Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi income tax whose name any person is afraid of. The person wants to save it, or does not want to fill it. While this thinking is very wrong, when we do any work with complete planning, then its effect is positive. In the same way, we should follow the same thing on Income Tax. Just as it is the duty of every person to pay tax, in the same way it is the right of every person to plan for tax while staying within the purview of the law.

Ways to save income tax Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi

In income tax, where tax is to be paid on income, there is some income which is also tax free. Just as a person always keeps a part of his income as his savings, that savings will be useful in future, in his bad times. In the same way, by filling it with income tax planning, we can take many benefits from it in future.

The main five sources of income have been mentioned in Income Tax –

  2. Income from House Property (INCOME FROM HOUSE PROPERTY)
  3. Income from Business and Profession (PROFITS AND GAINS OF BUSINESS OR PROFESSION )
  5. Income from other sources ( INCOME FROMOTHER SOURCES)

These five incomes include all the sources of income in themselves. This all income avoidance provision is present in income tax. For example, by making savings schemes, trusts, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), distribution of family income, through gifts, earning maximum tax free income. By including all such income in our income, we can reduce our tax liability. Tax planning is a very detailed subject, for which we should take the help of an accountant to a chartered accountant (CA) and a lawyer and planning should be done keeping in mind the specifics told by them.

  • How much income is tax free?
  • How is tax planning done?
  • How to take advantage of tax free income?

How much income is tax free?

We should first know that how much income is tax free. There is a limit fixed in income tax, till that there is no tax on income. This limit is pre-determined by each person. As soon as we cross that income, we have to pay tax to the government at different rates. We have presented this further through the chart.

Tax Slab Financial Year (FY)2015 – 16 Assessment Year(AY) 2017-18

income limit female/male senior citizen senior citizen
(whose age is less than 60 years.) (Age above 60 years but below 80 years) (whose age is more than 80 years)
2,50,000/- Rs. NIL NIL NIL
2,50,001 Rs.-500,000 Rs. 10% 10% NIL
500,001 Rs. – 10,00,000 Rs. 20% 20% 20%
10,00,000 Rs. more than 30% 30% 30%

How is tax planning done?

Just as the tax rate on income after deductible income is fixed in INCOME TAX ACT, in the same way the provision for investment in tax planning is present in SECTION 80 C – SECTION 80 U. The main among them are mentioned below –

In INCOME TAX ACT, investments can be made from 1 LAKH to 1.5 LAKH in SECTION 80 C, 80CCC, 80CCD.


  • National Saving Certificate (NSC SCHEME)

Similarly, in SECTION 80 D, exemption of 20000/- has been given to MEDICLAIM PREMIUM which is self, husband and wife, child (who is dependent on parents) and 30000/- to senior citizen. All these and many other investments are there in income tax, whose exemption we get while doing INCOME TAX RETURN FILE.

Other methods of tax planning

  • Tax planning by mutual agreement of family
  • Tax planning from birth to death of a person
  • Tax planning through GIFT
  • Tax planning from all other income

of tax by mutual agreement of the family Planning-

What should we do for this?

  • Along with doing your own INCOME TAX RETURN FILE, do RETURN FILE of your family member too.
  • Do tax planning for your adult children.
  • By filing taxes of your elderly parents, take advantage of higher income tax slabs.
  • By will, the property is divided in such a way that the burden comes as a minimum in the form of tax on the heirs.
  • Take advantage of tax by filing return of daughter-in-law.
  • File tax by making HUF.

In this regard, we should be careful about some things.

  • Do not add the income of husband and wife together.
  • The minor is of the income of the children, so do not include it in the income of the elders. Invest it in a fund or SCHEME.

Tax planning from birth to death of a person


income tax kaise bachaye tareeke saving tips in hindi

Tax planning from job to retirement

income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi


According to the will, as per the will, the way the property is divided, do TAX PLANNING by telling it to your tax advisor. Sometimes some INCOME is such that it is TAXFREE. Eg – Agricultural Income (AGRICULTURE INCOME)

Tax planning through GIFT Gifts up to 50,000/- are TAXFREE after April, 2006. And gifts above 50,000/- will be TAXEBLE.

