In today’s time, youtube has become a great tool for business, which everyone uses to generate leads in their business or to earn money from youtube, but this question definitely comes in everyone’s mind. That’s how they can increase their subscribers so that they can get more and more leads for their business and earn more money.

Although there are many ways to increase subscribers, but instead of adopting all the methods, it is better to use some effective or experienced methods so that your time is not wasted at all and you can earn more subscribers in less time.

In this article, we are basically going to know about the top 10 ways to increase subscribers in YouTube, which you might not have applied much, but it is very effective, so read the article till the end to know.

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How to increase Subscribers on YouTube?

All the people who create their channel on YouTube and upload videos on it and want to earn money through it, there is always a common discussion among them that brother how can I increase my YouTube subscriber because Subscribe is the diamond which plays a very important role in the growth of any YouTube channel.

The more subscribers the channel has, the more the video of that channel is viewed and shared, due to which if monetization is approved on that channel, then its earnings reach in lakhs of rupees in a month and the same thing is done by people. attracts a lot.

What to do to increase subscribers on YouTube?

Any person who has less subscribers on YouTube channel, often searches the same question on Google that what has to be done to increase the subscriber on YouTube or how to increase the subscriber of YouTube in 1 day as quickly as possible, for the time being we are giving you Let us tell you that if you want to increase your YouTube subscriber then you have to be patient and you have to follow carefully what we are telling you in the article, then see how your YouTube channel’s subscribers increase and your YouTube channel progresses. 

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1. YouberUp

This is an application which is also available for Android platform and also available for iOS platform. With the help of this application, you can increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel absolutely free and very fast.

With the help of this application, you can not only increase the subscriber on your YouTube channel through real and active user, but also increase the likes and videos of your YouTube channel. With the help of this subscriber increasing application, you can get as many subscribers to your YouTube channel as you want. In this you have to collect coins.

2. Complete Setup of YouTube Channel

To increase more subscribers on YouTube, you need to complete setup of your channel. What we mean by complete setup is that you should display your YouTube channel banner, video message, verification, etc. on your YouTube channel.

Because when a person will visit your YouTube channel and he will get all the information by watching your YouTube channel, then he will find your channel 1 genuine channel and he will feel that you provide correct information. In this way he can subscribe to your channel.

3. Customize Video Thumbnails

Thumbnails play a very important role in increasing the subscribers of any YouTube channel. Whenever you upload a video to YouTube, set a high quality thumbnail of that video and create it on your video.

By applying high quality thumbnails, you will have the advantage that when someone accesses YouTube, because your thumbnail is eye-catching, he will definitely click on your video and thus he will also subscribe to your channel if he likes the video.

4. Create YouTube Channel Trailer

You can also create YouTube channel trailer and upload it to your YouTube channel to increase YouTube subscribers. This will happen that when a person opens you YouTube channel, he will be the first to see the trailer created by you. Let us tell you that this trailer is autoplay.

You can increase the subscriber of your YouTube channel by uploading a good trailer on YouTube channel. Overall, the trailer video in short provides information to the channel watcher about which category your channel is based on.

5. Add Subscribe Button

YouTube also offers a great feature using which you can add a subscribe button to your YouTube videos. The advantage of this is that when someone sees your video, they will also see the subscribe button above your video.

In such a situation, if the person likes your YouTube video, then by clicking on the subscribe button, he will directly subscribe to your YouTube channel. Many times you must have seen the subscribe button above that video while watching a video on YouTube. In this way, by using this feature, you can increase the subscriber on YouTube.

6. Create 3 to 5 minute videos

It has been revealed in many surveys that, on YouTube, people like to watch such videos, whose length ranges from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. That is, the videos which are neither too short nor too big, people like to watch such videos and the channels which upload videos of length from 3 minutes to 5 minutes, most of those channels also have more subscribers. .

People mostly watch videos of 3 to 5 minutes because they do not spend much MB in it. In this way, if he likes the video, he also subscribes to that channel, due to which the subscriber of the channel owner’s YouTube channel increases.

7. Share your video as much as possible

Many YouTube channels are not able to grow because most of the people do not know about them and when no one will know about your YouTube channel then how will they subscribe to your YouTube channel.

To take your YouTube channel forward on the path of rapid growth and to increase the subscribers of YouTube channel rapidly, you have to market your YouTube channel and the best way to market your YouTube channel is for you. Use of social media will be proved.

Whenever you upload a video to your YouTube channel, then you have to share the link of that video on all social media. For this, you can join many groups on Facebook and share the link of your YouTube video in it at least four to five times a day.

