Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi income tax whose name any person is afraid of. The person wants to save it, or does not want to fill it. While this thinking is very wrong, when we do any work with complete planning, then its effect is positive. In the same way, we should follow the same thing on Income Tax. Just as it is the duty of every person to pay tax, in the same way it is the right of every person to plan for tax while staying within the purview of the law.

Ways to save income tax Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi

In income tax, where tax is to be paid on income, there is some income which is also tax free. Just as a person always keeps a part of his income as his savings, that savings will be useful in future, in his bad times. In the same way, by filling it with income tax planning, we can take many benefits from it in future.

The main five sources of income have been mentioned in Income Tax –

  2. Income from House Property (INCOME FROM HOUSE PROPERTY)
  3. Income from Business and Profession (PROFITS AND GAINS OF BUSINESS OR PROFESSION )
  5. Income from other sources ( INCOME FROMOTHER SOURCES)

These five incomes include all the sources of income in themselves. This all income avoidance provision is present in income tax. For example, by making savings schemes, trusts, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), distribution of family income, through gifts, earning maximum tax free income. By including all such income in our income, we can reduce our tax liability. Tax planning is a very detailed subject, for which we should take the help of an accountant to a chartered accountant (CA) and a lawyer and planning should be done keeping in mind the specifics told by them.

  • How much income is tax free?
  • How is tax planning done?
  • How to take advantage of tax free income?

How much income is tax free?

We should first know that how much income is tax free. There is a limit fixed in income tax, till that there is no tax on income. This limit is pre-determined by each person. As soon as we cross that income, we have to pay tax to the government at different rates. We have presented this further through the chart.

Tax Slab Financial Year (FY)2015 – 16 Assessment Year(AY) 2017-18

income limit female/male senior citizen senior citizen
(whose age is less than 60 years.) (Age above 60 years but below 80 years) (whose age is more than 80 years)
2,50,000/- Rs. NIL NIL NIL
2,50,001 Rs.-500,000 Rs. 10% 10% NIL
500,001 Rs. – 10,00,000 Rs. 20% 20% 20%
10,00,000 Rs. more than 30% 30% 30%

How is tax planning done?

Just as the tax rate on income after deductible income is fixed in INCOME TAX ACT, in the same way the provision for investment in tax planning is present in SECTION 80 C – SECTION 80 U. The main among them are mentioned below –

In INCOME TAX ACT, investments can be made from 1 LAKH to 1.5 LAKH in SECTION 80 C, 80CCC, 80CCD.


  • National Saving Certificate (NSC SCHEME)

Similarly, in SECTION 80 D, exemption of 20000/- has been given to MEDICLAIM PREMIUM which is self, husband and wife, child (who is dependent on parents) and 30000/- to senior citizen. All these and many other investments are there in income tax, whose exemption we get while doing INCOME TAX RETURN FILE.

Other methods of tax planning

  • Tax planning by mutual agreement of family
  • Tax planning from birth to death of a person
  • Tax planning through GIFT
  • Tax planning from all other income

of tax by mutual agreement of the family Planning-

What should we do for this?

  • Along with doing your own INCOME TAX RETURN FILE, do RETURN FILE of your family member too.
  • Do tax planning for your adult children.
  • By filing taxes of your elderly parents, take advantage of higher income tax slabs.
  • By will, the property is divided in such a way that the burden comes as a minimum in the form of tax on the heirs.
  • Take advantage of tax by filing return of daughter-in-law.
  • File tax by making HUF.

In this regard, we should be careful about some things.

  • Do not add the income of husband and wife together.
  • The minor is of the income of the children, so do not include it in the income of the elders. Invest it in a fund or SCHEME.

Tax planning from birth to death of a person


income tax kaise bachaye tareeke saving tips in hindi

Tax planning from job to retirement

income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi


According to the will, as per the will, the way the property is divided, do TAX PLANNING by telling it to your tax advisor. Sometimes some INCOME is such that it is TAXFREE. Eg – Agricultural Income (AGRICULTURE INCOME)

Tax planning through GIFT Gifts up to 50,000/- are TAXFREE after April, 2006. And gifts above 50,000/- will be TAXEBLE.

Tax planning from all other income

Whenever the income of the taxpayer is high, he does such planning of tax so that he can transfer his INCOME to his loved ones. Due to which his tax liability gets reduced. But some things have to be taken care of. like –

  • Transfer income without transferring assets
  • Proper planning of revocable transfers
  • Avoid transferring your income to wife/daughter-in-law/minor children
  • loan taken on bill or payment
  • Unclear bank dealings, CASH, investments and expenses

In the above point, the liability of tax will be made on the tax payer.

Apart from this, make TAX SAVING by creating a COMPANY and HUF and TRUST.

key points

  • If TDS is deducted then claim it.
  • If you buy any property, give its information.
  • Do not deal in big and cash in business, deal only through cheque.
  • If TAX / ADVANCE becomes a liability of TAX, then avoid interest by filling it in the prescribed time.
  • If you are operating a big business or company, then take care of small things like making bills and buying from bills, ACCOUNT by filing all kinds of income-expenditure, purchase-sale, receipt of investment made properly. Maintain |

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Basic Vastu Tips For Home in hindi

Home is the place for a person where he seeks good memories while living comfortably with the family. Home is essential for our living, the growth of our mental space and our identity, every part of our life is deeply connected with home. That’s why we pay special attention to home design, decoration and maintenance. Vastu means abode or house, Vastu Shastra is a science to perfectly accommodate the five elements- earth, water, fire, air and sky. Vastu Shastra for the house depends on different energies such as solar energy, lunar energy, wind energy, light energy and magnetic energy etc. If the house is constructed keeping these energies in mind according to Vastu Shastra, then happiness, peace and prosperity will always remain in the house and if the house is built against Vastu Shastra, then the atmosphere of tension and unrest will remain in the house. essay on solar energy Read here.

vastu tips

Importance of Vastu in House Construction

Vastu eliminates the negativity while increasing the positivity, so whenever you think about the construction of your house, first of all you imagine a house where your family is safe and happy. Also, to be protected from any kind of negative forces, hence the importance of Vastu becomes immense. If we do not follow Vastu while constructing a house, then many problems can happen with us, some of which are described below –

social loss ,

Loss of respect in the society, troubles in legal matters or other kinds of troubles will always remain.

Monetary trouble:

Business loss and bankruptcy can also happen due to Vastu Dosha.

medical crisis ,

Various types of Vastu defects prevention of diseases The family members are surrounded in this, along with many types of fatal diseases, the family may also have to bear the sting of untimely death.