Tax planning from all other income

Whenever the income of the taxpayer is high, he does such planning of tax so that he can transfer his INCOME to his loved ones. Due to which his tax liability gets reduced. But some things have to be taken care of. like –

  • Transfer income without transferring assets
  • Proper planning of revocable transfers
  • Avoid transferring your income to wife/daughter-in-law/minor children
  • loan taken on bill or payment
  • Unclear bank dealings, CASH, investments and expenses

In the above point, the liability of tax will be made on the tax payer.

Apart from this, make TAX SAVING by creating a COMPANY and HUF and TRUST.

key points

  • If TDS is deducted then claim it.
  • If you buy any property, give its information.
  • Do not deal in big and cash in business, deal only through cheque.
  • If TAX / ADVANCE becomes a liability of TAX, then avoid interest by filling it in the prescribed time.
  • If you are operating a big business or company, then take care of small things like making bills and buying from bills, ACCOUNT by filing all kinds of income-expenditure, purchase-sale, receipt of investment made properly. Maintain |

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Bijli Kaise Bachaye (Save Electricity, How To Save Electricity?) essay on

This is such a big question that always comes in the mind of the end of the month when there is a small electricity bill in hand. Reducing the electricity bill is not only our need but the need of the whole world because energy in any form is misused. are not correct. Yes, if we are using natural energy like wind or solar energy then there is no concern. But we should not misuse electricity, petrol, gas and other such fuels which we get very hard and spending money.

Some tips have been written to reduce the electricity bill. By adopting these, you can reduce your electricity cost.

Bijli Kaise Bachaye

In today’s time, the budget gets shaken when the electricity bill, telephone bill comes more than expected. It feels very bad when half of the salary gets exhausted in paying these bills. It is in the hands of the consumer to reduce the electricity bill to a great extent. There is a need to wake up in time, because once the bill is paid, we forget and then at the end of the month, it comes to our mind that we had planned to reduce the electricity bill.

So always remember the line of a couplet. “Call so today, do it today, so do it now.” When will the moment become paralyzed? So take your step towards reducing the electricity bill from today itself. Here are many such ways by which you can reduce your electricity bill.

Bijli Kaise Bachaye Tips How To Save Electricity

The answers to many such questions are found on the Internet. Reducing the electricity bill is also a necessity and it is also the duty of all of us to stop the misuse of energy.

Get all electrical equipment checked:

Get all the electrical appliances in your home checked out. Sometimes these devices consume more electricity than necessary. If you catch it in time, then get those equipment repaired or buy new ones as this one-time cost can save you from paying monthly electricity bills.

Replace old equipment:

Generally we proudly say that our fridge, washing machine or TV is 20 to 25 years old and till date nothing has happened to him. But you are under an illusion that very old electrical appliances start consuming more electricity. Due to which your electricity bill can be more than double, so be sure to get the old electrical equipment checked and if possible replace them. This is a big reason for the high electricity bill coming.

Proper use of air condition:

Air condition consumes a lot of electricity. Electricity bill is very high in summer days due to air condition and cooler. Try this in the room you want to keep the temperature low. Do not let much sunlight come there. Use thick and dark colored curtains for this. And don’t keep the lights on more than necessary. This raises the temperature of the room and it takes more of the air condition to lower it. If you are able to reduce the temperature before your measure, then the air condition will consume less electricity. Which will reduce the electricity bill.

Use LED bulb:

Use LEDs instead of normal bulbs in homes, although they are a bit expensive but they are helpful in reducing your electricity bill every month, which is a huge savings. Generally this LED bulb is also bad. That’s why first of all change the bulbs of your house.

Remember to turn off the switch:

These days a person does not get the time to eat. For that, it is very important to charge devices like mobiles and laptops, but due to busyness and carelessness, mobiles and laptops are charged, but they often forget or avoid turning off the switch board. Even though they are less, but keeping this in mind, you can reduce the electricity bill.

Make sure to turn off the TV switch:

Due to the remote being in the TV, we turn it off with the remote itself and sometimes even leave the set top box on for the whole day. Also, the switch of TV is sometimes not turned off for several days. This is a very bad thing. Saving electricity is also the duty of all of us and it saves your money, so do not be careless like this. Turn off both the TV and the set top box.

