What Is Meditation And What Are Its Benefits

Many people feel that meditation is a prayer, but it is not so, although we can say that it is done during prayer, but along with this, you also get inner peace through meditation and it has many benefits. So, if you are interested in a topic related to meditation, then definitely read the article till the end because in this we have tried to give information related to meditation like what are the benefits of meditation and why you should do it etc. 

What is Meditation

Meditation is a way through which you can come out of your stressful life and improve your lifestyle. Because in today’s time people go through maximum mental illness due to which their daily routine gets disturbed. Most of its use or say it is most known to the people associated with yoga because they do not forget to include it in their daily routine. Therefore, listening to your breathing or listening to the sound of birds clearly while in the posture of meditation is meditation, but when you do not experience anything else while living in this posture, then you are in a state of right meditation. If you also want to include it in your daily routine, then definitely read these tips.

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Purpose of meditation

The purpose of meditation should not really be to get any benefit, but still, with the help of this, a person can achieve his goal by focusing his attention on his purpose. By the way, if seen, the main purpose of meditation is to maintain the qualities of compassion, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, etc. Meditation is being used in the form of meditation since time immemorial. Meditation is not a technique, but it is a way to live life in the right way. The right way to do meditation is to stop your thinking power for a limited time. At the time of meditation, a person is free from all kinds of thoughts and his attention is focused only on one more.

Types of Meditation

There are many types of meditation. Which you will benefit a lot by including them in your daily routine.

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps one to be aware and present everywhere in the present. By its practice a person can make himself conscious and alert. Talking about its practice, while doing it, you focus on the activities happening around you, due to which you can keep your mind and mind calm at one place. There is no place or time limit for its practice, you can do it anywhere.

kundalini meditation

Kundalini yoga is the basis of meditation, through which you can become physically active. It also includes chanting of mantras, deep breathing and various movements. For this, people usually take classes so that they can know its mantras and those movements so that they do not have any problem in this practice. However, after learning its mantras and its methods, you can easily do it at home too.

Zen Meditation

Zen meditation is considered a part of the Buddhist tradition. If you take its practice from Gurukul or any professional trainee, then you will be able to learn it well. There are some easy steps in this, then some special ones by which your mind becomes calm and your thinking ability increases. By doing this, both your body and mind go into a relaxed state.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra which is called a Sanskrit word. It is made up of two words mana which means “brain” or “thinking” and tri which means “to protect” or “to free from”. By practicing this, you can keep away the negative energy arising around you. Which will make your mind calm and relaxed.

How to start meditation

If you want to make meditation a part of your life, then first of all you have to eliminate all the tension from your life. Because if there is tension then you will not be able to concentrate on anyone. In the initial stages, people face a lot of difficulty while doing meditation, but do not panic, as you will learn it, you will be able to do it easily. You just have to know the way and right time to do it so that you can include it in your daily routine.

How to do Meditation 

If meditation is done properly, then it will prove to be very beneficial for you. It gives you physical and mental peace and fitness. But the most important thing for this is that you do it in the right way. If you were able to do your meditation properly, so we are telling you some ways. Hope this will be helpful for you.

First of all select the suitable place for meditation ,

For this, first of all you can do meditation according to your wish at any such place, where you get inner peace. But still, where you meditate, there should be neither too much dark color on the walls, nor too much light color. Neither that place should be too hot, nor too cold (here by cold we do not mean natural cold but by the cooling done by AC). Apart from all this, it should also be kept in mind that there is not much noise or any other interference in the place where you meditate.

special – If you are not comfortable doing meditation at any one place, then you can change the place as per your wish.

Select your posture to do meditation ,

You can choose any stage for meditation as per your convenience. Meditation can be done in any position like sitting, lying down, standing. But all these stages have their advantages and disadvantages. You can meditate in any stage as per your wish, but it will be good for you that you keep changing your stage by not meditating always in any one stage.

