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Shadi Anudan Yojana | Online Application for Marriage Marriage Grant | Marriage Grant Scheme Uttar Pradesh 2021 | Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojana Application Form | Shadi Anudan Online Application UP | Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme 2021

Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme 2021 It has been launched by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh. Which is also called Shadi Anudan Yojana. Under this scheme, the state government gives an amount of Rs 51000 to such families, whose economic condition is weak, or people from backward classes. He can invest this amount in the marriage of his daughter, and Shadi Anudan Yojana can take advantage of. To take this plan, it is very important for you to take care of some important things. Apart from this, we are going to tell you, how you can do Shadi Anudan Yojana Online Registration, and all the information related to it.

UP Shadi Anudan Yojana 2021

This scheme has been started by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Aditya Nath to help the weaker section. For the amount to be received under the grant scheme for marriage, the age of the daughter should be 18 years or above and the age of the groom should be 21 years or more. Under this scheme, the family will be given money for two daughters. That is, if a family of a backward class has two daughters, then they will be given the amount of marriage grant, whose age should be 18 years or more.

Uttar Pradesh Shadi Anudan Apply Online

Who can take advantage of this scheme? Let us tell you that all such people living in Uttar Pradesh whose annual income is less than the poverty line can take advantage of this scheme. Those who live in rural areas, they Uttar Pradesh Vivah Anudan Yojana 2021 Under Rs 46080 and people living in urban area should not have an annual income of more than Rs 56460. If you come under this, then you can fill the online form for marriage grant scheme. For this, you have to fill the online form by visiting the official website of Shadi Anudan.

How much amount is given under Uttar Pradesh Shaadi Anudan Yojana?

  • Name of the Scheme – Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme
  • Who started it – by Chief Minister Aditya Nath ji
  • Assistance amount – Rs 51,000
  • Who can take advantage of this – only girls of Uttar Pradesh
  • Official website – http://shadianudan.upsdc.gov.in/

UP Shadi Anudan Yojana 2021

Uttar Pradesh Shadi Anudan Yojana 2021 A question related to this scheme remains in the mind of all the beneficiaries, how the amount of marriage grant scheme is available. The amount of marriage grant received by the beneficiary girls is transferred to them in the bank account. Therefore, you must open an account of the beneficiary in any national bank before filling the online form.

you UP Marriage Grant Scheme 2021 The time to apply for is given only up to 90 days before the wedding or 90 days after the wedding, after which it is invalid. If you want to take advantage of this scheme, then the online form should be filled immediately before 90 days of marriage or after 90 days of marriage. Apart from this, an important benefit of this scheme is that under this, medical facilities of girls are also provided free of cost.

Benefits of Marriage Grant Scheme 2021

  • The benefit of marriage grant scheme 2021 will be given to the girls of poor families.
  • Under this, benefits will be given to the girls of Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes, and minority families.
  • The thinking of the people about the girls born in weakly backward classes will change.
  • Those who are worried about the marriage of their daughter, they will be greatly benefited.
  • If you belong to the state of Uttar Pradesh, then you will have to register / apply online by visiting the official website to get the amount of marriage grant for the marriage of your daughter.

What should be the eligibility of the family under the Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme 2021

  • It is mandatory for the family to be a permanent resident of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • People who belong to Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Minorities and Backward Classes, those people will be eligible for this scheme.
  • To take advantage of the marriage grant scheme, the income of the beneficiary family should be up to Rs 46080 in rural and Rs 56460 in urban areas. This scheme is not valid for families coming more than this.
  • Under the scheme, the age of the girl of the beneficiary family should be 18 years and the age of the boy is 21 years at the time of marriage.

Documents Required for Shadi Anudan Online Avedan

Before applying Shadi Anudan Online, you must keep some necessary documents with you. If you do not have any of these documents, then you should first prepare all the documents. So that you do not have to face any kind of problem later. Let us know which are the documents required for Shadi Anudan Online –

  • Aadhar card
  • applicant’s identity card
  • bank account
  • caste certificate
  • income certificate
  • handicap certificate
  • If you have BPL ration card, then
  • two passport size photographs
  • marriage certificate of the applicant
  • mobile number

How to apply online for Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme 2021?