Apart from this, you can also share the link of your video on Twitter. Below we are giving you the names of some such social media applications where you can post your videos because when people know about your YouTube channel only then they will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • mxtaktak
  • spark
  • josh
  • zili
  • WhatsApp
  • Hike
  • Telegram

8. Use Keywords in Video Titles

While uploading a video to your channel on YouTube, you have to use the top keyword in the title of the video, because when you use the top keyword in the title of your video, doing so will put your video in a good position in the search engine. Due to which more and more people will see your video and when more and more people will see your video then they will definitely subscribe to your channel.

9. Comment on other videos

You can also comment on videos of other YouTube channels to increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel. However, while doing this, you have to keep in mind that you have to comment on the latest video only.

In such a situation, when a person sees your comment, then he will definitely come to your YouTube channel if he is interested and he will also subscribe to your channel if he likes it. There are many such YouTubers, who use this trick to increase the followers of their YouTube channel. Comments are a great way to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel and make your YouTube channel viral.

10. Enlist the help of your friends

Due to the availability of cheap smartphones in the present time, many people are able to buy a smartphone and when a person gets a smartphone, the first thing he starts using the social media application in his smartphone. In such a situation, it is obvious that many of your friends must also be using social media.

In such a situation, you can ask your friends to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Using this method, you can also increase the subscriber of your YouTube channel, as well as if you want, you can also request your friends to share your YouTube video as much as possible so that more and more people can reach Get access to your videos.

11. Add YouTube subscribe button to your website.

If you have a website or you work on a blog, then you can add YouTube subscribe button on your blog or website.

By doing this it may happen that many people click on the subscribe button on your blog or website and when this happens, your YouTube subscribers will increase. YouTube gives you the service to create a YouTube subscribe button, which you can use to create a YouTube subscribe button on your blog or website.

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Easy Ways To Increase Confidence Or How To Increase Your Confidence (How To Increase Self Confidence Tips in hindi)

These methods of increasing self-confidence are based on my experience and I have got so many percent benefits from them, so now I am sharing this with you all. Confidence is the basis of life, if it is lacking then the basis of life is shaken. No matter how great a quality someone has, if he does not have confidence, then he lives a life of oblivion.

Increase Self Confidence Tips

I too lacked confidence. There was a time when I didn’t talk to anyone other than mom, dad and brother at home and kept quiet even in school, but I often felt like seeing students who participated in various school activities. Was, that I should also participate in some activities other than studies like him. But I was very scared. I could never dare to go ahead in class and speak.

Easy Ways To Increase Confidence (How To Increase Self Confidence Tips)

But you will be surprised to know that today I host many weddings in Sangeet Ceremony. I am fond of writing Hindi poetry and through this I first conducted the entire function in my aunt’s house’s wedding sangeet function with the mic in hand. While reading the first poem, a strange sound was coming in my ear. My voice was trembling due to fear and I was also having trouble breathing but after listening to my few lines, when all the audience applauded. I got courage and slowly today I am at this stage that I can conduct any function anywhere with complete confidence. I am only sad that if this fear had gone during school, college days, then I would have been able to fulfill my wishes but it would be too late. Today when there is applause and a smile comes on my mother’s face, I do not remember anything and that moment becomes a memory for me.

Parents are the most happy when they see their children standing on their feet with full confidence in this way.

It is said that children are like wet clay, in whatever form they mold them, they take the same form. Keeping this in mind, parents should focus on increasing self-confidence in children from childhood.

  Increase Self Confidence In Children Tips In Hindi

Don’t lie to yourself

First of all, tell yourself about the lack, fear and lack of confidence inside you, accept it well and decide that it has to be corrected in any case. Like I myself was fat since childhood, due to which I did not even go out of the house or talk to anyone, similarly I completed my graduation but after that I was determined and lost my weight so that I have the confidence to do anything. She was born as well as started loving herself. That’s why it is important to understand your shortcomings and try to overcome them.

Eye contact:

While talking to anyone, talk to him with eyes, you will automatically feel a surge of confidence. And do not be afraid while talking to anyone. Those who are in front are also human beings and they also have understanding, if you are new then they will understand your problem.

Start with your loved ones:

If you lack confidence like you are unable to speak among many people. In such a situation, start speaking among the members of the house and friends and do not be afraid to make fun. Contribute to the small functions of the house and apply your percentage, this will increase your confidence.

take responsibility:

Take responsibility in any activity at home, school, college or office and complete it with enthusiasm. This also gives you confidence.