Standing posture :-

Many people believe that meditation cannot be done while standing. But it is not so. For some people who cannot sit properly with a cradle or who cannot lie down in one position for a long time, this position solves the problem. This stage is also the best for them. To do meditation in this state, you have to stand straight and you can join your hands with the help of your wrists. You can focus your face and vision at any place according to your convenience. And yes you can also change the position of your arms as per your convenience. And it is important for you to give rest to your stomach and lower back.

Reclining posture:,

To do meditation in this position, you have to lie on one side, and if you are lying on the right side, then your right hand is under your head and the left hand is in a straight position above your body. If you want, instead of your right hand, you can also keep a pillow under your head. If you face any problem in this situation, then you can choose any other position according to you.

Seated posture:,

There are many situations to do meditation while sitting in meditation. For example, if a person feels comfortable wearing a palti, then someone is able to apply Padmasana, then someone bends his legs and sits in Vajrasana. You can choose a comfortable position for yourself as per your wish. You can also choose the position of your hand and fingers according to you. When you do meditation while sitting, your chest should be tight and your neck should be balanced.


If you are in a meditative state, then stop all the thoughts coming in your mind. Whatever is going on in your mind, like the confusion of your home, the trouble of your family or the confusion of your office, etc., remove it from your mind and calm every part of your body. Feel that you are beyond this world, you do not have any problem, you do not have to do any work. It may take you some time to do this, but try to keep your thoughts under your control. If you are able to do this then believe me you will get inner peace.

Keep practicing your action:,

When you meditate or choose a stage for your meditation, it may not happen right to you in the beginning, your thoughts may start wandering when you try to meditate. But don’t worry if this happens and try to meditate again. When you try to do this again and again, you will be able to concentrate easily.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation which provides you health benefits in many forms. Its benefits are also many. It makes a person mentally and physically healthy. Practicing it daily gives you many benefits. :-

Relief from stress:

If you want to live a stress free life, then you must include meditation in your daily routine. Because it lowers your stress level and gives rest to your mind.

Relief from depression:

Meditation relieves problems like anxiety, depression, etc. Along with this, meditation is one whose regular practice will reduce anxiety disorder.

Anti Aging :-

Meditation slows down the process of aging, and keeps you young forever.

Beneficial for sleep:

Meditation also helps you sleep well, due to which you are able to get restful sleep.

Effects of Meditation

Knowing less about Meditation :-

If you do not have the right knowledge about meditation, then you should not practice it because due to its wrong practice you may face difficulty. Because if the information is not correct, you can make some mistake.

lack of time for meditation ,

There is a right time to do meditation, but if you do not do it at the right time then your body will not get any benefit from it. Because only method and time can give you the benefit of meditation.

wrong posture ,

There are different postures to do meditation, which we are not aware of many times and we have to suffer the loss, so remember its posture as much as possible and if it is not there then do not try it.

not meditating regularly ,

If you do not do meditation at the right time and do it regularly, then you will only suffer, because if you do not do it regularly, your body will again be the same as it was.

Meditation Songs & Music

For meditation, you can listen to relaxing and calming music, this will keep your mind calm and will also make it easier to meditate. For example, the sound of a cuckoo in the morning, the sound of a waterfall, etc. By listening to this, your mind will be completely relaxed.

Meditation Quotes

  • To know yourself is to be confident. To be confident is to express your potential fearlessly.
  • Creativity is as vast and limitless as the sky. We are born with it. It can neither be lost nor destroyed. It can only be forgotten.
  • Remember the blue sky. It is sometimes hidden by clouds, but it is always there.
  • Look up and smile. Take away all the worries.
  • Meditation nourishes the mind in the same way that food nourishes the body.
  • Life is short. We should live it with good thoughts only then you will be able to be happy.
  • If the mind remains calm, then anger can never find its place.
  • Leave the sleep of anger and show peace the way of your life.
  • Meditation and life are no different. Meditation helps us see and understand life more clearly
  • Mind is our most precious resource, through which we experience every single moment of life.

When you will be able to meditate, you will be able to do your meditation properly and this will keep you physically and mentally fit.

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