Use geyser properly:

In winter or whenever we need hot water, we use geyser, geyser consumes a lot of electricity and we always leave the geyser on or go to get water after turning it on, all these are very bad habits. | Turn on the geyser five to ten minutes before taking a bath. You will get enough hot water. There is no need to keep the geyser on for hours. If it is the case that you are not getting hot water, then get your geyser checked or replaced as a failure of the geyser can increase the electricity bill by 3 to 5 times.

Use Microwave Carefully:

Do not cook small things in the microwave like heating water or boiling potatoes. Make only those things in the microwave that are good in them because microwaves consume a lot of electricity. Make sure to switch it off too and take care while keeping it on pre heat, only if necessary or else avoid pre heat.

Use less tube light and bulb:

Pay attention to wasteful expenditure. Use low volt light. Just keep the light of the room you are in, but keep enough light on while reading and watching TV so that you can do your work without any problem.

Use the press wisely too:

If you press clothes at home, take some care. Do not use unnecessary press. This will reduce your bill.

Take care of refrigerator:

Fridge is in everyone’s house and is used in all seasons. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind that it is very important to clean the fridge from time to time. And very little attention is given that due to the frozen ice in the fridge, the fridge consumes more electricity and the electricity bill comes more.

Use solar equipment:

The energy of the sun is the only energy that is easily and freely available and is available in abundance, so use its equipment, which will save energy and reduce the electricity bill.

Remove old feathers

Old fans also consume more electricity, if there is scope in them, then fix them by adding grease, otherwise, after many years, the old fans should also be replaced. When the fan makes a sound and starts spinning after a long time after turning on its switch, then understand that it needs servicing and take proper care of it and replace it if possible, this also reduces the power consumption.

There can be many other ways by which electricity bills can be reduced. Save electricity, make a country, this slogan was given by Prime Minister Modi some time back. We all have the right on the energy of the country, but we should also stop its wasteful expenditure. Often we go out of the house without turning off the fans and light switches, even when there is enough light in the day, we turn on the lights and we never turn off the electrical appliances in the class room or office because there We don’t have to pay the bills.

There is a story related to this when I was in the first year of engineering. At that time I was taught basic electricals by a faculty. He used to be very proud of the whole college. He often used to examine the students and used to give many types of punishment. Once he came to our class at the time of recess. There was no one in the class at that time. He saw ten fans of the class room running at full speed. Which none of us were aware of. When we came to the class room one by one. We have been made to stand on the bench and everyone was asked, do you know why you have been punished? But none of us had the answer. On that day and one day after that, our whole class got punished. But we didn’t know the reason. He then told us that we had left all fans on. We are all going to become engineers, so we should take care of it and stop the misuse of energy. At the same time, others should also be motivated to do this.

Now whenever I see the light, fan on for any reason without any reason, I turn it off first. Even though I do not have to pay his bill, but it is my duty to save the energy of the country.

To save electricity, parents should also teach children so that they understand and all these things come in their habit.

Today you have come to know from this blog how to save electricity and from the story you must have understood its importance that saving electricity does not mean being miserly, if we keep using fuel at this speed, then soon we will all lose. The speed with which we are developing, we have left the ground and started flying in the sky, which is taking us towards destruction.

Share this blog and inspire your friends, relatives like saving electricity. This is our duty. We all just talk about right and leave duty.

For your ease and everyone can understand quickly, therefore we write all the things in Hindi so that we can connect with you easily, this blog has also been written to explain to you the importance of electricity and other energy.

How do you like this blog? If you know anything else that we have not written, then write us in the comment box. We will place the tips given by you in our blog and will be grateful that you have helped us and other readers.

