10 Best Website Speed ​​Test Tool: How to do Website Speed ​​Test?

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As a user, you will always want the loading speed of whichever blog or website you are opening, that is, that blog will open quickly. You do not have to wait 10 sec, 15 sec to read the information given on it.

Today, users have no patience for websites with poor load speeds or performance. If your blog takes more time to load then people will go to another blog by pressing the back button from your blog.

Along with visitors, Search Engine also likes that blog whose loading time is less, so in today’s post I am going to tell you. How to increase the loading speed of BlogSpot blog.

Importance of Website Load Time

Since 2010, Google has included page load speed in its ranking algorithm. The faster your website loads, the higher will be its user experience. In 2010, Google stated that only 1% of search engine results were affected by the page speed ranking signal.

Google Webmaster Central Blog: July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

In this, Google has also made it clear, if your content is the best, then slow load time will not affect your ranking so much.

Note: The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.

Page speed is of great importance not only in search engine ranking but also in user experience.

A study has shown, 40% of web users will not go back to that website if that site takes more than 4 seconds to load. More than 47% of internet users expect a web page to load within 2 seconds.

Keeping this in mind, you have to optimize your blog in such a way that its load time is less.

Website Speed ​​Kaise Check Kare

So far we have come to know that the loading speed of our blog has to be reduced, but first of all how to check the speed of our site or how to find out what is the loading speed of our site?

There are many such tools online, such as GTmetrix, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom Tools, Web PageTest etc. With the help of which you can check the speed of your blog and gives us complete information about why the site load time is high.

PageSpeed ​​Insights:

Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool is the most popular tool to check the speed of your blog. Most bloggers must have known or used this tool.

Pagespeed Insights tool

This tool analyzes the URL of your blog, tells you how percent optimized your blog speed is for both desktop and mobile and also gives us some suggestions below to improve your page speed.

Pagespeed Insights also has a Chrome extension that you can install in your browser to check the speed of the blog.

Here, if your blog’s mobile and desktop optimization score is more than 85 (out of 100), then your blog speed is optimized well, you do not need to do much.

Pingdom Tools:

Pingdom website loading speed

Pingdom is another popular website that checks your page loading time and gives you an overview about the overall performance of your site.

Here you can see the page load time of OyePandeyji blog which is 3.54 second, it’s not so special. It tells which elements take more time to load in your page and also will give you the idea of ​​external script which takes maximum time to load.

How to Increase the Loading Speed ​​of BlogSpot Blog

There are many pugins in WordPress blog which make our work easy but Blogger is a service of Google on which we do not have fill access and it has limited features. To improve the loading speed of your BlogSpot blog, you have to follow all the tips given below thoroughly.

1: Use Fast Loading Template

The speed of your blog depends to a great extent, which Theme / Template you have used. You will find many free and paid templates on the Internet, but before using the template, you must read its review whether it is SEO friendly, fast loading, mobile friendly or not.

While creating a blog, choose a good template and use the same template for a long time, because changing the template again and again has an effect on the search engine ranking and it has many other risks.

2: Remove Unwanted Widgets

Whenever you upload a template in your Blogger blog, by default you will see many widgets like search box, archive, visitors count, tags, featured post etc in sidebar and footer. The more widgets you use, it will also affect your loading speed.

Therefore, you should use only those widgets which are more important such as recent post, popular post, social media follow button and category. I also use some such selected widgets in the sidebar in my blog, apart from this I do not use any widgets in the footer too.

3: Minimum Post on Homepage

The speed of the home page and content of the blog varies, to reduce the speed of the home page, you should keep the number of posts low. I to you 5-6 post show Would recommend to do.

To change the number of posts showing on the blogger homepage, you blogger Setting going into Post, comment and sharing Click on Post in section show at most Inside the box of you no. Assign of post.

Show number of post in Homepage

4: Compress Images

Images take a lot of bandwidth to load, due to which the loading speed of your blog decreases. You can increase the speed of the blog by 50% just by properly optimizing or compressing the images.

