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Hello Everybody will tell you in this article What are the ways to hack WhatsApp Whatsapp has become a very popular app, which is used by everyone from small to big, through WhatsApp we can chat with our friends and send video photos and find out the location of anyone, like As the users of WhatsApp are increasing, the number of hackers is also increasing.

many people Whatsapp Hacking Tricks Want to know about and keep searching on the internet how to hack Whatsapp means people keep looking for different ways to hack WhatsApp.

The main reason why Whatsapp is popular is that it does not have any kind of add-on and it is absolutely free, as well as its security is also good, so no one can hack Whatsapp so easily.

But there are some methods and tips and tricks by which we can read any other’s WhatsApp message, read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp message, whichever you want to hack WhatsApp or want to see someone’s WhatsApp message chat video in your mobile. So his mobile should come in your hands for 2 minutes.

Only then you can see and read someone else’s Whatsapp Message Photos Videos in your mobile laptop or computer, you can chat with anyone, let’s learn, what are the ways to hack WhatsApp.

What are the ways to hack WhatsApp

Whatsapp Kaise Hack Kare
  • There are following ways to hack Whatsapp
  • Hacking WhatsApp by doing Whatsapp Web.
  • Through Whatscan App.
  • Through Message Verification or OTP.
  • Through Call Verification.
  • Through Spy App.

Now let’s know about how to hack WhatsApp in all these ways.

Alert: This article are only for Educational Purposes, Do not Misuse!

Hacking Through Whatsapp Web

step 1First of all, open the browser on your mobile or computer.

Step 2: Now search by typing Web.Whatsapp.Com in the browser, you can also go to Web.Whatsapp.Com from here.

QR Code

Step 3: As soon as you go to the website of WhatsApp Web, a QR Code will open in front of you,

Step 4: Now whatever mobile you want to hack Whatsapp chat message video photo, take that mobile and open Whatsapp in it.

Step 5After opening Whatsapp, there are three dots in the top corner, click on it. Then Whatsapp Web Click on

Whatsapp Web

As soon as you click on Whatsapp Web, the mobile camera will open, now scan the QR code with this camera, as soon as you scan the QR code, its WhatsApp will be hacked, now you can use it in your computer, laptop or your mobile. View all WhatsApp messages WhatsApp photos, videos and chat with anyone.

hack whatsapp with qr code

This is another way to hack Whatsapp by scanning the QR Code..

  1. first in your mobile Whatscan for Whatsapp Web Install it, you can download it from google play store.
  2. After that open the app.
  3. Then you will see a QR Code, scan it with any mobile whose Whatsapp Account is to be hacked as mentioned above, as soon as the QR Code is scanned, its Whatsapp message will appear in your mobile.

how to hack other’s whatsapp with otp

As I told you above, to hack any other’s WhatsApp, you should have his mobile with you for a 2 minutes, for how to hack WhatsApp through message verification, follow these steps below.

step 1: First of all you download and install WhatsApp in your mobile, if you already have WhatsApp installed in your mobile then log out of it.

Step 2: After installing WhatsApp, open it and log in with the mobile number of which you want to hack WhatsApp, for this you should know its mobile number.

Step 3: As soon as you enter his mobile number in WhatsApp, an OTP will come on his mobile number, you have to enter that OTP code in your mobile.

As soon as you enter the OTP, Message Verification will be completed and all its chat messages WhatsApp photos, videos will all be visible in your mobile, now you can comfortably see all the messages that have come in his WhatsApp, can see photos, videos watch and he can chat with others.

Hacking WhatsApp With Call Verification

The way to hack WhatsApp through Call Verification is also in the same way as WhatsApp is hacked through Message Verification or OTP, in Call Verification, you get OTP through the call and that OTP has to be entered in the mobile. After entering the OTP, all his WhatsApp messages will be visible in your mobile.

Hacking WhatsApp With Spy App

Whoever wants to hack WhatsApp, you have to install Spy App in his mobile, through Spy App you can hack not only WhatsApp but the whole mobile.

For this, Airdroid App is the West. With Airdroid App, you can find out anyone’s mobile by hacking the mobile, what does he keep in the mobile, which application he keeps installed, what songs are there in his mobile, Who keeps which photos and what types of videos, OTP messages, you can download, play and delete everything from his phone.

For this I have written a separate post Android Mobile Ko Hack Kaise Kare? You must read this post once, in this post we have given complete information about how to hack mobile with step by step and screenshots, hope you will like this information.

Final Words

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