Basic Vastu Tips For Home in Hindi

According to experts, there is a scientific logic behind every Vastu guideline which aims to provide an organized and comfortable life to all. Whether we believe it or not, Vastu has an effect, we can bring a lot of peace in our life by bringing some changes in the house. Following are some of the major basic principles of Vastu for home-

  • If you are planning to buy a plot for the house, then first of all make sure whether the land is in the south and west direction, because the land in this direction is considered more beneficial than the land of other directions.
  • The land should be in square or rectangular shape with its inclination towards north and east or north-east.
  • A house which has mango, banana, pomegranate, ashoka, coconut, champa jasmine and sandalwood tree is considered auspicious.
  • Whenever you think about the construction work of the house, keep in mind that there should not be much open or empty space in the south and west direction of the house, and more space should be kept in the north and east direction than other directions. Needed.
  • The height of the first floor of the house should not be more than the ground floor and there should not be any store house on the first floor.
  • The entrance of the house should be in North-East or North and East direction. The entrance door means the main door of the house should be bigger than the doors of other rooms of the house and the door of the main door of the house should always open inwards, due to this positive energy enters the house. There should not be a temple in front of the entrance or dustbin should be kept, there should not be any kind of obstruction in front of the main door. Lighting should be good, it will bring good luck, prosperity and harmony in the house.
  • There should never be a toilet, ladder, beam or wall in the middle of the house, this part should be free from any kind of obstructions. house cleaning tips Read here.
  • For the size of the door, its width should be half the length of the door.
  • War, violence or sorrow, struggle, any kind of picture depicting negativity should not be kept in the house.
  • The living room in the house should be in North, East and Northeast direction. Heavy items like beds, cupboards should be in South, South West and West direction. The sleeping bed should not be placed in the very middle of the room, doing so promotes Vastu defects, one should try to avoid such room decoration. In the bedroom, one should sleep with the head towards the south or east direction. This leads to deep and sound sleep. Also life is long. There should be no window towards the head.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the bedroom of the house should be located in the South-West or South and West. Mirror should not be kept in the sleeping room and it should be kept away from the bed. Further, if you already have a mirror in the bedroom, then put a curtain on the mirror while sleeping. According to Vastu, there is a risk of diseases and separation in relationships.
  • Holy Ganga water should be kept in the house, it increases the flow of positive energy, and it is considered auspicious to use the symbols of Swastika at the main gate of the house. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the house, as well as to maintain peace and happiness in the house, Navagraha and Ganesh worship should be done once in 3 years, which removes the Vastu defects of the house.
  • The kitchen should be located in the south-east, which is also called the angle of fire in the scriptures. The door of toilet and bathroom should not be in front of the door of the kitchen, it is considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra. Never keep medicines in the kitchen as the kitchen signifies health and well-being and medicine indicates illness.
  • The house of worship should always be located in the east direction or north direction or northeast direction of the house. One should face east while worshiping. The height of the idols kept in the puja room should not be more than 9 cm and not less than 2 cm. The worship room should never be made on the wall attached to the wall of the bedroom or bathroom.
  • The study room should be designed in such a way that whenever you study, your face should always be towards North or East. There should be proper lighting in the study room. This room should have the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati. Also a pendulum clock should be on the north wall of the room. The windows should be bigger in the east direction.
  • There should be a name board outside the door, it shows the ownership of the house, it brings positivity.

In this way, by adopting all these Vastu tips, you too can lead a happy life.

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Everyone is using microwave today and we can say that it will also become a basic need of people in the coming time, but maybe many people are using it for the first time, so before using it, you should know this. It is very important that what is the right way to clean it and with that you should know how to use it, so in this article we are going to cover this topic, so to know this, definitely read the article till the end. 

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How to Use Microwave Oven

Some things have to be taken care of in order to use it. It is being described here.

  • First of all read carefully all the safety related things given in your microwave oven in its guide manual.
  • After this, put the plug of your microwave oven in the socket. Note that there is no more plug in the socket at this time. Because there may also be a fear of voltage outage due to excessive plugging.
  • If the plug is of 15 watts, then it is correct to put it in a 15 watt socket.
  • After this the timing needs to be set in the microwave oven. You set its timing according to your dish. If your microwave oven has a screen display, then with the help of this or with the help of numbert pad, set its timing in minutes,
  • In new machines, you can also find a button written ‘Cook’. You may need to press this button to cook food in the oven.
  • In the beginning, with its help, make only such things, which can be made easily. For example, you can cook potatoes in the beginning to understand its working style. If you are cooking one or two potatoes, set the microwave oven temperature and time accordingly.
  • After that learn to heat coffee etc. with its help. With its help, you will get an idea of ​​how to heat the food with this machine.
  • Similarly, slowly you should start making such dishes, which you are capable of making.

Microwave Oven Working Process

It is very important to know its working style for cooking in it. Here a brief description of its working style is being given.

  • The temperature that is prepared in this goes to the very inside of the food, whereas the temperature created on the ordinary stove remains on the surface of the cooking vessel.
  • Usually, such food is not cooked in it, in which the amount of water is less. Therefore, make such things in it, in which there is a plurality of liquids.
  • Its texture is such that the temperature prepared in it does not come out in any case and at the same time the time is also set. Because of this there is no fear of getting burnt.

How to Clean Microwave Oven

It is very important to take care of its cleanliness while using it. While cooking food in this, the vapor of the food keeps accumulating inside this machine, which gradually takes the form of dirt. Here are easy ways to keep it clean.

with the help of vinegar :

  1. First of all, take half a bowl of water to clean your microwave.
  2. Add vinegar to the water of this bowl. One teaspoon of vinegar is enough to clean a microwave.
  3. Put this bowl inside the microwave and turn on the microwave.
  4. With the microwave on, set the microwave timing. Keep in mind that usually 5 minutes is enough time, but this time can be reduced for high power microwave ovens.
  5. It is worth noting that the purpose of microwaving vinegar-containing water is to vaporize the water to the level inside the microwave. Therefore, in a high power microwave, this work is done in less than 5 minutes.
  6. After this, turn off the microwave and take out the bowl from the microwave. You will find the inside of the microwave vaporized.
  7. After this, you can clean the inner part of it by wiping it with the help of a paper towel.

with the help of lemon :

  1. Apart from this, you can also clean it with the help of lemon. For this, first of all, cut the lemon and put it inside the microwave and turn on the microwave.
  2. After some time you will see that the vapors of lemon juice have slightly accumulated on the inner layer of your microwave oven.
  3. Evaporated lemon also softens the tough stains inside the microwave, which can be easily wiped off. like this uses of lemon juice With this it gets cleaned very easily.
  4. Therefore, after this, you can clean the inside of your microwave oven by wiping it with a clean cloth.

with dish soap :

  1. Microwave oven can also be cleaned very easily with the help of dish soap.
  2. Its process is also similar to the use of vinegar, put water in a microwave bowl and mix it well and keep it in the microwave oven.
  3. After some time it evaporates in the microwave oven and settles. After this you can easily clean it using a cloth.

with window cleaner :

  1. You can also easily clean the microwave oven with the help of window cleaner. Note that for this you do not have to microwave like the previous procedures.
  2. You just take water and window cleaner in a bowl and mix it well.
  3. After this, clean the inside of the microwave by mixing a good brush in it. At this time, make sure that your microwave is not connected to any electric supply.
  4. After this, soak a soft cloth in clean water and wipe it once more with its help. Wiping again will remove the soapy smell from inside your microwave.
  5. After this, clean the outer part in the same way as well. In this way your microwave oven will be cleaned.

