WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus talks about getting the urge to return to the ring, especially after seeing the success of Lita.

Stratus is arguably one of the most impactful women in WWE. In her six-year run with the company, she captured the women's 

championship seven times and became a Hall of Fame inductee in 2013, becoming an inspiration to many.

During her tenure with the company, she also had several interesting and noteworthy feuds. 

One of which was with Lita, the woman she beat before her retirement in 2006.

While making an appearance during the convention of For the Love of Wrestling 2022, 

the Hall of Famer was asked if she gets the urge to get back inside the ring after the success of Lita in the modern generation. 

The superstar then admitted that it did and discussed her appearance during a live event in Toronto:

“Yeah, to be honest, it did. I was lucky, a couple of weeks later… the live event was so much fun because 

it was just after that and I got a chance to go back and it was in Toronto and in another town near me at home so I just drove in, 

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