Shadi Anudan In order to register online, you have to go to the official website of Shadi Anudan. After visiting the official website of Shadi Anudan – http://shadianudan.upsdc.gov.in/ website, you have to choose the category for which you want to apply online. After that you follow the steps given below. You will also find the video below to help you better. So let’s know how to apply for marriage grant online –

Step. 1 – Go to the official website of Marriage Grant

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of marriage grant http://shadianudan.upsdc.gov.in/. Click to go directly to website
  • After this the homepage of the website will come in front of you. As shown in the below screen shot.

shadi anudan apply online

Step. 2 – New Registration (Click Below to Apply New

  • After this you have to select the category below the words New Registration (click below to apply new)
    General, SC, ST Category Application
  • OBC Category Application
  • minority class category application
  • Whichever of these is your caste category, click on it and proceed

Step. 3 – Upload the document after filling all the important information

  • When you come forward after selecting new category, you see this page. Which you have to read carefully.

shadi anudan yojana up online 01

shadi anudan yojana up online

  • On this page, you have to fill some important information carefully. Which is as follows –
  • daughter’s date of marriage
  • district
  • urban/rural area
  • Tehsil
  • Upload photo of applicant
  • The photo should be of JPEG file only. Your photo will not be valid in any other format.
  • Photo should be from 1 KB to 40 KB and PDF should be from 1 KB to 500 KB
  • Name of applicant
  • daughter’s name
  • (Hinduism) class
  • Caste
  • caste certificate number
  • Upload photocopy of identity card
  • Name of applicant’s father/husband
  • applicant’s gender
  • daughter’s father’s name
  • If the applicant is widow or disabled
  • Applicant relationship with daughter
  • Mobile number
  • E-mail
  • Whether applicant is applying for second daughter (Yes/No) If yes
  • groom’s name
  • bride’s full address
  • daughter’s date of birth
  • Daughter’s age (in years)
  • Upload the photocopy of the certificate to verify the age of the daughter
  • marriage verification certificate
  • groom’s age (in years)
  • Upload the photocopy of marriage certificate/card
  • Annual Income Certificate issued by Tehsil
  • income certificate number
  • Upload the photocopy of income certificate
  • banks’ name
  • Bank branch
  • ifs code
  • Account Number
  • Upload the photocopy of bank passbook

how to login to marriage grant website

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of Marriage Grant http://shadianudan.upsdc.gov.in/. Click to go directly to website
  • After opening the website, the homepage will open in front of you.
  • After this you have to choose your category by clicking on Select Type.
  • Below you have to enter the code shown in the box with Type the above code by entering the password.
  • After this you can login to the marriage grant portal by clicking on the login button.

How To Check Sadi Anudan Status

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of Marriage Grant http://shadianudan.upsdc.gov.in/. Click to go directly to website
  • After this, the status of the application form (click here to know the status of the application form) has to be clicked on this button.

Sadi Anudan Status Check

  • When you click to view the status of the application form, a page will open in front of you like the screen shot shown below.

Sadi Anudan Status Check

  • You can check your Sadi Anudan Status by entering all the important information like application number, bank account, and password on this page.

How to amend Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Application Form

  • To amend the Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme, you must first go to the official website of Marriage Grant. Click to go directly to website

After this the homepage of the website will open in front of you.

You have to click on (Application Form Modification / Final Submit) as shown in the below screen shot.

uttar pradesh shadi anudan yojna

  • After clicking on Application Form Amendment / Final Submit, the login page will open in front of you. By logging in by filling some important information, you can amend the application eligibility.

how to print application form

  • To amend the Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme, you must first go to the official website of Marriage Grant. Click to go directly to website
  • After that click on print application form (click here to reprint application form).

shadi anudan ka print kaise nikale

  • After clicking on (click here to reprint the application form) a login page will open in front of you. By logging in by filling some important information, you can amend the application eligibility.