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Some Special Precautions While Using Microwave

It is necessary to keep some special things in mind while using microwave, which are being described below,

  • Use an oven pad while removing cooked food from inside the microwave, as the pot is very hot at this time.
  • If you have to keep the utensils covered while cooking food inside the oven, then at least leave enough space to allow the steam to escape from the food and avoid burning the food.
  • Do not use metal utensils inside it unless a recipe says to use it compulsorily. The use of metal utensils can also cause fire inside the oven.
  • Whatever plastic or glass utensils you are using, it must be ‘microwave safe’.
  • Do not leave any dish in the microwave oven for longer than necessary.

Final Words:-

I hope friends, this article must have been very helpful for you, although this topic is not that difficult, it is quite easy to use and clean the microwave, but still some people may have problems with it, so you can comment on the comment section you can ask your question.

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In today’s time, people have become very conscious about their health because as we can see that diseases are increasing very much in the country, so it is very important to take care of health in such a situation. I like to go to gym, but there is a way to do everything or we can say that there is a process behind it. Many people do not do gym properly, due to which they do not get the effects in their body as they expect.

Basically in this article we are going to know what are the correct rules for doing gym and what is the process behind it, then to know this, definitely read the article till the end.

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Weight Training Exercise Gym Tips Weight Training Tips

  • First of all, decide how much time you can devote to daily workouts, which is not less than 40 minutes and not more than 1.30 minutes.
  • It is better to eat something 15 minutes before coming to the gym. Not too much like biscuits with tea, or fruit, juice, etc. Doing weight training on an empty stomach does not give correct and effective results. There is a concept that exercise should be done on an empty stomach, but this rule is for yoga and pranayama, it is necessary to have enough energy for workouts in the gym. Secondly, doing the gym on an empty stomach can also lead to acidity.
  • Warm up: This is very important but it is foolish to give more time to warm up than necessary. Cardio is a great option for a warm up.
  • It is very important to get your position correct while doing gym.
  • Make sure to take two to three sets of any exercise and increase the weight per set according to your ability. Keep the rotation 20 se 25, even after that you are doing it very easily then take the next time by increasing the weight. Girls can also gain weight by increasing, there is no problem in that.
  • Learn all the exercises correctly in the workout first. Work out with a trainer for a few days.
  • In the workout, take 1 minute of rest in between exercises per exercise, this will bring your heart beat back to normal in the next exercise. This also makes exercise good.
  • Weight training three days a week and cardio three days is considered very good, it also leads to body toning and also increases stamina.
  • Divide the days of weight training into upper workout, lower workout and shoulder workout, and do abs exercises on cardio days. By making a chart in this way, doing systematic workouts will keep your mind engaged and you will also get good results.
  • Do a little warm up in the beginning and stretching in the end, this will keep the body flexible. But don’t spend too much time on both of these.
  • Taking sips of water during the workout does not reduce water loss and keeps you energetic.
  • Cardio increases stamina, don’t overdo it too much because running too much can lead to knee pain in the future.
  • Concentrate while working out This increases concentration and also prevents accidents.

Some important questions which are frequently asked are:

How much weight will I lose in how much time?

This is a very stupid question which many times a trainer has to answer to please his trainee but in reality this question cannot be answered. It all depends on your hard work and even more on your body type. It is also not correct to predict this because if it does not happen, the trainee can also go into depression. Weight loss is such a work that due to not getting the result, there is a feeling of despair in a person very quickly, which gives very wrong results. It is very important to have a positive mindset to lose weight.

Will I get fat or become fat as soon as I quit exercising?

You keep one thing in mind. There is no balance in your body, that’s why you are gaining weight, either there is a hormonal problem, thyroid, or a decrease in metabolism, due to which you are becoming fat, this deficiency or excess is never removed from the body. The only thing that can be maintained is exercise, which if you skip it will worsen the maintenance and you will start getting fat back. This does not mean that you should not exercise, because if there is a deficiency, it is wise to admit it and treat it. Doing regular workouts makes the body healthy, there is no harm in it.

Girls can also do weight exercises.

This is a totally wrong thing. Girls can do all weight exercises according to their stamina. Many people say that by doing this girls become muscles and their fragility ends. It is absolutely wrong that heavy muscles are formed in girls, there are no such hormones, girls who develop their muscles, they have to take medical help for this, in which hormones are transferred in their body. So to think that girls can’t do heavy weight training is totally wrong.

There is a difference between weight loss and inches loss:

The important task of gym training or weight training is to reduce inches, in which BMI (Body Metabolic Index) is reduced, whatever BMI is right according to your height and age, it is calculated and weight training is taken accordingly. are |

Weight training generally consists of body toning which makes the body stronger and firmer and this is why in weight training the inches are less and the weight either remains the same or sometimes even increases which is not disappointing. That doesn’t mean you’re getting fat. If you are losing inches and there is no weight loss, it means that your body is getting stronger, your body is working according to the weight training and giving you better results.

Sleep is beneficial in weight training

When we work on the muscles, the muscles get tired, there is a kind of pain in it, which indicates which part of the body you worked for in today’s program. Even when we work out, we feel energy from the body and when we sleep, our muscles are relaxed, it is recovered, even then the body uses its fat as energy to relax, due to which fat loss That’s why it is necessary for those doing weight training to get good sleep of 7 to 9 hours which proves beneficial for them. Failure to do so leads to weight gain and the body becomes tired and weak.

Eating protein is beneficial in weight training.

In weight training, we especially work on the muscles / muscles and the main food of the muscles is protein, if the muscles get protein to recover then they are in the right shape ie toned and strong and if the carbs are available So fat starts accumulating in the body. In this way it is said that by eating protein, the body’s fat is burnt or reduced.

Another reason is that proteins are digested slowly and give energy to the body for a long time. To reduce inches, it is beneficial to eat protein with protein, that is, by taking protein in food along with extra protein, inches are lost. If someone wants to be fat, then he can take carbs with extra protein, then he can become fat quickly.

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Names of some important exercises

lower body exercises

1 squat It works on the big muscles of the body, so it has an effect on the whole body but especially for thighs / thighs.
2 lunges This Are Also Thigh Thighs Workout
3 leg extension thighs up muscles
4 leg curl Thais
5 leg press lower body

upper body hand exercise

1 biceps Exercises to be done on the muscles of the front part above the elbows of the hands
2 triceps Exercises done on the muscles of the back part above the elbows of the hands
3 four arm Lower elbow exercises
4 china up upper body machine exercise
5 push ups upper body body weight exercises
6 chairdips Triceps Hand Body Weight Exercise
7 hammer hand exercises

shoulder exercises

1 shoulder press
2 dumbells front raise
3 one arm
4 Dumbbell Lateral Raise (Side)
5 up right barbell row

There are many exercises that are done during gym weight training, which should be learned and done properly. Have faith in your trainer and ask questions but from the point of view of learning and knowing, not from the point of view of testing the qualification of the trainer. The method of all the trainers is different, but the purpose of all is the same, in which their trainee is benefited, so always trust your trainer.