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Today in this post we will tell you about save trees, we have been hearing this since childhood that Ped Lagao Paryavaran Bachao, vriksh lagao paryavaran bachao, plant trees save the environment. Trees play a very important role in the movement of life. We need oxygen to live, and we get that oxygen only through trees. If we are alive then only because of trees because trees are the only medium through which we get oxygen. Plant trees, save the environment, plant trees, save the environment, plant trees, save the environment, we often hear such things.

list of subjects

Today, we have a strong need to save the precious resource of the natural, but we are wasting it, or we are destroying it. Our today’s essay is also on this topic – Save trees SAVE TREES. Also, we have planted trees, save trees essay in Hindi, plant trees, save the environment. Ped lagao paryavaran bachao essay in hindi.

save trees

So friends, if you want to know about save trees or save trees, want to know about the importance of trees, or want to know about save trees movements, then do not worry at all. We will give you all this information. So if you want to be aware of the important information to save trees and trees, then definitely read this article till the end.

save tree essay in hindi

Trees, given to us by God and the earth, are a priceless gift. Which we need to keep. If we have a tree, then this should be the mantra of our life. Along with us humans, many other animals which are alive due to oxygen, we get it from trees only. The gas we release from our body in exchange for the oxygen we take in is called Carbon Dioxide. This gas can pollute our environment, but the tree takes it inside and saves both us and this nature.

In this way, trees are an important source of production of Oxygen as well as consumption of Carbon Dioxide. If there were no trees in this world, it would be difficult for humans or animals to live on earth. Because we get oxygen only because of the tree. Save Trees, Save Trees Andolan This is all we are told about in schools.

We have to protect the trees to keep ourselves alive. Due to industrialization, how many trees are being cut, forests are being cleared, buildings are being built there. We have to stop all this. Similarly, if trees are cut down and buildings are made, then there will be no trees left on the earth.

Essay on Tree Conservation

Man can remain hungry and thirsty for some time but cannot live without oxygen. Trees are a very important part of our ecosystem. Trees work to maintain balance in our environment, and at the same time provide us with medicine. Save trees is not just a slogan, it is an important responsibility of all of us. Which every human living on earth should understand and believe. Many animals, including humans, animals depend on trees for their food and shelter. It is the tree that controls this environment.

Apart from giving us oxygen, the tree also performs many important functions, which we ignore. But we need to know the importance of the tree. Some of the importance of trees are as follows:

  • We get many types of wood from trees, which are used to make furniture.
  • Trees save both us and our environment from many types of pollution.
  • Trees help to clean the air around us.
  • Tree roots prevent soil erosion.
  • Trees are also helpful in preventing floods.
  • We also get many important medicines from the tree.
  • Many food items are also available to us from the tree, such as fruits, coffee, tea, oil, and also many types of almonds.

So now you must have understood that trees are an important source of many of our needy things. Now that you know it’s important, now you know how to save it. Read our next essay to know how to save trees.

How to save tree 10 Points in Hindi?

How to save trees 10 points in hindi In this we will give you some very important information.

save trees

Saving trees is very important in today’s modern world, where urbanization, industrialization and global warming are increasing very fast. We cannot cut trees like this. Because this is our only loss, if the trees are not saved then how will we live.

So understanding this, we should cut at least the tree and use it very thoughtfully to save it. How to save trees? This is a very important question, the answer to which is very simple. Some easy ways to save trees are as follows:

  • plant more trees The more trees we plant, the more we will make our environment prosperous.
  • use organic fertilizers – Chemical pesticides and fertilizers cause a lot of damage to the trees. So we should use only organic fertilizers. Due to this the quality of the soil will also be maintained and the fruits which will come on the trees will also be of quality.
  • stop felling of trees Nowadays a large number of trees are being cut due to industrialization, housing and road construction. Due to this a lot of damage is being done to the environment and the trees are dying day by day. It is very important for the environment to stop it.
  • Reduce soil pollution To save trees, we have to save the soil first. Trees get their nutrition from the soil. If we pollute the soil, then the tree itself will suffer.
  • Save paper, save trees We use paper a lot in our daily life, and paper is made only by trees. To save paper we should use it wisely, reuse it, write on both sides of the paper. These are some small things, which we have to take care of, so that we can save the trees.
  • Do not use paper napkins and paper plates Whenever we go out, we should use steel plates instead of paper plates. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.
  • Teach others about the importance of environment We should tell people about the importance of trees, how they are useful in our life. We get oxygen through trees and we also get fruits. Which is very useful for our life.
  • Reduce the use of wood We use wood for many purposes. We have to reduce it. Whenever we go to buy any furniture, then buy only an alternative to wood. In this way we can save many trees and forests from being cut.
  • Use recycled paper as much as possible We should use recycled paper. This can save thousands of trees from being cut. It is also safe for the environment. This reduces methane gas and CO₂ emissions by up to 20%.
  • Use eco-friendly things We should minimize the use of things made of paper. Instead, we should use eco-friendly things more.