Some Important Guidelines for Filling the Application Form PDF File Shadi Anudan Form Pdf

Please read all these guidelines before filling the form for marriage grant. It contains a lot of important information.

Shadi Anudan Online 2021 How To Watch Video

Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Grants

What is Marriage Grant Scheme?

Marriage grant scheme has been started by the state government for the girls of economically weaker section families. Under which the state government gives some amount for the marriage of the daughters of all such families who come in the backward class. To take advantage of this scheme, an online application has to be filled.

What is the purpose of marriage grant scheme?

The purpose of the marriage grant scheme is to promote the promotion of daughters. Due to which the family of poor class can be helped in raising daughters. And he could take good care of his daughters.

For which girls is the marriage grant scheme?

All such daughters are covered under this scheme, whose age is 18 years or more, and they have attained the age of marriage.

How to apply for availing marriage grant scheme?

To take advantage of this scheme, you can apply by visiting the official website of Marriage Grant, which we have told you in very easy language.

Note – Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme 2021 All the given information about is taken from the official website. You must read all the important information before applying in UP Shadi Anudan Yojna. Tell us how you liked this article by commenting. If you liked this article, then please share it to all such people who need to apply for marriage grant, thank you.

How many qualities of a horoscope should be found for a successful marriage? Guna Matching For Successful Marriage In Hindi

Hindu marriage is not just the marriage of two lovers, here the qualities of both are matched before getting married. To see the compatibility between the two person, their horoscope is matched in every way, on the basis of which the marriage of both of them is done and their future is decided. Astrology has got a special place in the Hindu society, here every work is done according to the Muhurta, the condition of the planets.

Marriage is such an opportunity in the life of a man, which brings new and big changes in his life. When the talk of marriage starts in the Hindu society, before the nature of the boy and the girl, the horoscope is matched, and the nature is not found, but if the horoscope is good, then the marriage is done.

Gun Matching –

For a successful household life, it is very important to meet the qualities between husband and wife, these qualities are matched through the horoscope. The horoscope of any human being is made on the basis of his date of birth, sun, time and place. This horoscope is prepared considering the position of the house constellations at the time of birth. Then at the time of marriage, boy and girl, this horoscope is matched. While matching the horoscope for marriage, mainly 8 things are matched, these are –

a quality How important is it to match
count 6
home friendship 5
beard 8
Vaishya 2
Character 1
cunt 4
Star 3
Bhakoot 7

In the horoscope, there are total 36 qualities by combining all these, the more qualities the boy and the girl get, the more successful the marriage is.

a quality What happens when you get how many qualities?
under 18 This matching is not considered worthy of marriage, it is said that this marriage fails.
18 – 25 A good match for marriage.
25 – 32 This is the best match for marriage, this marriage is good.
32 – 36 This is the perfect match, this marriage is very successful.

By matching the qualities, the nature of the boy and the girl is mixed. Arrange marriages are mostly done in Indian society, if such two persons do not get a chance to know each other, then their qualities are mixed by the horoscope. With this, it is understood that how much difference is there in the nature of both the persons, it does not lead to quarrels in future due to misunderstanding.

Guna Matching Successful Marriage

Manglik Dosh –

Anyone whose horoscope is Manglik by birth is called Manglik Dosh. This is the most important thing at the time of horoscope matching. If the horoscope of one of the boys and girls is Manglik, then it is carefully mixed with the help of astrologers, and then it is decided. Generally, if one person has a Manglik Kundli, and the other doesn’t, then it is not eligible for marriage due to Manglik Dosha. But many times one’s Manglik Dosh gets reduced according to the house condition of the other’s horoscope.

How to match the qualities (How To Match Kundali) –

If the intellectual, physical and mental qualities in the girl’s horoscope are more powerful than the boy’s horoscope, then the qualities of both are not good. On the contrary, if there is more family happiness in the horoscope of the girl than in the horoscope of the boy, then both the qualities are found more.

