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What is Positivity Meaning Importance and Essay

Positivity is a kind of thinking that resides on the heart, mind and mind of a person, there can be no proper definition of this thinking, but if we tell the meaning of positivity here, then it will be such thinking that due to which the mind, heart and mind of any person But no weight will be felt, this thinking cannot be defined but can be felt, if you are in any dilemma and have fallen from many types of ideologies, then only those thoughts will be positive for you, which will be positive for you in your mind, heart and soul. Will give peace to the mind.

benefits of positive thinking

In the most difficult times, if a person keeps positive thinking in himself, then he gets many benefits, these benefits can be both psychological and physical.

psychological benefits

Due to positive thinking, a person’s heart and mind remain calm, he remains happy, he remains satisfied, due to which the people around him are also happy with him and such a person never gets disappointed, he is not sad.

physical benefits

Psychologically, if a person is healthy and happy, then such a person does not have any kind of disease, then the way positive thinking calms the heart and mind of the person, in the same way keeps the body of the person healthy. .

Positive thinking is a power, a weapon, which God has given us. By using this we can win the biggest battle. We face many kinds of problems in life, there is no one in whose life there is no problem. Every person has trouble, but not every person seems to be upset, crying. Even in times of trouble, those who keep control in their thinking, they are able to fight with it and succeed. There are 2 types of thoughts in the human mind, positive and negative.

Positive thoughts come from God, whereas negative thinking It’s the work of the devil. Believe it or not, but just as there is God in this world, so is the evil power. Bringing wrong thoughts in the mind, bad thinking about oneself only gives this demonic power. Who is such a person who would like to do or think bad for himself and his people? But Satan is like this, he wants, the thinking of man should go according to him, so he will put everything which is not for our good, in our mind.

how to create positive thinking

It is said that only people with positive thinking can be successful in life. The thoughts of your mind come in front of everyone through your nature. Everyone likes to be around positive thinkers. For positive thinking, as soon as you wake up in the morning, stand in front of the mirror and follow this process –

  1. smile
  2. today is my day
  3. I know, I am in the best place today.
  4. I know, I’m the winner.
  5. I am responsible for myself.
  6. I can choose my own destiny.
  7. I know I can do this, and I definitely can.
  8. God is always with me.

You are thinking, what will change by doing this, my problem will not be fixed like this. But you have faith and follow this process. It is said that there is a lot of power in words, if you speak positive then it will be the same, because positive rays will come around us. As much as possible, speak positively on your situation.

5 Steps to a Happy Life with Positive Attitude –

1. Believe that happiness is a choice, which you can choose for yourself.
2. Stay away from negative life.
3. Find positive things in every situation.
4. Strengthen the positivity inside you.
5. Share happiness with others.

Some other powerful things for positive thinking –

Think positive –

As our thinking remains, we will behave like that, and if we think good then it will be good, and if we think bad then we will think bad. Everything has two sides, one good and one bad. You must be thinking that all these things are only to be said, only one can understand the condition of a person, on which it passes. Yes it is true, but you have to fight your own battle. Just as someone will say half a glass full of water is half full, someone will say that it is half empty. The situation is the same, just the way of looking at it and thinking is different.

Play a game – You are in a very difficult situation in life, where you don’t see anything good going forward. But in this situation you have to find a good, a good, take it as a challenge. Even in a bad situation, think what is the blessing of God, what good is happening at this time. It will feel difficult in the beginning, but gradually it will become your habit.

Change your attitude

, Our happiness or sorrow is not related to our troubles, it is decided by the way we look at it. There are many such people in the world, who will be in difficult situation of life, but still they will always keep smiling. And there will be many such people who will have everything, even if they have got the biggest victory of their life, they will still be upset. You have to decide how you see your life.

Limit your complaints –

Don’t complain about anything, don’t be irritable. Do not curse God, or any human being or your luck in a bad situation, rather look at the other side of that situation.

