What Is Refurbished Mobile, Buy Them Or Not

If you want to get a new mobile then you must know about refurnshed because the biggest benefit you get from buying a refurbished mobile is to save money by buying a refurbished mobile, you save a lot of money but do you know? It is important that you take care of some important things behind it, otherwise you may have to bear the loss in it.

In this article, we are going to know about all the information related to refurnshed mobiles so that you can get an idea whether it is beneficial for you to buy a refurnshed mobile or not, then read the article till the end to know.

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What is Refurbished Mobile

Refurbished means to pay new taxes or make like new. When a customer sees a defect in a product such as a mobile phone or laptop, he returns it, after which the company corrects the defect of that product and makes it like new and sells it online as Refurbished.

So after all, why does a company need to refurbish the product because the job of the company or manufacturer is to make a new phone, then why does it need to make the product like new, that is, why the product needs to be refurbished.

There may be many reasons for a company to refurbish a mobile, it may be that the company is repairing any of its defective pieces and sending it to the customer, this type of refurbished is called Manufacturer Refurbished, further it will also be seen in detail.

Many times you must have seen in malls and shopping malls how products are lying around which you can use and see, do you think that these types of mobiles will be sold in the market further if you try to sell these products as new mobiles. If this phone will not be sold at all, then this type of product is sold as a Refurbished Product by giving a category.

Next we will also look at different types of Refurbished Products and see what are the categories of Refurbished. Refurbished is not only a computer or mobile, but everyday things can also be refurbished, you will get refurbished online from hair dryer to memory card.

How are refurbished mobiles

According to the grading of the refurbished product, you can identify what the quality of the mobile is going to be because when you see the product on the online website, it shows the photo of the brand new one, but many times it happens that when the phone comes in our hands. If so, it is old or of poor quality. So once the grading of the product, definitely see what kind of grading the company has given to the product, below we are telling about the different types of grading given by the company.

If a company is selling refurbished mobiles without grading, then it is a mess, you have to stay away from it because if an official company sells refurbished products, then it can never sell without grading, it has to give grading to the product and through rating. From this you can understand what the quality of the product is going to be.

What is Refurbished Mobile

A Grade Refurbished

First of all A Grade Refurbished Products come A Grade Refurbished Mobile means like brand new or if you say it is brand new, you can blindly trust such phone because such products come from different places which are Company Certified. Refurbished and then sends further, you also get a guarantee on such mobiles.

Many times while packing the product by the manufacturer, if the seal is cut etc. or any defect occurs during the testing of the product, then this mobile is made again, this product is brand new, so this type of phone is called A Grade Refurbished. is called.

B Grade Refurbished

B Grade Refurbished comes just after A Grade Refurbished, even if you buy a B Grade Refurbished product, it will still be like new, you must have often seen that the products are kept for sample in shopping malls in shops if you ever visit Apple Store. If you go there, you will find Connected to Desk for iPhone samples, you can see them with a little hand in hand.

What do you think will happen to these mobiles later, they go back to the product company and they are packed again and then they are sold in the market as refurbished phones. In such products, you will not even see more defects, and will remain as new. Guarantee is also available on B grade refurbished products.

C Grade Refurbished

Friends, C Grade Refurbished Products are such products whose quality is a little less, if you want to buy C Grade Refurbished Products, then you will get it a little cheaper but here the quality will be a little less and you may also get a defective piece. Go.

If you are buying C Grade Refurbished Product then here you have to keep in mind that you buy from Official Source only because many fake websites catch you fake phone in the name of C Grade and when you take the product in hand then you feel It is that its grading is LOW, so the quality of the product is low.

D Grade Refurbished

If you are buying D Grade Refurbished Product, then I would say that do not buy these types of phones are of absolutely substandard quality, if you want, instead of D Grade Refurbished Product, buy any old mobile from Websites/Apps like OLX.

You will not get quality at all in D Grade Refurbished Product, these are considered to be phones coming at the very lowest level in the category of Refurbished Product.

Many times there are many frauds in the name of D Grade Product, you need to be careful with them. Many Fake Websites sell copy of iPhone in the name of D Grade Refurbished iPhone, you need to be careful with them.

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Certified and Manufacturer Refurbished

Here Certified and Manufacturer Refurbished means that the phone has been refurbished by the same company which makes the official product, these products come in A Grade Refurbished Product and remain the best.

Product Manufacturer can remain Certified Refurbished instead of Refurbished, because what happens many times there are many companies that sell refurbished mobiles and also give a guarantee, although this company does not make a new product, their work is only for the product. Has to be refurbished. These types of companies are called Certified Refurbished Companies.

If you are buying Certified Refurbished or Manufacturer Refurbished then it will be best for you because you will also get guarantee on such phone and the biggest thing is that you will not be selected.

The difference between a used product and a refurbished one

Let me tell you that there is a lot of difference between old and refurbished.

If you are getting an old iPhone then it means that someone has used this iPhone before and when it comes in your hand it will be a second hand iPhone but if you are being given a Refurbished Product then it means that it is absolutely is like new.

Many times the old product also becomes better than the refurbished mobile, such as if you are buying a refurbished phone of B grade, then you should buy the old product only because it may run better than the D grade refurbished.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Refurbished

Just as a coin has two sides, in the same way, there are advantages and disadvantages of refurbished products.

Benefits of buying refurbished products

  • If you are buying refurbished mobile then you will get it very cheap.
  • Guarantee is also available on refurbished products.
  • Refurbished phone purchased from a trusted source remains as good as new.
  • The facility of new product is available with Certified Refurbished Product i.e. the same facilities you will get with new mobile will also be available with Refurbished.

Disadvantages of buying refurbished products

  • There are many fake websites that can fool you.
  • Beware of old products being sold in the name of refurbished.
  • Refurbished mobiles of C and D grade are absolutely useless.
  • Most of the C and D grade refurbished products do not have any guarantees.

Buy refurbished mobile or not

When you have taken complete information about the refurbished product, now you will be able to decide for yourself whether you should buy a refurbished phone or not. If so, then this will be the best for you

But I do not recommend C and D Level Refurbished Product at all because fraud can happen with you on this type of product and even if you have taken this mobile safely then you get very little guarantee on it or maybe that it may get worse in the future.

If you are buying a refurbished product from a trusted source like Flipkart or websites like Amazon, then it will also be best for you because on such sites you will be able to send the product back immediately using the return policy but keep in mind that any fake website Don’t buy mobile from me at all.

When you search the refurbished version of a product on Google, then you will come across many listings and you will be shown the mobile at a very cheap price, but you have to keep in mind that if there is no trusted source then do not purchase the product and when you purchase the phone. So keep in mind that buy the product only after seeing the rating review of the product.

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