mobile me twitter video gif download kaise kare In this post I will tell you how to download Twitter Video Gif in mobile, Twitter is a popular social network platform, many people use Twitter, all post video, photo, animation text according to their own. We like many of them Videos, Gif, Photos very much and we want to save them in mobile but there is no video, GIF, Photo download option on Twitter.

But with the help of Twitter Video Gif Download karne wala app, we can download any Twitter Video, Twitter GIF animation, photo in mobile, let’s know which is Twitter Video Downloading app and how to download Twitter Video in mobile. Do.

Mobile Me Twitter Video Gif Download Kaise Kare

Mobile Me Twitter Video Gif Download Kaise Kare

step 1 best in your mobile twitter account Open the

Step 2 After that, by clicking on the arrow icon below whichever Video, Gif you want to download. Copy Link To Tweet Click on it and copy the link of that video.

Step 3 After copying the link, go to the Twitter video downloader website and paste the link in the box. download To click on the button.

Mobile Me Twitter Video Gif Download

Step 4 Now click on MP4 or MP4 HD, after that a new page will open, after waiting for some time the video will start downloading.

Twitter ka ka video download karna

In this way you can save any Twitter Video, Gif to your mobile download, share the information of downloading Twitter with your friends.

i hope you understand now Mobile Me Twitter Video Gif Download Kaise KareToday, there are many website apps available on the internet with the help of which you can download Twitter Gif.

The trend of online shopping has increased a lot in today’s time and you must know this very well but you may have never done online shopping, then it seems a bit technical to you but it is a very easy process which can be done in a short time. A child can also do it and in this article we are going to talk about this related topic, how to do online shopping from mobile and what benefits do you get from it.

Have you ever done online shopping and you do not know how to do online shopping, what things have to be taken care of while shopping online, then you have come to the right place because today we are You will provide all the information related to online shopping to the people on this article.

If all of you people have never done online shopping with the help of internet service, then many types of questions come in your mind like is Online Shopping Kaise Kare? When does the product arrive at home while shopping online? How is the payment done after the product arrives? If similar questions have come in your mind, then you have come to the right website, if you want to get answers to all these questions, then read this article till the end.

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How to do online shopping?

Friends, if you are going to do online shopping, then first of all you will have to create an account on that website, only after creating an account you will be able to shop from that website.

how to create account on amazon?

Creating an account on Amazon is easier than creating an account on WhatsApp.

1. To create an account on Amazon, you will first have to open the browser on your phone or computer, after opening the browser, you will have to go to the official website of Amazon there.

2. After going to the official website of Amazon, you will get to see an option by creating a new account there. You will have to click on that option, then after clicking on the option, you will go to a new page. You will first have to give your email id on that page.

3. Then you people will be asked your name, you will have to give your name there, then you people will get to see an option below there by phone number and there you will have to get your phone number verified.

4. After the account is verified on Amazon, you will have to give your phone number and password there, then your Amazon account will be ready.

5. Now you will have to login to Amazon’s website by giving your name and password.

how to shop online from amazon?

1. Before buying a product on Amazon, you people have to choose what you want to buy, after that you have to open the Amazon application.

2. You will have to open Amazon Up, then you will get to see an icon of search there, you will have to click on that option, then you will have to search by typing the name of the product you want to buy.

3. The product you want to buy will have to be searched by writing the name of that product, then a list of many products will come in front of you, you people will have to click on the product you want to buy. .

4. After clicking on the product, you will get to see an option there, by doing “Buy Now”, you will have to click on that option, then you will be asked your name and address. Your name and address must be given.

5. After giving the name and address, you will be asked about your payment there, how will you make the payment, if you want to make an online payment, then you will have to click on the online payment option and if If you want people to pay at home after the product arrives, then you have to select the cash on delivery option.

how to shop online from flipkart?

Do you guys want to buy a product with the help of Flipkart, if yes then you people have to read the method given below thoroughly, only then you will be able to do online shopping with the help of Flipkart.

1. First of all, all of you have to open the browser and go to the official website of Flipkart, only after going to the official website of Katka, you will have to login with your account there.

2. After logging in to Flipkart with your account, you will go to a page, on that page you will get to see an item of search, you will have to click on that I want, then the product you want. The name of the product you want to buy, you will have to search there by writing it there.

3. After searching by writing the name of the product, a lot of pictures of the product will come in front of you people, you will have to click on the photo of the product you want to buy, then you people will go to the new page. Will go away

4. After clicking on the product, you will go to a new page. All this will have to be given to the number email id, then you people will be asked which payment method you will pay.

