What Is Proxy Server And Its Advantages

If you want complete information about proxy server, then this blog is for you. In this blog you will be given all the information related to proxy server, what is proxy server and how many types it has, what are its advantages and disadvantages etc.

What is Proxy Server 

A proxy server is a computer system or router. Which acts as a relay between the client and the server. It helps prevent an attacker from attacking a private network and is one of the many tools used to build firewalls.

The word proxy means “to act on behalf of or represent someone else” similarly a proxy server works on behalf of the user.

Whenever the user makes some request on the Internet, that request first goes to the Proxy server. Proxy server evaluates that request and then forwards it to the Internet.

Similarly, when the Internet responds to the request made by the user. So that response also first goes to the proxy server and then reaches the user.

How Proxy Server Works

Every computer on the Internet must have a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. You can think of it as the street address of your computer.

Just as the post office knows to deliver your mail to the address of your street. In the same way, the Internet also sends the correct data to your computer through your IP address.

A proxy server is basically a computer on the Internet. Which has its own IP address which your computer knows. When you send a web request, your request first goes to the proxy server.

Then the proxy server sends your web request on your behalf and collects its response from the web server and forwards the web page to you. So that you can see that page in your browser

When the proxy server forwards the web requests made by you. So it can alter the data you send and still provide you with the information you expect

A proxy server can change your IP address. Therefore the web server does not know your location. It can encrypt your data, so it is not possible to read your data in transit. A proxy server can also block you from accessing certain web pages depending on your IP address.

Types of Proxy Server 

There are different types of proxy servers. which are used for different tasks. There are following types of proxy servers

  • Forward Proxies
  • Reverse Proxies
  • Rotating Proxies
  • Transparent Proxies
  • Anonymous Proxies
  • Distorting Proxies
  • High Anonymity Proxies
  • Data Center Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • Public Proxies
  • Shared Proxies
  • SSL Proxies

Forward Proxies

It is located between the client and an external network. It evaluates outbound requests. After this, it takes action on those requests before relaying them to external resources. Most Proxy servers are forward proxy servers. Both VPN and Web Content Filter are examples of this.

Reverse Proxy

It is established between a network and many other internal resources. A large website may have dozens of servers that collectively serve requests from the same domain.

To accomplish this, requests from clients go to a machine. Which will act as load balancer. The load balancer then forwards that traffic back to the different servers

Rotating Proxy

This proxy assigns a different IP address to each user connecting to it. As soon as users connect, they are given an address that is unique from the addresses of all the old devices connected to it.

These are ideal for users who need to do a lot of web scraping on a regular basis. This proxy allows you to use the same website over and over again unrecognized

Transparent Proxy

This proxy tells the websites that it is a proxy server. This proxy passes your IP address to the website so that the web servers are able to identify you.

It is often used by businesses, public libraries and schools for content filtering. It is easy for both the clients and the servers to set up them.

Anonymous Proxy

This proxy identifies itself as a proxy. But it does not send your IP address to the website. It protects your identity from being stolen and keeps your browsing habits private

Distorting Proxy

This proxy server identifies itself as a proxy and gives a wrong IP address by not giving your original IP address to the website or server. Due to which the savers are not successful in identifying you.

High Anonymity Proxy

These proxy servers change the IP address on the web server from time to time. Due to which it becomes very difficult to track which traffic belongs to whom and from where it is coming. This is the most private and secure way to read the Internet.

Data Center Proxy

This proxy server is not affiliated with any Internet Service Provider (ISP). but are provided by another corporation through a data center

In this, the proxy server is present in a physical data center and the requests of the users are routed through this server.

Residential Proxy

This proxy gives you an IP address related to a specific physical device. Then all the web requests made by you are channeled through that device. This proxy is more reliable than other proxies. However, they are often a bit expensive

Public Proxy

A public proxy is free for all. It hides the IP address of the users and allows users to access the web through their IP address.

It is best for those users who do not want to spend money and for whom security and speed do not matter. These servers are often slow and insecure

Shared Proxy

They are used by more than one user simultaneously. These proxy servers give you an IP address that can be shared by other people.

This is a good option for users who do not have a lot of money to spend and who do not need a fast connection. Its main advantage is its low cost.

SSL Proxy

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) proxy provides decryption between clients and servers. In this, the data is encrypted in both directions. By which Proxy hides its existence from both Client and Servers

Advantages of Proxy Server 

There are following advantages of using Proxy –


Proxy is mainly used to hide or mask the IP address. In this way no hacker will be able to try to access your computer.

When trying to access your computer, they will be logged in to the proxy instead of the actual IP address. Apart from this, websites will not be able to track you. In this way a proxy can provide anonymity to the users.


When you are browsing the web, there is a high possibility that you may be visiting the wrong websites. If you visit this kind of site then Malware will enter your system which can cause damage to your system.

Similarly, many such websites have been setup by Hackers. Access to any of which would put all your personal information at risk

When you are using proxy server. So your system will not request directly on those sites. Always the proxy end will have to face the threats posed by such sites. This allows your system to maintain maximum security

Unblock Websites

Many website owners block their content in some geographic areas due to copyright law. Anyone living outside those areas will not be able to access that content

Since the IP address is hidden using Proxy. So you can access those sites regardless of your location


Some Proxy use cache data. Once a user visits a website, this proxy saves all the necessary information through cache data. Due to this, the page is displayed faster when a user visits the same page again.

Disadvantages of Proxy Server 


Cache data used by Proxy can remember all personal information, including passwords. It won’t be a problem unless someone from outside collects them. There are possibilities where employees working under Proxy can misuse this information


However, Proxy give you the benefit of anonymity by hiding the IP. But it lacks encryption. Most Proxy use SSL Certifications to encrypt the data. It is not strong enough to stop today’s cyber attacks


Sometimes Proxy is not compatible with your local network. Both Proxy and Networks have their own configuration. In such a situation, there may be problems in using Proxy.


Set up and maintenance of proxy server can be expensive. Even though large organizations can easily cover this expense, it will not be possible for small businesses.

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