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In today’s time, we have come to a digital zone where everything has become available online and we have got the biggest advantage of this that we can get everything sitting at the comfort of our home, however, because of this online shopping. Everyone is taking advantage in today’s time but you may have never used it before.

So if you are doing online shopping for the first time then this article is going to be helpful for you because in this we have told about some better ways by which you can do online shopping more easily as well as advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. We have also talked about in this article, which will help you to give clarity whether you should shop online or not.

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What is Online Shopping 

Online shopping means buying things or services on the Internet, through online shopping, you can buy anything sitting at home. When the concept of word wide web came, since then goods and service seller companies started selling their goods online to those users. Those who spend their time at home or in the office on computer or laptop. Through this online shopping, customers can buy many products online sitting at home. Like house hold material, food item, clothes, furniture etc. But if you want to do online shopping, then it is necessary that you have access to the internet and you have a card to pay for things like debit card or credit card etc.

Start of online shopping:

Online shopping was started by Michael Aldrich in 1979. They used television for this and seeing things on TV, customers could place their order through the telephone. In March 1980, he started redifon’s office revolution through which consumers, customers, agents, distributors, suppliers and service companies could connect online. The first word wide web server and browser was created by Tim Burners Lee in 1990. And its official use happened in 1991.

Online Shopping Advantages:

Below we have told you its advantages in online shopping. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • With online shopping, you can shop at any time in 24 hours, but if you buy the same thing from a shop, then it does not happen that you have to shop only at the time of opening of the shop.
  • Through online shopping, the list of many products is available to you, so if you want, you can compare the products among themselves.
  • If you shop online, then you can also compare the price of the product.
  • If you do online shopping, then your time is saved, you can do shopping from your system in less time while sitting at home.
  • If you do online shopping from your computer while sitting at home, then you avoid the problem of parking in shopping malls.
  • If you shop online, then you do not have to face the problem of standing in line at the time of billing.
  • If you do online shopping, then your goods are delivered to your home by the company, on the contrary, if you go to a shopping mall or shop and shop, then you have to bring your own goods.
  • If you shop online and you are not satisfied with your goods, then you can return your goods, you get your money back.

Online shopping disadvantages:

We will tell you some of its disadvantages in online shopping. If there are some advantages of online shopping then there are also some disadvantages.

  • If you do online shopping, then you can not test by touching things like normal shopping, you have to do your shopping things only by looking at the screen, when on the contrary, in normal shopping you can touch things and try wearing clothes. Yes, their material can be checked etc.
  • When you do online shopping, you also make your payment online, then there is a possibility of fraud with you.
  • When you do online shopping and you do not like the goods or due to some reason you have to return the goods, then you have to face a lot of problems to return your goods and your money back is also a bit difficult because money back also. Comes in your account only.
  • If you shop online then you have to wait for some time to get your goods, whereas if you shop from normal shop then you can get your goods immediately.

According to the article of online shopping, in spite of all these advantages and disadvantages, online shopping is very much in trend nowadays, many customers have started using online shopping due to busy schedule. That nowadays the first choice of the new customer is online shopping. As gradually people are becoming friendly with the system, they have started liking online shopping, nowadays even if people are sitting empty, their best time pass is online shopping, in free time, people visit different websites and products. Check and buy them.

Simple Steps for Online Shopping:

Set your shopping times:

The best advantage of online shopping is that you can shop according to your time. But in online shopping, the delivery of any item can be found most quickly till the second day of shopping and this time starts from two hours after you do your shopping. If you do online shopping, then the charges for home delivery of the item are clearly declared on the site, then it should be confirmed by the customer in advance that how much money he will have to pay for delivery or not.

Start Shopping:

When you start your shopping, type the item you want to buy in the search bar or search it from different categories on any site or you can also click on any advertisement and select your goods and buy your goods. can. When you shop for yourself, you can click on the item you like, then you can clearly see that item in different ways and zoom in so that the image of that item is clear in your mind.

Select your payment type:

When you do online shopping, you can select your payment type yourself, whether you want to pay through credit card or debit card, or if you want, you can also make your payment in cash at the time of delivery of the item. . When you make your payment by credit or debit card, money does not go from your account until the item is delivered to your home.

Recheck your order:

When you place your order and you want to amend that order, then you have the option but keep in mind that this modification should be done within a certain time only. At the time when you place an order and the item arrives at your home and you do not like the item or the item does not fit according to your size, you can still change or return the item.

Receive your shopping:

When all the pre-process is completed then the item reaches your home and you can get your shopping item at your home. When the seller company delivers the goods, then it is their responsibility that at the time of delivery there is no damage to the goods or the right item reaches the customer’s home. If there is any damage or mistake in delivery, the seller or the delivery company is solely responsible for it.

Payment at the time of order placement after shopping:

This is the best facility of online shopping that you can make your payment at the time of delivery of the item. If the customer makes the payment at the time of delivery, then there is no risk of any kind of fraud and at the same time that person can check and pay after receiving his goods.

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Many people feel that meditation is a prayer, but it is not so, although we can say that it is done during prayer, but along with this, you also get inner peace through meditation and it has many benefits. So, if you are interested in a topic related to meditation, then definitely read the article till the end because in this we have tried to give information related to meditation like what are the benefits of meditation and why you should do it etc. 

What is Meditation

Meditation is a way through which you can come out of your stressful life and improve your lifestyle. Because in today’s time people go through maximum mental illness due to which their daily routine gets disturbed. Most of its use or say it is most known to the people associated with yoga because they do not forget to include it in their daily routine. Therefore, listening to your breathing or listening to the sound of birds clearly while in the posture of meditation is meditation, but when you do not experience anything else while living in this posture, then you are in a state of right meditation. If you also want to include it in your daily routine, then definitely read these tips.

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Purpose of meditation

The purpose of meditation should not really be to get any benefit, but still, with the help of this, a person can achieve his goal by focusing his attention on his purpose. By the way, if seen, the main purpose of meditation is to maintain the qualities of compassion, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, etc. Meditation is being used in the form of meditation since time immemorial. Meditation is not a technique, but it is a way to live life in the right way. The right way to do meditation is to stop your thinking power for a limited time. At the time of meditation, a person is free from all kinds of thoughts and his attention is focused only on one more.

Types of Meditation

There are many types of meditation. Which you will benefit a lot by including them in your daily routine.

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps one to be aware and present everywhere in the present. By its practice a person can make himself conscious and alert. Talking about its practice, while doing it, you focus on the activities happening around you, due to which you can keep your mind and mind calm at one place. There is no place or time limit for its practice, you can do it anywhere.

kundalini meditation

Kundalini yoga is the basis of meditation, through which you can become physically active. It also includes chanting of mantras, deep breathing and various movements. For this, people usually take classes so that they can know its mantras and those movements so that they do not have any problem in this practice. However, after learning its mantras and its methods, you can easily do it at home too.

