Oppo F21 Pro 4G is a mid-range smartphone loaded with a Snapdragon 680 chipset along with a RAM expansion option. Other highlighted features include a 4,500mAh battery with a 33W fast charger, a 6.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a 90Hz refresh rate, a 32MP selfie camera & a 64MP triple-rear camera, side-fingerprint scanner, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, etc. Read more about the smartphone and see how it differs from its siblings Oppo F21 Pro 5G, and Oppo F21 Pro Plus 5G.

Oppo F21 Pro 4G Display and Camera

Oppo F21 Pro 4G is fitted with a 6.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen protected with a layer of Gorilla Glass 5. Also, the display offers a Full HD+ resolution of 1080x2400px along with a pixel density of 405ppi. As for better viewing and touch interaction, it has more than 90% of the screen-to-body ratio as well as a 90Hz of refresh rate.

The smartphone carries a triple-rear camera on a unique rectangular bump. It includes a 64MP primary camera with an aperture of f/1.7, a 2MP macro camera, and a 2MP depth sensor with autofocus. As far as the selfies are concerned, the phone comes with a 32MP selfie camera under the punch-hole.

Oppo F21 Pro 4G Performance and Battery

Oppo F21 Pro 4G is loaded with a 6nm process Snapdragon 680 chipset that boosts gaming and day-to-day activities of the phone, Qualcomm claims. Also, it offers a virtual RAM expansion (up to 5GB) feature with 8GB RAM onboard and an Adreno 610 GPU. Besides, the phone runs on the Android v12 operating system based on Color OS 12.1 skin on top.

The smartphone packs a 4,500mAh Li-Po battery under the hood. It comes along with a fast 33W charger out of the box that takes around 60-minutes to fully charge the battery, claims Oppo. On top of that, the phone comes with a reverse charging feature that allows you to charge other devices via a USB-C cable.

Oppo F21 Pro 4G Storage and Connectivity

Oppo F21 Pro 4G comes with 128GB of internal storage capacity. Also, the storage has a UFS 2.2 storage onboard that boosts the data transfer rate and apps/games’ launch time. And, it has a micro SD card slot for keeping extra files.

The smartphone’s connectivity options are 4G, VoLTE with dual-standby, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, a USB Type-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Besides, it has built-in GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS for online location tracking.

There are many smartphone major players outside even familiar brands like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. Among them Oppo and Vivo is a popular smartphone company in India. But do you know which country’s company is Oppo, Vivo and who is its founder?

Where is Oppo, Vivo company?

Oppo and Vivo are both a Chinese company. Not only this, the owner of these two companies is also the same; BBK Electronics Corporation. Both these companies are headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong.

The parent company of OPPO, Vivo, Realme, and OnePlus, the China-based BBK group that has become the country’s leading smartphone vendor. This smartphone company has captured a combined 30% market share in India.

Let us tell you that Oppo is a Chinese electronics and mobile communications company, which manufactures smartphones, audio devices, power banks, Blu-ray players and other electronic products in the world.

Similarly, VIVO is a Chinese technology company, which provides smartphones, smartphone accessories, software and online services.

BBK Electronics was founded by Duan Yongping in the 1990’s. In the early days, this company used to make CD, MP3, and DVD players along with other home appliances.

Who is the founder of Oppo company?

In 2004, Duan Yongping and Tony Chen founded the OPPO company. Also Tony Chen is currently the CEO of Oppo. Since then, this company has expanded to over 40 countries. In 2016, Oppo became the largest smartphone maker in China.

Oppo entered the India market in early 2014 with its flagship device OPPO N1. It was launched by Bollywood’s Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor as brand ambassadors.

Who is the founder of Vivo company?

Shen Wei is the founder and CEO of Vivo company. Vivo was founded in 2009, selling its phones only in China. This changed in 2014, when the company expanded its reach to some countries in South Asia.

Vivo released its first smartphone in Europe in 2020, and now sells its smartphones in some countries of the continent including UK, France, Italy and Spain.

The company entered the Indian smartphone market in 2012. Vivo X1 was the first smartphone in the world to be built with a dedicated Hi-Fi audio amplifier.

Both these Chinese phone brands have become quite popular by offering high-spec phones at affordable prices. Hope you have liked the information given about Oppo and Vivo very much.

