What is Resume? Resume Kya Hota Hai In Hindi

In today’s time, there are many things that are considered necessary to learn and through which any work becomes easy. One of which is a resume. Friends, in today’s post, we will know what is Resume after all? Resume Kya Hota Hai In Hindi!

What is Resume?  Resume Kya Hota Hai In Hindi

It is generally seen that when the youth go out for a job or move out for a specific purpose, they need to make a resume. Through this the youth can move ahead in the right way and the future can be determined.

In such a situation, what is the resume we give you today? Its role, types and many important information related to it will be given so that you will be able to use it properly.

What is Resume?

Actually Resume is a type of document which is used at the time when you enter a new job or a new institute. Through this, information is given to the company and the institute in front about their skills and apart from this, all the information is given through the resume, through which one can easily get the job and carry out his work in the right way. .

A good resume plays an important role in getting a job in any organization or position, if you are a qualified person for any job and your resume is capable of describing your qualifications, then you can get the biggest job.

purpose of resume

Whenever the resume is made, one thing is kept in mind that the resume created by you should be good enough that through it you can be called for the interview. You must have noticed that whenever a vacancy comes out for a job, the first thing that is called for is your resume. This is done so that it can be seen whether you are eligible for that job or not?

In such a situation, the main objective of creating a resume is to give all the information in the right way through which you can be entitled to a good job. In such a situation, it would always be right to make the resume attractive so that you are not easily refused.

Under this, proper information can be given about your experience, skills, educational qualification, position, so that you do not need to tell anything and everything speaks for your resume.

type of resume

If you are looking for a good job, then you should be aware of the type of resume, through which you can give information about yourself to the people by making the right type of resume and get a good job.

  • Chronological Resume — It is the first of all resume types to be used. It is generally used when work has already been done for a company or institution. In such a situation, information about the date is also given in it and also about the experience and post in which you have worked before. Each resume has a different structure in which the tasks are also done differently.
  • Functional Resume Whenever a resume is made, this resume is also included in it. Under this, information is given about your skills so that the front can get the right information about the skills contained in you. Apart from this, information related to your skill and achievement is also given and sometimes it is also used when coming to a new job, so that the future can be ensured.
  • Combination Resume — It is this type of resume in which information about the employer and position is also given, as well as mentioning your past work in it.
  • Digital Resume As we all have seen that today’s time is completely digitized, where we do everything digitally through internet and through this our work can also be made easy. In such a situation, digital method is also used to create resume, under which web language is used. In such a situation, through this digital resume, your resume can also be made attractive, which can be beneficial for us somewhere.

body of resume

In today’s time it is very important to make a resume because somewhere it is very useful for us, but we also need to know about its main parts, so today we will give you information about its main parts too. .

  • resume header- Whenever a resume is made, it is the topmost part in which mainly name, photo, information are there. Under this, a passport size photograph is always affixed. If you want, you can also add color photos. Under this, your profession is also described in it, which also tells your skills somewhere.
  • Contact information– In this body of the resume, information mainly about name, number, address, email address is given so that the reader can know about the whole situation in a correct way.
  • Career information- This part of the resume is written in the form of short paragraphs in which some important information is written. Although in today’s time it is considered optional and even if it is not mentioned, the resume is considered complete.
  • Educational Qualifications- In this part of the resume, information is given about the educational qualification, under which the name of the main institution where you were working or where you did your studies is written. Apart from this, information about the previous degree and post year is also given in this so that the other institution can get the correct information about you.
  • Skill Ability- Under this, information about your skill potential is also given. In such a situation, in whichever organization you have worked, detailed information is given about it and is also mentioned correctly.
  • Experience- It is considered the main part of the resume, under which it is written about all the organizations or companies where you worked in the past. Apart from this, information is also given about how many days you have worked in the previous institution and what was the reason for leaving that institution? It is considered correct to give all these key information so that the person in front also has proper information about you.
  • Received awards- Under this part, if you have received any award or award from the previous organization, then information is given about it so that you can also know about your achievements.
  • Hobby – After you have written down all the information, you can also write your hobby. Under which information can also be given about the passion going on inside you.

main uses of resume

In today’s time, whenever you go to work or study in a new place, there is a need for a resume and it can also be used in many ways.

  1. If you want to apply for a new job, then you can make a resume for this.
  2. If you want to apply in any university of any country, then only your attractive resume proves to be effective for this.
  3. Resume is considered essential for admission to any professional course.
  4. Information about your skill potential in any field can be given through the resume.

Keep these precautions in mind while making resume

Whenever a resume is made, if these main precautions are taken care of, then surely you can make a great resume.

  1. While making a resume, always give information about the company where you worked in the past.
  2. If a resume is made using the right language, it becomes quite attractive.
  3. Resume should always be of one page only.
  4. Whenever you make a resume, it has to be formatted properly so that it can be made attractive.
  5. While creating a resume, the font size should be between 12 to 14.

How to make a resume for yourself?

Mainly resume is made in cyber cafe but if you want you can make your own resume.

For this you have to go to winword on your computer or laptop. After that you have to go to MS Word and write all the information about yourself as we have given you information. After you have prepared your resume, it will have to be formatted so that it can be made attractive in the right way.

You can easily make it at your home too so that there is no problem. You can also make it through computer, laptop or mobile.

Resume is your first impression

Whenever you make a resume, keep information about what kind of information you have to give in your resume because whenever you give your resume in any institute or company, it is your first impression through which you can know your own skills. Provides information to others about abilities and competencies. In such a situation, it should be tried that there should not be any kind of mistake in the resume created by you and you can make the resume in the right way.

Can take advice from consultant

If you are making your resume for the first time and in such a situation you do not know how to make it and it is necessary for you to make a resume. In such a situation, if you want, you can take advice from a consultant who has prepared a resume before so that you can get information about its correct outline.

It happens that when a work is done for the first time, there is panic in the mind and then we start wandering in doing that work. In such a situation, if you take advice from a consultant or make a resume through the information given by us, then it will definitely be effective for you and you will be able to create a new and great resume with ease.

In short, resume shows your true skill potential as well as gives proper information about you. In such a situation, you should also know how to make it in the right way so that the mistake cannot be made again or again. We have tried our best to give you information about how to make a resume so that you can be aware of your future.

In this way, today we have talked about making you a resume, what is the resume? Because without creating a resume you cannot do a job in a good place. Hope you like the information given by us, thank you all for reading it till the end.

Hope what is your resume? Resume Kya Hota Hai In Hindi! Would have liked this post, and found it helpful.

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