IPL is starting very soon. Then, cricket lovers will start watching IPL everyday. It’s like a dose of fun for people, and that goes double on Sundays and Saturdays when people watch two matches in a day.

But in these busy schedules of life people watch IPL Live difficulties are being faced. It is also very difficult to find website or mobile APP where we can watch IPL Live Streaming.

So I thought to submit all the possible ways to watch ipl streaming live.

If you are a cricket lover then you would love to see the rising player status in IPL 2018.

So, after coming to the main topic in this post, I All posts to watch IPL WATCH LIVE, Mobile & DESKTOP, Laptop I will share So stay with me and get ready to discover the secrets of IPL matches online.

You can watch live broadcast on Star Sports You can watch IPL live streaming online free anywhere.

Here are the things you must have before watching IPL Live Streaming Online.

  • good internet connectivity
  • Mobile, Desktop, Laptop

IPL best way to watch live streaming,

If you are a Jio user then you have good news that you can watch IPL Live Streaming Online Free on Jio TV.

  1. Download Jio TV
  2. Open Account on Jio TV
  3. Discover Star Sports on match times.

This method is only applicable for jio user if you are not jio user then bear with me i will tell you another method to watch Ipl match live.

You How to watch IPL Live Streaming Online,

if you are thinking that YOU CAN NOT WATCH HIGHLIGHTS OF IPL MATCHES 2019 Yes, you are wrong. You can also watch IPL match highlights using websites and mobile apps.

In this post I will tell you how to watch IPL 2019. Be ready to watch IPL Streaming Live

But before I tell you the 24×7 live feed method, I think you must know something about IPL 2019. So a little flash back of IPL should be taken.

Indian Premier League Flash Back:

IPL is the Indian league where 8 teams participate for more than a month. A final team wins the tournament by playing more than 18 matches. The first four teams with the highest points in the points table will play in the semi-finals accordingly. The last two teams winning the semi-finals will play the final for the cup.

This year IPL winner will get 25 crore and trophy.

Winning Teams of All IPL Seasons:

Year Match Scorecard and Winner
2008 Rajasthan Royals
(Rajasthan Royals)
164–7 Chennai Super Kings
(Chennai Super Kings)
163–5 Rajasthan won by 3 wickets
2009 Deccan Chargers
(Deccan Chargers)
143–6 Royal Challengers Bangalore
(Royal Challengers Bangalore)
137–9 Deccan won by 6 runs
2010 Chennai Super Kings
(Chennai Super Kings)
168–5 Mumbai Indians
(Mumbai Indians)
146–9 Chennai won by 22 runs
2011 Chennai Super Kings
(Chennai Super Kings)
205–5 Royal Challengers Bangalore
(Royal Challengers Bangalore)
147–8 Chennai won by 58 runs
2012 Kolkata Knight Riders
(Kolkata Knight Riders)
192–5 Chennai Super Kings
(Chennai Super Kings)
190–3 Kolkata won by 5 wickets
2013 Mumbai Indians
(Mumbai Indians)
148–9 Chennai Super Kings
(Chennai Super Kings)
125–9 Mumbai won by 23 runs
2014 Kolkata Knight Riders
(Kolkata Knight Riders)
200–7 Kings XI Punjab
(Kings XI Punjab)
199–4 Kolkata won by 3 wickets
2015 Mumbai Indians
(Mumbai Indians)
202–5 Chennai Super Kings
(Chennai Super Kings)
161–8 Mumbai won by 41 runs
2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad
(Sunrisers Hyderabad)
208–7 Royal Challengers Bangalore
(Royal Challengers Bangalore)
200–7 Hyderabad won by 8 runs
2017 Mumbai Indians
(Mumbai Indians)
129–8 Rising Pune Supergiant
(Rising Pune Supergiant)
128–6 Mumbai won by 1 run

ipl match star player,

M / s. Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Ben Stokes, Chris Lynn, Gautam Gambhir, Suresh Raina, Hardeep Pandya, Sunil Narine, David Warner, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Chris Morris.

IPL How to Watch Live Streaming TV for Free,

If we come to the main topic then, if you have TV cable or channel connectivity then you can easily watch ipl live streaming on tv. You can open Star Sports to watch IPL matches live on TV.

IPL match starting: 23 March 2019

You for free How to Watch Ipl Live Streaming on Hotstar App?

You can watch Live IPL Matches directly on your TV.

But if due to some reason you are not able to watch IPL Live on TV then you can watch IPL Live on your mobile.

You can watch ipl live streaming on hotstar app for free.

You just have to download the application and follow this process.