5. After selecting the payment method, your order will be booked, then you will get to see on the website when your product will be delivered to your home.

What is Online Shopping?

What is Online Shopping? Have you never done online shopping, you do not know that online shopping is done, so friends, when you buy a product from an E-commerce website portal using your phone or computer, then it is online It’s called shopping. In today’s article, I will also tell you how you can buy the product from Amazon, Flipkart, aliexpress website.

Benefits of shopping online?

1. Time Saving

We get to see a lot of benefits of online shopping, which is the first and foremost advantage of shopping online, you can save your time very easily that too by online shopping sitting at home. You can do online shopping anywhere, whether you are in your office or have gone for a walk.

2. Money Saving

When you buy a product from a shop, then the price of that product is very high, but with the help of online shopping, you can buy any product very cheaply with the help of online shopping. .

Here, the amount that you charge to the shopkeeper, you do not have to pay that money at the time of online shopping, you have to pay the same cost online as the actual price of that product, this is a very big advantage. To do online shopping.

3. Variety of Products

When you people go to buy a product in a shop, then you do not get to see a lot of variety of that whole, only a few products show you the shopkeeper, but when you people do online shopping then you people see a lot of variety. You get that you can buy any product as per your choice from there.

4. Product Delivery

No matter how heavy the product you have bought online, it will be delivered at your home, this is a very good facility to shop online, but you will have to pay the delivery charges of the product.

5. Return Policy

Friends, suppose that you have bought a product online on a website and if you do not like that product, then you can get some product returned. You can also order any other product by getting your product returned with the help of return policy.

6. Cash On Delivery

If you people want your product to come and after that you give money then you can do it because many times it happens that when people do online shopping for the first time then those people are afraid to pay online because If those people think that if that website is not fraud, then you can use the cash on delivery facility, by using this you can pay after the product arrives.

In our India, you get to see a lot of websites, by using which websites you can shop, on this article I will tell you about some websites which website is India’s most interest e commerce website online. In terms of shopping.

1. Amazon
2. Flipkart
3. eBay
4. Myntra
5. Jabong
6. Snapdeal

Have you never done online shopping and you people do not know how to do online shopping, then you people read the method given below thoroughly, then only you people will be able to understand how online shopping is done.

Final Words

There are many advantages of shopping online, but there may be some disadvantages as well, like sometimes when you order products, they are bad or you get another product delivered, although all these things happen in many rear cases. But you get the facility of return and exchange.

I hope friends, the information given in this article would have been helpful for you, but if you want to know other information related to this, then definitely ask on the comment section.

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How to do off-page optimization for your blog’s ranking?

Only good content and on-page SEO is not enough for your blog, you also have to adopt strategy like link building, content promotion.

Search engine optimization may seem daunting to you, especially when you do not know what steps can be taken to rank fresh content pages in Google top 10. But, if you’re on-page and off-page in hindi So you can stay ahead of your competitors.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off page SEO is a technique using which we can improve the ranking of our website in the search engine. Many people associate off page SEO with link building, but this is not true.

If understood in easy language, then off page SEO means promotion of your blog or content.

We promote our content through social media, other websites, forums, so that more and more people reach our content and increase the reputation of our website on the internet (which we call authority).

Off page SEO simply tells Google what other sites think about your site. Example: If a lot of quality links are pointing towards your page, then the search engine understands that your content is very good.

Why is Off Page SEO Important?

Off page SEO is very important because it tells search engines that your website is more important than others on the web. Every link received from other sites shows the quality of your website.

It acts as tie-breakers for those websites which have the same quality of on-page SEO. A successful off page SEO strategy will provide the following benefits to the website owners.

Ranking: It is not enough to have good content and good on-page SEO to rank in the search engine. For this you also need a lot of social sharing and backlinks. Till last 2018, backlink was the number 1 factor to rank in Google, from this you can understand the importance of off page SEO.

Performance: Higher ranking also means more performance, because when a website is at the top: it gets more links, more visitors and more social media mentions.

PageRank: This is a number between 0 and 10 that shows the importance of your website in the eyes of Google. This is a system invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders) and is one of the reasons why Google search was successful in showing the most relevant results.

Increase Trust: Google has recently introduced the concept of Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT), which plays an important role in ranking and is directly related to off page SEO.