Zen Meditation

Zen meditation is considered a part of the Buddhist tradition. If you take its practice from Gurukul or any professional trainee, then you will be able to learn it well. There are some easy steps in this, then some special ones by which your mind becomes calm and your thinking ability increases. By doing this, both your body and mind go into a relaxed state.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra which is called a Sanskrit word. It is made up of two words mana which means “brain” or “thinking” and tri which means “to protect” or “to free from”. By practicing this, you can keep away the negative energy arising around you. Which will make your mind calm and relaxed.

How to start meditation

If you want to make meditation a part of your life, then first of all you have to eliminate all the tension from your life. Because if there is tension then you will not be able to concentrate on anyone. In the initial stages, people face a lot of difficulty while doing meditation, but do not panic, as you will learn it, you will be able to do it easily. You just have to know the way and right time to do it so that you can include it in your daily routine.

How to do Meditation 

If meditation is done properly, then it will prove to be very beneficial for you. It gives you physical and mental peace and fitness. But the most important thing for this is that you do it in the right way. If you were able to do your meditation properly, so we are telling you some ways. Hope this will be helpful for you.

First of all select the suitable place for meditation ,

For this, first of all you can do meditation according to your wish at any such place, where you get inner peace. But still, where you meditate, there should be neither too much dark color on the walls, nor too much light color. Neither that place should be too hot, nor too cold (here by cold we do not mean natural cold but by the cooling done by AC). Apart from all this, it should also be kept in mind that there is not much noise or any other interference in the place where you meditate.

special – If you are not comfortable doing meditation at any one place, then you can change the place as per your wish.

Select your posture to do meditation ,

You can choose any stage for meditation as per your convenience. Meditation can be done in any position like sitting, lying down, standing. But all these stages have their advantages and disadvantages. You can meditate in any stage as per your wish, but it will be good for you that you keep changing your stage by not meditating always in any one stage.

Standing posture :-

Many people believe that meditation cannot be done while standing. But it is not so. For some people who cannot sit properly with a cradle or who cannot lie down in one position for a long time, this position solves the problem. This stage is also the best for them. To do meditation in this state, you have to stand straight and you can join your hands with the help of your wrists. You can focus your face and vision at any place according to your convenience. And yes you can also change the position of your arms as per your convenience. And it is important for you to give rest to your stomach and lower back.

Reclining posture:,

To do meditation in this position, you have to lie on one side, and if you are lying on the right side, then your right hand is under your head and the left hand is in a straight position above your body. If you want, instead of your right hand, you can also keep a pillow under your head. If you face any problem in this situation, then you can choose any other position according to you.

Seated posture:,

There are many situations to do meditation while sitting in meditation. For example, if a person feels comfortable wearing a palti, then someone is able to apply Padmasana, then someone bends his legs and sits in Vajrasana. You can choose a comfortable position for yourself as per your wish. You can also choose the position of your hand and fingers according to you. When you do meditation while sitting, your chest should be tight and your neck should be balanced.


If you are in a meditative state, then stop all the thoughts coming in your mind. Whatever is going on in your mind, like the confusion of your home, the trouble of your family or the confusion of your office, etc., remove it from your mind and calm every part of your body. Feel that you are beyond this world, you do not have any problem, you do not have to do any work. It may take you some time to do this, but try to keep your thoughts under your control. If you are able to do this then believe me you will get inner peace.

Keep practicing your action:,

When you meditate or choose a stage for your meditation, it may not happen right to you in the beginning, your thoughts may start wandering when you try to meditate. But don’t worry if this happens and try to meditate again. When you try to do this again and again, you will be able to concentrate easily.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation which provides you health benefits in many forms. Its benefits are also many. It makes a person mentally and physically healthy. Practicing it daily gives you many benefits. :-

Relief from stress:

If you want to live a stress free life, then you must include meditation in your daily routine. Because it lowers your stress level and gives rest to your mind.

Relief from depression:

Meditation relieves problems like anxiety, depression, etc. Along with this, meditation is one whose regular practice will reduce anxiety disorder.

Anti Aging :-

Meditation slows down the process of aging, and keeps you young forever.

Beneficial for sleep:

Meditation also helps you sleep well, due to which you are able to get restful sleep.

Effects of Meditation

Knowing less about Meditation :-

If you do not have the right knowledge about meditation, then you should not practice it because due to its wrong practice you may face difficulty. Because if the information is not correct, you can make some mistake.

lack of time for meditation ,

There is a right time to do meditation, but if you do not do it at the right time then your body will not get any benefit from it. Because only method and time can give you the benefit of meditation.

wrong posture ,

There are different postures to do meditation, which we are not aware of many times and we have to suffer the loss, so remember its posture as much as possible and if it is not there then do not try it.

not meditating regularly ,

If you do not do meditation at the right time and do it regularly, then you will only suffer, because if you do not do it regularly, your body will again be the same as it was.

Meditation Songs & Music

For meditation, you can listen to relaxing and calming music, this will keep your mind calm and will also make it easier to meditate. For example, the sound of a cuckoo in the morning, the sound of a waterfall, etc. By listening to this, your mind will be completely relaxed.

Meditation Quotes

  • To know yourself is to be confident. To be confident is to express your potential fearlessly.
  • Creativity is as vast and limitless as the sky. We are born with it. It can neither be lost nor destroyed. It can only be forgotten.
  • Remember the blue sky. It is sometimes hidden by clouds, but it is always there.
  • Look up and smile. Take away all the worries.
  • Meditation nourishes the mind in the same way that food nourishes the body.
  • Life is short. We should live it with good thoughts only then you will be able to be happy.
  • If the mind remains calm, then anger can never find its place.
  • Leave the sleep of anger and show peace the way of your life.
  • Meditation and life are no different. Meditation helps us see and understand life more clearly
  • Mind is our most precious resource, through which we experience every single moment of life.

When you will be able to meditate, you will be able to do your meditation properly and this will keep you physically and mentally fit.

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Personality Development Tips In Hindi How to do Personality Development? To enhance your personality, you need to be a little aware as well as a little bit of confidence.

Personality Development is the key to success in the 21st century. One who has certain things like confidence, looks, command over language and some special skills is considered a successful person of the 21st century. Even if they move towards the destination from any point, if they have these qualities then they reach the destination. Personality development is the key to success in today’s era. Many people earn lakhs from its name. In every street, there is a board of personality development class.

how to develop personality

Personality Development Tips In Hindi

Do you need any class for Personality Development? In today’s time where there is internet there is no need for such classes.

how to develop personality

Boost Confidence:

Half the work of the world is related to this one word. If you have confidence then you can come out of any situation. The power of self-confidence is reflected in your face which enhances your image. Even if for some reason you are afraid of something, then never let it get on your face. Always keep a sense of fearlessness on your face, show that you are working with full confidence but there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence, never cross that line or else your image becomes very bad. If there is a lack of confidence then there is a chance but if there is overconfidence then there is no chance.