  • For example, if you have lost your job, then think that the work which was not being completed due to your job till now, you will be able to do that now, you have a lot of time now, for your family. You should also think that God has thought of a better job for you than this, you just have to wait for it.
  • If you get into a fight with someone, the person in front tells you a lot, then think about how much he cares for you. If someone does not care about anyone, then he will not even say anything considering him as his own. This will also give you peace.

Don’t focus on the good

When we focus on our problems, we give them a chance to claim their rights in our lives. Do not pay attention to the problem, try to focus your attention on the other side. By focusing on the problem, you will not be able to change your situation even 1% by being upset. This will make a difference on your health and your thinking.

Make a list

Make a list for yourself, write down all the things that make you happy, peaceful. As soon as there is turmoil in your mind, negative things come, you choose one thing from that list and do it. The one who gets instant peace, happiness from the talk, keep it at the top. As the first thing I pray in such a situation, I spend time alone with God. I listen to songs, play with children. Make a list in the same way.

Motivate –

Helping a person also brings positivity in us. If someone is upset around you, then encourage him, tell him the good things of life. Apart from this, if someone needs anything, then help him.

always laugh

do the exercise


Listen to good songs, read books as well as read precious words of positive positive.

Talk as much as possible with positive people, tell them your problems, try to adopt their thinking.

Many times it happens that after listening to positive things, after reading them, we feel good immediately, but as we get busy in our life, forgetting these things and go back to bad thoughts. To avoid this, remember the above mentioned things as much as possible and try to bring them into your life. You should put posters, notes of positive things in your room, on the mirror bathroom door, on the washbasan. These things will be in front of you as soon as you wake up. Due to which the day will start with positivity.

Positive Thoughts Quotes become the mirror of life, sometimes even unknowingly a person makes a mistake at that time. good thought They act as mirrors and introduce reality.

Good thoughts and precious words on positive thinking (Suvichar Positive Thoughts quotes)

  • Suvichar 1

    The filth of the mind does not hide from God, so religious rituals are useless.

  • The behavior of a person of lesser status than you is the truth of your life.
  • Those who shy away from talking face to face on controversial issues have four in their mind.
  • The places to live are those where your mind remains at peace.
  • The brightness of the mind is much greater than the brightness of the body.
  • Those who are true lovers are not afraid to bow down, they are afraid of bowing down.
  • True worship is to accept it by making a mistake, but it is foolish to make it a daily habit.
  • Forgiveness is the biggest victory of life.
  • Even a small child can sense the show of love.
  • The discontented cannot find happiness even in heaven.
  • He who declares his own merits on his own is the greatest demerit.
  • Those who do not accept their mistakes, the hope of improving them is in vain.
  • Human beings are made by religion, it is not the duty of a person that he can make religion.
  • Religious ostentation takes away from humanity.
  • Those who cut others’ paths often proceed in a circular path.
  • It is believed that sorrow hurts but it is this which teaches the importance of happiness.

shayari on positive thinking Poem

The answer to every pain is destiny,

O man! don’t you grieve

Because you are the cause of all your sorrows.

If only the karma is curbed,

Cause it’s karma that will decide

The journey of your life.

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what is negative thinking, essay, meaning, poetry, poetry, article, how it is, loss, why it comes, identity, symptoms, relief, liberation, change in positive thinking [Negativity Kaise Door karen in Hindi] (Symptoms, Quotes, Removal Mantra)

My experiences which I have written in this article will help you to get rid of negative thinking so that others like me can free themselves from negative thinking.

In today’s time, negative thinking surrounds life and it hinders life progress. Man is getting entangled in the web of jealousy, hatred, and all these feelings are a hindrance in the progress of man. Human beings are constantly ending the golden moments of life on their own in this kind of thinking. If you yourself are suffering from such negative feelings or you are seeing such feelings in your friend or relative, then you can try the following methods.