Off-Page SEO Kaise Kare

To increase the ranking and visitors of your blog, in off page SEO, you have to do link building along with blog promotion. Here we have told some techniques which you should follow.

1- Social Sharing

Revealing the presence of your website in social media is a major off-page SEO technique. If you want to make your business, website or blog popular, then connect with people on many social media platforms. The presence of social media will help in growing your business and will also help you in getting more links.

Now social share is also an important factor in Google ranking. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram grow and spread your business like wildfire. Whenever users share fresh and engaging content with your community, you gain new subscribers, fans or leads.

2- Photo Sharing

There are many websites where you can share the original image uploaded on your blog. People share good images a lot, with this you can promote your product, content or website. Apart from this, there are image submission sites, the DA, PA of all these is very high, so your website will also benefit directly from this.

S.No Photo submission sites DA PA
01 https://www.flickr.com/ 92 95
02 https://www.mediafire.com/ 94 79
03 http://imgur.com/ 92 82
04 https://picasa.google.com/ 100 91
05 https://www.tumblr.com/ 98 96

3- Video Marketing

Today every business and website owner is resorting to video marketing to promote their content / product. If you have a website, then publish its content through video in sites like YouTube, Vimeo.

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4- Forum Submission

Participate in forums that are related to the niche of your website and build relationships with that community. Answer people’s questions in Threads and give your suggestions and advice. There are many forums that give you Do-follow backlinks, use them.

  • https://www.warriorforum.com/
  • https://bbpress.org/forums/
  • www.sitepoint.com/forums
  • www.daniweb.com/forums
  • http://forums.hostsearch.com/
  • https://www.webmasterforums.com/

5- Info-graphic Submission

Info-graphic means presenting your content in a visual way, are becoming popular on the Internet. By sharing the infographics created for your blog on infographics sharing sites, you can get backlinks from them.

S.No Infographics Submission Sites DA PA
01 http://submitinfographics.com/ 47 47
02 http://visual.ly/ 78 70
03 http://www.nerdgraph.com/ 45 50
04 http://www.infographiclove.com/ 28 40
05 http://www.infographicsarchive.com/ 55 52

6- Directory Submission

Directory Submission is continuously working to create quality Backlinks. For this you have to choose an effective directory and a proper category. It takes some time to get the result but it will be useful for your website for a long time.

S.No Directory Submission Sites DA PA
01 http://www.boingboing.net 89 73
02 https://directory.entireweb.com/ 53 46
03 http://www.elecdir.com 36 49
04 http://www.networkedblogs.com 88 74
05 http://www.a1webdirectory.org/ 34 54

7- Submit Guest Post

There are many good and quality blogs that accept guest posts from other authors. After writing a good and well researched article, contact for guest post. Never put guest post on the same blog again and again. Not only does this create quality backlinks on your website, but it is also helpful in bringing organic traffic.

8- Article Submission

There are many such high PR article submission sites where you can publish unique articles. With these, you can get high quality links as well as organic traffic. But for this always write only high quality content or else your article may be rejected and you write content according to the niche of your blog.

S.No Article Submission Sites DA PA
01 https://sites.google.com 97 83
02 http://hubpages.com/ 91 70
03 http://ezinearticles.com 87 72
04 http://www.brighthub.com/ 76 60

9- Web 2.0 links

Web 2.0 is a technique where we create a sub domain in a high domain authority website and take a link to it.

Example: medium.com, tumbler, blogger, wordpress.com etc.

10- Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are also a good platform to promote your blog. By bookmarking any particular page, you can get high traffic as well as backlinks on it.

S.No Social bookmarking sites DA PA
01 http://digg.com 90 90
02 http://slashdot.org 90 76
03 http://technorati.com/ 88 75
04 https://www.reddit.com 93 81
05 http://stumbleupon.com 90 76

11- Question Answering Sites

The easiest way to get referral traffic to your site is to join a question and answer website. There are many such keywords in which you must have seen Quora and Yahoo answer rank. If the answer given by you ranks in it, then you also get traffic and links on your blog.

S.No Question and Answer Sites DA PA
01 https://www.quora.com/ 93 77
02 https://answers.yahoo.com/ 92 72
03 http://answerbag.com/ 65 51
04 http://www.ehow.com/ 92 73

12- Google My Business

This is a free business profile from Google. If you have a business or a product, then you can get it listed here. There are many places where you can optimize content and links smartly and from that we can generate a good amount of social traffic and brand awareness.

google my business listing

Off-page SEO factors are as important as on-page SEO. To have a successful SEO optimization, both must be done. Earlier it was easy to rank by creating spam links, but after Penguin and Panda updates, it is very difficult. It takes a lot of hard work to make quality links.