Create strategy:

To do any work, make a rough background, which includes the complete details of the work and also make an estimate of the result, if you work on this track, then you will be familiar with right and wrong and this will give you confidence.

Stay away from negative thinking

Do not work with the hope of not getting any work done, doing so will reduce both your confidence and enthusiasm, always carry whatever scope is there for the work to be done.

Open your eyes and dream

Imagine that you are doing the work that makes everyone happy, you are also happy and everyone is praising you, this gives you a positive feeling, which increases your confidence.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Let me tell a story for this. Once I told a friend of mine that I do not give a presentation, I am not spoken in front of anyone, my voice trembles on this, laughing at this he said that you will not be able to speak more and more and you will be scolded but someone will kill you No. At least if you try, there is a chance that you will be able to do it next time. This line of his sat in my mind and I removed my biggest fear, it took time, but today tell me to speak anywhere anytime, I can do that. In the same way, I tell you that there is no need to be afraid or panic if you make a mistake, if this happens then you will never try, so do not lock your doors yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fail:

Don’t always imagine the perfect result. Sometimes disappointment is also found, but accept it because only by mistake a person learns that those who fall down touch the heights, so do not let your self-confidence fall due to failure, but observe your mistake and rectify it.

Follow good people

Incorporate the good qualities of a better person in your life. Knowing the lifestyle of great men and bringing them into your life, by this you develop good habits, which bring good results and you feel confident in yourself.

Change yourself with time:

Adjust yourself according to the time like speaking, dress and fashion. All these are necessary, even if not much, but with the change you will feel the enthusiasm in yourself. Being stylish also increases confidence.

You can easily implement all these tips in your life, due to which you will feel self-confidence and a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Confidence is a very important thing, having it, many difficulties of life become easy.

Do some meditation and yoga to increase self-confidence.

meditation and yoga action and benefit
meditate Sitting in meditation posture, keep your thumb and forefinger together on the knee. Sit in Sukhasana and close your eyes and focus your attention between the two eyebrows. This brings a positive attitude in you which helps in boosting your self-confidence.
shout out loud Shout loudly on the roof of the house or in any open place in the morning, it removes the fear of the mind and increases self-confidence.
do sudarshan kriya This is Sudarshan Kriya, which one should search about or learn from a yoga guru and incorporate it into your life. Sudarshan Kriya is a very good solution to all the physical, mental problems, it controls all the senses of the human being, due to which there is reduction in anger, increase in self-confidence and the mind remains happy.
do pranayama Do Pranayama regularly. In which one must do Bhrami and Anom antonyms. This keeps the mind calm. And the spirit of doing all the work is born which helps in increasing self-confidence.
do sun salutations Keeping in mind all the steps of Surya Namaskar, doing it with breathing activity increases concentration, it gives confidence to a person.

It is not that there is no solution to any problem in life, many shortcomings are fulfilled only by positive thoughts. Lack of confidence occurs only when we are afraid of something or feel lack in ourselves. And it is in your hands to eliminate both these reasons.

To increase self-confidence, first of all believe in yourself and try to fulfill your lack. Even if you are not successful, do not be afraid, not every person is made for all the tasks, you have tried, this is the biggest victory.

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As a user, you will always want the loading speed of whichever blog or website you are opening, that is, that blog will open quickly. You do not have to wait 10 sec, 15 sec to read the information given on it.

Today, users have no patience for websites with poor load speeds or performance. If your blog takes more time to load then people will go to another blog by pressing the back button from your blog.

Along with visitors, Search Engine also likes that blog whose loading time is less, so in today’s post I am going to tell you. How to increase the loading speed of BlogSpot blog.

Importance of Website Load Time

Since 2010, Google has included page load speed in its ranking algorithm. The faster your website loads, the higher will be its user experience. In 2010, Google stated that only 1% of search engine results were affected by the page speed ranking signal.

Google Webmaster Central Blog: July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

In this, Google has also made it clear, if your content is the best, then slow load time will not affect your ranking so much.

Note: The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.

Page speed is of great importance not only in search engine ranking but also in user experience.

A study has shown, 40% of web users will not go back to that website if that site takes more than 4 seconds to load. More than 47% of internet users expect a web page to load within 2 seconds.

Keeping this in mind, you have to optimize your blog in such a way that its load time is less.

Website Speed ​​Kaise Check Kare

So far we have come to know that the loading speed of our blog has to be reduced, but first of all how to check the speed of our site or how to find out what is the loading speed of our site?

There are many such tools online, such as GTmetrix, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom Tools, Web PageTest etc. With the help of which you can check the speed of your blog and gives us complete information about why the site load time is high.