In today’s post we are going to talk about how to reset android mobile Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi We reset the mobile when our mobile hangs or starts running very slow. So we need to reset the mobile because when we reset our mobile then the extra data inside it gets completely cleared and our phone starts running fast and very smooth. And when we reset our phone, friends, the battery of the phone also starts running more than before.

how to reset android mobile

And many features inside the phone become good, so in this post we are going to see 2 ways to reset Samsung phone, you can reset Oppo Vivo Redmi Android phone like Samsung in both ways and both of these ways. Very easy. I have tried to explain both the methods very well, if you face any problem in any point then you can ask us by commenting below. So friends, let’s start this article today by taking more of your time.

how to reset android mobile

We need to reset the mobile, when our phone starts hanging or running slow, then friends, if this problem is happening in your phone, then you do not need to panic. You can solve these problems by resetting your phone, so in this point we will see how to reset our Samsung phone.

android mobile Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi To reset it, you have to go to the settings of the mobile, here you have to find the reset option like in Samsung it will be found in the general management, after getting the reset option, you You have to click on Factory Data Reset, after some time your Android mobile will be reset.

To reset Android mobile like Samsung, I have told you two methods below, and I have tried to explain both the methods step by step, then you can reset your Samsung mobile phone very easily by following those steps. Huh.

What to keep in mind while resetting mobile

If you are resetting Android mobile phone or any mobile phone, then before that you need to take care of some things, if you do not take care of those things, then you may have your mobile with a technician. There is also a chance of having to carry it or your phone getting damaged.

So friends, before resetting the phone, once you must read these points given below, so that you will not face any problem in resetting the phone.

  1. If you are thinking of resetting your Samsung Android mobile phone or any other mobile phone on you, then first of all charge it completely. The phone must be above at least 50% battery.
  2. When you start resetting your phone, before that, whatever important data you have, either save it in a pen drive or save the data in any other laptop or computer, because after resetting the phone, your phone will be completely removed. The data will be deleted.
  3. While resetting the phone, you should read all the instructions carefully because if you click on any one wrong option, then your phone may get damaged.

first way to reset android mobile

To reset Oppo Vivo and Samsung mobile, I will tell you in this way how you can reset Android phone using the button of your phone, so let’s see some easy steps that you follow. You will reset your mobile very easily.

1. To reset the Android mobile phone, first of all switch off the Android mobile phone by pressing the Power off button of the Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi phone.

2. When your phone is switched off, after that you have to switch off your phone. volume down button and Power The key is to be pressed and held simultaneously, for some time.

3. When you will hold these buttons for some time, then after a while you will see the company logo on the screen of your phone. When you see the company logo, then you have to release these buttons.

4. VUsing the olume up and down buttons you will be able to select anything on your screen, and you will be able to use the power button to ok.

5. As soon as you release the button, you will get to see some options on the screen. Wipe data And cache Select it and then use the Power button to make it OK.

6. As soon as you click on the OK button, your phone will be reset and as soon as your phone is reset, you have to reboot it.

how to reset android mobile

So friends, you can reset your android mobile phone very easily by using this method.

Another way to reset mobile

In the above point we saw that how we can reset our android mobile phone by using button, but friends inside this point we will see that how we can reset android mobile phone by going inside our phone’s setting. So friends, let’s see some easy steps that you can follow to reset your Samsung Android mobile phone.

1. To reset Android mobile phone, first of all you need to key in your Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi Satting Have to open it.

2. As soon as you open the setting of your mobile, you will get there general management The option has to be selected.

3. As soon as you select the option of General Management, you will get a Reset You will get to see the option of simply that Reset Click on the option of.

4. After that to you Factory Data Reset Click on the option.

5. When you will select this option, you will get again below Reset You will get to see the option, you have to select it.

6. At last you Delete All If you select this option, then your phone will start resetting, and after a while your phone will be reset.

how to reset android mobile

In this way, friends, you can reset your Samsung Android mobile phone very easily in both these ways.

benefits of resetting android mobile

If we reset our Samsung Android phone or any other company’s mobile phone, then we get a lot of benefit from it, as our phone stops hanging and all the extra data is inside our phone. Or there are any other files, they all get deleted and our phone starts working very well.

And after resetting the phone, the battery of our phone also starts running more than before and the phone becomes like new and starts running completely, because all the data I have in the phone gets deleted after reset. Is.

Disadvantages of resetting android mobile

Friends, when we reset the phone, we get to see some disadvantages as well as advantages, such as all the applications that you have downloaded in your phone, which you use for any work, then they will be reset. After that it will be deleted automatically.

And all the settings you have made in your phone will be deleted according to your own, your phone will be like new, as it was before, for this reason you will have to put all those settings again after reset .

now what Today You must have known from this article how to reset android mobile Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi has tried to explain this in detail and every point very well, friends, if you are facing any problem in the above information, then you can comment us below. If you liked the information given in the article or it has benefited you, then share this post among your friends and family as much as possible so that this information can reach your family members and your friends.

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