Make a habit of reading

Reading increases knowledge and increases speech power. Meaning language is dominant. General knowledge increases by reading, due to which your effect on the front reads well. Also your personality develops. If your knowledge is good then you will feel confident in yourself. A person learns by reading and any object of learning develops personality. Middle names are also found.

Get used to listening

Many people do not have the habit of listening to the whole thing like me. I never listen to anyone’s whole story. Due to which not only my image deteriorates, but my work also goes wrong. That’s why it is very important to be a good listener. It is said that listening to someone more than a person does not learn from himself, his knowledge increases. It has also been proved that the things heard are remembered more. So if you become a good listener, you will also get the knowledge that others have. Those who have the ability to listen, they rectify the mistakes and they also have more ability to understand and there is less scope for mistakes. Due to all these qualities, there is an increase in the personality of that person, they develop.

Work on body language

A person’s personality is reflected in the way a person speaks, stands up, sits. Make yourself aware in this direction. First look within yourself and observe your mistakes and then correct them. Regional dialects sometimes affect your speaking style, such as those who speak Khari Boli in their village, their tune comes in English or Hindi, which adversely affects your personality. So identify such shortcomings and rectify them. This will develop you. Taking yourself out of bounds is also a part of personality development.

Change the way you eat Stay as you like in the house but keep in mind outside as you have gone to the hotel, everyone has ordered veg, so you can adjust with it, so do not order non-veg among everyone. If all are non veg then it is a different matter because you do not eat non veg then you can order veg. Do not make noise while eating. Don’t say And wait for everyone’s food to end. Do not sit down immediately after washing your hands. All these points come under the dining rules. Improve them so that you will grow.

Keep the proper way of getting up and sitting. When someone comes to the house, welcome them by standing, not sitting or lying down. No matter how tired you are, when you are at a guest’s house, do not sleep without asking them.

Before eating anything, if anyone is with you, ask them first. These are all very small points but they all enhance your image and are helpful in your personality development.

Pay attention to your looks as well, like wearing clothes that look good on you. Fashion by looking at the place and the occasion. Wear clothes according to your height, health and body color. This increases your confidence and if you understand these things then people will be attracted towards you.

Control facial expressions

Meet anyone with a smile Even if you’re in a bad mood. You are upset but don’t let anyone feel it. This develops your personality. People like you and praise you too. Sometimes we get angry on some things and they start showing on our face or when something bad starts showing on our face, this expression puts your personality in the wrong way in front of everyone, so control your expressions. Expressions or expressions are also helpful in your Personality Development.

Give importance to others

This is an important point. Understand it with an example. If there is a wedding in your house in which many rituals take place. In these rituals, loved ones are needed. Where you should always put others ahead. Apart from yourself and the people of the house, the guests should be included first. Apart from this, your personality is good in the eyes of everyone. And this should be the same behavior everywhere. It is necessary for Personality Development, people consider you practical, which means a lot from the social point of view.

Please give your view;

After listening to your family matters or official matters properly, put forward your point of view on everything. Just use the words Polite when doing this. Keep in mind that no one should feel bad about your words. Speak with everyone in mind. If you say the right words and things in the right way, then even if you say against someone, he will not feel bad, but he will try to understand you. Such points are very helpful in this. They make you stand out from the crowd.

Develop interest:

You must have a hobby. If it is not, then see what interests you or increase your interest because apart from our work, we should have something different with which we spend time. It helps you to know yourself which will help you to grow.

Avoid Negatives:

Do not talk on the negative points of any work before it. Many times it comes in our habit, due to which our image deteriorates and we also lack confidence. If such a feeling comes in your mind, then try to remove it, otherwise it can reduce your confidence.

Easy Ways To Increase Confidence Or How To Increase Your Confidence (How To Increase Self Confidence Tips in hindi)

These methods of increasing self-confidence are based on my experience and I have got so many percent benefits from them, so now I am sharing this with you all. Confidence is the basis of life, if it is lacking then the basis of life is shaken. No matter how great a quality someone has, if he does not have confidence, then he lives a life of oblivion.

Increase Self Confidence Tips

I too lacked confidence. There was a time when I didn’t talk to anyone other than mom, dad and brother at home and kept quiet even in school, but I often felt like seeing students who participated in various school activities. Was, that I should also participate in some activities other than studies like him. But I was very scared. I could never dare to go ahead in class and speak.

Easy Ways To Increase Confidence (How To Increase Self Confidence Tips)

But you will be surprised to know that today I host many weddings in Sangeet Ceremony. I am fond of writing Hindi poetry and through this I first conducted the entire function in my aunt’s house’s wedding sangeet function with the mic in hand. While reading the first poem, a strange sound was coming in my ear. My voice was trembling due to fear and I was also having trouble breathing but after listening to my few lines, when all the audience applauded. I got courage and slowly today I am at this stage that I can conduct any function anywhere with complete confidence. I am only sad that if this fear had gone during school, college days, then I would have been able to fulfill my wishes but it would be too late. Today when there is applause and a smile comes on my mother’s face, I do not remember anything and that moment becomes a memory for me.

Parents are the most happy when they see their children standing on their feet with full confidence in this way.

It is said that children are like wet clay, in whatever form they mold them, they take the same form. Keeping this in mind, parents should focus on increasing self-confidence in children from childhood.

  Increase Self Confidence In Children Tips In Hindi

Don’t lie to yourself

First of all, tell yourself about the lack, fear and lack of confidence inside you, accept it well and decide that it has to be corrected in any case. Like I myself was fat since childhood, due to which I did not even go out of the house or talk to anyone, similarly I completed my graduation but after that I was determined and lost my weight so that I have the confidence to do anything. She was born as well as started loving herself. That’s why it is important to understand your shortcomings and try to overcome them.

Eye contact:

While talking to anyone, talk to him with eyes, you will automatically feel a surge of confidence. And do not be afraid while talking to anyone. Those who are in front are also human beings and they also have understanding, if you are new then they will understand your problem.

Start with your loved ones:

If you lack confidence like you are unable to speak among many people. In such a situation, start speaking among the members of the house and friends and do not be afraid to make fun. Contribute to the small functions of the house and apply your percentage, this will increase your confidence.

take responsibility:

Take responsibility in any activity at home, school, college or office and complete it with enthusiasm. This also gives you confidence.

Create strategy:

To do any work, make a rough background, which includes the complete details of the work and also make an estimate of the result, if you work on this track, then you will be familiar with right and wrong and this will give you confidence.

Stay away from negative thinking

Do not work with the hope of not getting any work done, doing so will reduce both your confidence and enthusiasm, always carry whatever scope is there for the work to be done.

