The third episode of Marvel's Moon Knight, "The Friendly Type," feels like a 

puzzle-solving twist for the most part, and it's a little disappointing because 

there are only six of these bad boys in total and we're halfway through. 

There are them by the end of it, but we get to learn some important information about Mark 

We begin by focusing on Layla, Mark's estranged wife and the preferred choice for 

Khonshu's new Moon Knight incarnation. Layla is getting ready to re-enter Egypt a decade later, 

and she briefly describes what happened before she left Egypt: her father had died in an 

archaeological excavation, but Layla doesn't know much about it. Little is known as to 

what actually happened on that fateful day. If you're a fan of the Moon Knight comics, 

it's probably the complete confirmation you need for Layla that Layla is the MCU's new look at Marlene Allroune. 

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