Let us understand in detail the eight matchings required in the horoscope –

Characters (Mental Matching)

The maximum score in this comes to 1. In this, mainly the ego of the boy girl is matched. These are four according to the Vedas – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. If it is the same in the horoscope of both the boy and the girl, then it means getting the character.

Vaishya (Who will dominate whom) –

Maximum 2 marks are required for this match. This boy sees in the girl’s horoscope that who will dominate whom, who will run in the house. We have seen it in five ways –

  1. Man
  2. Vanchar
  3. Chatuspad (four-legged)
  4. aquatic
  5. aquatic insect

Tara (the position of the constellation at the time of birth) –

A maximum of 3 marks must be obtained for this match. After marriage, the health of husband and wife is mixed by this. This matching is done by the number of stars in whose horoscope at the time of birth. By the way, there are 9 stars at the time of birth – Janam, Sampat, Vipata, Kshem, Pratari, Sadhak, Slaughter, Mitra and Ati Mitra.

cunt –

Maximum 4 marks are required for this match. By this matching, how will be the relationship between the boy and the girl, it will be seen. With this matching, the house condition of the constellation is seen in the natal chart of the boy and the girl. Each Nakshatra represents an animal. If both have similar constellations in their horoscope, then their household life is considered very good.

For example, if there is a mongoose constellation in one’s horoscope, and a snake in the other’s horoscope, then this match is 0, because mongoose and snake are naturally enemies of each other.

The names of 14 animal characters are as follows, which tell the personality traits of a person –

  • horse
  • Gaza
  • Sheep
  • Snake
  • self (dog)
  • marjarah (cat)
  • mouse (rat)
  • cow
  • Mahisha (Buffalo)
  • Vyagraha (Tiger)
  • deer
  • apes (monkeys)
  • Nakula (weasel)
  • lion (lion)

Home Friendship –

It is necessary to get a maximum of 5 marks for this match. This test determines how the natural behavior, mental qualities, happiness of children and mutual affection will be between both the partners. This shows how the relationship between the boy and the girl will remain, whether they will remain friends or each other’s enemies or normal.

It is matched by looking at 7 planets –

  1. Sun
  2. moon
  3. Fortunate
  4. wed
  5. Teacher
  6. Venus
  7. saturn

Qualities (compatibility in nature) –

Maximum 6 marks are required for this match. Due to this, the behavior, nature between the two is seen. It is mixed in three ways –


In this category the person is more spiritual, and less materialistic.


In this category, man walks by maintaining a balance between both spirituality and materiality.


In this category man is more materialistic, less spiritual.

Bhakoot (match between zodiac signs) –

It is necessary to get a maximum of 7 marks for this match. It tells how there will be happiness in the relationship between the two human beings. It determines the family, economic prosperity and happiness between the couple. Moon signs are as follows –

  1. Sheep
  2. Taurus
  3. Gemini
  4. Cancer
  5. Lion
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Pisces

Nadhi (compatibility in health)

Maximum 8 marks are required for this match. It looks at the genetic compatibility between the two. It determines the probability of progeny. There are three nadis –

  1. e.t.c
  2. Middle
  3. the end

At the time of matching, the match of Nadhi holds the main place, it gets the highest score. Nadhi dosha is considered a great dosha. There should not be equal pulse between the boy and the girl, due to this there is more mental tension between the two, there is no mediation in thoughts. Similar Nadhi is called Nadhi Dosha. If there is a different Nadhi between the boy and the girl, then it is considered a good indicator, it is called Nadhi Shuddhi. The beard of a person is determined by his birth. There is no happiness of children due to Nadhi dosha. Even if there is a child, there is a danger in his life.