PageSpeed ​​Insights:

Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool is the most popular tool to check the speed of your blog. Most bloggers must have known or used this tool.

Pagespeed Insights tool

This tool analyzes the URL of your blog, tells you how percent optimized your blog speed is for both desktop and mobile and also gives us some suggestions below to improve your page speed.

Pagespeed Insights also has a Chrome extension that you can install in your browser to check the speed of the blog.

Here, if your blog’s mobile and desktop optimization score is more than 85 (out of 100), then your blog speed is optimized well, you do not need to do much.

Pingdom Tools:

Pingdom website loading speed

Pingdom is another popular website that checks your page loading time and gives you an overview about the overall performance of your site.

Here you can see the page load time of OyePandeyji blog which is 3.54 second, it’s not so special. It tells which elements take more time to load in your page and also will give you the idea of ​​external script which takes maximum time to load.

How to Increase the Loading Speed ​​of BlogSpot Blog

There are many pugins in WordPress blog which make our work easy but Blogger is a service of Google on which we do not have fill access and it has limited features. To improve the loading speed of your BlogSpot blog, you have to follow all the tips given below thoroughly.

1: Use Fast Loading Template

The speed of your blog depends to a great extent, which Theme / Template you have used. You will find many free and paid templates on the Internet, but before using the template, you must read its review whether it is SEO friendly, fast loading, mobile friendly or not.

While creating a blog, choose a good template and use the same template for a long time, because changing the template again and again has an effect on the search engine ranking and it has many other risks.

2: Remove Unwanted Widgets

Whenever you upload a template in your Blogger blog, by default you will see many widgets like search box, archive, visitors count, tags, featured post etc in sidebar and footer. The more widgets you use, it will also affect your loading speed.

Therefore, you should use only those widgets which are more important such as recent post, popular post, social media follow button and category. I also use some such selected widgets in the sidebar in my blog, apart from this I do not use any widgets in the footer too.

3: Minimum Post on Homepage

The speed of the home page and content of the blog varies, to reduce the speed of the home page, you should keep the number of posts low. I to you 5-6 post show Would recommend to do.

To change the number of posts showing on the blogger homepage, you blogger Setting going into Post, comment and sharing Click on Post in section show at most Inside the box of you no. Assign of post.

Show number of post in Homepage

4: Compress Images

Images take a lot of bandwidth to load, due to which the loading speed of your blog decreases. You can increase the speed of the blog by 50% just by properly optimizing or compressing the images.

Must Read: Complete Guide to Image Optimization

You will find many tools online for image compression such as CompressJPEG, ImageOptimizer, compressor.io but i personally TinyPNG I use the tool. Using these tools, you can compress images up to 70-80%, but this will not affect the quality of your images.

How much should be the size (KB or MB) of the main image in the blog post?

Ideally, the lower the size of the image is good for your blog speed, but inside the blog post you can maximize the image size. 50kb Try to keep up. I put the image in my blog 25kb From 35kb I keep till

5: Avoid Too Many Ads

Too many ads can slow down your site. Generally, to show ads inside the post on blogger, you have to put AdSense Ad unit in every post, this ad unit is made of JavaScript, so the loading speed of your blog slows down if you use more ads.

6: Use Minimum CSS and JS

Use at least JavaScript and CSS on your blog, so don’t use heavy JavaScript, CSS code widgets like unnecessary popup, subscriber widget, Facebook like widget, Twitter timeline widget.

By default there are some JS and CSS files on Blogspot which you can remove if you want. If you check the speed of your blog on Google PageSpeed ​​tool, then you will get these 4 files in render-blocking elements.


You cannot remove these codes directly. If you do not know about it properly, then you can search about it on Google.

7: Compress codes

You can also improve blog speed by compressing the JavaScript, HTML, CSS code being used in your blog. An uncompressed code may be good for you to look at, but it causes the web page to load slower for users.

You HTML Compressor You can compress the code of your blog using the tool. Once the code is compressed, this site will show you how much size you have saved. This site will notify you if any changes are required in your code. To restore your compress code again, you can Code Beautifier tool can be used.

If you do not know the basic code, then do not follow the last 2 step (6 & 7).

Note: I would recommend you to increase your page load time under 3 seconds Try to keep it, but you do not need to worry much about blog speed.

Our Blog loading speed To increase it, you must follow the tips given above. Along with improving your blog speed, you will also be able to increase the bounce rate, search traffic and earning.

Hopefully after reading this post you will be able to improve blog speed. If you have any question right now then you can ask in the comment below.

If you like then do share this post with your friends on social media.