Open your eyes and dream

Imagine that you are doing the work that makes everyone happy, you are also happy and everyone is praising you, this gives you a positive feeling, which increases your confidence.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Let me tell a story for this. Once I told a friend of mine that I do not give a presentation, I am not spoken in front of anyone, my voice trembles on this, laughing at this he said that you will not be able to speak more and more and you will be scolded but someone will kill you No. At least if you try, there is a chance that you will be able to do it next time. This line of his sat in my mind and I removed my biggest fear, it took time, but today tell me to speak anywhere anytime, I can do that. In the same way, I tell you that there is no need to be afraid or panic if you make a mistake, if this happens then you will never try, so do not lock your doors yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fail:

Don’t always imagine the perfect result. Sometimes disappointment is also found, but accept it because only by mistake a person learns that those who fall down touch the heights, so do not let your self-confidence fall due to failure, but observe your mistake and rectify it.

Follow good people

Incorporate the good qualities of a better person in your life. Knowing the lifestyle of great men and bringing them into your life, by this you develop good habits, which bring good results and you feel confident in yourself.

Change yourself with time:

Adjust yourself according to the time like speaking, dress and fashion. All these are necessary, even if not much, but with the change you will feel the enthusiasm in yourself. Being stylish also increases confidence.

You can easily implement all these tips in your life, due to which you will feel self-confidence and a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Confidence is a very important thing, having it, many difficulties of life become easy.

Do some meditation and yoga to increase self-confidence.

meditation and yoga action and benefit
meditate Sitting in meditation posture, keep your thumb and forefinger together on the knee. Sit in Sukhasana and close your eyes and focus your attention between the two eyebrows. This brings a positive attitude in you which helps in boosting your self-confidence.
shout out loud Shout loudly on the roof of the house or in any open place in the morning, it removes the fear of the mind and increases self-confidence.
do sudarshan kriya This is Sudarshan Kriya, which one should search about or learn from a yoga guru and incorporate it into your life. Sudarshan Kriya is a very good solution to all the physical, mental problems, it controls all the senses of the human being, due to which there is reduction in anger, increase in self-confidence and the mind remains happy.
do pranayama Do Pranayama regularly. In which one must do Bhrami and Anom antonyms. This keeps the mind calm. And the spirit of doing all the work is born which helps in increasing self-confidence.
do sun salutations Keeping in mind all the steps of Surya Namaskar, doing it with breathing activity increases concentration, it gives confidence to a person.

It is not that there is no solution to any problem in life, many shortcomings are fulfilled only by positive thoughts. Lack of confidence occurs only when we are afraid of something or feel lack in ourselves. And it is in your hands to eliminate both these reasons.

To increase self-confidence, first of all believe in yourself and try to fulfill your lack. Even if you are not successful, do not be afraid, not every person is made for all the tasks, you have tried, this is the biggest victory.

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How To Get Success Tips In Hindi Simple Ways To Success | This mantra does not work when you are doing any business or studies. Sometimes life gets so frustrating that we need someone’s help to increase our enthusiasm in our everyday life too.

Hard work and luck are the only two mantras to get success. Luck is not our force, hard work is our slave. The spirit of hard work is the feet of luck, those who help themselves, God loves them endlessly. Success is not a day’s earning wealth, it comes after years of experience and drinking water from the ghat. When a person learns to get up after falling, from that he gets the guru mantra of success and he does not go backwards a tree but moves forward. Handling a fall is also a quality of a successful person.

How to get Success Tips In Hindi

Basic Mantra of Success Easy Ways How to get Success Tips In Hindi

Some of our experiences are such that when we started the work of the blog, then within a few days we started getting very good response and the whole team happily engaged in this direction and made every effort to increase the work. Because till now we knew the only way to go up. We didn’t even see it coming down. After that, within a week, we saw something that blew our senses. Within three days, our position went from the king to the rank, perhaps we had made a decision that now we would stop this work, but then it was understood that at least we should find out where we went wrong, then all together found those reasons. In fact, before that time, we used to bring inorganic traffic to the site, in which there was a lot of investment, we did not pay much attention to organic traffic, meaning we did not know SEO. When we were looking for the reason for our failures, then we came to know about SEO, then we realized that if we do not fall, then we will never know the biggest arrow of the blogging world. blog behind us Search Engine Optimization Tips In this we have written our experiences which you may also go through. After this, we are writing the basic mantras of success that we have known in our blog today.

Start work small:

First of all, choose a path and focus completely on it. You must have heard that walking on four boats does not get the edge, so work by making a small point i.e. a small target. Just like software engineers work on small modules, in the same way, start your work small so that even if you fail, you have the courage to rise. What is better and what is harmful. If you work in a big way from the beginning, then you will not be able to understand right and wrong.

Work with the result in mind:

Before doing any work, think about its result and work accordingly. It is true that one should act, do not worry about the result, but it does not apply everywhere. If you just work without knowing the result, then your direction will go astray. You can do this by setting a target of slightly less than the best results you can expect.

Make planning:

Planning is very important. First make the time array. When you can give how much time and when will you do what work. Your works will not come in the way of each other and you will be able to do justice to all things. Also, mark your target in it and plan accordingly. Get excited and scold if you find a mistake.

Don’t be afraid to fall, learn to get up by falling.

If you have come out to do some work, then it will have benefits, they are fine, but there will be disadvantages, remember this. To learn any work, all the good and bad knowledge makes your work more strong, so always be ready to make mistakes and suffer losses. Even if you would have read about the life of the great man, it would have been found that he too has risen many times and has reached this point only then.

Note everything:

Prepare an account of the work done by you, this work seems boring, sometimes it is time-wasting but it is very important. With this, a list of the work done by you is prepared, so that in future if you have to handover your work to someone, then it is easy to teach them. Due to the notes, you also understand your mistakes, you can easily exam yourself. So make a list of the work done from day one.

Admit the mistake:

If you have made a mistake, do not admit it to others, because only by accepting the mistake you will be able to rectify it and will not repeat it in future. If you do not accept the mistake, then you will not be able to solve it properly and the burden will remain on the mind. For which you will find the list which you have made earlier, put your mistake in that list with red color so that it keeps telling you that they do not want to return you.

Focus on working with a team:

If you are working in a team, then always make everyone a part of your work. My business is not saying so, our business says so, in such a situation people are below you, they like them and they work responsibly considering them as their own. While working in a team, keep in mind that there should be no communication gap, there should be a transparency, due to which teamwork is easily completed and misunderstandings are reduced, along with sharing of ideas, the work is better and most of all, you do not feel boredom. would have If you are the team leader then you have to encourage all your members from time to time to scold them. Secondly keep an eye on their work but also leave them free. You will never know the knowledge and make them dependent on you Which can be a big reason for your success.