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Kundli Matching (Kundali Milan) For Marriage In Hindi It is said that marriage is not a doll-game, marriage does not happen again and again in life and at least we want that marriage should be only once and The life partner should be such, with whom spending life feels like deciding a lovely journey. After tying the knot, one of the efforts to be made to make this journey a pleasant one is -: match horoscope. Whether it is a marriage with a person chosen by the family or a love marriage, in the end everyone wants to see their married life happy. According to our elders and some experienced persons, the horoscope of the boy and the girl should be matched before getting married and if their horoscopes match, then only then marriage should be done, otherwise not.

Horoscope matching is necessary for marriage or not

Kundli Matching Is Necessary For Marriage In Hindi

Kundli Matching Marriage

It is true that astrology [Astrology] There is a science and it can tell that the constellations of the boy and the girl [Stars] suitable for marriage [Favourable] are or unfavourable [Unfavourable]. On the other hand, some people also believe that for a successful married life, there is a need for love, trust and mutual understanding, not the meeting of planets and constellations. Matching or matching of Gunas, Nakshatras, etc. is a matter of belief, so it cannot be said whether matching of horoscopes is necessary for a successful marriage or not. What are the qualities required for a successful marriage? Read to know.

What is the meaning of matching horoscope in marriage? [What is Kundali Milan in marriage?] -:

Matching horoscope means studying astrology. Under astrology, horoscopes are made on the basis of the birth place, date of birth and other information of the boy and the girl and then by studying the horoscopes of both, it is tried to find out that there is mutual harmony in their future life. [Adjustments or Mutual Understandings] will happen or not. Generally, in the horoscope, the career, nature, health and whole life of that person are described. While matching the horoscope for marriage, things related to matching of qualities etc. are kept in mind.

While studying the horoscope of the boy and the girl for marriage, things like how many qualities out of 36 Gunas and 8 Kuta are available and how many should be considered. The study of the following table can help in this regard:

serial number Number of qualities found in the horoscope of boy and girl future outcome of marriage
1. 18 or less than In this situation, the chances of its failure are high if the marriage takes place.
2. On getting 18 – 24 gunas Marriage done in this situation can be successful, but many problems can come in it.
3. On getting 25 – 32 gunas In this way, the signs of a successful married life are obtained by matching the horoscopes.
4. On getting 32 – 36 gunas Best partner for marriage. Problems do not arise in these types of marriages, and even if they do, they do not adversely affect the relationship.

[परन्तु स्थानीय मान्यता के अनुसार भगवान राम और माता सीता की कुंडलियों के भी पूरे 36 गुण मिले थे, उनका जीवन कष्टों में बिता, अतः कुछ लोग पूरे 36 गुण मिलने की स्थिति को शुभ नहीं मानते.]

match horoscope in arranged marriage [Kundli match in Arranged Marriage] -:

Generally, people match horoscopes only in arranged marriages because they don’t know anything about the other person who might be the future life partner, so they get to know about his/her behavior, habits, lifestyle, etc. If an idea is taken, then after considering all these things, it helps in taking the decision to add or not to add a marital relationship.

matching horoscope in love marriage [Kundli match in Love Marriage] -:

Two people i.e. boy and girl already know each other, understand, they know about their habits and behavior and then decide to marry then the question of matching horoscope or not matching in it does not matter so much. That’s why people generally do not get horoscopes in love marriages.

On not getting horoscope [What will you do if the Kundli does not match ?]

Sometimes it happens that the Kundli is not found or the qualities are not found in sufficient quantity in the horoscope, in such a situation, the astrologer is told to overcome it and these measures include any fasting, fasting, any worship or wearing any gem, etc. There are such measures, by adopting which the defects of the horoscope can be removed and steps can be taken in a successful married life.

In some situations, it also happens that some strong qualities of one person mix with the weak qualities of another person and thus also the beginning of a successful married life.

But in some circumstances, people think better not to add marital relations if they do not get the horoscope.