How to End Negativity

essay on negative thinking, Article

What are negative thoughts

Before converting negative thinking into positive thinking, you need to know what is negative thinking. Let us tell you that when you make such an impression about someone that you only see bad in him. So this thinking is called negative thinking. Because it is not limited to just one person. You will think of this for every person whom you do not like or like less at some point.

how negative thinking is formed

When you see things around you that make you jealous. That’s where negative thinking starts to form. Negativity starts to arise in your mind towards that thing or that person. That is, you start thinking badly about him. If you do not control it, then slowly it turns into hatred.

identification of negative thoughts

If you want to understand that you have negative thoughts in you, how can it be identified. So for this, first of all you should understand the thoughts (negativity) and know what kind of feelings are coming in your mind. Then let him know whether it is a wrong idea or a right one. And don’t hesitate to accept it. You can make this comparison by staying confined to yourself. You don’t need anyone other than yourself to get away from negative feelings.

Symptoms of Negative Thinking

The symptoms of negative thinking can be as follows –

  • always underestimating or overestimating oneself
  • always finding fault in others
  • Always consider yourself humiliated as if no one has asked you for food during the program in the house, many such expressions when you feel that you are not getting respect.
  • Every person has some or the other shortcomings, but sitting in his heart and mind and looking at himself with an inferiority complex is also a negative emotion.
  • Being dissatisfied means not having attachment to your life, your work and always thinking this wrong.
  • Being unhappy over small things and causing pain to yourself and others.
  • Before doing any work, instead of looking at the positive side of it, first look at the negative side.
  • Finding evil in any object that has come to the fore such as food or clothing etc.

There can be many other reasons which make a person a slave of negative life. According to all the points written above, observe your life whether you are also suffering from negative feelings?

why negative thoughts

Negative thinking is not a thing nowadays, it has been going on since the time of Baba Adam. But now scientists have done research on why negative thinking comes. So let us tell you that when you think about something, your mind keeps that thing safe. That nothing is going to harm you from this thing. But when something bad happens or something bad happens. So our brain becomes active that is because the brain feels that it is harmful for their body. That’s why negative thoughts start taking home in his mind.

negative thinking damage

The biggest damage caused by negative thinking falls on your life. Due to negative thinking, you start considering your life as a curse given by God. But you should not think like this, because if you will spend the life given by God in negative thinking. Then you will never get life again.

who are negative thinking people

They are people with negative thinking. Those who never see the good in anyone. They are always looking for everyone’s flaws. Even if there is a million goodness in him. But if there is a flaw in them, then the person with negative thinking sees it as a flaw.

basic mantra to change negative thinking

Give the right direction to your life, accept the shortcomings inside you and help yourself. It has also been written in the Puranas that man is first responsible for himself, our first duty is towards himself. It doesn’t mean that we should become selfish but unless you love yourself you can’t keep anyone happy. No one’s life is normal, but the negative thinking of a person is responsible for his miseries. Conflicts are an integral part of life. If you take it as a burden and sorrow, then this beautiful life given by God will look like a curse. Therefore, it is necessary to look within yourself and remove your troubles.

How to End Negativity

Simple ways have been written for how to get rid of negative thinking in life, which you can easily incorporate in life with your daily routine. But for this you have to wake yourself up as well as accept that your thinking is negative, which is not a big deal. Nowadays, due to increasing distance in families with crime and cheating, negativity is increasing. This can be got rid of by adopting the following measures –

early morning

Start the day with a happy mind, for which you get up early in the morning. At that time of the environment, when the sun is towards the east and the sky is resonant with the sound of birds, then walk out of the house barefoot on the grass and remember the happy moments of life.

Meditate on God for a moment

Although no one believes in this in today’s time, but you can do this only to make your mind focused. Spirituality is also a form of science, it is not very much, but by giving 5 minutes of the day in the worship of God, enthusiasm comes in the life of the person. Because we knowingly or unknowingly hand over all our troubles to God, due to which we experience self-peace.