  1. from play store hotstar Download and install the app.
  2. your facebook or Google It is entirely up to you whether you can sign in using the account. By doing this you will get better user experience.

You will see the iPl Streaming option on the homepage of Hotstar. select match and watch
If you do not have a premium Hotstar account, you can watch the live streaming of the match by 5 minutes late.

This method is applicable for iOS as well as Android user. Just install it and enjoy. This is the best way to watch IPL Live Live Streaming online.

how to watch ipl match in hindi

It is very easy to watch ipl match live on mobile in hindi. Just download Hotstar and choose the language option between Hindi or English while you are watching the match.

Is it too easy?

This is the only way to watch IPL matches in Hindi.

Window or sliding video from where you can change language and select Hindi that hotstar is visible only when ipl is live. After the match, you can watch the IPL match highlights using this feature.

You how to watch ipl highlights on mobile,

IPL matches can be watched live on Sony TV. You cannot watch IPL match highlights on TV until the channel decides to show itself. You can watch IPL highlights a day after the match only on mobile.

The method of watching IPL highlights is similar to watching live. You have to download Hotstar On the first page of Hotstar, you can see the highlights.

If you want to see some highlights of the last match then visit the sports section of Hotstar and watch IPL match highlights.

How to Watch IPL Live Streaming on Desktop?

Hotstar is an easy way to watch IPL matches but if you want to watch it on a bigger screen like your PC, Desktop or Laptop then this paragraph is for you. In this I will tell you how you can watch IPL on your PC.

Steps to Watch IPL Match Live on PC:
Download Bluestacks
Sign in to BlueStacks using a Google Account or create an account.

Search and install hotstar

Just now you can watch IPL match live or highlights after this.

List of websites to watch IPL matches?

  • Hotstar
  • IPLindiatimes
  • Sony Liv
  • Iplt20
  • watchcriclive
  • Crichd
  • Tvmazza
  • Cricketabout

This is the list of website to watch IPL Online Streaming Live Streaming.

Note: You must have good internet connectivity to watch IPL matches online. If you are not an Indian then you can check the list of channels to watch IPL matches live.

I think now you know how to watch IPL match live. Now you can watch IPL Live on Mobile and TV.

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In today’s article we will know that how to download movie from telegram see easily because even today there are many people who Telegram Does not know how to download movies from what are we telegram And What are the benefits of downloading movies from Telegram Will also learn about You must be aware of this that all people Movie They are very keen to watch movies and they love to watch movies.

how to download movie from telegram

And for that every platform (such as Google, YouTube etc) but they search for their favorite movie but they do not find that movie. But you don’t need to worry because if you are watching the same movie telegram But if you search, you will get that movie instantly and you will be able to enjoy that movie, Telegram Downloading movies from is very easy.

how to watch movie in telegram through this you Hollywood, Bollywood along with Tollywood Movie You can also download very easily. You know that OTT has become very popular ever since Coronavirus started, the demand and popularity of web series has increased to a great extent, hence big OTT Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar etc. have started creating very good and great content.

These OTT Platforms charge a high amount of money from common users to view their content, these OTT Platforms are very expensive and to give a befitting reply to these OTT Platforms, Telegram is standing firmly in the market, it has always been the favorite of the people. It has been because it provides good movie web series etc. to the users absolutely free of cost.

what is telegram

Friends, you must have heard about Telegram, this one android messaging app Yes, it is exactly like WhatsApp but in this you get to see many different features, here you can make your own on a Telegram channel in which countless people can join, the most important thing about Telegram is that You can download and watch your favorite content.

Movies mostly used on Telegram Movie is done to download, but for your information, let me tell you that you can also earn money through Telegram, you can guess the popularity of Telegram by the fact that this application is more than 1 billion on Google Play Store. Has been downloaded too many times.

how to download movie from telegram

Telegram Se Movie Download To do this, you have to follow the steps given below, which is very easy, you will not have any problem in understanding the process of downloading movies from Telegram because its steps are very easy, the process of downloading movies from Telegram is something like this. is type.

1. Open Telegram App

In the first step you Telegram The application has to be opened. If you want, you can open it from here also.

2. Click on Search Option

After that you will see a page like this on the home screen and on the right side there is a Search The option of will also show, you have to click on the option of the same search bar.

how to download movie from telegram

3. Search Movie Name

Now by entering the name of the movie you want to download Search button, for example we will give you Through My Window Will download and show the movie. for this you Search going to the option Through My Window Have to search for the movie.

how to download movie from telegram

4. Check Movie Name in Channel

Now many channels will come in front of you named Through My Window. Now you have to check carefully which channel that movie is in because in today’s time fake things have increased a lot on Telegram, all are sharing their personal links by creating channels in the name of new movies to be released. Huh.

how to download movie from telegram

5. Download Movie From Link

As soon as you open the original channel, you will get the name of the movie and the download link of the movie, you just have to click on the download link to download the movie and then the movie will be downloaded.