Difficulties or drawbacks in Kundli matching [Loopholes in Horoscope matching] -:

It is said that astrology is a science, but the astrologer is not always a scientist because of the authenticity of the predictions made by him by looking at the horoscope. [Authenticity] It cannot be detected because no human being can look into the womb of the future and see what events are going to happen in the coming time. Apart from this, there is also a fact that matching horoscopes can prove to be meaningful only when the time, place, etc. things of birth are written correctly in the horoscopes. All other things in this can be confirmed to be correct, but you cannot give exact proof of the time of birth of any child because only Able to change the horoscope even a minute or a few seconds difference The reason for this is that changes in the stars, planets, constellations, etc. of that child are possible to a great extent during this time interval.

Horoscope matching is necessary or not ? [Kundli Milan is necessary or not ?] -:

Whether matching horoscope is necessary for marriage relationship or not, it can be everyone’s own personal opinion. Some people believe a lot about this and some people feel all these superstitions and both these opinions are manifested from their own experiences. But it is necessary that if we match the horoscope of the boy and the girl or not, we must try to reconcile the minds of both of them and both the families should also decide whether to combine this relationship with mutual understanding and understanding. needed.

Some things should be kept in mind while matching the horoscope, which are as follows -:

  • Do not go to the astrologer by any means to match the horoscope, but show your horoscope to the pandit who actually has knowledge about it.
  • The information about your place of birth, time, etc. is absolutely correct in the horoscope.
  • If you are doing love marriage, then do not fall into the situation of creating any doubt by mixing horoscope unnecessarily.
  • Do not take your life decisions on the basis of horoscope only, but take your decision after thinking carefully about all the situations.

Do not sit holding the things mentioned in the horoscope, but bring love, understanding and trust in your heart towards your future life partner, so that you can enjoy a successful married life.

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Today we will tell you through this post how to get marriage certificate online Will tell about According to Rule 10 (2) of Marriage Certificate Online under the Marriage Registration Act 2008 in our country, it is mandatory for every Indian citizen to get his marriage certificate made. If you do not know Marriage Certificate Kaise Banwaye then you are reading absolutely right post.

Let us tell you that to get the marriage certificate made online, you have to visit the official website of the municipality of your state. This website is in both Hindi and English languages, so that you can visit it and follow the instructions and submit all your documents online and apply for Marriage Certificate.

list of subjects

Marriage certificate is required in many other places like updating marital status in passport, opening joint account in bank, taking joint loan and couple visa etc. Until a few years ago, only a few things used to be online. But today a revolution has come in the internet world in India. If you have got married or are about to get married and you are worried about what documents are needed for marriage certificate, then leave this worry and just stay connected because today we will give you Marriage Certificate Kaise Banta Hai through this post. Athba Marriage Certificate will tell about Kaise Banaye.

Today all the work in our country has started going online. So friends, if you also want to know about how to make online marriage certificate, then today we will tell you how marriage certificate is made and to know marriage certificate Kaha Banta Hai, read this post from beginning to end.

Online Marriage Certificate Kaise Banwaye

Marriage Certificate Ke Liye Document

Along with the online marriage certificate form, the documents required for marriage registration also have to be uploaded, which we have mentioned below, read them carefully so that you do not have to face problems while filling the marriage certificate form. Let us know, how marriage certificate is made and Marriage Certificate Me Kya Document Chahiye-

  • Separate passport size photograph of both the bride and the groom.
  • Wedding photograph of bride and groom.
  • ID proof of the bride.
  • ID proof of the groom.
  • Documents required to verify the date of birth of the bridegroom (Birth Certificate / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Marks List)
  • Documents required to verify the date of birth of the bride (Birth Certificate / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Marks List)
  • Affidavit of bride along with affidavit.
  • Affidavit of the bridegroom with affidavit.
  • ID proof of the address of the first witness.
  • ID proof of the address of the other witness.

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Marriage Certificate Kaise Banwaye

To give proof of your marriage, you need many documents like wedding photograph, wedding card etc., which are very difficult to carry and handle together, then there you need a marriage certificate. For your help, we are giving the official website address of some major states:

  • Madhya Pradesh (mpenagarpalika.gov.in)
  • Uttar Pradesh (igrsup.gov.in)
  • Rajasthan (pehchan.raj.nic.in)
  • Maharashtra (aaplesarkar.mahaonline.gov.in)
  • Delhi (edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in)

Similarly, every state has created an official website to provide online facilities to its citizens, which can be used for Vivah Panjiyan Online.

