friends are you want to convert any text to voice do you want to know What is text-to-speech? And how we can hear a text in our male or female voice. So you must read today’s article because after reading this article till the end, you will get to know the easy way to convert any text into voice.

Due to the change in technology in this era of internet, today new features are being given by mobile companies in smartphones. By using which we are saving both our time and energy. Friends, often we like to listen more than to read something. Because we prefer to listen rather than read a story. Because the human brain remembers the thing heard by the ears for a long time as well as listening carefully.

Just like when we read the information given in a story or an article online on the Internet. So we would rather listen to him than read. Friends, so in today’s article here we are going to tell such a way. By which you only have to copy and paste any text in Hindi or English language. And by doing this you can listen to that text in any language Hindi or English. Friends, without wasting time let’s know how we can convert any text into voice?

First of all you have to install application named TTS Reader from play store. This is very less MB application, which is very easy to use.

After the app is installed, open this app.

After opening, you will come to the home screen of this app. Now here we have to do some settings before converting any text to voice.

First click on the top menu.

Now many options are available here, you tap on download language.

Now many languages ​​are present here, you can select Hindi language and download it. And the Hindi language file is about 20 MB, download it.

Now in the next step, tap on the top and select the language. With which you can listen to any text in male/female voice.

Now scrolling down, there are many options here, you select that language. The language in which you want to type or paste the text. If you want to convert Hindi text to voice, then you can select any option from Male/Female.

Now you have to type Hindi text, you can copy the Hindi paragraph from whatsapp or any other app. TTS reader app can paste in.

tts reader After typing or pasting any text in it, tap on the play button below. And now you will be able to listen to this text easily in Hindi language.

Note:- Friends, always keep in mind that in whichever language you type or paste text, you have to use the same language. The language also has to be set.

Friends, in this way you can easily can convert text to voice. This app has many foreign languages ​​including Bengali, Chinese, Nepali, etc. We have to type or paste that text in the language in which we want to listen to any text of our choice.

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Whether you are blogging or want to copy photos from google for some other purpose, then many times you get to see text in those photos, due to which there is a hindrance in our working process, so this is the only thing in your mind. The question will be that how can the text be removed from the photos and in this article we are going to know about this topic.

In this article, we are going to know basically how you can easily remove text from photos so that you can use those photos.

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How to remove text from photo

Let’s first see how you can copy text from photo in your Android smartphone, keep in mind that the application that I am telling you here for download, you will be able to use that application in iPhone also i.e. i. In the phone too, you will find the same application on the App Store as well.

1. Install keep app from google play store

First of all, you have to go to the Play Store and search for the application named Google Keep, as soon as you will accompany the application, the application will appear in front of you in the screenshot as shown below.

This is an official application made by Google, here you can collect notes, although there will be an application for writing notes in your smartphone too, but you will not get as many features of the Google Keep application.

How to remove text from photo

2. Add a photo with text to the app

In the second state, as soon as you open this application, here you will get an option of image below from where you can add image because you have to copy text from photo, then from here you have to first import the photo whose text in the application you want to copy.

Keep in mind that if you want to copy text from PDF, then you take a screenshot of that PDF and after taking the screenshot, import it as a photo in this application.

If you do not have a Google account in your smart phone, then you will not be able to use this application because as soon as you start the application, you will have the option to login with Google account, you have to login first.

How to remove text from photo

3. Select the photo from which you want to remove the text

As soon as you click on the icon of the image, then the box of edimage will appear in front of you, here you will get two options, first take photo and second choose photo.

If you have a front view, whose photo you want to copy its text by capturing, then you can take a photo of the front scene using Take Photo.

If you have a photo in your gallery whose text you want to copy, then click on the button of select photo and import that photo.

From here, as soon as you click on the option of select image, then the gallery or storage of your mobile will open in front of you, from where you can select that photo.

How to remove text from photo

4. Click on 3 Dot

When that photo will open in front of you, then you have to click on that photo, when you click on the photo, you will see 3dot in the corner as shown below, you have to click on these three dots.

How to remove text from photo

5. Click on Grab Image Text

From here, as soon as you click on the free dot, you will see an option where it will be written Grab Image Text, you have to click on this option as I have shown in the screenshot below.