So you must have come to know that downloading movies from Telegram is very easy.

What are the benefits of downloading movies from Telegram

Friends, you get to see many benefits of downloading movies from Telegram, the first advantage is that whenever a new movie is released, it first becomes available for download on Telegram.

Along with this, if you can’t find a movie on any movie site, then on Telegram you can easily search for that movie and then download it, on Telegram you will get to see many such groups that each Provides link to download new movie.

This will be to your advantage that you will not have to search for every movie on different movie websites, you can download new movies by becoming a member of Telegram Group.

How did you like this article of ours, in this article we learned that Telegram Se Movie Download Kaise Kare In this article we have you Process to download movies from Telegram Step by step is explained in very easy words how to download movie from telegram hope you have understood,

So now you know that how to download movie from telegram See easily, it has always been our endeavor to present complete and correct information in detail to you and you can get the information that you have come to our article to know. If you still do not understand anything, or you want to know if you want to get any more information, then you can also ask us by commenting in the comment box given below the article, we will try to answer your comment soon.

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IPL Live, Score, Commentary Kaise Dekhen Mobile Par Hindi Me,
Hi Friends, IPL 2021 has started And everyone is enjoying it. So if you are in IPL 2021 If you want to watch it on your mobile, can you watch it for free?

or if you If you want to see IPL 2021 Live Score, Commentary Can you also watch this on your mobile?

In answer to all these questions, I will give you all in this post.

after you read this post Enjoy IPL 2021 for free can pick up on your mobile

With Live, Score or Commentary.

You can also see all the information in this video.

So let’s know how to watch IPL Live, Score, Commentary on mobile ( In Hindi )

IPL Live, Score, Commentary Kaise Dekhen Mobile Par Hindi Me,
In this post, I will give information about some apps to all of you, with the help of which you can enjoy IPL 10 on your mobile.

So let’s know the complete information about these apps in turn.

1. HotStar

This app live streams almost every single program. So you IPL 2021 You can also watch live on Hotstar. Not only this, even if you miss a match, you can watch the highlights of that match anytime on this app.

But I would like to tell you that this app is not free, for this you have to pay Rs.199 per month.

But still you can take its free service under its trial and that too for a full month. That is, you can enjoy IPL 2019 on your mobile for free.

You can download Hotstar from the link given below.

Let us tell you that if you have Jio SIM then you can watch IPL on Hotstar for free without spending any money.

If you want to watch IPL for free without Hotstar then you can read this article.

2. IPL

This is also a great app for watching live scores, commentary or highlights of IPL 2019. Through this you too can enjoy IPL 2019 on your mobile.

You can download IPL App from the link given below.

3. CricBuzz

This is a great app for cricket fans. Live scores, commentary, highlights, etc. of almost every single cricket are shown on this.

In such a situation, you can definitely use this to enjoy IPL 2019 as well.

I also use this app to enjoy IPL 2019 when I am away from TV.
You can download Cricbuzz from the link given below.

4. SportsKeda

Sportskeeda is available to you in both Hindi and English languages ​​and you can also use it to enjoy IPL 2019 on your mobile.

You can download it from below link.

Channel List for IPL 2019

  1. India: Star Sports, DD Sports
  2. United Kingdom: Star Gold (Sky 729, Virgin Media 801), Hotstar UK
  3. United States: Willow TV
  4. Australia: Fox Sports
  5. MENA Countries: BeIN Sports
  6. South Africa: SuperSport
  7. Pakistan: No Telecast
  8. New Zealand: Sky Sport NZ
  9. Caribbean: Flow Sports (Flow Sports 2)
  10. Canada: Hotstar Canada
  11. Bangladesh: Channel 9
  12. Afghanistan: Lemar TV
  13. Sri Lanka: SLRC (Channel Eye)

To watch IPL Live, all of you read the best post through which you can watch IPL Live very easily. Apart from this, one app that can be helpful for all of you to watch IPL for free is THOP TV. Through this, you can not only watch IPL Live for free, but apart from this, you can watch many movies, series, shows, live TV etc. You can also watch that absolutely free.

Thop TV APK Download Now

live TV
5000+ Radio Channels
Smart TV and Firestick support.
Subtitles on selected channels
7 Days Catchup on 580+ Channels

Download Thop TV APK

So friends, this is how you IPL 2021 You can enjoy it on your mobile that too for free.

Hope you liked this wonderful post.

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