Movie: Doctor Strange 2
Doctor Strange 2 Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Xochitl Gomez, Rachel McAdams
Doctor Strange 2 Director: Sam Raimi
Where to Watch: In Theatres
Review by: Russel D’Silva Also Read – Trending OTT News Today: Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata digital release update, Doctor Strange 2 to stream online on this date

There was a time when Marvel movies and shows were all about fun, having fun, and preparing for their next installment. While the third aspect apparently still remains, the first two MCUs have gradually faded from phase three and now, in phase four, are all extinct. With the exception of Spider-Man No Way Home, Shang-Chi and Eternal have been harsh and very dramatic to varying degrees, while The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and the Winter Soldier are just complex and serious. There’s nothing wrong with being a little serious and dramatic from time to time, but when you forget your roots and the main reason people watch superhero movies, things quickly get stale. That’s the thing about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a movie so bleak, confusing, and pretentious for its own good, without really being smart, that you’re left wondering if you’d rather watch a superhero movie. The mind-blowing Aaye Hai or Christopher Nolan omits all the nuances that make a Nolan movie really smart. Also Read – Trending South News Today: Sarkaru Vaari Pata Box Office Takes Up, Naga Chaitanya Lead, Thank You Locks, Release Date & More

So, are you excited about what to watch or what to watch this week and wondering if Doctor Strange 2 is worth it? Scroll down for my full Doctor Strange 2 movie review… Read Also – Trending Hollywood News Today: BTS’ Jin Returns To Instagram, Johnny Depp Gets ‘Reinvigorated’ Amid Lawsuit Against Amber Heard And Others In The United Kingdom

What is it about

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness sees our namesake superhero (Benedict Cumberbatch) at odds with other Avengers who turn Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), into a teenage girl, America Chavez, whose unique powers can open portals. instant to many parallel universes. . ,

Check out the trailer for Doctor Strange 2 below:

how hot

Sure, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is sleek and edgy, but bragging about its CGI is like saying there’s enough lamb in biryani: the balance of spice and rice aroma is what makes this biryani really stand out. they are standing. What’s cool is how technology is used to create a lot of fantastical worlds that really create the feeling of a multiverse. Director Sam Raimi also brings all of his old experience as a horror filmmaker to create some truly terrifying moments. Acting-wise, they’re all top-notch, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen walking around with the utmost respect.

what is not

Sam Raimi made two of the best superhero movies of all time, Spider-Man 1 and OG Spidey 2 with Tobey Maguire – the gold standard that probably stood the test of time because it’s not weighed down by tons of well-directed corporate canon. It was to carry forward a brand (not just a franchise). Also, if you’re making things this complicated and serious, you need to roll up your socks and explain the logic behind it, or else risk getting an egg in your face – Doctor Strange 2 Rarely Argument can back up its complexity.

Also, the whole crux of the conflict whereby Scarlet Witch becomes the enemy and evil is frankly riddled with plot holes and very pointless, even for those who have seen the miniseries, WandaVision, which is part of the movie. It serves as the main focal point. And expecting his audience to watch every movie, web series, animated show, miniseries, short film and God knows what his next movie will be next (I have it, but not all of them are and aren’t): the corporate manipulation of him. at its worst. Also, to reiterate, there is a difference between dark and interesting and dark and boring, as this MCU outing is extremely monotonous for the main parts, so much so that 2 hours sometimes feels like 20. To make matters worse, it also has two of the most intriguing post-credits scenes.

BL verdict

Not every superhero movie can turn into the Dark Knight, and if you can’t, having Deadpool is more than enough. Aside from being pathetic enough, Doctor Strange 2 also expects its audience to pass a review test of everyone in the MCU, including Marvel’s recent web series, when sometimes you just want to enjoy a movie. I’m going with 2 out of 5 stars for the show and some genuine horror bits.

Rating : 2 out of 52 Star Rating

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It is always taught in our house that before becoming a good person, be a good person but they do not tell us many times about what it means to be a good person and if the opposite is seen then there is no secret or process. It is because the understanding of good and bad deeds is inside every person, but sometimes when some things dominate our mind, then even after having this understanding, we start taking wrong steps, so we remember some things during that time. We should do what motivates us to be a good person.

You must be thinking that what can be the things that we have to remember during bad habits so that we can become a good person, then this article is going to be on this topic, in this article we are going to know basically that you What are the important things to keep in mind to be a good person?

Qualities of a good person

Now the question arises that how to become a good person? Here we are telling some qualities which will help you to become a good person.