How to save trees 10 Points? Or How To Save Trees 10 Points? You must have got the answer of these questions here. In Save trees essay in hindi you came to know about the importance of trees.

Plant Trees Save Trees Save Earth Essay.

Ped lagao ped bachao tree is an integral part of our life. It is not only the medium of our living, but also the medium of our food. It has many more benefits. In today’s date, big factories are being constructed at that place by cutting the forests. Houses are being built, buildings are being constructed from those woods by cutting down trees.

Cutting trees is completely wrong and it is also against our environment. If this happens, we will be in a lot of trouble. We can put the future of our future generation in danger. That’s why we don’t have to destroy the trees, but we have to think about saving them. If we are cutting trees for any of our work, then instead we should plant two more trees, so that the balance of the environment is maintained. If every person plants even one tree, then lakhs of trees will be planted. That’s why we should plant trees, so that we can use it for ourselves.

By doing this we will also save the tree and will also be able to use it. They don’t say – “Save Trees Save Life”.

Plant trees save environment save life essay.

Ped bachao tree is a priceless asset of our earth. It is because of the trees that there is greenery on the earth. We get many things from the tree, be it air, food, medicine, the tree gives us everything. The tree only knows to give and we do not give anything in return. How for our own benefit we have cut down thousands of trees and erected houses in their place.

How do we forget that if the tree is not there, then we will not be there. From trees there is the environment and from the environment there is life. How much damage is being done to our earth today due to global warming. The ice is melting and due to this there is a significant rise in sea level. The biodiversity of which we are proud, is slowly moving towards ruin.

By cutting trees, many changes are being seen in the life cycle of the earth, which is not a good sign for our earth. So many small animals are dying by cutting trees. Many animals are dying of hunger due to lack of food, and the reason for this is the cutting of trees. Due to the death of these animals, a lot of changes are also taking place in the food chain, which is not right for humans or for nature.

So therefore, we need to save trees, and we can do this by planting more and more trees. The more trees we plant, the more the environment will benefit.

This statement fits perfectly here: “Plant trees, save environment, save lives.”

Save Tree Movement.

Ped bachao ped lagao In today’s time we are forgetting its importance, because our needs are increasing. It is written in our Puranas that trees are like gods, it is our duty to protect them.

Many years ago today, many villagers came forward to save the tree and saved the trees from being cut by giving their lives. Since then, there have been several Save Trees Movements, with the aim of protecting the trees.

Some of the important Save Trees Movement of India are as follows:

bishnoi movement: This movement took place in the year 1730 in Rajasthan. This movement was led by Amrita Devi, in which about 363 Bishnoi villagers sacrificed their lives to protect their forests.

Amrita Devi who hailed from Bishnoi village could not see the destruction of her faith and the sacred trees of the village in front of her eyes and went and embraced the trees and inspired everyone to do the same.

When the soldiers tried to use an ax to cut down the trees, even then these people did not leave the trees and lost their lives.

Chipko MovementThis movement took place in the year 1973 in Uttarakhand. The movement was led by Sunderlal Bahuguna, whose aim was to protect and conserve trees.

This movement is remembered mainly because the role of women in this movement was very important. In this movement, women tied a sacred thread around the tree and embraced it.

The main reason for this movement was that due to the cutting of trees, due to industrial reasons, there was widespread flood in the area, causing great damage to the villagers.

Another reason that angered the villagers was that the government was not allowing villagers to cut forests for fuel and fodder, a sports production company that got permission on a large scale.

Apart from these save trees, there were also many movements, in which every effort was made to save trees, such as – Save Silent Valley Movement, Save Jungle Andolan.

We should also take lessons from these movements and come forward to save our trees.

Save trees slogan in Hindi.

Preserving our trees, Preserving our future.

You will be able to breathe only when you save the trees.

Trees are protectors of nature, don’t cut them and become eaters.

Mother earth calls out, children may be a thousand trees.

Human will be protected only when you protect wildlife.