Celebrate the moments of success

Celebrate your small successes and share the credit for it. This brings enthusiasm to you and everyone in the team. And the spirit of working increases. But don’t get so lost in success that you stop working and don’t let your confidence turn into overconfidence. Celebrating your successes, consider it as the first CD of your next step and then work with enthusiasm. Get into

Keep calm in trouble:

If you have failed due to any reason, then keep courage and encourage your colleagues to move forward with courage. Failure is the sign of success, learn from your failure and observe it, find the reason and keep it on the side and move forward.

don’t rush

Don’t get discouraged or excited by any trouble or good news in your work and make hasty decisions. Decisions taken in haste never prove to be effective. If any member of the team has made a mistake, then definitely give him a chance. Never be in a hurry in such cases.

Consider a successful person as a role model

Follow any person you are inspired by in your life. This will give you the right direction as well as their experience will give success to your work. It is not necessary that the ideal is someone from outside, sometimes a friend, relative or neighbor also does such a thing that our heart starts considering them as ideal.

Always have the urge to learn:

Success touches the feet of the person who has the desire to learn the age. Be it small or big, many times he teaches that which we are not able to imagine in life. The desire to learn is helpful in doing something, only a person who learns can step forward with today’s time.

Remember the ground reality:

Success comes, the ego keeps on capturing you, never give it as much because if you are defeated by the ego, then the success you get is only for a moment. Ego will destroy all your sanskars and you will not even realize when you have come down from a great height.

How to get Success Tips In Hindi I have all the points that I got to learn from my boss. He has always taught me, his learning has taught me to believe in myself and today I am sharing our views with you all in this blog of mine so that you too can know how the path to success is gradually formed.

Success is not achieved in a day, sometimes actions are done by one generation and success goes to another generation like Dhirubhai Ambani. We do not say that his sons have not done anything, they have put four moons on their father’s name, but Dhirubhai made a path from bottom to top and his family got the fruits of his hard work.

There are obstacles in the way of success which test your spirit like we saw Amitabh Bachchan ji. Some moments of his life were very difficult. The son of a great poet had to go through a very tough phase to get into the industry and at that time when the competition was not as much as it is today. After giving nine flops together, he made a hit movie D, after which his graph kept increasing but it is not that he did not see the struggle after that. Even after that, the darkness thought to rule in his life, but he kept courage and made himself the superhero of the century and got the title of Big B from the fans. Amitabh ji’s life also paves us the right path to success. Similarly, we should make the experience of our ideals our shield.

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Tips To Use WhatsApp (Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks In Hindi)

Whatsapp is the most used application today. The usage of WhatsApp is continuously increasing. In view of its increasing popularity, new features are being added continuously by the company so that it can be easily used by more people in the coming days. According to a recent calculation, more than 800 million people use an application launched by Facebook. In this application, the user can send free messages as well as make free calls. But all these facilities cannot be easily understood by the user or the user has difficulty in understanding it. But the good thing in this is that in this you can learn all these things easily by following some fixed instructions.

You will also be able to use WhatsApp as easily as Facebook. And with the help of this you will be able to talk to your friends easily without any fear whenever you want.

Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks In Hindi

Tips for using WhatsApp

How to check that your message has been sent (How to check send msg in whatsapp):

When you send a message to someone, the 2 right sign shows in the just side of the message, it means that your message has been sent to your friend.

How will you check when your sent message has been read:

When you send a message to someone, the 2 right sign shows in the just side of the message, it means that your message has been sent to your friend and as soon as this 2 right sign changes in blue color. This means that the message sent by you has been read by the other person. But many times you want more information than this, for that you have to click on the message sent by you and select it, then by clicking on the info icon, you can get other information about that message. This info icon shows up in WhatsApp as an i on the top side.

You can change your mobile phone without losing the chat details:

When you want to change your android phone or i-phone, but you do not want to lose your chat details, all you need is your micro SD card. This is a simple process by which you can save data (your chats) in your micro card. Menu>Setting>Chat setting>Backup conversation . Now you can put this micro card in your new phone and you can take your chat data from this card in your new phone. For this you have to install WhatsApp on your mobile first. If this backup is in internal storage then you can move it to your MBL by searching your data in sdcard/ Whatsapp. Hope your information will be useful for you.

How to send message in bulk:

Many times it happens that you want to send messages to many people simultaneously in your WhatsApp and want to save your time. Here sending a message to everyone at once does not mean sending a message in a group, but here it means sending a message to many of your friends using the broadcast feature. With this feature, you can send private messages to many of your friends. For this, by going to new broadcast in the menu in an android phone, you can create a list of your friends whom you want to send a message to and you can send a message to them. And if a friend replies, then that message is not sent to all the members of that list, but only shows in your personal inbox.

Recover deleted messages:

If you want to back up your own WhatsApp messages, the easiest way is to uninstall the application and reinstall it. And when you install your messages back, it takes permission from you for this and after you do this, it reinstalls your last 7 days messages. If you want to see old messages on your android phone, then its For this you have to use an app and go to whatsapp / database sdcard to see your backup. You have to change the name of the file you want to see and for this, go to setting> application> whatsapp> clear data and change the name of the file and then start and restore it.

Using WhatsApp on your computer:

Through this we will tell you how to use WhatsApp on your computer. If you do not have an android phone and still you want to run WhatsApp, then it is possible that you can use it by installing this application on your computer. For this, if you have Google Chrome browser on your computer or laptop, then go to WhatsApp web on it and follow the instruction. For this it is necessary that the net is running on your phone because this app syncs all the things from your phone. Now you have to find whatsapp web option by opening whatsapp menu in your phone then you have to scan your QR code. And then you can use whatsapp in your computer.

Creating shortcut for chat:

If you talk to any of your friends again and again and for this you have to open whatsapp again and again, then you can get freedom from this trouble, for this you just have to create shortcut. To create a shortcut, you have to open whatsapp in your mobile and tap on that friend’s name and after you click on his name for a while, you can drag it to your home screen. The name of this friend of yours looks like an icon of an app on your screen, which you can easily use whenever you want.

To mute notifications in a group chat:

Many times the conversations done by others in the group disturb you in your work and if you want to ignore these group notifications without leaving the group, then the easiest way is to mute these notifications. To mute the group chat in your mobile, you have to go to the setting in the menu in your mobile, go to the notification and there you have to mute it by going to the group notification. As soon as you do this, you do not hear the sound of the message coming in your group and you do not have any problem with it.

Locking whatsapp app in your mobile:

We all want that no one should have any personal talk done by us with our friends, for this it will be necessary that you keep the whatsapp app locked in your mobile. There is no such option in your mobile by which you can lock your whatsapp But if you use android phone then there is no problem. You can protect your mobile chats using apps like chat block, applock, and smart applock. If you use these apps, then you or anyone will have to use the PIN to chat on your mobile, so that your chat is safe.

Hiding Your Last Seen Time:

When you get someone’s message in your whatsapp, then just below his name shows the time of last seen whatsapp of that person, similarly your last seen time of whatsapp can also be seen by someone else if you want. It is that the time of last seen of your whatsapp is not seen by anyone else, then you have to hide the time of last seen by going to setting > account > privacy, but if you do so, you also do not see the time of last seen of someone else. Can . Similarly, you can also lock your profile photo, status, and receipts.

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