  • First of all, identify what it means for you to be a good person, what qualities you should have. In the eyes of people, it is a good person not to harm anyone else. But being a good person does not mean not harming anyone else. Sometimes someone else may need your help, for example if you are going on the road and an accident happens in front of you. This accident may not have happened because of you and you are following all the rules of the road, but still that person needs your help at that time and if you do not do it at that time then it will be wrong. Being a good person shows helping others as well as helping yourself, it is up to you to decide what qualities should be in a good person in your view.
  • Decide who is a good person in your eyes and also see what qualities are there in him and also decide what qualities should be in a good person and try to follow all those qualities.
  • Your being good also depends on whether you expect to get something in return if you do something good, or whether you have done something so that you look good in the eyes of others, or are you right? I want to help someone? Keep in mind that if you do something good, then leave the expectation of getting something in return.

To be a good person keep these things in mind

Do not compare yourself with others :-

If you compare yourself with others, which is absolutely wrong. There may be some people in the world better than you, but there may be many people who are worse than you. Those who do not have the qualities that a good person should have and maybe you are making a big mistake by comparing yourself to them. Remember that you are a different person, you have some qualities of yourself which have been gifted to you by God. Will find

Make a habit of loving yourself:

Make a habit of loving yourself in the circumstances. The best and first way to give love and happiness to someone is to love yourself first. What do you think and what do you want, if you do the same then you feel good and in this way you can give happiness to others. If you try to do things according to others, without caring about yourself, then you may become irritable and you may get a feeling of anger and in such a situation you will not be able to reach your best people from your side.

Behave as you are:-

If you try to follow someone, it will not be right. Because you will be able to give your best only when you try to do some work by staying the way you are. Many times, in the pursuit of following someone else, you adopt a behavior that you are not used to, in such a situation, you are able to work less than your ability in those situations, on the contrary, if you do any work according to you, then you are doing your best. able to give.

Choose your role model:-

You must choose a role model of yours, who will help you to walk on the path of goodness. First of all, note that what is the quality of the person who is your role model that attracts you. And think how all these things can enhance your personality and how to include all these things in your daily routine. so that your to enhance personality, Who is your role model and why did you choose her as your role model? Keep in mind that what are the qualities in that person which makes him a better person in the society and will be helpful for you too. Keep in mind what qualities of your role model attract you and how you can adopt them. Always be in touch with the person you follow and pay attention to how he lives in society and how he behaves at what time and how he faces difficult situations.

Pray and Meditate:,

Have faith in whatever God you believe in and make a habit of praying to him every day. Recognize that everything that happens has a purpose. If something wrong has happened to you today, then very soon something good will happen. Never have the feeling of doing something wrong to someone else when something is wrong with you. if you everyday meditation If you do then you get inner peace and you are able to perform better. If you get inner peace, then you understand very well what you want and how to achieve it. And believe me, if you believe in your God and pray to him every day and include meditation in your daily routine, then you will have to getting rid of negative energy meets. Choose a secluded place for meditation, sit there in a comfortable position and keep yourself separate from all the thoughts that are going on in your mind. Now take a long breath, now think about the things that are coming in your mind, but no one should react or feel. If you want to come out of your meditation then count to 10 and when you feel yourself clean then break your meditation.

Make small changes:

Remember no one can change overnight. But small changes can bring positive changes in you. Set small goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. If you think for yourself to change one thing in a month and work hard to do it, then it will be possible and easy for you too.

Think about your goal daily:

Think daily about the goal you have set for yourself and think about how you are working to achieve it, are your efforts in that direction right, do you need more hard work . Make a list of the tasks fixed for you and check daily whether you are doing the right thing according to your fixed list or not.

Try to see the positivity of everything and things :-

Everything has two sides, one positive and one negative. Whenever you go to do some work, there will definitely be obstacles in your path, but you should do your work with full sincerity only looking at the positivity of your goal, this will give you success soon and surely.

Do not show helping someone as a favor :-

There is a very good saying in Hindi that when you do some good work, your other hand should not even know. But on the contrary, when some people help someone, they do not get tired of beating him and prove that help a favor to the person in front. By doing this, a burden becomes on the mind of the person in front and he cannot remain happy even if he wants to.

no hurries :-

Always do not rush in your life, make a habit of living each and every moment of life happily, enjoy everything. Like when you are a working woman, you are not able to give much time to your family and children, then at such times make a separate routine of your own, like drop your children to school on your own while going to office or your Sunday or any other Keep the holiday only for your family, do some special plans in it.

Support the truth :-

Keep in mind that whenever you go to do some good work, there will be two paths in front of you, one right and one wrong, maybe the wrong path is easier but always support the right because many people have faith in you and if someone has faith. Once broken, it is not regained quickly and trust is a very important thing. It takes big words to say trust and truth but it is equally important in every small place. As you are going somewhere and at the same time someone tells you to do some work and you tell some lies to avoid it, but these small things make a habit of lying in you. Therefore, keep in mind that always stay with the truth as much as possible, you can speak anything in such a way that no one else feels bad about anything and your work gets done.