How to remove text from photo

6. Text will appear below the photo while texting the grab image

As soon as you click on the Grab Image Text, all the text in your image will appear in the form of fonts below the image.

How to remove text from photo

I hope that you have understood the whole process of copying text from image in Android mobile, now let us see how if you want to copy a text from photo in computer or laptop then how to do it.

How to Copy Text from Photo

In computer or laptop you will get an application named OneNote, if your computer or laptop does not have this application then you will have to install Microsoft bundle inside which this application is found.

1. Install OneNote software on your computer

First of all you have to open OneNote application when you will open OneNote application then some processing will start it will take 1 to 2 minutes if you are opening it for the first time then it may take more time.

How to Copy Text from Photo

2. Create Notebook

When OneNote application will open in front of you, then you have to press CTRL + N, or you can also take a new document if you want, the screen will open in front of you as shown below, here you have to write the name of the note book and below the button of Create Notebook Have to click on.

How to Copy Text from Photo

3. Now select the photo from your storage

You can see how I’ve selected a photo by clicking the Pictures button below.

When the dashboard of 1 note will open in front of you, then the screen will be blank there, you have to go to the New Years Insert tab and click on the option of Picture.

After clicking on the picture option, the storage of your computer or laptop will open, from there you can select your photo from where you want to copy the text.

How to Copy Text from Photo

4. Click on Copy Text From Image button

After this, your image will appear on the screen in front of you, by right clicking on the image, you have to click on the button of copy text from image.

How to Copy Text from Photo

5. After this the text of the photo will be copied

As soon as you click on the copy text from image button, the text of your image will be copied in front of you, but you have to keep in mind that you have to paste this test somewhere, when you paste this test somewhere, then in front of you Text will appear.

When you click on the button of copy text from image, it is copied to your clipboard, after that you can paste this text anywhere by CTRL + V.

How to Copy Text from Photo

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Even if you use an iPhone, you have to download the above-mentioned application, there is an application for the iPhone also called Google Keep, which you will be able to download easily from the App Store found on your iPhone and the whole process is the same. .


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WhatsApp is the world famous Instant Messaging App, with the help of which we can make free audio and video calls today. And with this, you can use all the features of WhatsApp. Recently according to the new update of WhatsApp, we can send our own photo on WhatsApp as Sticker. We keep on giving information about new features of WhatsApp in this site continuously, but in today’s article we will know how to send blank text on WhatsApp. Think! How fun it will be when we send a message to a person but some text is not written in it. Sending Blank Message on WhatsApp is very easy let’s know without wasting time how we can send Blank Text to any person in WhatsApp.

STEP 1. First of all we have to open Play Store and download the application named Empty TEXT App here.

STEP 2. After the app is installed, we have to open this app as you can see in the screenshot.

STEP 3. Now we have to tap on Copy. In this way Blank Text has been copied. Now we have to open that Chat to send Blank Text on WhatsApp. To whom we want to send Blank Text.

STEP 4. Now we have to paste and send Blank Text on the Message Box.

In this way, not only you can send and paste Message Blank Text anywhere on WhatsApp.

Let us tell you a bonus trick which is from WHATSAPP and it can be very useful for you.

How to know who has read your message in WhatsApp Group?

Today WhatsApp Group is a simple and fast way to get your point across to all the people. With the help of WhatsApp App, we can add 256 members to a group. Many times we have to give any information in WhatsApp group and in this situation how can we find out who has reached the information given by us? If you also want to know that what you sent in WhatsApp group Who has read the message and who has not, then read this article carefully because below we are giving you the complete information to find out who has read your message in the WhatsApp group.

STEP 1. First of all, open the WhatsApp group in which you want to send a message.

STEP 2. After sending the message, we have to long tap on that message for a few seconds, now we have to tap on the 3 point in the top right side.

STEP 3. Here you tap on this option named Group Info, after that you will see the names or numbers of all those group members who have read your message.

what have you learned?

In this article you learned that how we can send blank text to any person on WhatsApp. With that, you learned that who has read the message sent by you in the WhatsApp group. If you have any question related to this article, then definitely tell us by commenting, we will try to answer your questions soon.