Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor took to the Laal Singh Chaddha Feather Challenge 

on Instagram. Earlier, Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor also took this challenge.

Ever since the film Laal Singh Chaddha has been announced, the audience is very excited to watch 

it as we will see the magic of Aamir Khan on screen once again. Now the song Kahani song of the film has also got a lot of love. 

Also, the Feather Challenge is going viral on social media for the promotion of this film. 

But it seems that even Bollywood celebrities are excited about Laal Singh Chaddha. 

Now, Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor have joined the Feather Challenge.

Kareena Kapoor has also shared this video on her Instagram story. Earlier, 

Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor, who are in lead roles in Laal Singh Chaddha, 

took up the Feather Challenge. Sharing the video, Kareena Kapoor wrote, "

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