ‘Global’ means ‘Earth’ and ‘Warming’ means warm. This makes it clear that Global warming This means an increase in the average temperature of the Earth.

There are many such activities happening on our earth due to which harmful gases are generated. Due to all these activities, the temperature of the earth is gradually increasing. The temperature of the earth has increased so much that it is challenging for all of us to control it now.

Global Warming

Definition of Global Warming in Hindi (Global Warming Ki Paribhasha)

When the amount of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, methyl etc. increases in the earth’s atmosphere, then the temperature of the atmosphere starts increasing, this increase in temperature is called global warming. The earth is getting warmer due to the increase in temperature.

If the rate of this temperature increase is not controlled, then our earth will turn into a ball of fire. All the fauna, flora and fauna will be destroyed.

Come friends, next we throw light on some aspects related to global warming like: what is the cause of global warming, what is the harm due to global warming, what is the solution of global warming. We have also provided you essays related to global warming below.

Essay on Global Warming, in Hindi.

Global warming has become a huge problem. Human beings had harmed the earth for their selfishness. Due to which the existence of the earth is slowly on the way to end.

Some such activities are being done by humans due to which many harmful gases are being generated in the atmosphere. The temperature of the earth is increasing continuously due to which it is getting hot day by day. The amount of carbon dioxide and some other harmful gases in the atmosphere has increased. Due to which every living being on this earth and living here will have to suffer.

We all know that the earth gets its heat from the sun’s rays. This rays received from the Sun, passing through the atmosphere, hit the surface of the Earth, then reflected again and returned.

Our Earth’s atmosphere is made up of many gases. In which many harmful gases have been included. All these gases together form a natural cover, that is, a kind of cover or level on the earth, so when the rays received from the sun hit the surface of the earth and return reflecting, then this cover stops it. Due to the sun’s rays not returning, it is heating the earth’s atmosphere.

Animals and plants on earth need a minimum temperature of 16 °C to survive. In such a situation, increasing the temperature of the earth is pushing this world towards destruction.

Global Warming Essay in Hindi

In today’s time, new technologies are being developed every day by man. Man has become so blind in his selfishness that he does not want to think about how much damage is being done to the environment due to these techniques of ours.

Human beings are playing with their earth every day. Due to these stupid acts, many problems are arising on the earth, among them global warming is a very big problem.

The Earth’s atmosphere has become very hot due to continuous exposure to the sun’s rays. Humans need a minimum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius to live a better life, but the Earth’s atmosphere is continuously increasing. It is very harmful for all of us.

Global warming refers to the increase in the temperature of the earth and the change in the weather due to it. The result of this increase in the temperature of the earth is that the patterns of rain are changing, the ice deposited on the icebergs and glaciers has started melting, the sea level is increasing continuously and most of all human beings. He is facing many diseases.

Due to the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment, the temperature on the surface of the earth is increasing continuously, this is called global warming. This has become such a big problem for our country that it is necessary to solve it as soon as possible.

Human beings are developing such technologies every day which are harmful to our environment such as refrigerators, fire extinguishers etc. It destroys the ozone layer, the natural cover above the earth. This ozone layer prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun from reaching the earth. Scientists say that there has been a huge hole or hole in this layer due to which ultraviolet rays are directly entering the earth and due to this the temperature is increasing continuously.

Many efforts are being made all over the world to deal with global warming but it is not yielding any good results because humans are not stopping using such things which harm the environment.

Due to global warming, the existence of animals, birds and plants seems to be ending. Due to the melting of glacier ice, the amount of sea water is increasing, due to which the sea surface is also increasing and as a result, a very large part of the earth will be submerged in water. Thousands of people will become homeless. The lives of animals, birds, humans and plants will be in danger.

To deal with global warming, we have to reduce the use of petrol-diesel, electricity. The use of such technology has to be stopped, which generates harmful gases, if we plant more and more trees, it will generate pure air in the earth, which can reduce the effect of global warming.

Apart from this, we also have to control our ever increasing population. Water conservation and air conservation measures have to be adopted. All those activities being done by humans have to be stopped, due to which the temperature of the earth is increasing.

If the ill effects of global warming are not taken care of in time, then this problem will take its formidable form. The result of which would probably be that the earth would have to end its existence.

It is necessary for man to come out of his selfishness and think about the improvement of this nature more than economic comfort. People have to be aware about tree plantation so that the amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases can be reduced in the atmosphere.

Global Warming Short Essay in Hindi

Floods, storms and many other disasters are increasing continuously on the earth and the reason behind all these is the blindness of man in the attachment of his selfishness.

It has nothing to do with the Earth’s atmosphere. As a result of this, today the earth is facing a problem like global warming.

