Talented actor Pankaj Kapur along with Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur brings another fun and exciting episode of The Kapil Sharma Show.

Kapil welcomed Shahid and Mrunal on stage. Both walked hand in hand towards the stage. 

He then asked Mrunal about scolding Shahid for playing cricket in the upcoming film. He jokingly asked, "Ky dent rahi hai aap, 

white jersey aapko dhoni padi hai isliye? (Why are you scolding him, because you have to wash his white jersey)?"

Mrunal innocently replied that he scolded her because she did everything from managing 

her work and personal life to paying the bills. Shahid intervened and said, "I will work in the film, 

aiss nat think ke kuch kare hi nahi ye picture mein. Itna nayak bhi nahi hoon 

I will work in the film, don't think I will do anything. I will I'm not useless". This broke everyone.

Mrunal then asks Kapil if he knows what a 'googly' is. Kapil gave a befitting reply saying that Googly is 

the younger sister of Google and it is used in countries where there is less connectivity.

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