Artists, curators, spectators, and other members of the art community - from India and around 

the world - came together to participate in South Asia's premier arts festival, the India Art Fair (IAF) 2022, 

two years later due to a COVID-induced returned. On Thursday at NSIC Ground, Okhla. Organized in partnership with BMW India, 

77 exhibitors from 16 cities including 14 non-profit organizations will be part of the event. 

With thousands of artworks on display, the space will also include large-scale installations, workshops, 

and numerous talks and book launches, thus providing a platform for many artists.

This year, what we have tried to do is focus on building the future. There are a lot of digital initiatives; 

at the same time we are trying to highlight young artists who have not had the opportunity to perform for the past two years. 

We're also working with an unprecedented number of nonprofits this year, almost 14. 

So, we've really tried to do the largest possible cross-section of art after two years," IAF Shared by Jaya Ashokan, Director of Fair.

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