Global warming means an increase in the temperature of the earth. With the increase in temperature, the earth is getting warmer, due to which many dangers are being created.

Due to these dangers the existence of the earth will be in jeopardy.

The continuous increase in the temperature of the earth is a worldwide problem and we all have to come forward to solve this problem, this is the only solution by which the existence of the earth can be saved from ending.

Due to Global Warming | Global Warming Ke Karan

To save the Earth from the biggest problem of the world, Global Warming, it is very important for us to know the right reasons for it. So let’s know in simple words Causes of Global Warming in Hindi?

Global Warming Ke Karan

Global Warming Ke Karan The following is

  1. Increase in harmful gases: The increase of harmful gas or greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide, methane etc. on earth is the most important cause of global warming problem. Due to which the ice deposited on the glaciers has started melting and the sea level is increasing. Scientists say that the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is increasing, this gas mixes with other gases present in the atmosphere, due to which the radioactive balance of the atmosphere is deteriorating. Due to the ability of harmful gases to absorb the hot rays of the sun, the surface of the earth is getting warmer.
  2. environmental pollution : There are many types of environmental pollution like water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, noise pollution etc. Due to pollution, the amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere is increasing, due to which the temperature of the earth is also increasing.
  3. Industrialisation: Industrialization is being promoted continuously. New industries are being established every day but no measures are being adopted to destroy the waste material coming out of factories due to which toxic substances, plastics, chemicals, smoke etc. are getting into the environment. All these harmful waste materials are playing their important role in increasing the temperature of the earth.
  4. Population Growth: According to a report by scientists, the most important cause of global warming is human-caused carbon emissions. That is why controlling population growth is very important.
  5. felling of trees: We get pure air from trees, but big dense forests are being destroyed for the construction of roads, establishment of industries etc. Trees are being cut continuously. Due to which the atmosphere is warming, the amount of harmful gases is increasing. Cutting down excessive trees will reduce the amount of oxygen, due to which the ozone layer will also be weakened.

Effects of global warming. (Global Warming Ki Haniya)

Global warming is becoming a matter of great concern, its consequences are so deadly that it will one day turn the earth into a ball of fire.

Global Warming Ki Haniya

  1. Increase in Earth’s temperature: The rate of increase in the temperature of the earth has increased for the last 10 years. According to the US Geological Survey, there used to be 150 glaciers in Montana Glacier National Park, but due to global warming, now only 25 glaciers are left. The earth is getting so hot that the day is not far when the whole earth will turn into a ball of fire.
  2. Expansion of human diseases: Due to the increasing threat of global warming, the biggest impact of climate change will be on humans, due to which many diseases will arise. Due to the increase in the temperature of the earth, the earth will be warm and with the increase in heat, diseases like malaria, dengue will increase and the number of infected diseases will also increase. Human beings will not even get clean drinking water and pure air to breathe.
  3. Threat to the existence of animals, birds and plants: Animals, birds, humans, plants can all live their lives in a minimum temperature of 16 ° C. Climate change will occur due to global warming and the heat will increase a lot. Due to the increase in the temperature of the earth, all the animals and birds will be destroyed.

Solution to global warming. (Global Warming Solutions/Global Warming Ke Upay)

The temperature of the earth has now increased so much that controlling it is challenging but not impossible. Continuous efforts are being made by the government, agencies, NGOs etc. to reduce global warming. With the joint efforts of the public and the government, global warming can be stopped from increasing.

Global Warming

  1. All people have to reduce the use of petrol, diesel and electricity so that the amount of harmful gases can be reduced.
  2. More and more trees will have to be planted and trees will have to be saved from being cut.
  3. Awareness campaigns should be carried out by government agencies, NGOs etc. across the world.
  4. Proper disposal arrangements should be made for the harmful gases emitted from vehicles and industries.
  5. All such things should be banned due to which the ozone layer is getting weaker.
  6. Such lights should be used in places like home, office, etc., which consume less energy.
  7. Measures should be adopted to reduce water pollution and air pollution.
  8. Population growth should be controlled.
  9. Items that cannot be recycled or reused should not be used.
  10. Minimizing the use of machines like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. will reduce the amount of harmful gases.
  11. The level of burning of coal and oil in factories should be reduced.
  12. Global warming can be tackled with the help of technical development, such refrigerators should be invented in which CFCs are not used at all.

Global warming is a very big problem created by man but only man can solve it. That’s all in this article of ours today. Hope you have got the answers of all the questions related to global warming in detail. How did you like our Global Warming Kya HaiGlobal Warming in Hindi Essay? Do tell us in the comment box and if you want to share any thoughts related to this article or our website Hindi help with us, then definitely tell that too in the comment box.