How to make Marriage Certificate in MP For example we are presenting Marriage Certificate Form in Hindi Format. Which will help you to understand the online application process. Let us now know the Marriage Certificate Kaise Nikale-

Step 1: Visit Website

First of all open the official website mpenagarpalika.gov.in.

Step 2: Citizen Services

Now click on “Citizen Services” from the main page.

Step 3: Marriage Registration

Now a list will open in front of you. From this click on “Marriage Registration”.

Step 4: Click Here To Apply

Now read the complete information required for the application of your marriage certificate and then click on “Click Here To Apply”.

Step 5: Select Your City

Now in this page click on “Select Your City” and select the city name.

Step 6: Fill Form

After selecting the city, online application form will appear in front of you, fill it thoroughly and upload all the scanned documents and click on “Continue”.

Step 7: Make Payment

After completing the marriage certificate form the payment mode will appear on the screen. After successful payment, the applicant will be given an acknowledgment number and payment receipt through the registered email id and mobile number.

After this, this payment receipt and necessary documents should be presented to the concerned officials in the ward office so that you can complete the process of Online Marriage Certificate Download as soon as possible. You can download the marriage certificate once the documents are verified by the officials.

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Benefits of Marriage Certificate

There are many benefits of marriage certificate, some of the major ones are listed below:

  • According to the Indian Constitution, the marriage certificate gives legal recognition to your marriage.
  • It is required for opening joint accounts in banks.
  • Legally recognized for confirmation of the application of the nominee to the wife or husband for the benefit of life insurance
  • Documents have to be submitted so that the insurance claim is received quickly, as the verification is done easily.
  • Marriage certificate provides social security to the married couple.
  • Marriage in foreign embassy to apply for passport, couple travel visa and permanent residency in another country
  • Certificate submission is required.
  • This certificate is very necessary in both the case of married or divorced.
  • Marriage certificate helps in curbing evils like child marriage because if either of the bride and groom is getting married before the prescribed age limit then marriage certificate is not made.
  • Marriage certificate provides proof of marriage legally even in cases like triple talaq.


Marriage certificate is also a very important document like birth certificate, death certificate etc. Today, through this post Marriage Certificate Kaise Banwaye, we have explained in detail all the necessary information for marriage certificate like how to get marriage certificate made and documents required for this.

If you have liked the information about getting a Marriage Certificate online, then share it and inspire your friends to complete this auspicious work after an auspicious marriage, thank you!

Celebration of Marriage Anniversary With Quotes in Hindi

in a festive mood

Laughter is common

so man

sorry sorry

Sorry sorry ||

Hearty congratulations to all,

Let’s pray with folded hands.

Your arrival is only Ashish,
Our head bows with respect.


The confluence of seven suras makes music,
The bond of two hearts makes marriage.

This relationship of many days, comes in the form of years

Such a meeting of families, decorates the gathering,
Every person would put four moons in your happiness,
Makes four moons ||

Laughter is common in the atmosphere of celebration

But pulling legs is also special

That’s why gustakhi maaf gustakhi maaf ||

For Wife

It was only yesterday that a new bride was adorned.

With the sound of filtering, the house used to resonate.

Time passed, relationships took a new form,

Lived relationships like mother, mother-in-law and grandmother.

Looking back today, I got an idea of ​​the age,

The children who were taught to walk, today they decorated the gathering.

For Husband

I was living a thoughtless life,

I was threading my words alone in a garland.

Then that day came in my life,
When I brought a life partner home.
The one who supports me in every ups and downs,
The one who adorns my bitter words in a melodious rhythm.
who gave sweet music to my life
In today’s full gathering, I expressed my love again.