Make a habit of accepting all the people around you.

Being a good person is not only about supporting the truth or helping someone, but you should accept every person around you and society like a good person. You should respect the elders than you, give love to the younger ones. Keep in mind that whenever you come in contact with someone, accept them without looking at their gender, caste, status, studies because every person has their own feelings and feelings and your wrong behavior can hurt them.

Control your anger:

Whenever you talk about any relationship with someone, always keep your anger under control because anger increases the talk more and at the same time your image also gets spoiled. Always make a habit of accepting your mistake. Many times it happens that you are not able to express your feelings due to your anger, but in such a situation you can easily explain your point by writing, anyway, nowadays is the age of mobile phone and android, you can easily send your message by messaging. Feelings can be told.

Be happy with the success and good things of others:

Jealousy and jealousy are very common feelings of human beings and on seeing someone’s good or victory, these feelings first emerge, but control your feelings and make a habit of being happy in the happiness of others. Celebrate the success of others too.

Respect everyone :-

It is our duty that we should respect everyone. Do not talk rudely to anyone who treats everyone politely. Do not talk about him behind anyone, if you have any problem with anyone, then clarify the matter in front of him and not do evil behind. There are times in life when you have to listen to the decision and follow the objectives of your life and always support the right one.

Whenever you think about something, keep these things in mind

  • You are a different person, you have your own identity and whenever you do any work, you can make a mistake and you should move forward by taking a lesson from this mistake.
  • You also have a duty to your family. It would be wrong to help someone by harming your family and yourself.
  • Even if you do not have money, you can still help someone, remember that the help made emotionally is much bigger than the help of money.
  • If you have made a mistake, instead of buying it with money, you accept it and repent, it will be better.
  • You have a duty to your family as well as to your society or country.
  • The right work done by following the path of evil is also wrong and the person is not bad, the actions done by him are right or wrong.


Every person knows what is bad and what is good but a good person becomes only the one who adopts them, hope you must have understood that just by listening or reading these things. Nothing is going to happen, you have to include it in your daily lifestyle, only then you will be able to become a good person.

Read More:-

HThrough ow to become a good wife in hindi we will share that with you how to be a good wife This is a very important question. Your life partner may be a very good or a perfect husband, yet your being a good wife matters as much as it is in any other situation. Because for a good relationship it is very important to have harmony from both the sides. If your relationship is based solely on your husband’s perfection, then believe me he will get boring in a few days or he will find it difficult to move on.

Especially in a country like India where everyone wants their pair to be like Gauri Shankar ji. It is very important for a wife to be good or wise. Because only a strong building can be built on a good foundation and a wife is the foundation of his family. His family cannot be imagined without a good wife. Here’s our article In Emphasizing that a wife is good or sensible. This does not mean that the husband does not have to be intelligent. The foundation of a happy family depends on both the husband and the wife. Husband and wife are like two wheels of a car, if one wheel is damaged then the car will not move forward.

how to become a good wife in hindi

To have a good relationship with your husband, it is necessary that you prove yourself to be a good wife. For this it will be necessary that you can share every little thing with your husband. You were able to share everything with your husband in the right way and at the right time. Here to prove yourself to be a good wife, it will be necessary that you prove yourself to be a good friend of your husband.

how to be a good wife how to become a good wife in hindi

Express your feelings and needs effectively:

Always keep in mind that your husband does not have any such power so that he can know your thoughts on his own. If you want your words to reach your husband, then make a habit of telling him clearly. If you feel that what is happening is wrong, then instead of keeping such things in mind, instead of keeping hatred, if you share then you will be able to explain your feelings very well. But while speaking your point, always keep in mind that you always speak your words in a positive way and instead of always speaking your own words, listen to your husband also. Instead of always telling your point as a judgment, you will keep your point in front of your husband or family as a solution, then your point and you will be heard and understood well.

Pick your battles:

Believe me, all the things you fight with your husband about, many of them do not make any sense or it can be said that there is no use in quarreling over those things. And remember that if you keep quarreling with your husband about every little thing all the time, then after some time your talk will not have any effect on your husband. If you quarrel with your husband on every little thing considering him to be wrong, then the sweetness of your relationship will slowly start to end. If you want your husband to listen to you every thing, then instead of interrupting him on everything, make a habit of appreciating him on some things, this will keep the love in your relationship.

Try to understand the words of your husband (Be understanding):

Whenever you are discussing an important topic, then you should control your anger because many times you have to repent later on what you say in anger. On the contrary, if you listen to someone with a cool mind, then you will be more successful in understanding someone’s point of view and explaining your point to someone.