So friends, hope you have liked the post, save trees and you must have learned something from these essays. And you must have also come to know that how to write on ped lagao par nibandh, you must have also known the meaning of save tree essay in hindi. And with this, you must have understood the importance of the essay on Plant trees, Save the environment, Plant trees, Save the earth. If you liked this article of ours, then do share it with your friends and if you have any question then definitely write it in comment.

If you do a job, then it is very important for you that in every month’s income, you should keep some part in your savings, but it has become very difficult during inflation, so if you are interested in saving then this blog is for you. Because in this blog you will be told about 7 best ways, so that you will be able to save some amount in your monthly income.why saving is important

Today I will tell you some such ways by which you can save more from your salary every month, for that you do not have to make huge sacrifices and in this way your lifestyle will not make any difference and save with convenience. Will go

“No one can stop you from getting rich if you spend more than you earn and invest your savings in the right way! – Charlize Manger”

Let us know 7 pro tips and tricks to increase savings every month from salary-

  1. Cost of 2 cups of tea or 2 cigarettes First of all, we will talk about why it is necessary to increase the savings. Suppose you are able to save only ₹ 30 per day, then every month you can save ₹ 900. Thus ₹900 saved every month will become a huge sum in your life in the long term and will help you when you need it the most. You can do this very easily. You can easily do this by drinking two cups of less tea or by drinking less cigarettes. The ₹900 you will save by quitting these two cups of tea or 2 cigarettes, you invest it in a good mutual fund through SIP and if you get 15% return every year, then you will have about 160000 rupees in the next 20 years. capital will be This 15% return can easily be achieved by doing SIP in any index fund like Nifty and Sensex Index Fund. Better returns can be obtained with less risk in index funds. This 1600000 rupees can help you to buy children’s education or car at that time, all this can be obtained in the cost of just two cups of tea or two cigarettes.
  2. Disciplined use of credit cards Credit cards provide you a plot of approx 40 to 45 days. That is, if you made a purchase with a credit card on the 1st of this month, then you will not have to pay any interest till the 15th of the next month. You can use the credit card according to your convenience by being disciplined. In this situation, you do not need to take a short term loan. This 40 to 45 day interest free loan can help us a lot in saving.
  3. Benefits of a good loan Many people say that loan means stay away from debt. Whereas the truth is that stay away from bad loans and definitely use good loans. For example, personal loan comes under the category of bad loan as the rate of interest can be very high i.e. 13 to 25%. Whereas home loan comes under the category of good loan, it also has low interest rate and tax saving facility is also available. Credit card comes in the category of a good loan if we use it with discipline.
  4. Better tax planning While doing tax planning, we Indians invest money in random schemes to save tax, due to which we may have to face some more loss which is not visible at the time. There are some people who do not do any tax planning and pay full tax. Whereas some exemption has also been provided by the government, due to lack of information, people forcefully give extra money in the form of tax. Like you all know about 80c that tax exemption is available on taking mutual funds, life insurance bonds, etc. Similarly, tax exemption is also available on Leave Travel Concession, many such tax exemptions have been provided by the Government of India, due to which they pay more tax due to lack of knowledge. By knowing these smart ways, we can get the benefit of tax exemption given by the government and increase our savings.
  5. Tip yourself – When we go to restaurant, we go to hotel, we give tip to driver or helper. But we never give ourselves tips. From today onwards, our advice is that whenever you do a good deed, you should give yourself a tip i.e. reward. You can submit the book which can help in increasing your savings. Whenever you spend something, at that time also you should tip yourself some rupees. You can keep this pooled fund as an emergency fund for yourself as well as invest in a good debt fund or gold ETF in an asset class with low risk.
  6. Benefit from GST claim- If you have your own business then you must have your GST number. In such a situation, do not forget to take GST invoice while buying your regular expenses like mobile laptop cooler or any machine etc. Due to all this being helpful in your business, you can claim 12 to 18% savings by claiming GST on it. That is, in this way you can get a discount of about 18%.
  7. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry Don’t go shopping whenever you are hungry. This is because when hungry, due to restlessness, buy more things and buy quickly. Which can be unnecessary and can also be expensive. In this way, go shopping only when you are not hungry.