I hope off-page SEO kya hai and Off-page SEO You must have liked the information given about it. If you like our article then definitely share it with your social community.

Today I will give you Custom Redirects I am going to tell about when to use it and How to do custom redirect in BlogSpot’s blog. Very few new bloggers will know about it, but it is an important feature of Blogspot.

For SEO of your blog and for better user experience, you need to know about custom redirects. In blogging, you write new posts every day, update or delete old posts. Because of which there are broken links or such links in your blog on which 404 message shows.
You can fix such links with a custom redirects tool, but first you have to understand What is custom redirects And how does it work.

Custom Redirects kya hai

Redirect in Blog means to divert an invalid webpage or URL to a valid webpage or URL. Custom Redirects There is such a feature of BlogSpot through which we can redirect one post of our blog to another post.

Meaning you send the traffic coming in one URL to another place, so that your visitors can get the right information and their user experience is good.

Note: Only same blog from you through custom redirects Of URL To Can redirect, will not be able to redirect your blog to any other website / blog.

Custom Redirect can be done in Blogger in two ways.

  • 302 Redirect: This Temporary Redirect Is, When we want to show another page in place of the URL of a web page for a short time, then we use this redirect. in this link juice transfer does not happen. , 301 Redirect: This Permanent Redirect Is. When we permanently redirect the URL of a page or post to another URL, only then it is used. The link juice which remains in the old URL from 301 redirect gets transferred to the new link completely.

Now the question will be in your mind why we should use custom redirect and how to do it.

When should redirects be done?

1: If you are changing the permalink of the old post in the blog for some reason, in that case you can do a custom redirect. When you change, update or delete the old permalink, this old link is being indexed in Google search engine. In Shows and whenever a visitor clicks on that link, he gets a 404 error message. In this situation, you can redirect the old link to the new link, so that the traffic coming to your old link new link I also came.

2: There are some such posts in the blog which become outdated after some time. That post is not in any use right now, you can redirect that kind of post.

3: Many times we make a spelling mistake in our URL and our attention goes to it after a long time. if you that If you change the URL, then you will loose the ranking, for this the best option is to redirect the old URL to the new URL.

4: If you are shifting your blog from Blogger to WordPress, then the permalink structure of both is different.
Blogger: https://oyepandeyji.com/2018/08/custom-redirects.html
WordPress: https://oyepandeyji.com/custom-redirects.html
Here if you want, you can change the permalink of your old post and redirect it.

5: If your blog has broken links and there is an error of 404, then by redirecting such links you also provide value to your visitors. can do.

How to Custom Redirects in Blogger Blog

If you face any of the above problems then you can use custom redirect in your blog. By following the steps given below you can easily Custom redirect in blogger To can set.

Ex: suppose you someone old Changing the permalink of the post. Suppose your old post had permalink ,https://oyepandeyji.com/2018/08/custom-redirect.html, and this permalink we are about to change ,https://oyepandeyji.com/2018/09/custom-redirect-hindi.html, If you do not redirect here, then you will loose the ranking of that post and the incoming traffic.

CFor ustom redirects, first of all save both the links on Notepad or anywhere.

Step 1: You are blogger Dashboard got into.

Step 2: over here now Settings go to options and Search preferences Click on

Step 3: Here Error and redirections go to section and Custom Redirects In Edit Click on

Custom redirect in blogger

Step 4: You will have an option like the screenshot given below.

,Fromin the box of old permalink paste the . ,https://oyepandeyji.com/2018/08/custom-redirect.htmlThere is no need to paste the domain.

,To, new in the box permalink paste the . ,https://oyepandeyji.com/2018/08/custom-redirect-hindi.html,

Custom redirect in blogger

Step 5: now who Permanet Click on that checkbox and click on Save from.

Step 6: in the last Save changes Click on the button.

Now as if a visitor clicks on your old link in the search engine, then he new The link will be redirected. Similarly, if traffic is coming on a broken link in your blog, then you can redirect that link by not deleting it.

this post (Blogger Me Custom Redirects Kaise KareIf you have any question related to ) then you can ask us in the comment below.

Similarly, you can visit our blog for new Blogger, SEO, AdSense tips. Subscribe do and me Facebook, Instagram Follow on.