I think there will hardly be any husband and wife who agree with each other in everything. But instead of quarreling over everything, it will be better if you try to understand each other. And women should always take care of some things so that they can prove to be a good wife.

  1. Whenever you want to say something, then after seeing the opportunity, say it with a cold mind, like never start your quarrel in front of the children.
  2. You should accept your mistakes. Often women have a habit that even if they are wrong, they do not accept it, but if you do this then you will prove to be a good wife and love will always remain in your relationship.
  3. Never try to dominate yourself.

Do not discuss your husband and the problem related to him outside:

A girl should always keep this thing in mind that her first priority is her husband and not her family. If you have any complaint with your husband, then you will be able to solve your problem quickly if you ask your husband instead of telling it out. And if you go out and tell your problem to your family or friends, then it may be that the miss-understanding in your relationship increases. Maybe your friends understand you well and think better of you. But no one knows the relationship between you and your husband better than you.

Keep your desires as long as they can be fulfilled (have a realistic expectation):

If you want to prove yourself to be a good wife, then keep one thing in mind that it is possible to cover your feet as wide as possible in a sheet of winning. Every person’s desires are futile but it is not possible to fulfill every wish. If your desires keep increasing then it can spoil your happy life. Therefore, keep in mind that only the desire can be fulfilled by anyone. As if you want your husband to spend 100% of his time with you then it is not possible. Similarly, if you want to live life like one of your friends, then it will also not be right because the atmosphere of your friend’s family may be different. Maybe his financial status is different from yours.

Don’t try to change your husband:

Remember, make a habit of accepting the person as he is. If you want that you try to mold your husband in the same way as you are, then it will not be possible. By doing this, it may be that the distance or problems will increase in your relationship. If you try to accept someone as they are, then they will also try more to change according to you and will also try to understand you.

Always keep in mind that your husband is a different person than you, he has a different identity, he has a different style of living, if you want him to change his every habit according to you immediately, then it is not possible.

Many times it has been seen that for the purpose of helping in the household chores, you sometimes dominate your husband, but keep in mind that if you are only a housewife, then your husband has the responsibility of both office and home on two sides. You may have to bear all the responsibilities of the house. Don’t call it a problem and accept it easily. And even if you are a working woman, then you should make a routine of your own and make it known to everyone in your house so that everyone and everyone can understand you and your work does not become a cause of discord in the house. By this you will be able to understand your husband. |

Accept change easily (Roll with the change):

When you are a husband and wife, then you see many crises of your life like family related problems or financial crises together. So in such situations, try to accept all the situations together, not being different people.

If you solve any problem together, then believe me it will not seem like a problem, but it will also end very quickly.

Accept that having children changes a relationship:

Whenever a new member comes to your family, it is natural for your routine to change. And if that new member is your child, it’s only natural for her to pay more attention to you. Changes happen after the baby arrives, but it does not mean that these changes will be negative. The important thing in whatever changes happen is that both of you have full attention or attraction towards your child more than each other. And to make balance in this, you should make some such changes, so that all of you whole family can spend time together. If possible, plan a group activity for your family. Take care of your child together, give time to both of them together.

Accept your mutual mistake:

If you want to be a good wife then accept your husband’s mistakes. And if your husband accepts his mistake, then make a habit of forgiving him. On the contrary, if you sit with something in mind and are not ready to forget any mistake of your husband, then it only spoils your relationship. Along with all these, accept your mistakes as well. In the race of telling yourself to be a perfect wife, if you do not accept your mistakes, then you will fail in your efforts to be a good wife and it will increase the distance in the relationship.

Meet your husband need without compromising your own :

Try to fulfill every need of your husband, but keep in mind that you do not lose your identity in the process of paying attention to your husband. Many times it also happens that your husband wants to spend time with his friend or in his office, then do not stop him from doing so and you should also plan something different with your friend. By doing this, you will not get bored with your routine and you will have a sense for your relationship.

Try to be your husband’s best friend:

When you develop a friendly relationship with your husband, the understanding and openness in your relationship increases even more. If you want to be your husband’s best friend, then listen to him and share everything with him. Share your many old stories with him. And keep in mind that when he shares something with you like a friend, then try to understand him like a friend and not make him a topic of family dispute.

Share your dreams (Create share dream):

Make a habit of sharing what you want with your husband. When you share the ego of your life with your husband, then he also understands you better and helps you to fulfill your dreams.

Work together to manage stress,

When you are like a family, make a habit of helping each other in the work. When your husband is too tired in the office, give him extra care and not quarrel for not giving you time.

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