Must Read: Complete Guide to Image Optimization

You will find many tools online for image compression such as CompressJPEG, ImageOptimizer, compressor.io but i personally TinyPNG I use the tool. Using these tools, you can compress images up to 70-80%, but this will not affect the quality of your images.

How much should be the size (KB or MB) of the main image in the blog post?

Ideally, the lower the size of the image is good for your blog speed, but inside the blog post you can maximize the image size. 50kb Try to keep up. I put the image in my blog 25kb From 35kb I keep till

5: Avoid Too Many Ads

Too many ads can slow down your site. Generally, to show ads inside the post on blogger, you have to put AdSense Ad unit in every post, this ad unit is made of JavaScript, so the loading speed of your blog slows down if you use more ads.

6: Use Minimum CSS and JS

Use at least JavaScript and CSS on your blog, so don’t use heavy JavaScript, CSS code widgets like unnecessary popup, subscriber widget, Facebook like widget, Twitter timeline widget.

By default there are some JS and CSS files on Blogspot which you can remove if you want. If you check the speed of your blog on Google PageSpeed ​​tool, then you will get these 4 files in render-blocking elements.


You cannot remove these codes directly. If you do not know about it properly, then you can search about it on Google.

7: Compress codes

You can also improve blog speed by compressing the JavaScript, HTML, CSS code being used in your blog. An uncompressed code may be good for you to look at, but it causes the web page to load slower for users.

You HTML Compressor You can compress the code of your blog using the tool. Once the code is compressed, this site will show you how much size you have saved. This site will notify you if any changes are required in your code. To restore your compress code again, you can Code Beautifier tool can be used.

If you do not know the basic code, then do not follow the last 2 step (6 & 7).

Note: I would recommend you to increase your page load time under 3 seconds Try to keep it, but you do not need to worry much about blog speed.

Our Blog loading speed To increase it, you must follow the tips given above. Along with improving your blog speed, you will also be able to increase the bounce rate, search traffic and earning.

Hopefully after reading this post you will be able to improve blog speed. If you have any question right now then you can ask in the comment below.

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Today, through this post, you will know that Speed ​​Post Kya Hai? And In how many days does speed post reach. Speed ​​Post is a high speed postal service provided by India Post. The service, launched in 1986, provides fast delivery of parcels, letters, cards, documents and other important items. The Indian Postal Department started this service in the name of “EMS Speed ​​Post”.

list of subjects

Speed ​​Post Service or India Post not only uplifted the Indian Postal Service but also solved many problems of the consumers. Bank Document, Debit Card, Credit Card, Official Notice of Court is received by people by post only. Know how much Speed ​​Post Delivery Time is, what is Inland Speed ​​Post Meaning, its complete information in detail.

There was a time when a letter or form sent by the postal service took weeks to reach the people. The recovery from this problem started in 1986 when the Indian Postal Department started the Speed ​​Post Service. So let’s now know about Speed ​​Post Kaise Kare without delay, along with this, in this post we will also know that in how many days the registered mail reaches. So friends, to know the complete information related to Speed ​​Post, stay with us on this post till the end.

Speed ​​Post Kya Hai

Speed ​​Post is the fastest modernized postal service of India Post. It is faster and safer than Registered Post. Due to this service, it has been possible to send any post from one part of India to another part of India.It was launched with One India One Rate Scheme with very low fee with a minimum amount of just Rs.25 per rate so that the general public of India can benefit from Speed ​​Post service.

  • Inland Speed ​​Post Meaning In Hindi:- “Inland Speed ​​Post Service” means a service which seeks to deliver postal material by a particular messenger or vehicle within a specified time in respect of each city or town from time to time”.
  • Item Dispatched Meaning In Speed ​​Post In Hindi:- The item has been dispatched for delivery or the item has been issued for delivery from the post office concerned.