Make exercise or yoga a part of life

Exercise or yoga is not always useful for physical health, it also leads to mental development. Walking 30 minutes a day, doing pranayama, doing yoga and giving one hour of the day to your body in places like gym should be mandatory, this creates positive feelings in life. The mood remains happy, mental satisfaction remains.

pay attention

Throughout the day, sit in the posture of meditation for 15 minutes, in which the forefinger and thumb of your hand are connected and the wrist of the hand is placed on the knees. And sitting in Sukhasana i.e. slung palti. Sitting in this posture, chant Om with long breaths.

do not eat meat or eat less

People who eat meat become furious and diabolical minded like wild animals. Our human body is not made to digest this type of food, if we eat this type of food in large quantity then it is natural for our thoughts to come with negativity. If you like to eat meat, then take it occasionally, which will satisfy your mind and its side effects will also be less.

don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol also gives rise to negative thoughts, due to its daily use, man starts behaving like an animal, his control over his senses starts ending. Therefore, do not or at least use alcohol / alcohol.

eat sattvic food

Food is responsible for human thoughts. If we eat light sattvik food without garlic, onion, then we feel lighter and it also affects our thoughts. Sattvic food gives positive direction to human thinking.

get used to laughing

This is a kind of therapy, laughing out loud for 5 to 10 minutes daily without any reason. This makes the mood happy. Blood pressure remains under control and there is positivity in thoughts. Don’t look for any chance to laugh, just laugh out loud, it will automatically become your habit.

spend time with kids

Children are very cute, if you have any children in your house, then play with them, talk, answer their questions and listen to their point of view, understand them. Then you will realize how nave there is in the world. If there are no children in the house, then make friends with the children of the colony and meet them. No matter what anyone says, do whatever you want to do for your happiness.

make friends

Usually girls leave their friends after getting married and because of this they become very lonely and indifferent, so people of all ages should make their own circle. As we age, spending time with friends should be a part of life, doing good things.

Television, don’t let newspaper news sit in your mind

Crime is increasing day by day, about which we read day and night in TV shows, news channels and newspapers. Those news are being shown or read only to make you alert, which is necessary but these things increase negativity. The feeling of doubt starts increasing in a person, so it is okay to be alert, but it is wrong to keep all those things in mind, it ends the happiness of life. That’s why elders always say that whatever has to happen will happen, have faith in God. Hearing this, today’s generation laughs but it is many times better than always being under stress.

change negative thinking into positive thinking

  • Just like a coin has two sides, every situation also has two sides.
  • You have what you are, if you are fat, thin or physically there is any deficiency in you, then accept it with love. Don’t always think about him, not everyone gets everything in life that you have, many do not have it.
  • Know and enhance your quality. Make hobby one thing other than job and regular work and give time to it every day. This will make you love yourself and there will be a change in negative thinking.
  • Do not always depend on anything to pass the time, do something new everyday. Find a way to be happy with yourself.
  • Enjoy wholeheartedly in party or family function with everyone, do not miss anything, be happy with those who are happy, if negative feelings come, then at the same time take a deep breath and say in your mind, go to hell and go back to your work or Get involved in the enjoyment.
  • If there is a chance to do some new work in front of you, then do not think about the negative part of it, always do any work with a positive attitude.
  • Do not feel lonely or sad because if you want a sense of sympathy for yourself, then this is the biggest negative quality. It is a good thing to adapt according to the situation, but it is not right to be sad for it all the time. Keep yourself away from such thinking, explain yourself because it is a darkness, there is a life of peace outside it, so do not let such feelings come in your mind. Always make yourself strong and courageous and remind yourself that you are very strong.
  • Never compare yourself to those richer than you, while always comparing yourself to those who are less than you, this will make it easier for you to understand every aspect of life. And you will say thanks to God that what you have are many, at that time you will not have any problem with yourself.
  • Negativity is not a disease, it is a feeling on which Saiyam can be built on its own, just need to understand yourself.
  • A person also becomes angry due to negative thoughts. Therefore, before reacting to any action, think for two minutes and then answer, by doing this you will feel peace in yourself.

All the points mentioned above were about the changes to be made in your nature which you can bring slowly in yourself. And you can remove yourself from negativity.

I have written this article on the basis of my experience, I myself was in the circle of very negative thinking due to some personal reasons and used to fight with all the people of the house every day, but when I started doing the above mentioned points slowly in myself. Today in the same circumstances, I consider myself happy and satisfied.

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