Relation Of Sisters

This relationship is sour and sweet,
We are such a story of sisters.
We are the pride of this festival,
We are each other’s life.
Tu-Tu-Mai-I are also our rhythm,
The people of the house get caught in our trap.
Sometimes East, Sometimes West,
Like a fly does
Still there is this unbreakable relationship,
Precious story of us sisters ||

Characterized Quotes


In tautli tautli language, she used to say,
Boy used to call himself boy after getting cut.
She used to stop at the texture of the letter,
Picking up Luna, she used to roam the street.
Music resides in their voice too
Today we will sing and play the rituals of our house.


This is the new new grandmother
sweet like honey

Old relation with train
They don’t like long journeys
He is also fond of singing
No one is stopping today.

Wife’s Friend

They have a different style,
Friends become a file of chatty things.
Panchayat runs such missile
Local STD ISD runs day and night mobile ||

Husband’s Friend

There is no fun in the gathering without friends,
Living without friends is a painful punishment.
Be cool if you have a friend’s mood,
Every day there is a colorful musical instrument.

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hindi shayari quotes for marriage

In today’s time, “women’s music” has a special place in the wedding ceremony. It is considered very special to give importance to music among all the rituals. Even earlier in the wedding special, we shared some Hindi poems with you through an article. , in which one “wedding special hindi poetry” and the other “little angel”.

In this article, keeping in mind some special relationships, I am going to present some special poems. Which you can use as a quote in the conduct of women’s music and in a gift given to a special relationship.

Hindi Shayari to make your gathering more memorable and beautiful

Marriage anchoring quotes in hindi

Marriage anchoring quotes in hindi

Mother-in-Law Shayari for Mother-in-law Mother/ Mother-in-Law Quotes In Hindi For Anchoring

mamta ke sundar nirmal baag main,
anskarit pushp(Groom) ko aapne sanjoya hain.
aapke pyaar avm sanskaron se bhar
garonde main
apni kali
(bride) ko hamne aapke aanchal me saunpa hain.

In Mamta’s beautiful Nirmal Bagh,
You have cherished the cultured flower (groom).
In your homes full of love and values,
We have entrusted our bud (bride) in your lap.

Poetry for Father-in-law / Father in Law Quotes In Hindi For Anchoring

Surya sa prabhavshali tej hai aapka,
chand jaisa ujala swbhava hai aapka.
anushasit jivan se sajaya hai parivar,
dhany hain hum jise mila aapka sansar.

Yours is as impressive as the sun,
You have a bright nature like the moon.
The family is decorated with disciplined life,
Blessed are we who got your world ||

Sister/ Sister-in-law Quotes In Hindi For Anchoring

Pyaari pyaari bahano ke pyaare bhaiya,
ban gaye hain dulahan ke saiyan.
ghar me aa rahi hai bhabhi aapaki
banakar rakhiyega inhe saheli aapki
aapki khushiyon mai rahe hamari beti ka saat,
aisa hi pyaara sa bane nannd bhabhi ka sath.

Dear brothers of dear sisters,
Has become our bride’s helper.
Your sister-in-law is coming to the house,
Make them your friend.
May the hand of our daughter be in your happiness,
Be such a lovely nand sister-in-law’s support ||

Brother / Brother In Law Quotes In Hindi For Anchoring

Dhurndar Bhaiyon ke bina kya aayega mahfil main maja,
kanvanre hain ab tak lado inhe bhi dulahan do ek saja.
barat sajane ka kaam bhaiyon ka hai hota,
bina bhai ke kabhi nagin dance nahi jachata.
bhabhi devar ka sath hota hain nirala,
jaise baje koi sureela sitara.

What will be the fun in the gathering without the great brothers
You are still a bachelor, give them a bride, a punishment
It is the brothers’ job to decorate the procession.
Without them, the serpent dance does not fit.
Sister-in-law’s companion is unique
Like a bright star

Marriage anchoring quotes in Hindi If you like it, then write it in the comment box, if you want such special poems for yourself, even then write in the comment, we will try our best to do your work.

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