Actress Chhavi Mittal, who recently revealed that she is fighting breast cancer, also spoke about how

she maintains a positive outlook on it. She also keeps sharing pictures and videos enjoying 

her life while battling the disease. In the latest, the actor shared a video busting some dance moves in his hospital room. 

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Chhavi shared a video on her Instagram account on Sunday dancing to Bop Daddy, a song from Falz ft Miss Banks. 

In the caption, the actor said that he decided to dance as a part of preparation for his upcoming 

breast cancer surgery after the doctor asked him to take rest. She wrote, "

The doctor said, Chhavi... you need to chill! That's why I'm chilling. #preppingforsurgery." 

She also added hashtags about staying positive and breast cancer.

The video, which started with Chhavi dancing to the song, also read, "Bas getting ready for tomorrow morning

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