In the latest episode of Lock Up, Mandana Karimi escaped being eliminated by sharing her secret. 

The actress shared that she had a miscarriage after having a 'planned pregnancy' 

while being in a secret relationship with a director. His story in the show made everyone emotional. 

This week, Vineet Kakkar was kicked out of the show as he got the least number of votes among the nominated contestants.

Mandana Karimi reveals she had a miscarriage after a planned pregnancy

In the chargesheet, all the nominated contestants were shown a word related to their secret. 

Mandana was shown as an ace director, while Payal Rohatgi was shown the word rehab. 

Shivam Sharma was shown as best friend and Saisha as a famous designer. 

Mandana runs to play the buzzer first and reveals her secret and manages to save herself from elimination.

Before revealing her secret, Mandana started crying. He took some time to compose himself and then shared his story. 

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