So this was the information related to Speed ​​Post Meaning In Hindi. If you want to know, how long does Speed ​​Post take and what are Speed ​​Post Charges, then you have been told about it further.

Speed ​​Post Kaise Kare

In the fully modern speed post service, you get the information about the delivery of the post through a message on your mobile. Cash on delivery can also be done on speed post. The Indian Post or Speed ​​Post network covers more than 1200 cities in India, with 290 Speed ​​Post National Network and 1000 Speed ​​Post Centers in the network.

Speed ​​post provides booking facility. In this, you do not even need to pay immediately, you can pay anytime within 30 days of bill generation. Consumers also get discounts on daily speed post.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to post a letter:

  1. Buy an envelope from the post office and affix the letter inside the envelope and write ‘SPEED POST’ on the top.
  2. Mention the recipient’s name, postal address and phone number on the left side of the envelope.
  3. You will also need to enter your details (name address and phone number on the right side of the envelope).
  4. Hand over the envelope to the counter staff. He will calculate the rate according to the weight and destination.
  5. The counter staff will print and attach your shipping label.

Your courier will be delivered to your destination within stipulated time. With Tracking Number, you can monitor and track the progress of your shipment at every step.

Speed ​​Post Kitne Din Me Pahuchta Hai

Speed ​​Post Me Kitna Time Lagta Hai: While it takes 7-8 days for the delivery of normal post, this work is done by speed post in 2 or 3 days only. Apart from being a fast service, it is a completely digital service. In this, you also get Speed ​​Post Tracking (Tracking Number) and Safety Assurance, so that you can rest assured to stay updated with the status of your post.

Speed ​​Post service provides time bound service. It delivers mail to any corner of India in a maximum time period of three days. This is a completely reliable service, some fee is given to the consumer as a fine in case the goods are damaged or stolen.

Friends, this was the information about what is speed post and what is inland speed post in Hindi. Let us go ahead and know what are the rules of speed post.

Speed ​​Post Track Kaise Kare

The Government of India has completely digitized it. If you want to track your speed post, then on doing speed post you get a tracking number by which you can track it.

  • First of all open the official website of Indian Postal Department.
  • Now you will see the option of Track N Trace, below that you will open a box of Consignment Number, you have to tick on it.
  • After this, you have to fill the Consignment Number in your receipt in that box.
  • Now fill the Captcha Code below, and click on the Track Now button, you will get the information about your Speed ​​Post Status.

So in this way you can get the information of your post from this tracking number, and can take advantage of the location tracking facilities.

How To Check Speed ​​Post Through SMS (Speed ​​Post Enquiry)

You can also inquire your post. For speed post inquiry, you can write your problem and speed post number in the message and send it to 51969. In 5 minutes the information related to your post will come to your phone.

Speed ​​Post Charges

Speed ​​Post is one of the leading domestic fast paced business services which is committed to dispatch Letters and Parcels up to 35 Kgs within short span of time across India. It is an affordable service that delivers up to 50 grams of goods in quantity 15 rupees across India. Presently it has become the widest network reaching all the addresses in the country.

Burden Local 200 km m. till 201 to 1000 kms. m. till 1001 to 2000 kms. m. 2000 kms m. over a distance
up to 50 grams 15 rupees 35 rupees Rs 35 Rs 35 Rs 35
51 grams to 200 grams 25 rupees Rs 35 40 rupees 60 rupees 70 rupees
From 201 grams to 500 grams 30 rupees 50 rupees 60 rupees 80 rupees 90 rupees
more than 500 grams or at extra load 10 rupees 15 rupees 30 rupees 40 rupees 50 rupees


Friends, I hope you liked our article Speed ​​Post Kya Hai and Speed ​​Post Kaise Karen and also got useful information about Speed ​​Post. You must share this information with your family and friends. For any type of question or suggestion related to Speed ​​Post, you can comment us. Thank you for reading our article till the end.

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